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Amazing Talker Review 2020

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By Alina Burakova fb May 04, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Amazing Talker is a popular app that gives students and users a platform to learn languages with native speakers. It came on the radar a few years ago and has been gaining a good position. But before choosing to pay its services, you need to read some Amazing Talker reviews in order to know previous clients’ experiences and determine if it’s a good match for you. In this article, we give you our review and tell you what this app has to offer.

Why you should take into account our peer review?

With so many reviews online, it is hard to know which ones are reliable. Why should you trust our reviews? Because to create our AmazingTalker review, and all other reviews for that matter, we use criteria that guide us in our evaluation of the services. Here we tell you the aspects we use to build our reviews.

  1. Quality of the services. The best indicator of the quality of services is the result students get from the lessons.
  2. Legitimacy of the company. The background of the company and previous clients’ experiences are the way we determine if the service is a scam if it is legit.
  3. Tutor’s profile. We don’t recommend a service if they don’t offer tutors with the right profile to give lessons.

Most popular kinds of lessons

There are several ways to receive lessons from tutors. We recommend you to get familiarized with your options so you can choose the most convenient for you.

  • Online group lessons:
    These are group classes done on online platforms. These are versatile, but it is hard to get lessons tailored to your profile.
  • Online one-on-one lessons:
    These give students the chance to clear all their questions from the comfort of their homes. They are considered the most effective type of lessons.
  • On-person lessons:
    These lessons are classes done in physical locations. They can be private classes or group classes.

Pros of choosing an online tutor

There are many reasons to take online lessons instead of in-person tutoring, here we tell you the most important:

  • You will receive tutoring from people all around the world.
  • Online tutoring platforms gives students the chance to schedule their lessons.
  • You can take your classes from home.
  • It helps save time and money.

We told you our criteria, and how we proceed in order to do the best assessment possible, now we will give you our Amazing Talker review, so you know what you will find when exploring this platform.

What is AmazingTalker?

This is a company that offers a platform where students who are interested in learning languages can connect with teachers that are native speakers or that master the language as native. They have some prestige and offer a comfortable workflow for both students and tutors. Also, they offer students a wide range of languages to learn.

How does AmazingTalker work?

One of the best aspects of AmazingTalker is the way it works because it gives students almost full control. All teachers registered in the platform must record a presentation video and fill a profile. Students have access to these profiles and are free to choose the teacher that they consider is the best fit for them.

Also, students are given a timetable with the free schedule for classes, with this timetable, they can put together a class calendar that fits their convenience. After that, it is only a matter of meeting with the tutor at the agreed schedule and start learning.

All classes are private and tailored according to the students’ profile and academic level. AmazingTalker uses Zoom to conduct classes. This is great because Zoom is a wonderful platform with many tools that can make the learning process much more fluent and dynamic.

Does AmazingTalker guarantee effective learning?

No, AmazingTalker does not have guarantee policies. On their website and in many advertisements, they claim to have a 100 % effectiveness guarantee. But there is no real contract or clause that establishes the limits of this guarantee, so there is no money return of if the learning turns out to be non-effective.

Are AmazingTalker online lessons as effective as they say?

The process that AmazingTalker uses to carry on their online classes can be effective. Thanks mainly to two reasons: one, the scheduling method they have and two, the platform they use.

Their scheduling method consists of asking the tutors to confirm their available hours and introduce them into a timetable. From this timetable, students choose the schedule that fits them better. This process ensures that every meeting is pre-arranged and avoid misunderstandings.

As for the platform, AmazingTalker uses Zoom, an online platform for meetings. This app is really versatile and has great tools like a whiteboard and the possibility of sharing the screen. Zoom is a dynamic platform that facilitates the learning process and provides almost every tool needed.

Is AmazingTalker legit or is it a scam?

According to AmazingTalker reviews and opinions from previous clients, it is safe to say that they are a legitimate company. It is registered, so it is not a scam that will vanish after collecting the first payment. Still, there are complaints from former teachers that say that the platform starts charging fees and taxes without previous notice. So, if your interest is in working for them, you will have to be attentive to these things.

Does AmazingTalker have the best online tutors out there?

