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By Enthony Ferdinand, Updated February 27, 2024


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About Kaplan PSAT
Lowest price$399
Charged per course
Promo CodeN/A
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Fantastic live online classes with teachers who are PSAT experts
  • Partnership with College Board provides official past PSATs to practice on
  • Detailed score analysis reports help you identify weaknesses
  • Engaging video lessons that hold your attention
  • A higher score or money-back guarantee
  • In-depth answer solutions
  • Somewhat expensive for PSAT prep
  • Fewer on-demand video lessons and practice questions than others provide
  • The number of lessons and amount of practice work is almost overwhelming
  • No live classes for the self-paced course option


  • Provides high-quality PSAT prep with expert tutors, official practice tests, and comprehensive study materials.
  • Unlike other PSAT Prep Courses, there are great videos for on-demand learners.
  • Partnership with the College Board to provide official past PSATs for students to practice on.
  • Kaplan's books and practice questions are written by veteran teachers who know students—every explanation is written to help you learn.

Value for Money

  • Pretty costly for PSAT prep but has a solid suite of resources that can be accessed any time, any day.
  • Offers a higher score or money-back guarantee, which shows confidence in its effectiveness.
  • Multiple payment options: Payments can only be done through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.

Student Feedback

  • Self-paced learning where you can learn at your pace and at the time you want
  • Quality video lessons and optimal workload.
  • Online guidance to help you plan your study schedule.
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Prep Courses Rankings

While prepping for the digital PSAT exam isn’t the same as writing the actual ACT and SAT college entrance exams, it helps prepare you to take the entire SAT.

Kaplan is one of the world’s most reputable test prep programs, with the greatest PSAT preparation courses. With live guidance from College Board-affiliated teachers, it offers comprehensive live online PSAT classes. This allows pupils to be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Programme.

However, you must consider several Kaplan case studies before choosing it. By the end of this Kaplan PSAT online course review, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether Kaplan is reliable and respected to provide you with what it takes to do well on the exam.

Kaplan Review Process

I made it my job to test the program firsthand and provide objective, high-quality assessments after realizing that most sites just offer superficial, uninformed information. I aim to provide an extensive, truthful, and thoroughly researched evaluation of Kaplan’s PSAT prep courses that you would not find anywhere else on the internet.

Every evaluation criteria I employ guarantees that every guide, comparison, and review I post provides genuine value to aspiring students. Such criteria used to give the review of Kaplan PSAT prep course include:

  1. Courses: To begin our review process, I gathered as much information as possible on the quantity of practice tests, courses, or video tutorials.
  2. Features: It is necessary to fully comprehend the features and requirements of this preparatory course while giving reviews of Kaplan PSAT prep course.
  3. Prices: There is no superior method of assessment than cross-referencing PSAT cost comparison of Kaplan vs. Princeton Review PSAT pricing as I performed in this instance
  4. Pros and Cons: Every exam preparation program has benefits and drawbacks.
  5. Usability: In line with my first assessment, the user’s ease of access to the program is a crucial consideration when evaluating
  6. Mobile app: After completing my research, I graded the mobile app and each course.

I was incredibly pleased with the Kaplan live instruction overall during my tests, finding it quite interesting and of an excellent standard. I found a few drawbacks, but Kaplan outperformed the competition thanks to their collaboration with the College Board to offer official previous PSATs for practice.

Kaplan PSAT Key Features

Kaplan is a global leader in education and training with more than 12,000 instructors and staff members who annually educate millions of students and professionals. It provides extensive test preparation materials for various standardized exams, including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, USMLE, NCLEX, and Bar.

The test-prep materials in this program are created to assist students in reaching their academic and professional objectives. They are based on the most recent research and industry best practices.

In addition, it offers additional educational services like online learning platforms, professional development, university and student support, and language instruction.

Kaplan is an excellent choice for students and parents searching for the best PSAT math preparation program. With Kaplan’s test-day preparation resources, which include video lessons, PSAT practice tests, and study guides, you can be confident that you’ll have everything you need close at hand.

More Features to Look Out For

  1. One comprehensive practice exam that replicates the dynamic format of the Digital PSAT
  2. More than 1000 practical practice questions with thorough professional explanations
  3. Pre-tests to determine what you know already and what you can ignore
  4. Each session starts with a thorough practice question to help you quickly determine its focus
  5. After each lesson, there are focused practice questions to assess your understanding
  6. Each chapter ends with a variety of practice tests to gauge your level of understanding
  7. An in-depth description of the Digital PSAT’s scoring system, along with a section-by-section analysis so you know exactly what to expect on test day

Kaplan offers simulated sample tests, more than 1000 test questions, subject-specific drills, and methods and advice you can use to improve and raise your score.

