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Best AI Essay Writers Assisting Students

When choosing an online AI essay writing tool, it's essential to gather comprehensive information about the service's quality. This detailed guide and reviews of AI essay writers can help you assess the quality and make an informed decision for the best results.

Top 1
Editor choice Customer choice Recommended
$9.95 Price starts from

Perfect service with really high-quality tools! Thank you a lot for this excellent software! I love it!

Top 2
Customer choice Recommended
$7.99 Price starts from

My AI writer was very useful, easy-to-use, and customizable. The prices are affordable and reasonable.

Top 3
Editor choice Recommended
$16 Price starts from

I can only recommend service! Writing is impeccable, well-structured, and well researched.

$29 Price starts from
Customer choice
$9 Price starts from
$7.50 Price starts from

How We Test Writers

In selecting the ideal AI essay writing tool, students should consider factors such as pricing, ease of use, performance accuracy, and the tool's ability to maintain the security and privacy of their work.


After thorough research, the initial step is to choose reliable AI Tools and subscribe.


We consider the AI writers’ quality, responses, style, format, tone, and cost.


We test by making our own tests when using AI tools for content needs.


We review AI writing software and provide detailed guides on our blog.

Best AI for Writing Essays

In the fast-paced world of academia, college students are constantly looking for tools that can streamline their writing process, enhance the quality of their essays, and ultimately help them achieve better grades with less stress. AI essay writing tools have revolutionized how students approach their assignments, offering a blend of innovation, efficiency, and support that was previously unimaginable.

This article delves into this year’s best AI essay writing tools for students, specifically tailored for college students. Each tool has been meticulously selected based on its ability to assist with the unique challenges of academic writing, from conducting thorough research to ensuring the originality and readability of written content.

Whether you’re tackling an essay, a research paper, or any other form of academic writing, these AI tools provide a comprehensive solution designed to empower students to excel in their academic endeavors with confidence and creativity. Join us as we explore, highlighting how these tools can quickly transform your writing process and help you navigate the demands of college writing with the capabilities, key features, and ideal use cases for:

  1. Writesonic,
  2. Rytr,
  3. and,

Writesonic: A Premier AI Essay Writer for College Students

writesonic tools

Writesonic is a dynamic AI essay writing tool tailor-made for college students facing the intricate demands of academic writing. With advanced AI at its core, Writesonic simplifies the creation process, from essays to detailed research papers, allowing students to enhance their ideas and produce superior content. The interface is designed for ease of use, promoting an efficient pathway to generating high-quality academic works.

Key Features:

Ideal For: College students in search of an AI essay writer who offers a broad spectrum of capabilities, enabling them to approach their writing tasks with confidence and innovation.

Pricing and Subscription Plans: Writesonic offers a tiered pricing structure, starting with a free version for essential use and premium plans that unlock advanced features and more significant writing limits, catering to more intensive academic needs.

writesonic pricing

Ease of Use and Interface: The platform is celebrated for its intuitive design, making navigation and operation straightforward for students at all tech-savviness levels.

Security and Privacy: Writesonic ensures the highest level of user data protection and content privacy, giving students peace of mind about the confidentiality of their essays and research papers.

Rytr: An Affordable AI Essay Writing Assistant for Students

Rytr is an essential resource for college students, especially those mindful of budget constraints. This AI essay writing assistant is adept at producing content quickly, covering everything from initial essay outlines to complete drafts. Rytr’s design focuses on simplicity and customization, giving students the tools to elevate their academic papers effortlessly. Despite its affordability, Rytr does not compromise on quality, offering various styles and tones to meet academic standards.

Key Features:

Ideal For: For students who require an effective yet affordable AI essay writing tool, Rytr presents a solution that aligns with their academic and financial needs.

Performance and Accuracy: Rytr is renowned for its high accuracy in grammar corrections and plagiarism detection, making it a reliable assistant for crafting error-free and original academic content.

Customer Support and Service: Rytr’s commitment to user satisfaction is evident through its robust support system, which includes live chat, email support, and a comprehensive resource library for users. The Ultimate AI Essay Writing Tool for Research-Intensive Projects ai writer is distinguished by its focus on research and content optimization, making it an indispensable tool for college students engaged in extensive research projects. aids in the organization of research, the generation of content outlines, and the identification of authoritative sources, streamlining the process of composing research papers. The tool’s AI-driven capabilities ensure that academic writings are relevant and engaging, making it an ideal choice for students working on theses and term papers.

Key Features:

Ideal For: College students undertaking research-intensive writing tasks will find a powerful ally, equipped with features that facilitate the creation of optimized and well-researched academic documents.

