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Magoosh SAT Prep Review: A Complete Guide

By Alina Burakova, Updated January 9, 2024


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About Magoosh SAT
Lowest price$129
Discount 10%
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Great video explanations as well as an SAT YouTube channel;
  • Intuitive mobile app provided;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • 7-day free trial to check the curriculum;
  • Improve scores by 100 points or get your money back, guaranteed;
  • Create personalized study plans.
  • Limit of 3 full practice tests;
  • No private tutoring sessions are offered;
  • Low score improvement guarantee;
  • Real-time support is not offered.


  • Excellent video quality.
  • Student-tested practice questions are included.
  • Customer progress reports to show areas of weakness.
  • 3 full length practice tests offered to simulate actual testing.
  • Simple design with short content.
  • Emphasis on academics as well as strategies for taking tests.

Value for Money

  • Affordable package deals.
  • Premium Prep package is just under $130.
  • Get 16 hours of live classes in a package for $400.
  • Magoosh is a cost-effective solution that has prices much lower than competitors.

Student Feedback

  • Students have reported an average SAT score increase of 100 points.
  • Easy to use app with SAT flashcards.
  • Site is easy to navigate and lessons are not too long.
  • Perfect for tight schedules.
  • Math videos are very useful.
Best Customer Choice
Price$397/courseLowest price
Highly Trained Tutors
Customizable Study Sessions
A Lot of Study Material Available
Learn from the Real SAT Masters
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Price$499/courseLowest price
200+ Point Score Improvement Guarantee
Working SAT Prep Strategies
Only Top SAT Instructors
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Price$150/yearLowest price
Affordable Prices
Score Improvement Guarantee
Handy Mobile App
Best SAT Test Prep Company
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Test Prep Courses Rankings


If you are looking to crush SAT scores and need a great test prep+ course, we have all the details on the Magoosh+ prep courses here. As a top SAT prep course at an affordable price, Magoosh+ test prep+ course covers all bases. With a 12-month program available, there are amazing features, and this program fits into any budget.

There is also a three-month course available. We have already done a complete review of what Magoosh offers that can be seen on our blog. Here, we focus solely on the various other various SAT preparations, prep materials short quizzes, courses, materials, courses, materials and services that magoosh offers and pricing are offered.

The SATs are important exams, and proper preparation that magoosh offers will be needed to obtain the best possible scores.

This self-guided and affordable prep course provides everything needed to boost SAT scores, and all information is readily accessible on a PC or mobile device.

Magoosh SAT Prep

a popular online test preparation platform that offers comprehensive resources and study materials to help students prepare for the SAT exam. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at Magoosh’ SAT Prep program and provide you with an overview of its best features, pros, and cons.

Overview of Magoosh SAT Prep

Magoosh is an online education company that specializes in providing affordable and accessible test and prep materials, courses and solutions. The Magoosh SAT Prep course is designed to help students improve their scores on the SAT exam, which is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States.

magoosh sat course review 2


Tips for Getting the Most out of Magoosh SAT Prep

Develop a study schedule that fits your timeline and goals. Magoosh provides suggested study plans, but you can customize them according to your needs. Allocate specific time slots for watching video lessons, practicing questions, and reviewing explanations.

Regularly review your progress and performance analytics provided by Magoosh. Identify areas where you excel and areas that require more attention. Focus on improving your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths.

Use the timed practice tests and practice sessions to improve your time management skills. The actual SAT itself is a timed exam, and practicing under time constraints will help you develop strategies for pacing yourself effectively during the real test.

While the Magoosh sat prep course. provides high-quality sat practice tests and practice questions, it’s a good idea to supplement your magoosh sat. preparation with official SAT practice questions and tests from the College Board. Familiarize yourself with the format and style of the official exam by taking magoosh sat. using practice material from college board and practicing with real questions.

Our Princeton Review ACT reviews can guide you in deciding whether this is the right prep course for you. We assess the quality of materials, teaching methods, and student support to provide a thorough understanding of what you can expect.

Review of SAT Courses Offered

With multiple lessons from the Magoosh team, all learning and studying will be performed live online classes. No texts are required, and it is a perfect solution for on-the-go learning. Featuring an incredible app, Magoosh can be accessed on an Android or iOS device, where all services can be used at any time.

The online experience has been built around core features, including individual practice questions, video lessons, and a to create custom practice sessions, tests and questions, create custom practice questions and sessions, and take your custom practice sessions, questions and tests, too. A custom practice question sessions schedule can be created so that all progress can be tracked.

Target Test Prep makes SAT practice enjoyable, efficient, and effective by providing the perfect practice. Learn more at Target Test Prep for the SAT prep course, full test and sat prep courses, full courses and student reviews here. With the full SAT prep courses and full test and sat prep materials and full course, more than 200 video lessons and over 1700 practice questions will be featured. With email tutoring assistance and a targeted practice schedule, this full test and sat prep materials and full course will provide an effective self-learning experience.