Every program starts with a diagnostic test, and the results are used to analyze your talents. You are led to appropriate practice activities by a cheerful video instructor. Free PSAT prep on demand and live online PSAT classes are also provided.

The Live Online and Tutoring programs include scheduled access to the materials before your test day, determined by when you start. You will plan your time with your tutor directly or through class registration, and you will have access to the program for the duration of your studies.

In my opinion, my experience has shown that Kaplan PSAT is quite an effective program for learning. Students can learn at their own pace, just like I’ve experienced, and excel by sticking to and following real-time instructions.

Quality of Kaplan PSAT Prep Materials

kaplan psat course quality

Kaplan offers both live and on-demand delivery of their extensive PSAT courses depending on the kind of PSAT prep course you select.

On-Demand PSAT Prep Courses

Students can prepare for the SAT at their own pace and convenience with Kaplan’s On Demand SAT prep course, which is offered online. There are over 30 educational videos, two complete adaptive practice exams, practice problems with answers, and quizzes for every subject.

During my user testing, I concluded that by choosing the self-paced study option, I could study effectively on my schedule even when I had a part-time job, extracurricular activities, sports, or even a full-time job. In-depth video explanations also help with the practice questions.

The fact that Kaplan’s On Demand SAT prep course is only accessible for six months is a significant drawback. This implies that participants in this course, including myself, will only have a short window of opportunity to access the course materials and resources, and they might not be able to review them in the run-up to the exam.

We will now need to pay for the course again or find another solution if I or any other student wishes to retake the SAT or take it more than six months after starting the course. I think that students who want a more flexible and long-lasting test prep experience might not wish to choose Kaplan’s On Demand SAT prep course.

Kaplan PSAT Live Online Courses

With Kaplan’s interactive online course, students can participate in live lectures and courses from anywhere worldwide. One intriguing aspect of Kaplan’s Live Online course is that there is a second instructor in the online chat for every class who can answer questions without interfering with the lesson.

During my research, I learned that I could communicate with other students in the chat room and receive prompt, tailored feedback from the teachers. In the event that I need to catch up or require more assistance, the second instructor can also get in touch with me.

In general, I found Kaplan’s SAT prep classes less tailored to the needs of the individual students.

kaplan psat practice questions

Kaplan's Unlimited Prep Course

Another significant benefit for students like me who want one-on-one tutoring is that Kaplan offers an Unlimited Prep package that includes four hours of one-on-one coaching with a PSAT-trained professional matching your needs.

PSAT tutors will identify your areas of strength and weakness so you don’t spend any prep time. I discovered I could continue the live tutoring sessions with my tutor for four more hours by getting a personalized tutoring package.

Another notable difference with the Unlimited Prep course is that it gives students access to live group instruction for the PSAT, ACT, and a few frequently taken AP exams.

Kaplan offers group programs for test preparation courses, including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, USMLE, NCLEX, and Bar. However, because up to 30 individuals can be in each group class, Kaplan’s offerings are not particularly customized or adaptable.

This implies that students might not receive adequate one-on-one time or feedback from their teachers and might be forced to adhere to a rigid schedule and pace that isn’t appropriate for their learning objectives or needs.

Furthermore, students who have already paid for the course and scheduled their study time around it may find it difficult and frustrating as Kaplan frequently cancels courses if not enough people attend them. Kaplan’s group courses might not be ideal for students seeking a more personal and trustworthy test-taking experience.

Its educators teach the exam preparation classes and publications that Kaplan offers. In contrast to many of their rivals, Kaplan instructors are less competent because they must possess a degree in a topic or field equivalent to or one level above the subject they are teaching.

Also, Kaplan gives instructors teaching assignments depending on the course’s demand and availability, which means they have little option or flexibility in their tasks. This implies that learners who sign up for Kaplan classes or purchase Kaplan books cannot select a particular teacher or tutor who best fits their learning objectives, preferences, or learning style.

Kaplan tutors may not be a good fit for students who want a more specialized and personalized test-taking experience. If you are one of them, check out our rankings of the best PSAT courses.

Guarantee and Refund Policy

Kaplan provides a money-back policy for their PSAT courses. If your prep plans or circumstances change, this applies to self-paced, live online, and in-person programs. Only after a short period following the original purchase can you discontinue your course and receive a full or partial refund.

