EduReviewerZipjob vs TopResume: Which One Is Better?

Zipjob vs TopResume: Which One Is Better?

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Overall Comparison: Zipjob or TopResume

Feature TopResume ZipJob
Card Payments Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes
Trustpilot Rating 4.2 3.7
EduReviewer Rating 4.5 5
Promo Codes Yes No
Affirm Payments Yes Yes
Free Resume Review Yes Yes
Commitment to Racial Equity Yes No
Sustainability Commitment Yes No
Customer Support Great Decent
Additional Services Yes Yes

Most of you are looking for the best resume service provider that will help you get the job you want. These days, this is easier than ever. All you have to do is to use one of the service providers available on the web.

Today we will present a comparison of two very popular brands. TopResume vs Zipjob comparison is going to investigate all the similarities, differences, and the main and even less-known offers of the two.

Keep in mind that these two are not the same brand although they have the same parent brand, Talent Inc. which is the leader when it comes to these and similar services.

You are free to check our detailed Zipjob vs. TopResume comparison or you can move and read separate reviews we have created for you.

Either way, you will get as much information as needed and you can choose which service provider you need more.

At this point, all we can add is that both brands are well-known, and reputable and will provide you high-quality resume in no time.

Still, there are a lot of differences. For example, TopResume is a better-known brand that is more expensive but will meet all the specifics and be focused on a resume to the maximum.

They also offer sustainability commitment and commitment to racial equity. ZipJob doesn’t offer these two but you are getting much better value for money and you can use debit cards.

Critical Features of Zipjob and TopResume

At this point, you are still wondering whether to choose Zipjob or TopResume and get the resume you need. Well, first let us explain the services and features you are going to get.

We were able to test both providers in real case scenarios and we believe you can find details and specifics of which one is better for you. Let’s find out all about the main features.

First of all, Zipjob vs TopResume comparison must explain one thing. Both providers are known for high-quality resumes.

All the resumes these two companies provide are written by professional writers and they have no errors, mistakes, or anything like that. The resumes are optimized and written specifically for the client and will meet the highest expectations.

Zipjob does not offer discount codes which is something we would like to mention here. But, there are even more differences we will discuss below.


In this section of the Zipjob and TopResume comparison we will be focused on the all the features these two brands have to offer. The platform offers three main services. These are something we find standard and there is nothing special about them.

Keep in mind that you also get a free resume review which may be interesting and appealing to most students. Yes, it is free and can help you. Anyway, let’s see the main services.


  • Launch

You can get Launch service which is the first and the most affordable. Here you will get a professional resume as we have stated which comes with ATS optimization and direct writer messaging.

The latter means you can communicate with your writer and give him or her insights, and details, and add or remove sections in the resume. The service is ideal for all people who need a great resume in no time with a simple process.

  • Fast Track

Zipjob offers Fast Tract service as well. This service also includes the features from the previous option but adds a 60-day interview guarantee and a cover letter.

If you are looking for a complete service where you can get all the documents needed to apply for the job and you want success, this is the service for you.

  • Premium

Premium service is the best one this brand has to offer. It includes all the features included in the first two options and also adds updates to your LinkedIn profile and much faster delivery.

The service is perfect for people who are aiming for professionalism and a complete job-looking process.


Now is the time to look at TopResume and see what this brand has to offer. This can help you choose TopResume or Zipjob and base your choice on the features below. This provider still offers 3 main services as you will see.

But, each one comes with a bit more details than ZipJob has to offer. For some of you, this will be an advantage. For others, this will be an issue because you need more time to choose the correct one.


  • Professional Growth

The resumes here are written by professional writers and they are perfect. You also get careful formatting that will keep the employer intrigued by what you have to offer.

Last but not least, the resume is keyword optimized which is great these days. There is no need to add that this is the most affordable option here.

  • Career Evolution

The second service has all the elements the first one offers. This is standard and something we see all the time.

But, here you are looking at a cover letter (40% of employers prefer a resume with a cover letter) and a 60-day interview guarantee. The service is recommended to people who are looking for a dream job, their first job, and those who need a resume and a cover letter.

  • Executive Priority

Topresume offers Executive priority service as well. This one includes all the sub-services we mentioned earlier. You are getting the cover letter, resume, keyword optimization, and more.

However, you will get all of this written by the best writers at the company. These are the ones that have the most experience and have additional training you will use.

In addition, the service updates your LinkedIn profile as well.

Pricing Comparison

TopResume and Zipjob are both considered affordable providers. They are far from the most expensive in the industry. But as you may think there are differences.

Some believe that if you want a better resume you have to pay for that. This is not always the case. The goal is to find the best value-for-money service. Anyway, we will have to explain the pricing of both providers right here.