Integration Capabilities: stands out with its ability to integrate seamlessly with numerous research databases and educational management systems, significantly enhancing research efficiency for academic writing.

Real User Reviews and Testimonials: User testimonials highlight’s effectiveness in streamlining the research process and producing engaging and well-researched academic documents.

Overall Comparison: Analysis of AI Essay Tools

Feature Writesonic Rytr
Ease of Use Highly intuitive and suitable for beginners. Simple and accessible interface. User-friendly design for efficient navigation.
Text Quality Produces engaging, well-written essays. Requires specific input for best results; quality varies. High-quality content with a focus on academic rigor.
Speed Fast generation for meeting tight deadlines. Quick content creation is ideal for last-minute needs. Efficient content creation tailored for essay writing.
Languages Supports over 25 languages for diverse assignments Available in 29 languages, enhancing accessibility. Language support is not specified; a focus on English is likely.
Pricing Starts at an affordable monthly rate. Offers competitive, budget-friendly plans. Premium pricing reflects specialized features for essay writing.
Reviews Mixed, some issues with customer service noted. Generally positive with emphasis on value. Reviews vary, with strengths noted in content depth and quality.

Comparing Writesonic, Rytr, and side by side reveals distinct strengths: Writesonic for its comprehensive writing templates, Rytr for affordability and quick content generation, and for its unparalleled research capabilities.

Recommendations Based on the Use Case is highly recommended for extensive research papers for its deep research integration. Writesonic shines in drafting essays and diverse academic content quickly, while Rytr is the go-to for budget-conscious students needing fast, reliable writing assistance.

How We Form the Writing Services Ratings

We create our ratings based on three primary criteria: Quality, Value for Money, and Feedback provided by past users.


It is important to check the quality of online writing services because it can affect the outcome of your project or assignment. Poorly written content can damage your reputation or cause you to lose valuable marks. Checking the quality of online writing services can help you avoid these issues and ensure that you receive high-quality, professional content that meets your needs.

Value for Money

The cost-effectiveness of online writing services depends on the task's quality and requirements. Some services may provide excellent work at a fair price, while others may charge more for inferior work. Therefore, it's essential to research and compare various services to find a suitable one. It's vital to keep in mind that higher rates don't necessarily equate to superior quality.


Before hiring an online writing service, evaluating feedback is crucial. It offers insights into their work quality, service reliability, and client satisfaction. You can learn about their strengths, weaknesses, handling of complaints, and revisions by reading reviews. This helps make an informed decision about using their services and avoids wasting time and money on unreliable writing services.

Find out all you need to know

Get a list of the best-rated online writing services to choose from. Click the button below to go to the page with the list of reputable and genuine writing companies.

Best Custom Writing Services With NO AI

From our list of best AI tools for students, it is understandale that they are even close by quality to essay writing services. When it comes to essay writers, we think EduBirdie, PapersOwl, and EssayPro are the best. We love their transparency and dedication to helping as many students as possible. The transparency is that their pool of writers consists of both ESL and ENL. We were also impressed by their pricing methods. Despite being a bidding platform with no fixed prices, the provider allows clients to get discounts for their orders when they order a specific number of pages.

Here is a list of our top 5 essay writing services:

  1. EduBirdie;
  2. EssayPro;
  3. PapersOwl;
  4. Edusson;
  5. CustomWriting.

The company also offers a reasonable period for claiming guarantees, which we found amazing. If we were to go by features and services provided by these companies, EssayPro, EduBirdie, and PapersOwl would be our first options.

If you juggle work and school, you understand how challenging it can be to find a balance. Work can be demanding, leaving little time to focus on schoolwork. Many academic services help busy students like you with their schoolwork to ensure you continue your studies while earning.

These services are also meant for students who do not like doing some parts of their schoolwork. Of course, you must put in some effort as a student since these providers cannot do 100% of your coursework. These are some of the top essay-writing services:


EduBirdie write my paper

It is an established service provider whose reputation has been great throughout its many years of service. EduBirdie is loved by clients for its fair pricing. Here, services are provided from $13.99 per page. Writers bid on your order and, depending on their experience and success rate, and some can charge higher per page than the minimum rate. It means you have an option to work on a low budget or be charged extremely high if you want to be sure of getting superior papers.



  1. Top-tier writers charge extremely expensive;
  2. It is challenging to get your refund;
  3. Writers use fake profiles.


As one of the best essay writing services, EduBirdie does not compromise its services for anything. Starting from the service team to the writers, clients are handled professionally and with a lot of respect. Services provided by this provider include essay editing, dissertation, and research paper editing. If you are looking for writing services, the company offer custom services for essay writing, research papers, dissertation, coursework, term papers, and more. An inquiry can help you understand their services.