No, it does not. Most teachers and tutors that work with AmazingTalker are well prepared and have qualifications as native speakers of the language they teach. Many clients said that their learning process was effective and that they successfully learned the language they wanted to. Still, the company requires no certifications whatsoever of the training their tutors had as teachers or as experts on the languages. So, it is not responsible to say that they have the best tutors that you can find.

AmazingTalker was established around 4 years ago, in June 2016. It was founded by Abner Chao, an entrepreneur who is the current CEO of the company. It is not a company with much experience, it is actually very young and with a little background.  But it has found a way to position itself and create a platform with over 600 teachers.

AmazingTalker only offers one service: language lessons for students around the world. They have good teachers, a wide range of languages, use a great platform and had created an interactive workflow that seems to be attractive for students.

The pricing of lessons in AmazingTalker depends on the tutor. In general, lines, an hour of a class can cost between 11 USD and 30 USD. Teachers with great credentials, a lot of experience teaching in the platform and a master level in the language are more expensive. Teachers with less expertise and less background are the most affordable.

Some teachers offer a 30-minutes free trial to give students a chance to see if they have good chemistry. If the client feels good with the teacher, he or she can reserve some classes, if not, the student is free to choose another teacher.

The best way to measure the quality of services like the ones AmazingTalker offers is through the client’s experiences. According to Amazing Talker reviews from previous clients, the learning process is effective, and the quality of the teaching is good. But there is an aspect that arises concerns: The level of preparation of AmazingTalker’s tutors can vary a lot.

Some of the teachers are highly prepared and have a formal academic education that makes them fit to teach languages. Others have informal formation, and many have learned how to teach through past experiences and have no real credential that certifies their knowledge. So, even though in general lines the quality of the service is good, there is still a chance of receiving poor education from under-prepared tutors.

There are mixed opinions about customer service quality in AmazingTalker. Some clients affirm that it’s quite good and that people in charge of addressing the issues denounce on the website are polite, nice and helpful. But many other reviews complain about long waiting times, the fact that many times the answer to questions is an automatized response and that some of the staff can’t even speak English properly. So, overall they have a mediocre customer service.

The user experience that AmazingTalker’s website offers is satisfactory. It is easy to navigate and has clear instructions to follow. Also, teachers’ profiles are public, so students in search of a tutor can explore their options freely.

  • Has many languages available to learn
  • Platform is easy to use
  • Some languages have lower fees than others
  • Many clients have effective learning experiences
  • Offers online and offline teaching services
  • Students can choose the teacher they want to work with
  • Several Amazing Talker reviews point out that the support service is very slow
  • Many former teachers complain that the platform is a scam
  • There are accusations that the platform increases its prices without prior notice
  • A part of the staff doesn't even speak English
  • Schedules for classes are limited
  • Age ranges for clients is also limited
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit amazing talker

If you are reading our AmazingTalker review, it means that you are careful about the services you hire. That is a great thing because you need to watch every investment you make and we are here to give you quality information that will help you make the best decision possible. That being said, the result of our analysis of AmazingTalker leads us to not recommend this service.

Although it is a legit service, there are many AmazingTalker reviews from clients and former tutors that raise our concern. The complaints in those reviews can't be ignored, so our advice is that you look for another service with a flawless background that is capable of guaranteeing an effective learning process for you.

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William Lafferty

It’s the worst experience in my life in the ESL industry. It’s more of a sales job, and you’re the salesperson. Their customer service is great at one thing: Telling you where you went wrong. It’s never their site’s fault. First, they start off by taking 30% of your pay. Then another 2% surcharge. Add on THEIR 5% Taiwan taxes that you’re paying, and to top it off they take another 5% when sending to your Paypal account. It’s not a scam, but it is an awful experience and a waste of any good teacher’s time and resources. STAY AWAY!!

Faith E.

If you are looking for a professional service with good tutors, then this is definitely NOT the place! The service is poor, the tutors are not professionals, and the lessons are neither interesting nor strong.


I’m not even sure that the tutors on AmazingTalker know English. Who hired you?


Very manipulative service, I don’t recommend it.


This is my first experience choosing an online tutor and it’s terrible! The learning process with AmazingTalker is one of the most disastrous that I’ve had.


Terrible customer service. Once they receive your money, they don’t want to help you!