EduReviewerLargest Tutoring Companies: Reviews and Ratings

Largest Tutoring Companies: Reviews and Ratings

Suppose you are a student seeking academic support, a parent looking for a tutor to assist your kid, or just looking for a teacher to help you learn a new language, we've got you covered with this list of online tutoring companies. All the websites listed here are ranked and reviewed in detail on our blog, so you can read our reviews and comments from other users if needed. So, let's look at the list with ratings and user reviews below.

Top 1
Editor choice Recommended
$10 Price starts from

My daughter likes how the material is served. The attention of the tutors helped her become the best in class. Thank you.

Top 2
Customer choice Recommended
$35 Price starts from

Wyzant is extremely easy to use and navigate without issues. The availability of great tutors helps in ensuring that the goal of learning is achieved.

Sophie McGuire
Top 3
Editor choice Customer choice Recommended
$45 Price starts from

After using this service he scored high on LSAT and we are very happy with that. The one on one tutoring seemed to make a difference.

$14.95 Price starts from
Editor choice
$9.5 Price starts from
Customer choice
$60 Price starts from

How We Test Tutoring Websites

Check our workflow of reviewing, assessing, and analyzing the tutoring companies we list on our blog.


The initial step is to choose reliable platforms and order their tutoring service. But this step requires thorough research.


The tutor's expertise, qualifications, teaching style, availability, communication, and cost are key considerations.


We test by considering trial sessions, references, and tutors' credentials and monitoring progress.


We review tutoring services based on different factors. Then we provide a detailed guide based on our review.

Best Tutoring Companies

Since online tutoring services prove to be an extremely convenient solution to academic problems, it is important to understand their concepts before building any hopes. To choose the best online tutoring sites, the evaluation was limited to the five most important criteria:

  1. Qualifications standards;
  2. Variety in the curriculum;
  3. Cost of hiring online teachers;
  4. Useful tools to help high school students and adult learners;
  5. Ease of using the website platform of the tutoring business.

These online tutoring sites were evaluated for the quality of service, trust ratings, tutor teaching certificate achievements, and pricing of the lesson plans. In these online tutoring reviews, the quality of the service was weighted above all at 60 percent.

Preply – Best Tutoring Company Overall

preply promo

Students can find instructors on the site who specialize in teaching not only languages, but also economics, philosophy, psychology, business management, and analytics, among many other fields. However, learning a new language is the platform’s main focus.

There is now more leeway in setting prices for online classes. You may see how much other people are asking for their skill and use that information to set your own price or find someone else’s.

Video and live chat capabilities are part of the modern learning package that is available as part of the tools for learning. You may use Preply on your mobile and tablet devices as well.

Neither the FAQ nor the Help area of Preply are nearly as well-developed as those on competing online tutoring companies. However, they stand out from the competition thanks to their live chat support function.

Varsity Tutors – Best Tutor Selection Process

Varsity is one of the good and most popular tutoring websites available nowadays. Only a fraction of the prospective tutors who apply at Varsity Tutors are selected after going through a vetting screening process.

Varsity does not impetuously approve a trainer based on their degrees. In fact, they require teachers to have great teaching experience, excellence in communications, superior skills in particular subjects, and a friendly personality.

There are over 350+ subjects in which you can get online help. Their vast curriculum includes basic business, science, math, history, computers, economics, and foreign language subjects. Varsity Tutors also provide such a service for various SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, etc., test preparations.

Even though this is one of the best online tutoring websites, Varsity Tutors is not very transparent with their pricing, and there is no information mentioned on their website either.

The average plans include 9 hours, 15 hours, 30, and 50 hours which cost around $45 per hour. Students are covered with a ‘No risk 100% trainer satisfaction’ guarantee.

VarsityTutors GRE prices

Students can easily communicate with their teachers online using highly effective learning tools. Using practice tests and flashcards, Varsity makes online coaching entertaining. Using their mobile app, you can track your performance, access help content, chat with a tutor, etc.

Wyzant – Best for Private One-On-One Lessons

wyzant promo

At Wyzant, every trainer is required to pass a subject proficiency quiz. A written qualification is not necessary if the trainer is approved through a quiz. The quiz score and qualification details are clearly visible to every student on the tutor’s profile.

Wyzant provides an extensive curriculum for students who want coaching in math, science, arts, history, music, business, computers, languages, and help with elementary education. Wyzant offers a large pool of test preparation lessons for the ACT, CBEST, CFA, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, ISEE, LSAT, MCAT, SAT, SOL, SSAT, STAAR, TAKS, TEAS, TOEFL, etc.

Unlike other companies, Wyzant offers a highly flexible pricing structure. There are no upfront costs to pay, and you pay what your instructor will charge for lessons. The student also pays a 9% service fee for every lesson.