According to EduBirdie, a top essay writing service provider, the company only employs 7.8% of the applicants. It means a thorough onboarding process is used to determine who can offer services on the platform. Most writers on the platform hold a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. Basically, you can find writers for different topics on EduBirdie, making it a one-stop writing service.

EduBirdie writers


The quality of the services vary, depending on the tier the writer is on. But, you can be sure to get decent papers regardless of the writer’s tier since they are professionals who know what is expected in academia. Writers are categorized as standard, premium, or platinum. Platinum writers offer the highest quality while those at the standard level offer decent quality. The higher the quality, the more you have to dig in your pockets. Depending on what you want to score and your budget, you can choose your writer accordingly.

Mobile App

You can order from this top essay writing service even when you are not on a desktop. EduBirdie has an iOS mobile App. It means you place your order at your convenience and have a writer start working on it soon so that you do not miss the submission deadline.

EduBirdie whats included

Website Usability

EduBirdie has kept its website easy to use and navigate when compared to other top-rated essay writing services. Clients with basic technical skills can navigate the website easily and place their orders without seeking extra help. Its pages are neat, and the loading speed is commendable.

Customer Service/Support

You can reach the company 24/7 for all inquiries. There is a live chat that makes it easier to get instant feedback. The team is super responsive and helpful.


Since the company onboards the world’s best essay writers, it is confident of its services. It ensures you are happy with its services by providing a satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee includes unlimited revision offers, and you don’t pay if you don’t like the paper delivered.

EduBirdie comments of customers

Scam or Legit?

EduBirdie is a legit writing company. These top essay writing reviews are available from Sitejabber and Trustpilot. Students have left great reviews about the services they received from the company, although a few have been dissatisfied.


PapersOwl essay on time

PapersOwl has set their services from their top essay writers from $13.99. The price, however, varies depending on the nature of your order. Those demanding complex skills can be more expensive than the standard rate. Also, the support team can help you in customizing your order so you can pay less.

The service provider has 3 packages: All writers, premium, and platinum. For the premium package, you are charged 10% more and 20% more on the platinum package. Unfortunately, no discount is given even to the new clients.



  1. The refund policy is ambiguous;
  2. No mobile app.


PapersOwl plagiarism ckecker

As one of the best essay writing services in the US, PapersOwl has experienced and professional writers. They range from beginners to expert writers. Those at the premium tier have at least a bachelor’s degree, while those at the platinum tier are the most experienced with a Master’s or Ph.D. They bid on your order, and you can choose from those interested in working on your order.


PapersOwl delivers quality papers to its clients. Based on reviews from Trustpilot and Sitejabber, most previous clients seem satisfied with what they got. There are a few complaints from frustrated clients, but those are not enough to disregard the quality of papers delivered.

PapersOwl how to place an order

Mobile App

Unfortunately, the service company does not have a mobile app at the moment. Instead, clients have to use browsers to make their orders.

Website Usability

From the top essay writing services reviews, customers seem to be happy about the provider’s website usability. It is easy to use, and its selection of colors is brilliant. Users have to be keen when navigating this site because some features are pinned with small fonts.

Customer Service/Support

The support team can be reached through a live chat 24/7. An email and a phone number are also available if you do not prefer live chatting. The team is helpful and proactive in helping clients when they reach out.

PapersOwl top writers


PapersOwl guarantees plagiarism-free papers to all its clients. The provider also guarantees timely delivery on all orders.

Scam or Legit?

As one of the best online essay writing service providers, PapersOwl is a legit company. Its existence in the market for 4+ years and consistency in delivering quality services cannot be overlooked. There have been few complaints about the service, which the company has been fast to correct.


EssayPro writing service

As one of the top essay writing companies, EssayPro has one of the most affordable pricing plans. There are no tiers, but services are categorized according to the type of paper. They range from school to doctorate. The cheapest you can pay for a single double-spaced paper is $11.7, which is the price for a school paper.

Clients can enjoy a 5-30% discount, depending on the number of pages ordered. However, this discount is applicable for 2 pages and more.



  1. Some ESL writers may not meet your quality standards.
  2. There are some mixed EssayPro reviews online.


There are so many services you can get from EssayPro. The company has dissertation, custom essays, term papers, research papers, coursework, admission essays, essay writing, and editing services. It means you can never lack service to ensure your academic work is successful.


EssayPro provides some of the best essay writers online. Although they are not categorized in tiers, they are professional and delivers great papers. You can choose to have your paper written by an ESL or ENL writer, but there is no much difference than perhaps the pricing, which is a bit higher for the ENL writer.