Since practice test questions closely resemble real SAT questions, this program offers a great opportunity to busy students prepare for the exam and make improvements in weak areas.

All video lessons delivered with courses are separated into categories for fast access. Choose a topic that needs work and select from a list of supported video lessons, and videos. With the Magoosh SAT prep course, you will find all the above three, video lesson for lessons and video lesson for lessons following areas covered:

  • Math – General Math Strategies, SAT Specific Strategies, Arithmetic and Fractions, Percents and Ratios, Algebra, Equations, Inequalities, Word Problems, Powers and Roots, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Statistics, Data Analysis, Advanced Math Trigonometry, Advanced Math Extra Topics


  • Reading – Strategies and Fundamentals, Specific Reading Strategies, Question Types
  • Writing – Writing Strategies, Sentence Structure, Usage, Punctuation, Development, Effective Language Use, Essay


In addition to accessing all content and tests online, the Magoosh website provides a solid app for Android and iOS devices. Two mobile apps are available.

One is an the the the magoosh SAT course and exam prep course review and Exam Prep and Practice app. This contains magoosh’ magoosh SAT course prep course review and content along with lecture videos and practice exams.

With this, the learning experience is easily accessible, and all content can be reviewed. The second app focuses on flashcards for Math and English. This is the best SAT option for on-the-go studying.


All expert content from Magoosh can be accessed using a supported Android app. While not all practice questions will be offered, a good amount is, and they cover all major topics.

With 54 questions for the Trial version and over 400 questions for the Premium version, these apps provide a great way to be able to study and master key concepts on the actual SAT exam.

The iOS app has over 1500 questions supported and provides the ability to review all the video lectures and text explanations. Users can also download videos and watch them at a later date. The SAT flashcard app for iOS delivers 350 vocabulary words chosen by SAT expert tutors and various math cards.

Pricing Guide

The pricing structure at the Magoosh sat prep review course review is favorable and provides an affordable way to get assistance with SAT preparation. Based on Megoosh and other SAT prep courses reviews from consumers, most students say that the value offered by taking the the magoosh sat prep review course review and for the cost of these other sat prep courses is fair.

We have assessed all costs associated with using this service. Here, we provide a breakdown of the overall cost and features included with each package available.

With our own Magoosh SAT+ prep review and course review, we found this company offers great high quality practice tests, at a low price. Two study plans are featured, providing excellent services and a guarantee to boost SAT scores.

One of the great things about choosing this SAT prep program is that the coupon code “EDUREVIEWER10” can be applied to a purchase. A discounted price is available on both packages, offering savings of 10% off of all the packages.

Program Self-Paced Premium Guided Study
Cost $100, $119, $129 $399
Duration 1 month, 3 months, 12 months 12 months
  1. 1750+ questions
  2. Video and text explanations
  3. 200 videos
  4. 3 practice tests
  5. Flexible study schedules
All of Premium +16 hours of live lessons

Self-Paced Premium Package

This is the most popular option; new customers can benefit from a free 7-day trial. Program content can be accessed during this time, and practice exams, tests or short quizzes can be taken. If, after this 7-day trial, the customer feels Magoosh will not be beneficial, a money-back guarantee is offered, and funds will be returned with no questions.

7 days money back magoosh

The Premium package is available at three price points. A fee of $100 is charged for one month of access, $119 for three months, and $129 for 12 months. All options include the same features and content. This includes:

  • More than 1750 practice exam questions;
  • Text or video explanations for all questions;
  • A max of 3 practice tests;
  • More than 200 video lessons;
  • Personalized study schedules;
  • +100 SAT point guarantee;
  • Email assistance from tutors.

Three Price Categories

All three price points offer the same content and access to study materials. The only difference is the amount of time this content can be accessed. It is important to note that the +100 point guarantee is only effective for those that have taken the SATs in the past and are looking to improve scores.

Based on user experience, Magoosh and SAT prep course reviews are quite positive, and customers have seen an increase in scores after using this program.

magoosh score guarantee

Guided Study Program

The Magoosh Premium Guided Program provides live classes taught by magoosh sat’s leading instructors. Tuition of $399 will include a +100 point increase guarantee and live instructions for 16 hours.

All course materials will be available for 12 months, during which custom practice sessions and tests can be taken, lessons can be reviewed, and videos can be accessed. This program offers all of the same features as the Premium option with the addition of live classes.

This is a great option if structured preparation is desired. Live classes offer an opportunity to ask questions in real-time and get help with any concept causing a struggle.

All live classes are conducted online via a link that is sent through email. Instructors will create video lesson and plans for every class, live online classes which are held twice a week for two hours per session. Magoosh reviews SAT from past customers show that live classes greatly benefit.