Refunds are only allowed for not more than seven days. If you cancel within three days of your original purchase, you can get 100% of your fees back. After three days until the seven-day time frame, you can get 75% of the program fees returned.

From research, I discovered that the refund policy is a little different in some cases. There is an expiration date on tutoring hours, and refunds will not be given for expired hours.

Kaplan PSAT practice test

Why Kaplan is Better

Based on my research, I think the Kaplan PSAT program is superior to other study guides and stands out since it provides practice exams that closely resemble PSAT exam questions or give too many explanations of ideas.

You will have access to 13 hours of on-demand hit video lessons that are accessible anywhere you have an internet connection, 24/7 access to their SAT Channel, 8 full-practice exams that include past versions of official PSAT exams from the College Board, and in-print prep books.
I put the over 1000 practice questions to the test and found them to be the best option for drilling myself with PSAT past exams, which will prepare me for test day.

During my tests, I also did the Kaplan vs Princeton review PSAT comparison to see how Kaplan stacks up, as shown in the table below:

Course Kaplan Prepscholar The Princeton Review
Price $799 $895 $949
Quality High High High
Subscription Length 6 months 1 year 6 months
Video Hours 15+ hours 98 lessons 135+ lessons
Live Online Hours 18 hours 9 hours 18 hours
Practice Questions 1,000+ 7,100+ 2,000+
Books Included Yes No Yes
Study Plan Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee Higher score or money back Money back if no score improvement Higher score, 1400+, 1500+, or money back

Digital Interface & User Experience of Kaplan PSAT Courses

Most of your work for the Kaplan PSAT Practice Course will be completed online. This is why Kaplan’s dashboard is quite intuitive and user-friendly. This aesthetically pleasing interface allows students to tailor their learning experience to meet their individual needs.

In this interface, your PSAT resource categories are in the header: PSAT Prep, PSAT Courses, Unlimited Prep and More. Locating subcategories like PSAT Live Online Course and Free On Demand PSAT Prep is simple under the PSAT Course headings. This facilitates navigating the portal.

Kaplan PSAT UX

The platform is very commendable for its responsive design, in addition to being incredibly intuitive and well-organized. Whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the straightforward and basic design provides smooth transitions because it recognizes that students may transfer between devices.

About its versatility, learning can occur anywhere and at any time, not only on a particular device. Overall, considering the price of their platform, I was rather pleased with the interface and user experience.

Kaplan Mobile App

Like all the best online learning platforms available today, Kaplan allows PSAT students to access study resources on their mobile devices.

In addition to being accessible from any device, including smartphones, Kaplan also provides an excellent mobile app to go along with its leading digital platform. A fraction of your web content is accessible through the iOS and Android mobile app.

With the help of the excellent Kaplan app, you may access study materials and learn in a more engaging and contemporary manner.

I must admit that you cannot access everything, but you can work through a few practice problems and review the accompanying video and text explanations. You can also view more than 100 of the video-based lessons and take quizzes from your phone.

A valuable feature of this mobile app is the ability to view your performance over time. You can see the number of videos you have watched and those you have not yet watched, the quiz history and the score of questions you have answered.

While I must say that the mobile app makes PSAT preparation smoother and more convenient than ever, I’m more impressed by its robustness and functionality.

Duration of Access To Online Content

Students who enroll in Kaplan get complete access to their online courses for about 6 months. This makes sense because most students won’t require up to six months to finish the study materials; occasionally, 3 months will do, and ideally, you won’t need them again once you’ve received your exam results.

Therefore, unlike Princeton Review, which offers three months of access, the window for accessing the lectures, syllabus, practice materials, and everything else online is relatively brief.

This implies that students who sign up for any of Kaplan’s PSAT Prep Course options will only have a limited amount of time to access the online materials and resources, and they might be unable to review them closer to the test date.

In addition, students who wish to retake the PSAT or access the prep materials longer than six months after signing up for the course will have to pay for it again or find an alternative.

Kaplan's PSAT Course Pricing

Kaplan offers three types of prep plans, each with different pricing structures depending on what you need. This is to serve their typical PSAT students better.

The estimated cost of the Self-Paced Course, Live Online Course, and Unlimited Prep is $300, $500, and $2,000, respectively; however, these courses are frequently offered for less.

Take my word for it, but whichever plan you select, you’ll receive a pretty good collection of materials, including a comprehensive preparatory course that can be accessed live or on demand. Video tutorials will cover every topic, and you’ll have access to score analysis at any time or location.