The best criteria to choose a writer on this platform is by checking their overall rating after submitting their bids on your order. Your budget should also guide you.

EssayPro latest review


Like we have mentioned, writers at EssayPro are not categorized. Most writers are decent, even though the platform has a majority of ESL writers. You can rely on their quality since most previous clients leave satisfactory reviews of the papers they received.

Mobile App

Clients can enjoy placing their orders at the convenience of using a mobile gadget. Essay pro has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices where customers can also follow their orders’ progress.

Website Usability

EssayPro is a top-rated essay writing service provider that has been offering its services with the customer in their mind. To ensure customers have the best experience on their website, the service provider has made several changes to their website interface. It is straightforward, utilizes a minimalistic design, and has an incredible color selection.

EssayPro paper writing service

Customer Service/Support

The support team can be reached via phone or email and is available 24/7. If you want a fast reply, consider using phone contact to inquire. Email can take a few minutes or hours before getting a response. Like other top 5 essay writing services on this list, EssayPro has a live chat where you can engage with the support team.


EssayPro guarantees its customers of plagiarism and error-free papers. They ensure this by assigning your paper to top essay writers in case you are not happy with the first delivery to check for errors. Revisions are unlimited for the first 30 days, and if you are totally unhappy with the work, there is a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days after delivery.

EssayPro prices

Scam or Legit?

There are thousands of customers that have previously used EssayPro services. This demand tells us that the company is legit.


Edusson we help you

The best essay writing company you will be happy you choose to help you with your academic work. It has fair pricing, starting from approximately $15 per page. Because it is a bidding account, there is no fixed amount that writers use since they charge according to their experience.

There are three packages for the pricing: All writers, Premium, and Platinum. All writers tier has the cheapest rates while Platinum tier is the most expensive with a 20% fee more.



  1. The company does not supervise the quality of papers submitted.


Edusson has an extensive service catalog for its clients. Whichever level you are at your studies, starting from high school, you can get writing and editing services from Edusson. Some of the services you can get are essay, thesis, research paper, literature review, article writing, dissertation, speech coursework, lab report, movie review, capstone writing, and others.


Edusson has top essay writers and boosts of quality services provided by its team to the clients. They are thoroughly vetted to ensure they can serve customers according to the company’s standards.

Edusson top writers


The top-rated essay writing service has mixed reactions for its quality. Generally, the quality of papers delivered is great. There have been complaints of some clients getting substandard quality with quality that does not match that of ENL despite the writer’s profile indicating they are natives.

Mobile App

Clients can enjoy the convenience of ordering their papers with their mobile devices. There is an Edusson App that is compatible with Android devices, which makes the process quick and easy.

Website Usability

Edusson has an easy-to-use website. It is not bulky, and you can easily navigate the features. The theme color is great and appealing too.

Edusson information

Customer Service/Support

Customer support at Edusson can be reached. There is a live chat for making quick inquiries, and the team is always online to help you. Other methods are email and phone to ensure you have a way of reaching the company.


Edusson has a money-back guarantee to customers that are not satisfied with the work delivered. The company requires customers to have proof to show the quality of the paper provided is not good. Unhappy customers have three days to claim this guarantee from the day the paper was delivered.

The company also provides free revisions for papers that do not meet a customer’s expectations. Customers also have 3 days to issue the complaint about the revision to be issued.

Edusson 4 steps

Scam or Legit?

As one of the top essay writing companies, Edusson is a legit service provider.



CustomWriting offers the best online essay-writing services to its clients at fixed prices. The cost of each paper is determined by your level of education and the deadline for your paper. The shorter the deadline, the higher the cost.

Services are priced according to these academic levels: high school, undergraduate (1 &2), undergraduate (3&4), Master’s, and Doctoral. Papers costs between $10 and $72 per page. The minimum turnaround is 4 hours.



  1. Mixed paper quality;
  2. Extra features have a lot of additional costs.


CustomWriting has the best essay writer service covering different academic works. Some of the top 10 essay writing services customers can buy here include admission writing, essay, thesis, dissertations, reports, speeches, coursework, case studies, lab reports, presentations, report writing, and many more.



Writers from CustomWriting come from 20+ countries. This is probably one of the most honest writing companies, unlike others that claim they only hire native English writers that do not match the description.

The company has the world’s best essay writers because it embraces diversity. All writers are tested and mentored upon getting hired to ensure all papers meet or exceed customer expectations.

Custom writing


The quality of papers delivered by this company is okay. Many students that have used the service are happy with the work. There are a few complaints where customers had terribly written papers, which could result from miscommunication. The company is swift to act on such complaints to ensure everyone gets value for their trust in the company and money.

