How We Work

At one point or another, customers may need educational services to help with their coursework. Whether one is pressed for time, needs help with their essay, or is in dire need of extra tutoring, seeking help from an educational service can benefit many individuals.

While going through the several services available on the internet, it is best to read up on reviews first. Several educational sites position themselves as a legit service but are fraudulent sites.

With the multitude of services available at one's fingertips, it can be challenging to settle on the best website for you to order your deliverables from. EduReviewer provides the most comprehensive reviews on various education websites after careful analysis of genuine customer reviews worldwide.

How Do We Choose?

Whether you need a service to get your school assignment from or need one to curate your resume for you, reading through EduReviewer reviews can help you save time. If you want, you can learn more about us. We provide a thorough analysis of various services such as paper writing, resume writing, tutoring, test preparation courses, business plan writing, online courses, plagiarism/grammar checker softer, and college consulting.

When customers require any such services, they could benefit by reading our reviews first to check whether the service fits them. We cover all the critical aspects of a good service provider that you would consider before settling on a vendor, such as prices, services provided, customer service, quality of deliverables, and guarantees.

Our Review Criteria

At EduReviewer, we are committed to providing the most analytical reviews on various educational services currently available, including essay writing, tutoring, grammar checker, online courses, etc. We are dedicated to giving our honest and unbiased reviews of the top educational sites such that you don't have to worry about spending your time and resources on those that provide low-quality services. We perform a comprehensive search of the service to check on customer reviews.

We also take time to read the reviews left by former customers at other popular platforms such as Trustpilot, BBB, Sitejabber, Google My Business, and Yelp, to mention a few.

Besides reading through every customer comment on their services, we also perform our test to check whether the sites live up to our expectations. Here is a thorough guide on how we conduct our research.

1. How we find services:

We scour through the internet to find some of the best services that offer writing, tutoring, language learning, test preparation courses, business, other practical courses, etc. They may have been in operation for some time or a thoroughly new service. After we decide on which website to check, we read the reviews left by former customers first.

2. Place an order:

After we are convinced that the site is legit, we place an order with the company to test the quality. Our deliverables may differ on the types of services that the company offers.

For instance, we may ask for a new resume to be written in a resume writing company. For an assignment writing company, we request a custom-written essay to be delivered within the deadline. Our top writer Alina now speaks several languages, thanks to her thorough analysis of some of the leading language learning services out there.

3.Communicate with support team:

Some sites claim to provide 24/7 customer support but often fail to act on their words. To check whether it is true, we talk to the customer support and check the support staff's aptness.

4. Review result:

Upon receiving the deliverable, we go through it to check the standards with which it has been fulfilled. We respect deadlines and make sure to check if it was delivered as promised. We also check whether the sites offer free revisions and even rewrites as they initially claimed. Our team member Jennifer, an expert in educational courses, enrolls in several test prep courses and online courses herself to check how good they are.

5. Write a final review:

When the rewrites or revisions are completed, we review the text again and see if it matches our expectations. Our team has high standards, and each service is expected to live up to our expectations. Failure to do so will result in a negative review. Upon getting handed over the final draft of the text, we check for spelling and grammatical errors. We also check for plagiarism to see if anything is highlighted on our paid plagiarism tester.

6. Conclusion (Recommend or NOT)

Our readers get a comprehensive overview of our experience working with our chosen service. We analyze the support staff's mannerisms, the prices and whether or not the service is worth it, the quality of the deliverable, the legitimacy of the courses, plagiarism, and grammatical anomalies, if any. Customers can rest assured that our reviews are unbiased and wholly based on our own experience. As part of our service, we let them know whether or not we recommend the service to our customers.

How We Make Money

Every business requires funds to help them operate. At EduReviewer, we may receive a small compensation from our trusted partners. We feature such partners on our pages and spotlight their services for our readers to find easily. When visitors click on the featured sites on our pages, we may receive a small revenue. We do our best to remain transparent as possible when it comes to our editorial content.

However, we assure you that the revenue we generate from these partners does not, in any way, affect our reviews of such educational services. The opinions that we present on our site are honest and completely unbiased. Our thoughts are not based on any financial relationship and will remain to do so. Our review site's content is based on our own experiences working close to the educational sites and the comments left by former customers on their businesses.

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And if you are interested in working with us, please check our terms and conditions first.