Price starts from $139
Promo code EDUREVIEW10
  • Free resume review;
  • Launch $138;
  • Fast Track $189;
  • Premium $299.
Is TopResume or ZipJob better? We will come to that. At the moment we can only add that Zipjob is a more affordable option. For instance, their services come at a lower price but still include most of the features that TopResume has to offer.

Sadly, the brand doesn’t offer discount codes at the moment. We would like to see this changing any time soon.

In addition, here you can use debit and credit card payments if you like. Take that to compare TopResume and you will see a massive difference. We must add that the price difference is not massive but still appealing. Here are the prices you will have to consider.


Price starts from $149
Promo code EDUREVIEW10
  • Free resume review;
  • Professional Growth $149;
  • Career Evolution $219;
  • Executive Priority $349.
The prices can make a massive difference when a client is choosing a provider. In this case scenario you will want to know that TopResume is more expensive (you may that know by now). Which is better Zipjob vs TopResume? Each platform is more suitable for a specific type of client.

Although more expensive, TopResume has a bit more sub-features and offers that can be important. You can always contact customer service to get more details. Keep in mind that this platform offers discount codes occasionally. The cost of the main services is revealed below.

Value for Money & Quality of Services

You will want to know all about the terms use, quality, and value for money these two brands have to offer. They are both professional platforms hence we do expect a lot and so should you.

Anyway, we will try to reveal all the elements you need and want to know about below.


Zipjob offers great quality. There are no issues we were able to encounter and we are generally happy. But, there is no ‘’wow’’ effect or result in the resumes and cover letters. These are written to meet your expectations and not to impress you.

On the other hand, we have value for money. It is exceptional and much better than TopResume has to offer. You will save money with your plan and you will still get the resume you want. As such, we believe that students are more likely to use ZipJob due to its lower price and great quality. It can be a bit hard to start with all of this.

You will first have to choose the service you like. Go to pricing or click on Launch service plan at the homepage and click ‘’get started’’.


From then, you can go to your account and submit the order you want. It is simple once you know this step.


TopResume is well-known for its quality. You are looking at superb quality with each resume and cover letter. Everything they will do is superb.

However, this is the same as with ZipJob except for one major difference. You can get executive priority service where the best writer at the company will work on your order. Then, you are looking at an even better, perfect resume or cover letter.

So, you get the same quality most of the time as ZipJob offers but you can get exceptional ones if you want. The pricing is higher than ZipJob. The difference is not massive but it is present.

You can get discounts but these are not always available. To start using the service provider, click on ‘’buy now’’, choose the plan and start the order.


Main Disadvantages of the Platforms

Both brands will help you with your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more. But they are not perfect. This simply means that there are some issues or downsides you may want to know about.

In this section, we are going to discuss the main downsides of the platforms. There are a few of these so you will want to stay tuned.

When building your professional profile, the credibility of the tools you use matters. We address the question of – is Kickresume legit – in our comprehensive review, examining its features, usability, and customer feedback.


You can get unlimited resumes at a great price and you will get the quality you are looking for. One of the biggest downsides here is the inability to order just one resume.

You need to buy a package that can be expensive for some and not ideal. This can be a huge issue for potential users.

The second downside is the website which is not easy to use. It is a bit better than the one at TopResume but still complicated and can be annoying to use.

Things are not much better if you use a mobile phone. The site needs an update.

The last downside is the lack of discount codes. These are not offered and we believe they won’t be short due to the fact the process is already lower than some competitors have.

As such, if you are looking for the best deal all the time, you may need to look elsewhere.


Because these two brands have the same parent company, we can see the same issues. The first one is the lack of ability to order just one resume. You need to get the package. We don’t have information about when this can change. Yes, this is ideal for people who need a lot of resumes and professional cover letters daily.

The website is complicated to use and not something most people will appreciate. There are all the features you can imagine but getting to them can be complicated.

For finance, login into the account is complicated and tough. For comparison, Zip Job does have a slightly better website and is easier to use.

Their money-back guarantee is present but not as appealing as ZipJob has to offer. TopResume believes that you will be happy and 100% satisfied with the resume due to the fact best writers will work for you.

In the sea of professional CV services, Top CV has made its mark. But is Top CV legit? We answer this by conducting an in-depth review of its services, customer feedback, and success rates.


Which brand suits your needs? As you can see, these two are more than just similar. After all, they have the same parent company. But, there is one massive difference we would like to explain here.

For those of you who are looking for the best service out here and are willing to pay for that, TopResume is the way to go. You can choose an impressive offer and get the ultimate resume and full-service period.

For those of you who will want to get a bit better price and a decent resume that has all the needed ingredients but doesn’t stand out from the crowd ZipJob is recommended.

Other than that, there are no major differences. Both brands can provide high-quality resumes and related services to all students and all people who need these. You won’t make a mistake regardless of which platform you choose.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on April 16, 2024
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