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Be Aware of Frauds and Scams

Whenever you search for an online service or a suitable tutor to help write a resume, CV, or motivation letter, you should be very careful. To the great regret and the development of the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult to find a credible website to meet your needs.

There are too many fraudulent companies. Using some of them, you risk receiving service of poor quality or even nothing at all, even though you have paid for the order already.

The best way to avoid them is to check the website where you will place an order.


Save Your Time

It is just impossible to check all writing websites by yourself. And even if this sounds like a good idea, it will take too much time and will be too expensive.

However, you can check our professional resume writing and editing services reviews to see what our dedicated team of professionals has already found and analyzed for you!

Don’t hurry up check the website before you will place an order
Calm down and don’t worry we spend dozens and dozens of hours of our time to save yours

Meet Our Team

Our professionals have impressive experience in testing various types of services in the field of education. Mainly everything that relates to writing, tutoring, and test prep.

Enthony Ferdinand

Writer & Editor

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Max Zabairatskii

Financial Expert

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Jennifer Broflowski

Career Expert

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Yaro Bilyk

Web Designer

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Morales Nelson

Contributing Writer

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Alina Burakova

Education Writer

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How Do We Craft Our Reviews?

1 Individual approach

Each review is written individually, considering the specifics and features of each separate website.

2 Perform our own test

Another thing we always do when working on the reviews because we place an order to test the quality of the company’s services and see whether it meets the customers’ needs. We also communicate with the support team, writers, and/or tutors.

3 Analyze results

At the end of the cooperation, we analyze the received resume, CV, cover letter, business plan, etc. Or, in the cases of online tutoring, test prep, and online courses, we analyze the quality of learning provided, the safety of payments and personal info, prices, the website’s usability, and the process of ordering itself.

Then, we come up with conclusions, compare a given company with competitors, and make the final assessment. There are several criteria by which we evaluate websites, so let’s consider them to understand better how it works.

Find the Best Price

You need to understand that our task is not limited to find a website with the lowest price. Our task is to find a website at an affordable price that grants you a good quality of learning and service in general.

Besides, we compare prices with other proven companies, which provide high-quality services at a high level. Then we conclude how fair and cost-effective the price is.

Writing services

In the case of writing services, the price is determined by:

  • Number of pages;
  • Deadline;
  • Writer’s level;
  • Document complexity.
Online tutoring

The prices for online tutoring and test preps are determined by:

  • Qualifications of tutors, coaches, teachers;
  • Different learning tools to organize schedule, time, lessons;
  • Amount of learning hours;
  • Quality of the course;
  • Amount of prep materials included;
  • The duration of the program, class, course.

The Criteria of Our Review Process

When placing an order, we communicate with the company and immediately determine if their specialists are native speakers or not.

We never advise ordering any kind of documents or top tutoring sites with lessons from non-native experts unless such is required. Language proficiency is a fundamental criterion, but not the only one.

Therefore, we also pay attention to the following characteristics:

1 The level of education

a writer/tutor, should have at least a bachelor and ideally a Master or Ph.D. degree

2 Professional experience

the number of projects completed, students taught (if we are talking about tutoring), and years of experience

3 Quality of the written document

our team carefully checks each text for grammatical, stylistic, punctuation mistakes, validity, clearness of content, uniqueness, and compliance with the given requirements

4 Deadline

the file should be submitted no later than the specified day and time

5 Customer service quality

we also test the work of support staff and communication with a writer or tutor

6 Payment options

it is important that the service provides several payment methods that are all convenient and safe for the customer

7 Website/App Usability

the interface should be user-friendly, convenient, and just neat

Other small details

in addition to these sections, there are many other small details that our team takes into account, we always try to focus on multiple characteristics to make our reviews as detailed and useful as possible

Reviews of Customers on EduReviewer

We provide a possibility to share the experience of using such writing and education services.

At the bottom of each review, you can find a place to write your own comments to let everyone know what your thoughts about the website are.

More than 2,500 users commented and left their feedback and thoughts

What’s Our Interest In This?

Guided by our mission to help others find the best service online and answer all their questions about a particular service, we at EduReviewer may charge a commission from a reviewed company. You can find more information about how we work by following this link. As experts and reviewers in various fields, we recommend some services only if we are sure in their:

  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Trustfulness

We base our reviews on the criteria which are always mentioned in each review (which were also above-mentioned). We scrutinize all the results we receive from companies we review, but expert reviewers like Alina have the final word.

Naturally, not all of our reviews are positive. Our team also comes across many services of a poor-quality.

However, even if the company is not good enough to provide the best services, we also create a very detailed critique and suggestions on how to improve and what should be changed. This way, we help people avoid low-scale companies and also help these companies improve their quality.

Help others

find the best writing and education services to answer all their questions

We may receive a compensation

from the reviewed company

Help companies be better

by creating a very detailed critique and suggestions on how to improve and what should be changed

Who Are We Doing This For

Core audience

First of all, we make our best writing services reviews for:

  • bloggers
  • entrants
  • people who are trying to build their careers
Target audience

Our target audience also includes:

  • those who need help with the resume, CV, or business plan
  • people looking for the best tutoring or online test prep course
Those who also can benefit

We have recently started reviewing business plan writing services for:

  • people trying to start their own business

So, anyone can check our reviews to find a trustworthy company! Your feedback and comments are our best reward for the work we’re doing!

Want to Collaborate With Us?

Our task is to be an honest but strict and fair judge, and we have wildly succeeded in this!

EduReviewer has already helped thousands of job-seekers and students find what they were looking for, and you can join them right now! Please read our reviews and trust our expert opinion to avoid scams and choose only the best online services that will never let you down!

Finally, if you have any interesting ideas or suggestions for improvement, or if you are a possible partner, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts.

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