Mobile App

CustomWriting has made buying papers easy by having a mobile app that is compatible with iOS devices. It is reliable and efficient.

Website Usability

how customwriting works

Having some of the top essay writing services reviews, CustomWriting ensures the good comments keep coming. It has designed a user-friendly website that can accommodate all users and encourage them to buy a service.

Customer Service/Support

The best online essay writing services online reviews given by customers for this company can somehow be attributed to its support team. There are many alternatives for reaching the team, such as live chat, Facebook messenger, email, and phone. It means you can always have someone to talk to, and this service is offered 24/7.


The company has a revision policy where customers get unlimited revisions. These are made after raising a complaint within 7 days after receiving your order. Past this time, you have to pay for the revision.

You can also enjoy a money-back guarantee for extremely poor papers within 7 days of raising a complaint after getting your order.


Scam or Legit?

This top essay writing service provider is a legit company. Students with busy schedules can consider using its services without worrying too much.

How to Check a Company

Selecting the appropriate writing service is a crucial choice when seeking a writer. Here are a few suggestions to assist you in finding the most suitable writing company for your requirements:


Do Your Research

Before hiring an online writing service, it's important to do some research to find out what services are available and what their reputation is. Look for reviews and ratings on independent websites or forums to get an idea of the quality of their work. Create a list of reputable and genuine writing companies to choose from.


Check their Credentials

It's essential to verify the credentials of the writing service you are considering. Check their website for information about their writers, qualifications, and experience. Also, ask for samples of their work to get an idea of their writing style and quality.


Define your Needs

Be clear about what you need from the writing service. Define the scope of the project, the deadlines, the desired quality level, and the budget. This will help you find a writing service that meets your needs.


Inquire About the Complete Process

Ask the writing service about their process for completing the project. Find out how they will communicate with you, how they will handle revisions and their turnaround time. Make sure you understand the entire process before you hire them.


Compare the Price

While price is not always an indicator of quality, it's crucial to consider the price when choosing a writing service. Ensure you get a quote in writing and understand what is included in the price. Beware of services that offer prices that are too good to be true, as they may be using inexperienced writers.


Communicate Clearly

Once you have chosen a writing service, you should communicate clearly with them about your expectations, deadlines, and any revisions that may be necessary. Make sure you stay in touch with them throughout the process to ensure that the project is progressing as planned.


If you're looking for online writing services, these tips can help you find the perfect one to suit your needs.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

On this block, we have compiled responses to the top eight most frequently asked questions we encounter online, receive directly from you, and individuals seeking guidance from content writers. We aim to provide comprehensive and reliable answers to these common queries and assist those needing advice in content writing.

What is the most trusted writing service?
Based on the writing service ratings, the list of genuine writing companies include EduBirdie, PapersOwl, EssayPro. Grammarly, Copywritely, FixGerald are some of the best trusted and efficient writing services.
Are there any reliable writing services?
There are several reliable and trustworthy online writing services by EduReviewer for your reference and ease.
How much does a writing service cost?
Online assignment or essay writing services can vary in price depending on the number of pages, the complexity of the project, and the degree of urgency. Generally, you may expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 per page for these services. Factors such as editing and formatting may also impact the cost.
How do I find the best writing service?
The best way to find the right one is to research and compare various services. Check ratings of writing services, ask for referrals from friends or colleagues, and look for any awards or certifications companies have earned to create a list of writing services you can choose from.
Are writing services legal?
Yes, writing services are legal. There are no laws prohibiting a person or company from assisting someone seeking help in completing an assignment or writing an essay. However, any service that provides pre-written work or plagiarizes the work of others is not considered legal and can be subject to penalties.
Is it safe to order content online?
It is generally safe to order content online as long as you research and ensure the service provider is reliable and trustworthy. Check customer reviews, inquire about their processes and guarantee terms, and confirm that they offer secure payments. Additionally, you can choose from a list of reputable writing companies.
Should I pay someone to write content?
Whether or not you should pay someone to write content for you depends on your needs and preferences. If you decide to hire a professional writer, check the provider's reputation and review any contracts carefully to ensure that the work is up to your standards.
What is the best editing service?
The best editing service will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some popular editing services include Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Copyediting, and Wordy. Do your research and check editing and writing services ratings before deciding.
What are the Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services?
Today, there are thousands of companies offering essay writing services. All these companies come with competitive offers, making it challenging to know which one is the best, whether it is legit or one of those that scam busy students that do not have enough time to check their backgrounds.

