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By Alina Burakova fb Jul 14, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

There are many variants of online tutoring: certified courses offered by world-famous universities, databases of lectures by specialists from different fields, custom writing services that help users master their essay writing skills, and online tutoring websites for those who want to get solid knowledge on a subject.

Unfortunately, not all of them provide services of proper quality. Users should still be aware of scams and irresponsible attitudes of teachers or management. There are different parameters to consider when choosing a service, while user experience, pricing, security, and reliability remain universal.

In this peer Preply review, you’ll find out more about this online platform for learning foreign languages. We scrutinized most of the Preply reviews and are striving to provide an objective estimation of every service, analyzing some of the most important aspects:

  • Quality of Services;
  • Pricing Policy;
  • Payment Options and Procedures;
  • Customer Support;
  • Website Usability;
  • Security;
  • User Experience.

If these criteria matter to you equally much, you can be sure to make your own conclusions based on this Preply review.

Preply Inc is a platform where tutors can connect with students. It works as a marketplace: you find a teacher, schedule a lesson, and meet in the Preply Space. This is an online language centre, where you will find many tutors from different countries, native speakers, and experienced teachers.

It is a global community that will also help get some cultural insights, tips, share personal experiences, etc. And for those who read this review and bothered by the “is Preply legit?” or “is Preply safe” questions: YES, it is.

Every tutor sets their own hourly rate based on their experience, proficiency, the languages they teach, and their rate determined by the feedback. Users buy lessons in packages. Currently, users can choose 5, 10, 15, and 20 hours.

The information about prices on bulk lessons, however, is not specified. On the other hand, it is convenient for you can test before committing to long-time cooperation. Prices for tutoring services are quite different, so try to check several options of to make the right decision. Is Wyzant legit? Find more details on our Wyzant review.

Our Preply review found that there are two payment options: MasterCard or Visa card and PayPal account. Just choose what works better for you. While we review Preply, we have to mention their jobs, tutors have different options for money withdrawal: Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill.

A teacher gets paid only after a student’s confirmation. If a lesson was rescheduled or didn’t take place for some reason, you reserve the money for the next payment. After the first trial lesson, the money is released from the user’s account only if you confirm that you are satisfied with this lesson.

Otherwise, you get a 100% refund. Users pay for the hourly rate of a selected English tutor, so the funds and times aren’t transferable. Check the best websites to learn English here.

According to the website’s policies, every tutor’s profile is checked manually by the support team before the verification. Their representative checks the background of a newly arrived tutor, their qualification, and profile completeness. In other words, the final decision is made based on the information this person fills in after googling “Preply become a tutor.”

Meanwhile, the team reserves the right to reject the application without explaining the reasons for such a decision. There are no tests that would standardize the application process and prove a person’s proficiency in a specific area.

Looking for top math tutoring services? Check the best online math tutors list and ratings on our website.

There are many Preply student reviews, where users determine the quality of the services as excellent. Tutor ratings are formed based on the feedback and Preply tutor reviews. Each new tutor gets a corresponding tag on their profile. People who try to bypass some rules and whose behaviour doesn’t comply with the announced rules and policies are permanently fined or removed from the platform.

Is Preply a safe website? The system blocks all personal information besides the tutor’s name and country to provide contacts outside Preply — a smart move for the service, a restriction for users, and a good way to prevent Preply scams. So, is preply a scam? No, it is definitely not.

Not sure about how good are tutors you hire. Check Varsity Tutors ratings on our website. There are professional tutors for hire available.

Live chat window pop-ups as soon as you open the site and start looking for a tutor displaying some basic tips and steps to use the platform. A click on a chat opens the Help Center with numerous FAQs. Answers there are helpful if you need to figure out some general questions.

You can start a conversation with a support team member, who usually replies in up to five minutes (but only during business hours) — 6 am – 11 pm on weekdays, 8 am – 6 pm on weekends. You’ll need to leave a message and an email to get a response at any other time.

The website has a pleasant, intuitive interface. It is not a state-of-the-art or an award-winning solution, but it is minimalistic, with colour and font variations, and is easy to understand. Preply features all the necessary filters for choosing a perfect tutor: spoken languages, hourly rate, origin, available days and hours, and displays them by relevance, reviews, etc.

One of the best things about this company is its search system in general. Before choosing a tutor, you specify several parameters, including your own proficiency level, the purpose of learning, origin, etc. The search is available without logging in.

The website design has changed during its existence. Comparing their design from each year since 2011, the biggest changes were made in 2013, 2015, and the last one in 2018, which you can see now. Preply works perfectly; we’ve found no errors whatsoever.

