EduReviewerUdemy English Courses Review: Better Than Tutoring?

Udemy English Courses Review: Better Than Tutoring?

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With thousands of languages spoken around the world, students continue to take courses to master English. This is the language of international communication and is essential for those attending colleges and universities. Learning this complex language is not an easy feat.

With the best English course on Udemy, students can study the language and become fluent. Looking to ace your IELTS exam? Discover the best IELTS courses online and boost your score today!

Here, we have done an assessment of the top programs offered and provided some details on what you will find when choosing from the list of supported courses and classes. You can also check out a complete review of Udemy on our blog.

Here, you will find feedback from students about their experience when using Udemy to study English.

Best Udemy Courses

Students who want to be more successful in their studies and benefit from their college experience will want to make sure they have a complete grasp of the language. This is one of the hardest languages to learn.

To help those that are looking to enhance their grammar skill, vocabulary, or writing skills, our experts have done reviews of the best Udemy courses for English.

Designed for students of all ages, the courses featured at Udemy will focus on certain concepts of the language. Whether you are just starting to learn the language or want to polish your skills, these programs can provide some great benefits.

They have top reviews from former customers. With affordable tuition, Udemy addresses the educational needs of all students with these well-designed classes taught by professionals.

With remote learning becoming a necessity, having the right platform can significantly improve your experience. Take a look at our compilation of the best remote learning platforms available today.

Intensive English Course for Beginners


This Udemy English grammar course is for those that are just starting to learn the language. Providing 77 hours of video, you will earn vital words, expressions, and how to apply these in real-life conversations.

Students will end the class being able to speak fluently and can prepare for various exams like GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. To successfully complete the course, students must devote 4 hours a week to speaking only English.

Based on student feedback, this class has helped beginners start to speak English daily and as an interactive program, there are opportunities to practice conversations, reading, and writing.


English Grammar Launch: Upgrade Your Speaking and Listening


This intermediate course is perfect for those that want to improve their use of grammar and enhance their speaking abilities. As one of the best English courses on Udemy for those already fluent, English Grammar Launch will assist speakers so they sound like this is their native language. The class makes use of PDF transcripts as well as MP3 downloads. This allows students to learn at any time, anywhere!

Each of the 21 sections will focus on target structures. This is an affordable option at just $39.99 and many positive customer reviews show the benefits of the course. The course is taught by an instructor from London and focuses on learning English as a second language. With a 4.7-star feedback score, students have been able to master skills to speak fluently.


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Learn English Grammar Online


One of the great courses to help develop grammar skills is the Learn English Grammar Online option. With this course, students will learn to speak with a British or American accent and can use perfect English when engaging in conversations. Here, all areas will be covered, including grammar, speaking, learning, and writing.

This course has also been known to help learn the correct pronunciation of complex words and how to correctly speak on around 27 daily topics. It is a long program that comes with a tuition of $99.99. After completion, many students have had positive feedback, many claiming this class helped them break vocabulary barriers.

Best for intermediate speakers, our review team has found Learn English Grammar Online to be the best English Udemy course for fixing common problems, mastering punctuation when writing, and preparing students for tests like the TOEIC, TOEFL, and IETLS.


English Speaking Complete


Beginners will find this Udemy class to be beneficial in mastering vocabulary and phrasing. It is best for those that want to develop skills for conversations and can also improve the ability to listen and understand common English phrases. English Speaking Complete is an in-depth course for beginners or advanced students from A1-C2.

With a price of $109.99, you will get complete access to all sections and lectures, mobile access, a Q&A feature, and a money-back guarantee. Taught by a British teacher, students will focus on skills for the IELTS examination. Current students have given top reviews and recommend this course to deal with language challenges.


Building Your English Brain


Learn how to follow a routine to avoid bad habits and form complete thoughts in English. With Building Your Brain, ideas can be expressed creatively and the use of new vocabulary is introduced. This is a short course of just over 3 hours and focuses on techniques and exercises that will lead to fluency.

For anyone learning the language to become fluent, they must learn how to use their brain and not just rely on memorized words and phrases. With this Udemy course, you will learn how to do exactly that without breaking the bank, as the cost is just $39.99!


The Complete English Grammar Course


Looming to get grammar answers from a pro? Check out the Complete English Grammar Course and understand the language easier while enhancing your speaking and writing abilities. This course provides an overview of grammar and will give students the confidence they need to speak and write fluently.

Past and current students have provided feedback on this Udemy course, stating they enjoy being able to choose sections instead of having to access them in sequence. This allows students to learn at their own pace and focus on the areas that provide the most challenges.

