Review: Does It Worth It? Review: Does It Worth It?

By Jennifer Broflowski, Updated April 25, 2024


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About FindMyProfession
Lowest price$395
Charged one-time
Minimum deadline48 hours
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Your resume and cover letter will be written by a professional resume writer.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Get at least one job interview invitation after you have your CV updated.
  • Save time and stress filling out many job applications and writing resumes with cover letters.
  • 60-Day Interview Guarantee on all resume services.
  • Open up doors for your professional growth.
  • Do not expect FindMyProfession cost to be low.
  • No control over the situation and admitting you need help.
  • You will also be required to give some personal information to the company you collaborate with.
  • No guarantees that you will get hired.


  • Your order is guaranteed to be delivered on time.
  • The service guarantees that you will get at least one job interview invitation after you have your CV updated.
  • Using job-search outsourcing services, you will probably save time and stress filling out many job applications, customizing resumes, writing cover letters, etc.
  • Using the services of the FindMyProfession team, you will decrease the overall duration of your job search process as they have a 60-Day Interview Guarantee on all resume services.
  • Outsourcing your job search can open up doors for your professional growth that you never knew existed.
  • The founder's personal story of starting the company and recognizing the need for this type of service gives me confidence in the company's mission

Value for Money

  • The final cost will vary from person to person depending on your profession and expected future earnings.
  • On average, though, you should not expect to pay less than $1,000 and, in most cases, be prepared to pay several times more.


  • It’s not always easy to ask for help on a sort of private issue, so if you are a DIYer who has time to write a resume, search for a new job, and still be successful in the current place of work — FindMyProfession might not be the best fit for you.
  • To work and fill out applications for you, the company will probably need all of your basic information, including address, phone number, date of birth, and other pieces of potentially private information.
  • Overall, the service guarantees a 60-day interview which seems like a good commitment, and the company receives positive reviews.

Find My Profession Overview

First, before you read a review, you can view the small overview on Youtube:

It doesn’t matter where you are at in your professional career, and you can always outsource your job search without adding extra complicated tasks to your busy routine. But every service expects to be paid for, so you should get prepared for investing some time to find the company that would fit your needs best.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hardest part for you and studied many reviews on Find My Profession, one of the most used job-outsource companies today. Is it one of the best resume writing services? Keep reading our FindMyProfession review and find out the key moments you should know about the company’s services, its pricing and payments’ policy, quality, web usability, and overall pros and cons of using the services of the discussed company.

Check our Monster resume writing reviews before picking any service. Yet, how reliable are they? Is it legal to use them, and do they help get things done affordably?

FindMyProfession Story

FindMyProfession professional service

The FindMyProfession creation story dates back to late 2015 (yes, the enterprise is quite new to the market as the job-outsource industry overall). Mike Podesto, a founder of the enterprise, came up with the idea of FindMyProfession when he understood it was time for a change in his career path.

Maybe it sounds similar to you: you need to work according to a sixty-hour worksheet, and you not only lack time for job searching but also have minimal experience in this field of the job market. Furthermore, there were no companies on the market that he could outsource this vital task.

Today, the situation is completely different – there are too many resume-writing and job-searching companies to be sure about your choice. Well, at least without doing any research before placing your order. We did our research analyzing all the reviews and laid it all down here.

FindMyProfession reserve recruiters

Services of Find My Profession

Despite basic resume writing assistance, there are several other types of job-search related services you need to consider if choosing among their competitors. So, if you choose between FindMyProfession vs Great Resumes Fast, you should definitely choose the first option. These types of services include cover letter writing service, LinkedIn profile makeover, and career coaching. Below, we have reviewed each of them in detail.

  • Career Coaching

Professionally managed job search is actually what makes this service outstand from the others. If you order a career coaching package, you will be learning the tips and tricks of an effective job search that can help you secure a job now and in your future. The career coaching service will teach you about career discovery, how to find the best jobs for you, how to network for jobs, as well as vital interview skills.