If there is a problem with scheduling, there is an option to purchase an On-Demand option. This will still provide 16 hours of video lessons, but classes can be watched anytime. Recordings of all the video lessons and all the live classes, instructions and presentations will be available.

Main Features and Quality of SAT Courses

Studying for the SATs will take time and dedication. Since many have busy schedules, Magoosh offers a fully customizable platform that will provide a flexible learning experience.

As a self-paced program, there are no set schedules. Just choose what areas need improvement and study when time is available. The course does provide useful checklists and SMS reminders that can help keep users on track.

When a package has been purchased, a personal dashboard will be created.

This is where all site sections can be accessed, and one can track progress. The innovative dashboard is a key feature of Magoosh; it instantly loads when the site is accessed.

Here, learning is tracked by providing Suggested Lessons based on areas that require additional practice. The dashboard will also display an outline of quiz results as well as the predicted SAT score for areas of science, math, English, and reading.


Customized Study Plans

Using a smart review system, the program can offer a customized high quality practice questions and schedule based on users’ specific needs. Here, the difficulty level can be selected along with the number of review and explained practice questions, types of practice questions, full length practice tests and full length practice exams, and the areas that need focus per practice question.

A practice mode is featured where there are both video explanations and text explanations for all practice problems and questions.


Using the quiz mode will eliminate the explanations and allow users to test their knowledge and see how they perform in certain areas. All information will be logged and updated on the dashboard, reflecting practice test scores, areas that need improvement, and other suggestions for success.

With the ability to study what is needed, time will not be wasted covering topics already known or mastered. Specific areas can be selected along with a difficulty level so that users can benefit from efficient learning and focus only on what is needed to improve test scores.

Magoosh Guarantees

To make sure that all customers are satisfied with course content and lessons, there is a 7-day guarantee in place. If circumstances change after purchasing one of the packages and the service is not needed, the cost will be returned with no questions asked.

This provides a sense of security and ensures the company stands behind students achieve the courses offered.

One key feature of the Magoosh sat up’ magoosh SAT review and prep program is the score increase guarantee. If a 100-point increase is not received after using the full magoosh sat review and prep, magoosh sat review package, the full Magoosh sat review and prep review top up website will offer a money-back.

There are specific requirements in person to receive this refund. It is only offered if the magoosh SAT course itself has already been taken before using magoosh pricing for any services.

The score on the former test will be used to evaluate test performance upon retesting.

Warranty Requirements

  • The redesigned version of the SAT must have been taken before using Magoosh services;
  • Old test scores must be valid and received in less than 5 years;
  • A copy of the initial test score must be emailed to Magoosh;
  • A copy of the new test score must be sent via email.

If the Live Classes package has been purchased, the guarantee works differently. Live classes guarantee a score increase of 100 points, but if this is not achieved, a refund for the basic Prep software will be issued for $129, or enrollment in another live class is free.

Unique Features

One feature that sets Magoosh apart from other services is the offering of flashcards on the go. English and math concepts can be mastered with innovative flashcards. With access to more than 200 cards, various concepts are covered, which can be accessed through the supported app.

Education experts have chosen common and essential topics that will be included in the SAT exam. These flashcards online videos are designed to help focus on a specific topic and can be accessed at any time on an Android or iOS device.

magoosh writing grammar rules

Another key feature that is only found with Magoosh is a score predictor. This helpful score predictor tool will be displayed on the dashboard and will provide a score predictor and possible SAT score.

To get an estimated score, answer at least 50 questions. By completing additional questions, the score will be more accurate. This can help determine which areas need more focus.

Private SAT Tutoring

When using the Magoosh program, no private tutors are offered. The service offers email support options for private tutoring to help with examination studying and sat exam prep only.

The support experts can provide detailed replies to questions on the exam or any lessons provided.

For most students, this is a good way to get some answers to questions, but if private tutoring is needed on a 1 on 1 basis, the Magoosh course does not provide these services.


  • Great video explanations as well as an SAT YouTube channel;
  • Intuitive mobile app provided;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • 7-day free trial to check the curriculum;
  • Improve scores by 100 points or get your money back, guaranteed;
  • Create personalized study plans.
  • Limit of 3 full practice tests;
  • No private tutoring sessions are offered;
  • Low score improvement guarantee;
  • Real-time support is not offered.


Is the Magoosh SAT prep package a good choice?

Is Magoosh SAT prep good? This program offers great content at an affordable price and has a money-back guarantee. With an ability to only focus on areas that need improvement, packages from Magoosh are a great way to study online and enhance SAT scores. Benefit from high-quality videos, realistic practice exams, and expert support.

How do the SAT courses work?

Modern technology is used to provide a complete online learning experience. After subscribing, access the dashboard to choose an area of study and select lessons. All progress will be tracked to provide a detailed report of any areas that need improvement. Practice tests and quizzes reflect real SAT questions to help prepare for the exam.

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