The best way of knowing if an essay writing company is good is by getting referrals from friends that have used their services. If you have time, you can use the long method, where you find information about a company, which can all be available online. Compile a list of these companies and narrow them to end with a list of top ten essay writing services. From this list, consider:

  • Quality of Services

Check previous customers' feedback on the quality of service received from the company. You can find such information from trustworthy third-party sites such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Reddit. Here, verified customers give unbiased reviews based on their experiences with the company.

Do not fall for reviews found on the company website alone or some other funny-looking sites. Malicious companies use fake reviews to lure unsuspecting customers and end up messing their academic work.

  • Prices

Choose a company with a reasonable pricing plan. When you search for top-rated essay writing services, you get an estimate of how much they charge. Those charging steep prices or extremely cheap should make you raise your eyebrows. Accredited companies work within the market margins.

  • Guarantees

Check if a company has customer-friendly policies. These can come in the form of bonuses i.e, buy two papers and get the third one free. Or privacy, where customers are guaranteed that their information remains confidential.

Others will offer a money-back guarantee to make their customers confident of their services. Generally, look whether the company is too focused on clients paying than having a mutual relationship. The top essay writing reviews show customers are happy when companies are keen on offering special features like guarantees.

  • Customer Support

Check the availability of the support team in your selected list. Top-quality essay writing services keep their customers engaged. Even if the phone and email contacts are not available 24/7, there should be a way customers can get help at any time in case of an emergency. A live chat is a good example, and the best essay service providers take advantage of it.

The team should also be supportive and helpful. Making an inquiry and getting a hesitant support team is a sign of substandard services in a company.
What are the Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services?
Sometimes, using essay writing services is unavoidable. It comes with its advantages and the negative side. Let us look at a few:


  • It Gives Balance to Busy Professionals

Busy professionals that study part-time can have a lot to handle within a short while. To make their lives more bearable, getting essay writing services to become a good option. They can choose a top writer from one of the best essay writing companies to handle their schoolwork when they are all caught up.

This help can help them find a balance, reducing the possibility of suffering from burnout.

  • Quality Work

Some assignments are tough to tackle on your own. You do not have to score a low grade because you are afraid of seeking help. You can get the best essay writer from a writing service provider and have your work done.

Often, these writers are experts in their fields. Because there is a private chat option, you can request them to explain the concepts used when handling your assignment. Most of them are happy to help so you can be at par with what you will be submitting to your school.

  • Affordable Services

The best essay writing service providers know they are dealing with students. They understand that their customers do not have huge budgets and offer services at affordable prices. You can have your assignment done at fairly affordable rates without compromising the quality of your paper.

  • Customer Privacy

Essay writing service providers keep their customers' data private. It means they do not share it with a third party. Clients can feel confident when buying these services. Besides not sharing their information, the best online essay writing services have encrypted their websites to enhance privacy.

  • Customers Cannot Be Blackmailed

Often, essay writing companies act as the link between the writer and the service seeker. They create a neutral ground where both parties are protected from fraud and scams. For example, some freelance writers have very bad communication skills, and it also applies to some clients. When such people meet directly, and the project kicks off, some misunderstanding may arise after the work has been delivered.

In such situations, the client will refuse to pay for the unsatisfactory work. The writer will feel offended for the time wasted working on that paper. To revenge, they resort to threatening to report the client to their institutions. Cases of blackmail are almost unheard of when using services from some of the best essay writing companies.


  • It is a Paid Service

As much as the top essay services intend to help students, they are also in business and want to make some profit. Some providers, especially those whose writers are experienced and produce high-quality papers, charge very high for their services.

  • Risk of Poor Quality and Plagiarism

Genuine essay writing companies vet their writers keenly to ensure only the best join their platform. When assigning or allowing them to bid on your order, they want you to deal with some of their best essay writers online.

Unfortunately, some writers that do not make it to the successful list can use other means to get in. It becomes unfortunate when a customer gets such a writer to handle their work. It can be plagiarized, poor quality, a lot of grammar errors, and poor formatting.
Do Essay Writing Services Really Work?
Essay writing services work. Of course, there are those scammers that have made students suffer by charging and refusing to deliver anything. Such companies have ruined the reputation of these service providers, but it does not make all of them bad.

You can get top essay writing review for any company you think of outsourcing your work to from third-party sites. These reviews are often detailed, telling you the good part and the ugly side of the essay writing company.

Another way you can know that these services actually work is the period they have been offering their services. If a company has been offering its services for 5 years consistently and has up-to-date reviews, it must be doing some great work. Such companies enjoy referral benefits and repeat customers, which help them remain afloat.
How Much Does an Essay Writing Service Cost?
There is no fixed amount for the services you get from the best essay writers from these companies. Each company charge according to the expertise of its writers and how long it has been in the market.