  • Resume Writing

A well-written resume is something that every job seeker needs and what every job-outsource agency is concerned with. Whether you use one that performs well or not is up to you, but FindMyProfession reviews confirm that the 60-day interview guarantee works.

FindMyProfession main offerings

  • Cover Letter Service

Don’t worry, and you’re not the one who hates writing cover letters, but, unfortunately, they are almost always required to submit your application. As the practice shows, a professional cover letter could make the difference that arrives in your next interview either it does not. And during this Find My Profession review, we found that they are great at cover letter writing.

  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover

If you are still don’t use LinkedIn for your job search, you should start it immediately. A great LinkedIn profile brings you more and more recruiters, getting them excited to learn more about you. At the same time, the basic LinkedIn profile has an absolute reverse effect. So if you are currently using LinkedIn, invest some of your time and capacities to boost your professional presence online.

  • Career Finder

We found that this service is unique during our Find My Profession reviews and what actually makes FindMyProfession stand out from the other resume writing services. When ordering the Career Finder package, a job search manager will be assigned to you. This manager will take care of all the actions necessary to get that dream job of yours, find relevant jobs, apply to the jobs the client approves, networks for the client, fill out job applications, make them look as recruiters expect and prepare the client for interviews.

FindMyProfession info

Find My Profession Cost

While working with recruiting service companies, their recruiters’ or headhunters’ services are completely free. Nonetheless, if you want to hire a certain professional on your behalf, then you will need to pay their fee when they find you a job. So, how much does FindMyProfession cost?

FindMyProfession’s services are separated into several packages with clearly defined lists of services they include. Depending on the type of package you choose, the FindMyProfession cost varies from $395 for a basic resume package and up to $1295 for a VIP Gold Package plus $149 if you need a rushed delivery for your order.

FindMyProfession categories

Additional services like Career Finder will cost you $2500 per month. While the Career Coaching will be somewhere around $175-$199 for an hour.

But for an affordable resume, you can try ResumeZest. This is a great resume writing service that will write your resume for cheap.

Former customers in their Find My Profession resume reviews say that the prices should be a little lower. What do you think? Do not forget that you can leave your FindMyProfession cost reviews below!

Payment at Find My Profession

FindMyProfession cost reviews and the official site information state that some of the FindMyProfession services are one-time investments paid upfront. Some are paid on a month-to-month basis. You can use any debit/credit card to complete the payment.

FindMyProfession companies

Quality of Find My Profession Services

We’ve decided to base our service evaluation on average ratings found on the most popular customer forums like Quora, Sitejabber, Glassdoor, Trustpilot, etc.

According to customers’ feedback to FindMyProfession services, the average rate of the company is rare to be lower than 4.7 out of 5. In most cases, though, the rating equals the 4.8-4.9 mark. It doesn’t sound so bad, huh?

FindMyProfession trustpilot

Customer Service at Find My Profession

If you have decided to co-work with FindMyProfession, here’s what customer services you can expect from their Career Finder service:

  • Marketing materials

After you submit your entry and have a telephone conversation with somebody from their team, they start working on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter.

  • Job Searching

Once the company has got your marketing materials ready, they will start searching and elevating jobs that meet your criteria. You’ll have the vacancy on your list only if you approve it.

FindMyProfession expert

  • Applications

If you have approved the job, your assistant will fill out the application for you using the ATS compatible resume form.

  • Networking

FindMyProfession also takes responsibility for finding and contacting key individuals on your behalf to have your interviews arranged for you.

  • Interview Prep

After you get an interview appointment, you need to get ready for it. You can use a phone, email, or chat to get your one-by-one interview coaching.

FindMyProfession reviews Website Usability

Website usability testing includes the analysis of a lot of different factors. We have selected the most important ones and applied each of them to the interface. Here are the results we’ve come up with:

  1. Page’s loading speed: fast both on PC and mobile versions;
  2. Convenience and “stability” of the site structure: the site is logically structured and remains unchangeable whether you view it from the desktop or your mobile;
  3. The general quality of design overall and the website’s elements, in particular, is high;
  4. There are no “broken” links while the site’s layout is designed to be as easy as possible to use;
  5. According to FindMyProfession reviews, there have not been noticed any user-distracting elements;
  6. Users can quickly find the service they have been looking for, so the convenience of searching on the site can be another advantage.