Wyzant English tutors

Wyzant lesson suit is an easy-to-use app that allows you to record your sessions and provides many interactive features and video chat. The best thing about Wyzant is their detailed Help section that answers most of the questions by students.

Overall, Wyzant is the best website for online tutoring available online nowadays.

Outschool – Best Online Tutoring for Kids

outschool promo

Outschool guarantees that you will only be assigned to a fully certified tutor regardless of the nature of your online tutoring needs. When contrasted with other top tutor services, nevertheless, its pool of tutors is noticeably less diverse.

A diverse array of math, science, business, language, and humanities courses are available at Outschool. Online lessons are available for kids mostly. Sincerity in service is indicated by the lack of set subscription or monthly plans. Outschool promotes a diversified marketplace by charging a transparent rate that each tutor sets themselves.

Digital classrooms, video lectures, a powerful chat feature that filters profanity, virtual whiteboards, and a recording of your coaching sessions are just a few of the great learning tools offered by this platform. Kids and parents alike will appreciate the website’s user-friendly design and the organized platform it offers. Obtaining assistance, providing feedback, recording films are all at your fingertips.

Lingoda – Best Language Tutoring Programs

lingoda promo

Lingoda is an online school where you may study French, German, Spanish, and English. People of any ability level can learn any language. The school has branches in various parts of the globe.

Depending on their needs, Lingoda students can work with a single teacher, small groups (with an average of five students), or even one-on-one. We provide each and every one of our students our undivided attention. If you’re scheduling conflicts, you can discuss possible class times with your teacher.

Our native-speaking teachers will be there to help you improve your language abilities right from the start of the program. In a foreign-language environment, using interactive learning tools and creative teaching methodologies, fully immerse oneself.

At the end of each module of a Lingoda course, you will be able to show that you have mastered the language thanks to the course’s unique methodology. These credentials will open doors for you professionally and academically because they are recognized globally.

Outside of its virtual classroom, Lingoda does not provide very good online learning tools, but its tutoring services are top-notch. The website’s interface is clean, simple, and easy to use. You can communicate with your online tutor in real time using the chat function.

How Our Ratings Are Formed


Assessing the quality of a tutoring service can significantly impact your academic performance. The right tutoring service can provide effective academic support and personalized instruction. This helps you reach your educational goals. Investing in a professional and reliable tutoring service can be a tough decision. Make sure that it fulfills your needs and expectations.

Value for Money

Investing in a tutoring service can provide many benefits to students. A high-quality tutoring service can offer personalized and effective academic support. This, in turn, helps students improve their grades and academic performance. Extra benefits include using technology to enhance learning, flexible scheduling options, and access to expert tutors with specialized knowledge in specific subjects.


Client reviews play a critical role in assessing the quality of service, customer support, and pricing. They help evaluate the tutoring services. Reviews from past students help determine the effectiveness of the service. They also help gauge its ability to assist in achieving academic goals. To make an informed decision, take the time to review feedback. You can then select the tutoring service that suits you best.

A Few More Tutoring Companies Worth Mentioning

Almost every student in college has trouble with at least one course. Parents often opt to invest in private tutoring when their children fall behind academically. Most students can get low-level difficulties solved with one-on-one instruction on online tutoring platforms thanks to the internet, cellphones, and tablets.

Extra classes aren’t always necessary due to poor grades. Prolonged illness, test preparation, and moving are some reasons for academic delay. For a limited time, parents can hire private online tutors to help their children with any subject.

With online private instruction, you may learn from any location, saving you time and money on daily commute. Helpful learning tools are provided, including interactive learning possibilities. On top of that, most of the time, online coaching is either free or very inexpensive. Nevertheless, cheap prices might mean that the education is not up to par.

A comprehensive examination of the benefits and drawbacks is a part of our review of the top online tutoring services. All of these businesses can be better understood by reading reviews written by experts.

Princeton Review – Old and Trustful Company

princeton review tutoring services

  1. Reduced prices of online tutoring and homework help for the U.S. military;
  2. Passes for federal and state curriculums;
  3. Good SAT, PSAT, ACT prep, which is provided at The Princeton Review;
  4. Experienced tutors.
  5. Pretty expensive;
  6. Available only for Canadian and US students.

The majority of Princeton Review’s current readers were born in 1998, when the site was first established. You won’t find a more seasoned or well-respected online tutoring service anywhere else. Since there were fewer businesses offering online tutoring services in their day, they were revolutionary. These days, they collaborate with illustrious educational institutions, libraries, and even the US military, and they employ more than 3,000 tutors around the country.

Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Advanced Placement (AP) Help, SAT/Test Prep, Foreign Languages, and Business are just a few of the topics covered by the top instructors and programs listed on So that you or your child may discover the precise preparation for each of these disciplines, we have divided them into more thorough courses.

The pricing practices of this company are completely forthright and honest. For online lessons (ranging from $25 to $50/hour) or SAT/ACT preparation (ranging from $45 to $100/hour), a private tutor can cost anywhere from $25 to $80/hour. Centers are also accessible for $150 to $200 monthly. – Best for Online Math Tutoring

  1. Sessions are recorded with 2-way feedback each time the student and tutor meet;
  2. Satisfaction guarantee, the first session free;
  3. The best one-on-one tutoring in the industry;
  4. Currently, only supports math and test prep areas of focus;
  5. The price is on the higher side (commensurate with quality).

Learner info

If you are a student from a variety of backgrounds looking for a high-quality instructor who can cater to your specific learning style, then you should use With Learner’s online tutoring programs, they promise you’ll be happy with your results, and the first session is on the house.

Learner tutors are carefully selected based on their extensive background in the field, enthusiasm for helping others, and ability to connect with students online. Several of the instructors have been in the field for over a decade and hold graduate degrees.

Filling out a detailed questionnaire regarding the student’s individual requirements and educational goals is the first step. After that, you and the Learner’s Academic Coach will have a meeting to go over these points in further depth, painting a picture of the student’s ideal learning environment. The Academic Coach will arrange for the student to meet with their tutor for a free initial consultation.

Lessons are conducted exclusively on Learner’s encrypted platform. Every time a student and tutor meet, their session is recorded and they receive feedback. In order to ensure that they are providing the correct value, instructors are held to an exceptionally high degree of quality, and parents have the option to view their sessions afterwards.

For the quality, the rates start at $40/hour, which is rather reasonable. Currently, Learner is devoting their time and energy to all branches of mathematics, beginning with elementary school and continuing through graduate level. This includes subjects such as geometry, statistics, calculus (AB/BC), pre-calc, algebra 2, and more.

Additionally, they provide services to help students prepare for the most popular entrance tests to colleges. Use it, and watch your test scores soar.

How We Pick the Best Companies

When seeking a tutor, selecting the appropriate tutoring company is a crucial choice. Here's what we do and how we form our ratings to give you suggestions and assist you in finding the most suitable tutors for your requirements:


Assess Your Requirements

Identifying your needs is the first step to finding the right service. Determine the specific subjects you need help with and the required support level. Consider your preferred schedule and your required flexibility in scheduling sessions.


Research for Tutoring Services

When searching for a tutoring service, research is essential. Look for services that align with your needs. Then assess their reputation, expertise, and experience. This information is found through their website, social media, and client reviews. You can then select a tutoring service that meets your expectations.


Check and Review Qualifications

Be careful when you assess the tutors' qualifications offered by the tutoring service. Ensure that the tutors have the expertise and capabilities in your required subjects. This can include reviewing their academic background, certifications, and professional experience.


Test the Teaching Style

When choosing a tutoring service, the teaching style of tutors is a critical factor. Each tutor has a unique teaching approach. It is necessary to evaluate whether their teaching style aligns with your learning needs and preferences.


Assess Customer Support

To assess a tutoring service's professionalism, responsiveness, and helpfulness, we recommend contacting their customer support team. If their team can address your inquiries and concerns, it suggests a high dedication to providing a positive experience.


Compare Prices and Plans

When choosing a tutoring service, its pricing structure is important. Determine whether it matches the quality of its services. It's essential to scrutinize the pricing model of the tutoring service to ensure that it's fair and reasonable. Also, consider the quality of tutoring they offer.


If you're looking for online tutoring services, these tips can help you find the perfect tutor to help you achieve your goals. Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask will ensure you get the best results from the chosen service.

Trust Our Opinion and Get Relieved

Reestablishing a solid routine for learning and boosting self-confidence are common goals of personal coaching sessions. Because it caters to the “broad masses,” free tutoring is only worthwhile for broader academic disciplines and is thus not advised. A great deal of research and adaptability are necessary.

If you’re having trouble with arithmetic or want to improve your writing, you may find a private instructor online through one of the many on-demand tutoring programs.

In order to help you prepare for exams, some programs give top-notch study materials, while others pair you with certified educators. If you’re looking for a high-quality, time-saving online tutoring service, it’s a good idea to compare prices.

In this in-depth analysis, we’ll compare and contrast the features and services offered by many prominent online tutoring platforms.

After extensive research and tabulation against the selection criteria, we will go over an outline of the most important criteria pertinent to finding the top online teachers.