The lessons also point out differences between UK and US grammar. Over 35 hours of lectures and video training are offered for a price of $129.99. This course does not focus on preparing users for any specific exams. Instead, it is designed to promote speaking and writing in a way that one can effectively communicate with others that are native speakers.


Ultimate English Language GCSE


This course has been designed for those that are seeking a UK GSCE. During the course, students will learn what is needed to pass the Spoken Assessment Exams. Best suited for those between the ages of 14 and 16 years of age, the class consists of 21 sections with 420 different lectures. While the focus is on providing information for GSCE students, this is also a great choice for anyone interested in Shakespeare or learning about novels and literature.

With tuition of just $19.99, you will find great value in the GSCE program. Past students have commented they have received a complete understanding of literature and the English language after completing the program. With a 4.3 star rating, this is one of the best literature options online.


English Grammar Pro


As a complete course to finish your studies in grammar, this option is an affordable choice for those looking to improve pronunciation and speaking skills. It can help any student with an accent to feel more confident when using English in conversations and ensures that all grammar is being used correctly.

Throughout the course, there will be English slang used to help students understand common phrases that are used. The content may not be suitable for children.

This course is best for adult learners who want to improve basic skills that have already been learned. Get access to 19 sections and 126 lectures at a price of $99.99, which includes on-demand video, downloads, assignments, and mobile access.


English Vocabulary: Upgrade Your English Speaking Grammar


Those that have a basic understanding of the language and are able to read and write will benefit from the English Vocabulary course at Udemy. With this, users will be able to focus on specific words and learn how to use them in everyday conversation. After learning the basics of the language, enhancing your vocabulary is the next step to becoming fluent.

For $39.99, intermediate learners will have access to over 7 hours of video and lecture. Each section will focus on five different words allowing users to master their use and pronunciation. As a detailed course, anyone who wants to take the language to the next level will get many benefits from enrolling. The course is also a good choice for those studying for an IELTS, TOEIC, or TOEFL exam.


English Grammar Advanced


English Grammar Advanced has amazing ratings and it is one of the top courses we recommend. After a complete review of the course, we found this to be a perfect choice for intermediate students who want to enhance their knowledge of complex sentences. Throughout the course sections and lectures, one will be able to identify verbs, tenses, and common mistakes.

Those planning to take the class must have an intermediate level of English and be able to read and write the language. One of the great features is the essay writing section. Here, users will write a 300-word essay that will be corrected by teachers. Corrections and enhancements will be offered. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and get a better understanding of grammar that will help any ESL student.

This program is affordable with a cost of $59.99 and includes over 21 hours of video, 49 resources that can be downloaded, and 22 eBooks that contain grammar exercises. With a 4.9 rating, this is one of the best courses from Udemy and continues to receive many positive reviews.


English For IT


This short but informative course is perfect for those that are IT professionals. With over 3 hours of lectures and videos, users will be able to learn new IT words and vocabulary while learning how to effectively communicate with clients. Focusing on over 140 IT words and phrases, those in the IT field will find this to be a fast way to improve skills that can be used in the workplace.

The course is great for those that are already working in the field or students who are studying IT. With 4 sections, 34 lectures, and over 3 hours of presentation for $84.99, English for IT is an affordable option for those that want to improve their language skills to enhance job performance.


Course Comparison

After our in-depth reviews, you will see how many of these courses at Udemy can improve fluency, help with job performance, and provide an overall understanding of the language.

With the best English Udemy classes, any user will master grammar and be able to speak clearly, write better, and enhance their listening skills.

Course Best For Price Course Length
Intensive English for Beginners Complete beginners of any age $139.99 77 hours
English Grammar Launch Intermediate speakers, improving spoken English, master grammar, upgrade listening skills $39.99 7h 50m
Learn English Grammar Online Intermediate, must be able to read and understand basic English $99.99 34h 29m
English Speaking Complete Beginners to advanced $109.99 46h 41m
Building Your English Brain Beginners who understand spoken English $39.99 3h 7m
Complete English Grammar Course Intermediate students who can read and speak English $129.99 35h 53m
Ultimate English Language GCSE Fluent speakers, ages 14-16 $19.99 8h 55m
Easy English Grammar Course Beginner to advanced $99.99 11h 52m
English Vocabulary Intermediate $39.99 7h 1m
English Grammar Advanced Intermediate $59.99 21h 3m
English for IT A2-B1 level English $84.99 3h 33m
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Updated on March 5, 2024
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