There is an additional $400 Unlimited Prep with Tutoring option for individuals who want to get serious about their studies. At $100 per hour, you can receive four hours of individualized, one-on-one exam preparation with one of Kaplan’s highly certified test specialists.

Whatever plan pricing option you choose, look at the review of Kaplan PSAT courses.

Student Feedback & Reputation of Kaptest

Kinsta’s support channels are available 24/7, including phone and online meetings for prep queries, an email, and a live chat feature for ongoing support.

While testing the site, I discovered that their customer service is quite unresponsive, with me reporting and waiting hours on hold or sending emails and messages that go unanswered.

Regarding their courses, books, or accounts, this might leave professionals and students feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. Kaplan’s customer service is frequently criticized for being impolite, useless, inept, and failing to promptly or satisfactorily address problems or complaints.

This isn’t in good taste for a well-known digital PSAT prep company, but the resources and FAQ on their website are tremendously helpful when looking for support. However, there may be better options than Kaplan’s customer service for customers looking for a reliable and supportive educational partner.

Kaplan PSAT User Review

Like the two fair and balanced Kaplan PSAT prep courses review in the image above, I found the study plans, videos, tutors, and materials valuable and effective. I also don’t know my PSAT result yet, but I love how top-notch the materials and resources are, which aid me in doing well on the exam.

Kaplan PSAT Review

After much testing, I was pretty satisfied with the flexibility and ease of the Kaplan study plan. Unlike the review above, where courses begin to get unhelpful in subsequent days, I did not experience such things as each course’s contents were taught according to schedule, and I did not need to reschedule or waste my time during tutoring sessions.

Kaplan PSAT Review

I’m quite excited about the great company of good tutors in the Kaplan Prep program who help students achieve their PSAT goals. I fell in love with the way one of the tutors teaches. He made everything look so simple, unlike the typical ways or methods of studying I’m used to. I did not take the MCAT exam or have the same tutor as the reviewer in the image above, but the Kaplan online system is a great help.

  • Fantastic live online classes with teachers who are PSAT experts
  • Partnership with College Board provides official past PSATs to practice on
  • Detailed score analysis reports help you identify weaknesses
  • Engaging video lessons that hold your attention
  • A higher score or money-back guarantee
  • In-depth answer solutions
  • Somewhat expensive for PSAT prep
  • Fewer on-demand video lessons and practice questions than others provide
  • The number of lessons and amount of practice work is almost overwhelming
  • No live classes for the self-paced course option

The Verdict: Is Kaplan PSAT Good?

My final verdict of the Kaplan PSAT Prep Reviews is that the course is a solid option for students looking for a rigorous and structured PSAT prep course but not for those who prefer a more flexible and affordable option. Exposure to previously administered PSATs is Kaplan’s greatest strength as it helps prepare you for test day, so I like their inclusion of these past exams.

As with any PSAT prep course, Kaplan has some drawbacks: the high price of the Unlimited Prep option, the limited number of video lessons, and the excessive workload. If these are problems for you – you can check out the best books for PSAT and choose the best option for you. However, I am impressed with the quality of instruction and content provided in other training options.

Kaplan is designed for self-placed learners and students needing more structure, and the prep course has done well in providing personal insights into personal progress for such learners, which makes it well respected among others.

Their online learning platform has been reported to have tech problems, and their customer service is hard to reach. Their instructors and tutors do not have specific credentials, whereas other companies can boast the top 1% of Ivy League instructors.

Ultimately, any amount of practice with Kaplan PSAT course reviews will help students prepare for the SAT, but many other options will teach students more effectively at better prices.


Here are some possible answers to the frequently asked questions:

Is Kaplan good for the PSAT?

Kaplan is good for the PSAT if you want a rigorous and structured PSAT prep course with expert tutors, official practice tests, and score guarantees.

How much does Kaplan PSAT cost?

Kaplan PSAT costs $799 for the Essentials course, which includes 18 hours of live instruction, 2 practice tests, and study materials.

Is Kaplan or Princeton Review better for the PSAT?

Kaplan and Princeton Review are reputable and high-quality PSAT prep providers with different features and prices. Kaplan offers more live instruction hours, official practice tests, and score guarantees, but Princeton Review offers more video lessons, practice questions, and flexible administrations.

Which prep course is best for the PSAT?

The best prep course for PSAT depends on your learning style, budget, and goals. You should compare the pros and cons of different courses and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. Some popular PSAT prep courses are Kaplan, Princeton Review, PrepScholar, and Khan Academy.

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