Please read the section below this review carefully if you are seeking an experienced tutor but are not sure what kind of tutor you need. In order to determine whether you require online one-on-one sessions, you should refer to this guide and other relevant suggestions.

Choosing Best Tutoring Companies

Standards for teacher qualifications

Clients of the top online tutoring services have access to certified teachers, TAs, and coaches. A certification (either a bachelor’s or master’s degree) from an accredited university or equivalent is required of all trainers, who must pass a rigorous selection process.


A separate curriculum is offered by online tutoring sites. Nonetheless, the best tutoring programs all cover a lot of the same ground in terms of general courses. In order to meet the demands of all students, the best tutoring websites will offer a wide range of disciplines. For specialized test preparation (GRE, MCAT, SAT, etc.), there must to be instructors on hand.

The costs

The best tutoring services are evaluated based on both price and service quality. Typically, customers can choose between hourly, weekly, or monthly billing options. Paying for the services you actually use is an option with the majority of online providers. Larger plans or training sessions of four hours or more can save you a tonne of money.

Learning tools

Live chat or video chat with an online instructor will be established through Skype or other built-in video call capabilities that allow you to share your screen. Students using a high-quality online tutoring platform should have access to excellent learning tools that allow them to manage their time, lessons, and video recordings. Improving one’s learning capacity and speed is the goal at hand.


If a platform for a tutoring website is first too difficult to use, it will serve no use. All of its elements should be easily accessible, and the interface should be simple and straightforward. Connecting to virtual lessons should be a breeze for students.

Online Support

A lot of people in high school could have queries or run into challenges during learning. A comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Help section is an essential component of any quality teaching website.

The reader will be introduced to several online tutoring programs, and their trust and loyalty will be enhanced. Which one provides the most cost-effective, high-quality online tutoring services? We’ll reveal that in our evaluation.

Our team of experts has reviewed each website and various customer opinions on the internet. So, which online tutoring company is best? Based on these criteria, we have reviewed dozens of various tutoring platforms and the abovementioned companies can be considered worth of your time.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

On this platform, you can access the responses to the top ten commonly asked questions we receive both directly from you and through online inquiries from tutoring companies and tutors.

Which is the best online tutor company?
There are several online tutoring companies. Here is a list of top tutoring services: Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, Preply, Mosalingua, Memrise, and Mondly.
What is the largest online tutoring company?
Wyzant stands out as one of the most prominent platforms. It has 65,000 tutors offering their services through the website. Students and families can choose tutors from the extensive list. They can also arrange tutoring services with them directly.
How do I find tutors online?
To find online tutors, check tutoring platforms like VarsityTutors and Wyzant. You can also visit social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Or you could ask for referrals. Browse online classifieds like Craigslist and Gumtree, search online forums, or read EduReviewer blog for extensive reviews and guides.
Which app is best for online tutoring?
Here is a list of online tutoring services apps. Varsity Tutors offers online tutoring and study resources. Wyzant provides one-on-one online tutoring. Preply offers 24/7 tutoring services. LiveXP provides online tutoring with whiteboard tools and so on.
Which online teaching platform is the best?
Here is a list of online tutoring services that stand out for us based on reviews of tutoring services and are recommended by EduReviewer, Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, Preply, Mosalingua, Memrise, and Teachable for your courses.
How much does an online tutor charge per hour?
The cost of an online tutor can vary depending on several factors, including their qualifications, experience, the subject being taught, and the platform used. On average, online tutors can charge anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour. Some online tutoring platforms may have set rates, while others allow tutors to set their rates.
How effective is online tutoring?
Online tutoring can be as effective or better than in-person tutoring, offering flexible scheduling, access to a wide range of tutors, and advanced technology. Factors such as tutor quality, student motivation, and subject matter may affect effectiveness. Therefore, also make sure to check reviews of tutoring companies before committing.
What are the disadvantages of online tutoring?
Online tutoring can be hindered by technical difficulties, lack of personal interaction, distractions, limited access to resources, dependence on technology, and lack of accountability. This may affect the quality of the session and the student's learning experience.
Why is online tutoring better?
Online tutoring offers convenience and flexibility, broader access to tutors, personalized learning, and technology, making it an excellent option for students seeking a tailored and engaging learning experience from the comfort of their homes.
What are the pros and cons of online tutoring?
Pros: Flexible scheduling and convenient access from anywhere with an internet connection. Access to a wider pool of tutors and specialized expertise. Cons: Technical issues can disrupt the learning process. Lack of face-to-face interaction can lead to reduced engagement and difficulty building a rapport with the tutor.

Online Tutoring Help

A vast collection of helpful guides and tips for both tutors and individuals in search of tutoring assistance has been gathered by us.

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