Another factor that contributes to price differences is the type of paper and the education level. For example, a 2-page high school essay cannot be coasted the same as a 2 page Ph.D. paper.

If you were to go with the best essay writing service in the USA, you have to be ready to spend anywhere from $10 per page for high school essays. The same price can be charged for an undergraduate 3&4 by poor-quality service providers.

A trick in getting the best service at affordable prices from top essay writing service providers is by making orders with longer deadlines. Although they promise you a 4hour turnaround, that is where you spend a lot of money. Unless you are that close to getting late to submit your work, do not fall for ordering your papers within short deadlines.
How Do I Know that a Particular Essay Writing Service is the Best?
You cannot tell an essay writing service is the best by a simple look through the website. You have to do more to come up with the best essay writing service provider. Here are a few things you can consider in a company:

Customer Support Responsiveness

The customer support gives you the first impression of the company. It is often the first place you stop for making inquiries. All top-rated essay writing service providers have a live chat feature for catering to their clients. If you notice an unbearable delay with the team, you are probably going to get disappointed in buying their services. Consider moving to the next option in your list.

Writing Styles

You definitely are not looking forward to buying all the services provided by the company. While a company may have an incredible reputation, it is not good for you if its writing styles do not match yours.

Independent Reviews

Some essay writing companies are known for making fake reviews to increase traffic to their sites. The truth is, they are not as good as they claim, and some may never post those nasty reviews from frustrated customers.

Read reviews from independent sites that are not affiliated with the essay writing company. Depending on the reviews provided, you can weigh if it's worth a trial or not.

Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that can lead to being kicked out of your course. If you are dealing with the best essay writing company, you will find a plagiarism tool that is free for use. You can run the paper delivered to you to ensure it is unique.

Alternatively, if a company does not have the tool at customers' disposal, it should provide a plagiarism-free content with the paper delivered.


A good company has nothing to dodge. They believe in their abilities and promises to their clients. The best essay writing services have reasonable guarantees that work in favor of their clients. If an essay writing company is not competent, it avoids taking responsibility, and if customers have complaints, they have to pay extra to have their problem solved. That is, it will be all about making you pay more.


A quality paper requires a lot of input. It is not about copying and pasting work from online sources and other materials. Instead, it is an analysis of a concept and coming up with critical findings and conclusions to show you have understood.

As a result, best essay writers tend to charge high for their services. If a company is charging way less than what you would expect, there is a problem somewhere. You are likely to get plagiarized or rephrased work that does not entice your professor.
What is the Best Essay Writing Service in the US?
When you want to outsource your essay, you may wonder, what is the best essay service around? Well, if you contact companies directly, each will claim to be the best as a form of marketing their services hoping to make you buy them. Here is a list of our top 5 essay writing services:

1. EduBirdie;
2. EssayPro;
3. PapersOwl;
4. Edusson;
5. CustomWriting.

These top essay writing companies have been offering their services for many years and have undergone serious upgrades to improve client experiences. They also have many and detailed reviews, with high rates of customer satisfaction. If you are stuck and have no idea where to begin, these are your best options. Other companies that make it to the top 10 essay writing services are:

6. Paperell;
7. StudyMoose;
8. SuperbPaper;
9. Paperial;
10. SpeedyPaper.
How to Find Genuine Essay Writing Service Reviews
Like we have mentioned, it is common for poor-quality service providers to generate fake reviews. They do this through affiliate sites and adding fake reviews to their websites. Well, this information can be unreliable because you cannot tell whether a customer actually wrote it.

Fortunately, sites such as Reddit, SiteJabber, and Trustpilot provide a fairground where reviews cannot be hidden. Make them your best option if you want reliable and solid information.

Other avenues can include social media handles if the company is active on any of these platforms. See what people are saying through their timeline or the reviews sections.
Main Signs of a Scam Paper Writing Service
Scammers will always want to have their hands where they have not worked. They take advantage of any business conducted online and offline and have a nice way of luring their victims. To avoid getting scammed when seeking online writing services, here are some major signs that shout scam:

Lack of a Verifiable Physical Address

If a company is conducting its business legally, it should be licensed or have some sort of registration from its respective country. Often, a physical address is one of the requirements when registering a company.

Scammers will use fake addresses from well-known cities. If you do your research, you realize there is no company under such address, and it is all made up.

Multiple Websites with Different Web Addresses

It is dangerous to submit your information to such companies because you can end up being a victim of phishing. What happens here is you notice a website decent enough and decide to work with the service provider.

When you start filling the order or inquiry form, you get redirected to another website. It is not right and you should save yourself from the incoming scam about to surprise you.

