EduReviewerApplicationBeMo Consulting Review: Is It a Legit Company?

BeMo Consulting Review: Is It a Legit Company?

By Alina Burakova, Updated October 16, 2023


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About BeMo
Lowest price$1997
Charged one-time
Promo CodeN/A
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • They’re an international company.
  • They are transparent about who works for them and the benefits of working there.
  • The employees love working there (their Glassdoor reviews are very positive).
  • They have excellent reviews online and will reply to comments.
  • The price might be considered high for some clients.
  • There is no live chat available on the website.


  • We believe that BeMo is worth considering, particularly if you opt for a package that includes their four guarantees.
  • The company's consultants are highly qualified and experienced, and they offer excellent value for money, especially when you take advantage of the packages with guarantees.

Value for Money

  • The value for money is also good – especially if you’re able to take the packages that offer a guarantee.
  • They also have help for those who aren’t able to pay so much straight away.


  • The overwhelmingly positive online BeMo reviews on Trustpilot speak for themselves, with over 5000 people expressing satisfaction with the service they received
  • Based on our knowledge of the expertise of BeMo's consultants and the evidence of their effectiveness, we fully recommend BeMo Academic Consulting.
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Whether you’ve got an application ready or you’ve not yet started, BeMo Academic Consulting can help you get to where you need to be.

Unlike some consultancy firms, BeMo consultation can help you with a range of different applications, interviews, and preparation.

So, whether you’re considering Med School, Law, a Graduate program or an MBA, BeMo Academic Consulting has experts in all areas.

We’ve done thorough research in order to writer our BeMo academic consulting review and we hope it provides you with a complete analysis of this firm and the services it offers.

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As such, we’ve got lists of all of the best college consultants, grad school consultants, MBA consultants and law school admission consultants.

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What is BeMo Academic Consulting?

BeMo Academic Consulting is a top international consultancy firm that works with prospective students in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia. They have assisted more than 54,000 applications to get into international establishments.

Unlike some consultancy firms, BeMo will support all types of applicants. This includes those applying first-time, mature applicants, and non-traditional applicants.

They have consultants specializing in a range of different professions, including dentistry, MBA, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary sciences, med school, and law.

Their consulting packages are plentiful and varied with many tiers. This means they cater for a huge range of students and budgets. Their cheapest packages start at less than $1000 but a top package will cost up to around $15,000.

he company has some strong core values, which ensure that they provide the best service to their clients. However, they also look after their team well and so the consultants are happy to work for the company, thus providing an even better service.

One thing that sets this company apart from some others is that they prioritize speed over protection. This isn’t to say that they’re careless, but it does mean that they are productive and make progress quickly.

Depending on the chosen package, you can have a range of guarantees. This includes a money-back guarantee, a free repeat guarantee and a get in guarantee. The company widely advertises its success rate of 93.5% to the Top 10 establishments in Canada, Europe, and the UK, as well as M7 and most Ivy League.

Pricing at BeMo

As a student, you’re unlikely to have free cash in abundance. For this reason, BeMo Academic Consulting has lots of different price point options.

Some packages have different tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium) and there are also options to review existing applications rather than purchasing a comprehensive package.

One great thing about BeMo Academic Consulting is that they have a range of payment options. They also let you split the cost into a set number of equal payments interest-free.

Another excellent thing about BeMo is that they have enrollment fee assistance. This is something not widely offered.

Those who qualify can take advantage of one of two offers: smaller payments in longer installments with no interest applied, or a 50% discount if the fee is paid in full.

However, due to the reduced cost, none of the guarantees apply.

The company also offers free strategy calls.

To get an idea of costs, here are some example programs:

MBA School Application Review

There are four tiers to the MBA School Application Review Package – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. These will include 1 school, 3 schools, 10 schools, and 20 schools, respectively.

Prices start at $1997 for the silver and go up to $11997 for the platinum. Payments are broken down into multiple interest-free installments.

Both the Platinum and Titanium packages include four guarantees. These are the Get In Or You Money Back® guarantee, No B.S. FREE Repeat ™ Guarantee, FREE MBA Program Acceptance Challenge™ Guarantee, 100% Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee

MBA Interview Prep

Unlike the Application Review package, there are only three tiers to the MBA Interview Prep. These are Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.

The Gold package gives you access to three mock interview sessions and three feedback sessions for $1047.

The Platinum package gives you access to unlimited mock interviews and feedback sessions and costs $4097, while the Titanium package costs $5097 and includes unlimited access to a lead interview expert.

Grad School Application Review

There are similar packages for Grad School Application Reviews.

The Silver package costs $1997 and gives you a one-hour strategy call as well as one school application.

The Gold costs $3697 and includes a one-hour strategy call and three schools. With the Platinum, you get 10 schools and the Titanium is 20 schools.

Quality of the Services

Application support and review packages are never cheap. However, all of BeMo Academic Consulting’s guarantees (when applicable), certainly make the packages extremely good value for money.

