EduReviewerList of Online Tutoring Companies: Reviews and Ratings

List of Online Tutoring Companies: Reviews and Ratings

If you are a student seeking academic support, reviews for tutoring services available for you are crucial. This guide provides valuable insight into a tutor's expertise, teaching style, and related issues. You can make an informed decision based on these factors. This will help you achieve valuable academic support.

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After using this service he scored a 28 on ACT and we are very happy with that. The one on one tutoring seemed to make a difference.

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My daughter likes how the material is served. The attention of the tutors helped her become the best in class. Thank you.

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Wyzant is extremely easy to use and navigate without issues. The availability of great tutors helps in ensuring that the goal of learning is achieved.

Sophie McGuire
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$14.95 Price starts from
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How We Test Tutors

Check our workflow of reviewing, assessing, and analyzing the tutoring companies we list on our blog.


The initial step is to choose reliable platforms and order their tutoring service. But this step requires thorough research.


The tutor's expertise, qualifications, teaching style, availability, communication, and cost are key considerations.


We test by considering trial sessions, references, and tutors' credentials and monitoring progress.


We review tutoring services based on different factors. Then we provide a detailed guide based on our review.

How Our Ratings Are Formed


Assessing the quality of a tutoring service can significantly impact your academic performance. The right tutoring service can provide effective academic support and personalized instruction. This helps you reach your educational goals. Investing in a professional and reliable tutoring service can be a tough decision. Make sure that it fulfills your needs and expectations.

Value for Money

Investing in a tutoring service can provide many benefits to students. A high-quality tutoring service can offer personalized and effective academic support. This, in turn, helps students improve their grades and academic performance. Extra benefits include using technology to enhance learning, flexible scheduling options, and access to expert tutors with specialized knowledge in specific subjects.


Client reviews play a critical role in assessing the quality of service, customer support, and pricing. They help evaluate the tutoring services. Reviews from past students help determine the effectiveness of the service. They also help gauge its ability to assist in achieving academic goals. To make an informed decision, take the time to review feedback. You can then select the tutoring service that suits you best.

Discover the Best Tutoring Services Reviews

You can learn all you need to know about tutoring services online, how they work, the list of the best tutor companies, and which one to choose for what.

Check Our Online Tutoring Ratings

We've included for you the ratings of the top online tutoring services for various learning needs.

How We Pick the Best Companies

When seeking a tutor, selecting the appropriate tutoring company is a crucial choice. Here's what we do and how we form our ratings to give you suggestions and assist you in finding the most suitable tutors for your requirements:


Assess Your Requirements

Identifying your needs is the first step to finding the right service. Determine the specific subjects you need help with and the required support level. Consider your preferred schedule and your required flexibility in scheduling sessions.


Research for Tutoring Services

When searching for a tutoring service, research is essential. Look for services that align with your needs. Then assess their reputation, expertise, and experience. This information is found through their website, social media, and client reviews. You can then select a tutoring service that meets your expectations.


Check and Review Qualifications

Be careful when you assess the tutors' qualifications offered by the tutoring service. Ensure that the tutors have the expertise and capabilities in your required subjects. This can include reviewing their academic background, certifications, and professional experience.


Test the Teaching Style

When choosing a tutoring service, the teaching style of tutors is a critical factor. Each tutor has a unique teaching approach. It is necessary to evaluate whether their teaching style aligns with your learning needs and preferences.


Assess Customer Support

To assess a tutoring service's professionalism, responsiveness, and helpfulness, we recommend contacting their customer support team. If their team can address your inquiries and concerns, it suggests a high dedication to providing a positive experience.


Compare Prices and Plans

When choosing a tutoring service, its pricing structure is important. Determine whether it matches the quality of its services. It's essential to scrutinize the pricing model of the tutoring service to ensure that it's fair and reasonable. Also, consider the quality of tutoring they offer.


If you're looking for online tutoring services, these tips can help you find the perfect tutor to help you achieve your goals. Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask will ensure you get the best results from the chosen service.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

On this platform, you can access the responses to the top ten commonly asked questions we receive both directly from you and through online inquiries from tutoring companies and tutors.

Which is the best online tutor company?
There are several online tutoring companies. Here is a list of top tutoring services: Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, Preply, Mosalingua, Memrise, and Mondly.
What is the largest online tutoring company?
Wyzant stands out as one of the most prominent platforms. It has 65,000 tutors offering their services through the website. Students and families can choose tutors from the extensive list. They can also arrange tutoring services with them directly.
How do I find tutors online?
To find online tutors, check tutoring platforms like VarsityTutors and Wyzant. You can also visit social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Or you could ask for referrals. Browse online classifieds like Craigslist and Gumtree, search online forums, or read EduReviewer blog for extensive reviews and guides.
Which app is best for online tutoring?
Here is a list of online tutoring services apps. Varsity Tutors offers online tutoring and study resources. Wyzant provides one-on-one online tutoring. Preply offers 24/7 tutoring services. LiveXP provides online tutoring with whiteboard tools and so on.
Which online teaching platform is the best?
Here is a list of online tutoring services that stand out for us based on reviews of tutoring services and are recommended by EduReviewer, Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, Preply, Mosalingua, Memrise, and Teachable for your courses.
How much does an online tutor charge per hour?
The cost of an online tutor can vary depending on several factors, including their qualifications, experience, the subject being taught, and the platform used. On average, online tutors can charge anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour. Some online tutoring platforms may have set rates, while others allow tutors to set their rates.
How effective is online tutoring?
Online tutoring can be as effective or better than in-person tutoring, offering flexible scheduling, access to a wide range of tutors, and advanced technology. Factors such as tutor quality, student motivation, and subject matter may affect effectiveness. Therefore, also make sure to check reviews of tutoring companies before committing.
What are the disadvantages of online tutoring?
Online tutoring can be hindered by technical difficulties, lack of personal interaction, distractions, limited access to resources, dependence on technology, and lack of accountability. This may affect the quality of the session and the student's learning experience.
Why is online tutoring better?
Online tutoring offers convenience and flexibility, broader access to tutors, personalized learning, and technology, making it an excellent option for students seeking a tailored and engaging learning experience from the comfort of their homes.
What are the pros and cons of online tutoring?
Pros: Flexible scheduling and convenient access from anywhere with an internet connection. Access to a wider pool of tutors and specialized expertise. Cons: Technical issues can disrupt the learning process. Lack of face-to-face interaction can lead to reduced engagement and difficulty building a rapport with the tutor.

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