  • Low hourly rate of English tutors (even for native speakers).
  • Preply uses Skype, which makes the connection between users from different countries easy.
  • Trial lessons with a money-back guarantee are available.
  • Tutor rating is based on students’ reviews, so you can be sure they are good at teaching and not passing tests only.
  • Personal information is secure and not displayed to either student or tutor.
  • User-friendly interface with advanced search options.
  • You won’t find quick help on subjects other than languages (we found this point in one of the Preply Canada reviews).
  • Not all teachers are credentialed as their backgrounds aren’t properly checked.
  • Users aren’t able to transfer time or money for other lessons or tutors.
  • There is a good chance you may need to spend some time looking for a tutor with the required qualification.
  • Package lessons don’t always make sense when it comes to accuracy and flexibility.
  • The commission is reportedly high; as you cannot contact a teacher elsewhere, you pay more for Preply’s services than actual education.
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Even the most reliable and acclaimed services cannot provide a 100% guarantee that everything will be perfect. The main downside of Preply is the lack of tests for checking tutor proficiency. However, many users are looking for a conversational practice where certification is not the greatest concern.

So, is Preply worth it? If you are still wondering if this service is worth a try, it certainly is. You can find some time to check out other Preply reviews, but it is not likely that those comments will differ much.

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My first contact was very frustrating because I had to cancel a trial lesson after less than 30 minutes of scheduling it and there is no way to have contact with Preply. Also, the tutor was rude after I sent her an email about the time zone she replied: ” Wasn’t the time difference clear from the beginning Maria?” Ouch! In summary, no trial, and I will never contact this platform again. I hope I can get a refund…


My daughter likes how the material is served. The attention of the tutors helped her become the best in class. Thank you.


Do not be afraid to go to online services for study. Preply true professionals. Tutors here are really qualified and have a good approach to children.


My son says that he has become interested and fun to learn. This is exactly what I wanted! Thank you.


I’m glad I found Preply. Tutors here are always attentive and well explain the material.


If you want to help your children tighten their grades, then you are right for Preply. Professional service will find you a good tutor for a small fee.


Tutors have a well-built plan. It’s easy for children to follow and the lessons bring them pleasure.


Preply is a great tutoring site. I first contacted such services, but I am satisfied with the result at 100%. My daughter improved her grades and I am glad about that.


The website is scammy. It showed a list of search terms at the top of the list of Spanish tutors, like teacher gender, teacher qualifications, and teacher location. I had arrived at the site following a google search for teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico, so the location was already selected to Oaxaca. I spent an hour looking at possible teachers in Oaxaca. Finally, I emailed one. Within ten minutes my inbox was flooded! Flooded with emails from other teachers, all of whom had the email that I had sent to only one person in particular. They all wanted to teach me Spanish. That’s when I also learned that nobody is in Oaxaca, and the site scammed me. I deleted my account. I would never use it. That’s extraordinarily dishonest.

Duston McCreary

A biased student’s point of view. Being a tutor on Prely is a joke and a scam. Prely takes 100% commission on your first lesson. Then up to 33% thereafter. You spend forever simply looking for students and when you finally find one, you don’t even get to keep the money you earned. Do no recommend as a tutor.


The preply app is straight forward and easy to use. Everything is set up for you all you have to do is pick a subject, tutor, and a time to meet up. It’s all very simple!


I am very pleased for the positive and supportive response I had every time I needed support. Before contacting your company I had tried several services, and you provided a welcome and unique teaching approach. We know that our son had the best support he could have. You always went the extra mile in preparing material for him and also gave him lots of encouragement! I do believe your love and support has made a big difference for him and we will happily recommend your business to others.


I really just simply love this online tutor service and the tutors I have worked with. Absolute pros. Each teacher I have dealt with has been wonderful. The best tutors for me have been Rosalia, Maria and Katrina.


My tutor follows a plan and is polite. She uses different learning approaches including: conversation, audio, video, reading and writing. I am very-very satisfied with my online lessons and progress so far.


A very good selection of Spanish teachers for different levels at different rates. I tried two different teachers and settled with the second one as he was just perfect for what I wanted to learn (mostly conversational). I found Preply online teachers to be more cost effective than face to face classes.


Service is great. Only flaw is that the calendar feature sometimes doesn’t load properly. But that’s really no big deal. User Dashboard can improve, right now is a little confusing from the student perspective. But that’s not a big deal too.

Shina B.

Thank you,, Sally is an excellent tutor. She has been tutoring our daughter since February 2015, and we have
noticed an improvement in our daughter’s learning and confidence. We are sure that it is due to Sally’s amazing patience and
teaching skills, as well as the one on one attention that our daughter receives from Sally. She quickly determined the source
of our daughter’s learning difficulties and has been able to help her with appropriate learning skills.