Extremely Low Prices

Even before you think about anything else, this one is already a red flag, especially on a site that claims to have native writers. For instance, if a company charges you $4 per page, it is impossible to pay top essay writers with such rates. Which experienced writer can fall to such rates and deliver great and winning papers? Don't forget, from this rate, the company also has to take its percentage, which totally does not add up.

Website Content

If you want to understand what a company offers, you visit its website. A good website means heavy investment. Its usability should be friendly and its content written in a captivating style.

For scammers, they do not have time to polish their websites. They just want something running so they can start scamming people soon. You will realize a lot of grammatical errors and poor English used. If this was a serious person in business, they could have looked for a third person to go through their website's contents before going live. A huge red flag!

Unrealistic Reviews

No business is 100% accurate. If you find an essay writing service provider with reviews that are too good, you should think again before rushing to buy their services. Imagine a site where all customers are happy and leave a 5-star rating and less than 5 unhappy customers. It's ridiculous!

Why Trust Our Reviews

We take our reviews seriously as we want students considering outsourcing their academic work to make great decisions. This best essay service review has taken deep considerations before writing it. This is how we work to come up with detailed reviews:

Real-Time Experience

Instead of solely depending on what other people say, we take the initiative to interact and buy a service from companies we think are the best essay writing service providers. We do this because some clients can be malicious for nothing, and others are never happy with any good or service they buy, leaving negative reviews everywhere.

We check how customer support handles clients, availability their efficiency, and willingness to help customers.

We also look at the quality of services provided by their writers and whether they are worth the pricing they put. How the company handles disputes is another important aspect we do not overlook.

Online Research

We cannot conclude that service is good or bad based on a few encounters with the essay writing company. We avoid bias by doing deep online research. Here, we meet people, both frustrated and super excited about choosing the provider.

We go through hundreds of experiences before we could come to a verdict. We analyze the findings and make a solid conclusion.

Online Communities

We interact with online communities that create threads to discuss the pros and cons of using some of the top-rated essay writing services. We follow closely what people say about them for some time until the thread is no longer having hot discussions.

Here, we get valuable information as clients try to educate each other on how they can maximize these services by getting them from the best provider.
Ways We Find the Best Essay Writing Services
We take our time to find the best essay writer service provider. After narrowing our list to a top ten essay writing services or top 5, we go to different sources that are independent and unbiased. Here are a few:


It is a Denmark-based company that has extended its services to over 65 countries, one of which is the USA. This platform allows customers to leave reviews of companies they have interacted with by buying their products or services.

Top rated essay writing service providers would not like to be left behind and create pages for their businesses on this platform. We are regular visitors on Trustpilot to ensure we don't miss what customers are saying.


If you want to know whether a company is good, talk to its employees. That's why we love visiting Glassdoor. Here, we find out how previous and current employees feel about working at some of the best essay writing services. Depending on their feedback, we can tell if a company deserves customers' attention.

Google My Business

Only verified businesses can get reviews from google. We feel confident getting information from google reviews. Essay writing service providers that are listed on Google are reputable.


It is a community where people ask questions and have them answered by people that are experienced in that area. If you use the right sub-reddit, you will have numerous answers flowing. We love this community because you do not get reviews affiliated with the site, and everyone talks direct from their experience.


The San Francisco-based site is designed to help customers find useful information about businesses before buying from them. It also helps businesses to build confidence in potential customers through reviews left by previous clients.

Because top-rated essay writing services cannot afford to miss having their reviews on this site, it makes it an ideal place for us to find unbiased information.
Are Essay Writing Services Legal? Is It Safe to Use Them?
This question raises a hot debt, with some people claiming that essay writing services are illegal. We would like to dismiss this claim. Ghostwriting is one of the services used even by the most reputable personalities in exchange for money.

The world's best essay writers offer their services as ghostwriters and are paid by students that seek their services. The term of service is anonymity. After the writer has been paid, they should not use the work elsewhere or talk about having worked on the paper.

The best essay writing companies have user agreements with writers when onboarding them. They agree to not being credited for the work but will be writing as ghostwriters.

It is safe to use essay writing services, provided the student keeps it between them and their outsourcing companies. Due to the presence of online scammers, people seeking these services should be extra careful.

We cannot guarantee 100% safety in using essay writing services. So, if you get your paper done, make sure you cross-check for quality and plagiarism. These precautions ensure you do not fall in trouble with your institution and professor.

Another concern that would arise from buying essay writing services is cybercrimes. Essay writing service providers are not in the business of scamming their clients. If the business is legit, it protects such data, and payments are processed by a third party. Safe means of payment such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard are used.

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