FindMyProfession meet our team

If you are looking for an affordable alternative, check Resume io reviews on our website. This is resume building software, which will not cost you much but will require more of your time.

Unlike your expectations, outsourcing your job search is not always a good idea. It depends on a couple of variables. Below, we have broken down the pros and cons of an outsourced resume-writing and job search completed by FindMyProfession.

  • Your resume and cover letter will be written by a professional resume writer.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Get at least one job interview invitation after you have your CV updated.
  • Save time and stress filling out many job applications and writing resumes with cover letters.
  • 60-Day Interview Guarantee on all resume services.
  • Open up doors for your professional growth.
  • Do not expect FindMyProfession cost to be low.
  • No control over the situation and admitting you need help.
  • You will also be required to give some personal information to the company you collaborate with.
  • No guarantees that you will get hired.

FindMyProfession Alternatives

$279 Lowest price 48 hours Minimum deadline Read Review
$97 Lowest price Read Review
$149 Lowest price Read Review

FindMyProfession Reviews 13

  1. Charlotte says:

    Their federal resume writing services are top-notch. I had called 10 different companies and Bruce H is by far the most knowledgeable person I have spoken with when it comes to federal resumes. I highly recommend this service for anyone looking for GS-15 or SES positions on USAJobs.

  2. Anthony says:

    If you want amazing career advice, an elite executive or federal resume, and the best career coaching services in the country, Find My Profession is the way to go!

  3. Mike says:

    Find My Profession is a great company who does great work on resume writing and LinkedIn writing. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new career.

  4. Molly says:

    I am pleasantly impressed by the communication with my writer. He was very nice, asked the right questions and understood me even when I didn’t know how to explain what I want. Thank you for your professionalism!

  5. Tara says:

    Sometimes it is difficult to determine what information to enter in your professional pages and resumes. What experience and skills are important for employers. But thanks to this service, these questions quickly disappear, because the professionals who work here create a resume quickly and efficiently.

  6. Kevin A. says:

    Cool service. The variety of offered FindMyProfession packages will help you to better understand what exactly you need. And then it’s up to the writers of this site to create your perfect resume.

  7. Mike says:

    FindMyProfession created a cover letter for me and I had a call from the place I wanted to work on the very next day! This is a professional service. Thanks to them, I received not only a beautifully designed resume but also a well-written one. You guys are amazing! Thank you.

  8. Jay H. says:

    It has always been difficult for me to write documentation, whatever it may be. This is not for everyone. Therefore, it is excellent that services such as FindMyProfession exist. They do the job quickly, efficiently and not expensive.

  9. Morgan says:

    I never thought that I would seek help in creating a LinkedIn account. But here I am because I couldn’t cope with this task. But thanks to FindMyProfession, my account looks great, professional, and many recruiters have already written their proposals to me. Thanks!

  10. Camila says:

    As soon as you have a problem creating resumes or profile pages, contact this career coaching service. They will not only create the perfect resume for you but also help you prepare for your interview. This is even more than I could expect from services like this!

  11. Kimberly says:

    This was the 1st time I’ve ever used a resume writing service. I don’t have much of an experience, but they included all the information I wanted to be added in such a cool way that I definitely could not have done a better job with my resume. To be honest I did not expect such a good result. I would highly recommend them to all my friends who look for a job and need they resume written. 5 starts from me.

  12. Milton says:

    I needed help writing an executive level resume , so I purchased their Executive VIP Gold Package. They made this process super easy. A professional writer took my experience and laid it down in a document perfectly. This writer I was paired with was prompt and friendly. I would highly recommend FindMyProfession!

  13. J. P. says:

    The FindMyProfession were quick to respond to all my communications. They are genuine and their resume writers craft only professional resumes . The final product I received was a perfect document that clearly describes all my experiences and skills. Found a job in a month. I can’t recommend them enough.

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