BeMo Academic Consulting prices aren’t the cheapest around, but they aren’t the most expensive either. The value for money is excellent though – and this is due to both what you get for your money and the guarantees the company provides.

It’s worth noting that not all packages come with a guarantee but with the higher-tier packages, you get four guarantees. This is unique to BeMo Academic Consulting.

These are:

  • Get In Or You Money Back® guarantee – if you don’t get in and your application isn’t successful, BeMo Academic Consulting will give you your money back.
  • No B.S. FREE Repeat ™ Guarantee – if you’re not successful in your application, you can repeat the program for free.
  • FREE MBA Program Acceptance Challenge™ Guarantee. This guarantees that if you get accepted on an MBA program within one application cycle, your enrolment fee will be converted into credits to use on BeMo.
  • 100% Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee – this one is self-explanatory. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can have a refund.

Let’s see how BeMo compares to other platforms of this nature:

Admissionado Stacy Blackman Princeton Review BeMo Academic Consulting
Prices $3,440 (lowest price) $6,999 (lowest price) $2,000 (lowest application support) $850 lowest price
Quality Top-level quality from experts. 75% of MBA consultants come from the best 7 MBA programs or are former admissions officers. Expert instructors. Outstanding success rate, lots of 5-star reviews, multiple guarantees, knowledgeable experts.
Content Personalized approach, excellent customer support. All applications are given an additional review, which means this is one of the most robust packages out there. They have an all-in package, hourly services, interview prep and an a la carte service. Higher test scores guaranteed or money back, efficient preparation, quality content and delivery, focused on exam and test prep. Free strategy call, help in a range of countries and with a range of courses and progressions.

Value for Money

So, is BeMo academic consultation price worth the money? We think so. It certainly seems to be that BeMo genuinely want to help people succeed rather than make a pretty penny.

They have a wide range of packages, including offers for those that are on a low income. The support provided, alongside the guarantees, shows just how confident this company is in what they do.

What’s more, the online BeMo consulting reviews speak for themselves. They certainly seem to have a lot of happy customers who have gladly paid for their services and been left smiling at the end. With a high success rate, it’s clear that the company knows its stuff.

Their USP is their guarantees. There aren’t many sites out there that are willing to offer so many guarantees, that’s for sure.

Student Feedback & Reputation

When reading BeMo academic consulting reviews online, it’s obvious that this firm has a lot of happy customers. Their average Trustpilot rating is 4.8/5, which is phenomenal as this comes from over 5,200 reviews. There are also positive reviews on Reddit too.

With all these reviews, you’ll easily find someone who’s accessed the package you’re considering. If, for example, you’re looking for a BeMo medical school consulting review, you’ll find one!

Not only is the feedback and reputation exceptional, but the company is also quick to respond to its reviews and answering the calls. Check it yourself by calling to one of the BeMo consulting phone numbers. As you can see, they respond within a couple of days, which is excellent.

Often, consulting firms will only respond to negative reviews, but it’s nice to see that BeMo responds to positive ones.

  • They’re an international company.
  • They are transparent about who works for them and the benefits of working there.
  • The employees love working there (their Glassdoor reviews are very positive).
  • They have excellent reviews online and will reply to comments.
  • The price might be considered high for some clients.
  • There is no live chat available on the website.

The Recap: So, Is BeMo Academic Consulting Good?

So, is BeMo worth it? Yes – especially if you take a package that offers the four guarantees.

When it comes to quality, they’re second to none. You’ve got highly qualified and experienced experts who are happy to help you succeed.

The value for money is also good – especially if you’re able to take the packages that offer a guarantee, and they also have help for those who aren’t able to pay so much straight away.

The online BeMo reviews on Trustpilot speak for themselves – over 5000 people are extremely happy with the service they’ve received. As such, we fully recommend BeMo Academic Consulting. We know how experienced their consultants are, and there is clear evidence that they’re good at what they do.


Is BeMo worth it?

Absolutely. They have an extremely high success rate, and even if you’re one of the few who aren’t successful, they will refund you and allow you to repeat the process for free.

How much is BeMo consulting?

There are many packages, and some services are available for less than $1,000. They also support those who have less income.

Is BeMo academic consulting legit?

Yes. You have to look at all the online BeMo reviews to see how satisfied their customers are. You’ll find several BeMo med school review alongside dentistry, law, MBA, and more.

Who owns BeMo academic consulting?

Dr. Behrouz Moemeni founded BeMo Academic Consulting to provide consultancy services to students of all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

What is BeMo consulting?

BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. is an educational consulting agency that supports students in their applications for highly competitive courses. It is one of the most well-respected and sought-after admissions firms and is used worldwide.

They also have CASPer prep courses on their website. If you are interested in this topic, you can check our list of the best CASPer courses online featuring BeMo.

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BeMo Reviews 1

  1. HT says:

    Not worth the fee. I paid 5k for med school interview prep, and they still charged monthly consulting fees. Interview prep could have been more helpful. None of the questions BeMo asked were in actual interviews. Waitlisted at all. Bemo could have been more helpful with the waitlist situation. All in all, I felt the consulting service was not worth the fee.

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