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Actual information

My Rate: 4.5 / 5

Price From: $129

Deadline: 24 hours

Payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Once you start looking for a new job, you always think about creating a perfect resume for yourself. And, of course, not everybody knows how to make this part perfect without any help, especially if you’ve just finished studying in college or university and trying to find your first ever workplace. It’s not a shame to look for help in real life and online when there are so many CV services just like topcv.

You need to remember to be safe at all times when you work with paid service and not to fall in a terrible scam. Reading feedback and trying out several most popular ones is a way to go. That’s exactly why we’re here to provide you with this topcv review and allow you to get a professional written CV without any worries. We’ll look into the most important pros and cons, try out their customer service and describe so much more to look forward to in this customer-driven review. Keep reading to find out more.

Top cv was founded by Jeff Berger, and this company is claimed to be experienced in CV-writing business since the CEO’s mother was also indulged in it. The workers of this company are also known for their skills in Human Resources, job search strategy and recruiting, so they can make your CV a lot more effective and give you something to find a job of your dreams, making your chances quickly increase.

A lot of reviews are positive when it comes to this particular company, and we were extremely excited to dig deeper and try them out by ourselves, seeking the truth about professionals working in the sphere of resume writing. So we quickly accessed the website and started working on it to prove to you why you should or shouldn’t try this service when you’re trying to find a new job successfully.

As soon as you access, you can find a button “CV Services” to see the pricing of the services this company can provide you with. All the services come in different packages, three listed on the webpage you access, giving you something to choose from depending on your goals and budget.

The first package is called “Professional Growth” with a price of €129 that includes professional writing your CV, and this is the cheapest one. You can have three payments for this one. The second option is “Career Evolution” which is labelled as most popular at the price of €189 and includes your CV, cover letter written with two revisions. You can get it in two payments, too. And the last, most expensive is €349 called “Executive Priority” which also includes Linked-In profile and 48-hour delivery. You can pay for it in 4 parts.

As much as a good resume is important to find a job, we concluded that this service has too little to offer for their prices, especially the minimal one being €189 for just a CV. Fortunately, they have an incredible free offer to those who need it – cv review topcv, which you can submit right on the website. Yet, we still decided to order the cheapest package to try it out.

While other websites and services can provide you with a list of information about payments, even free cv review topcv can’t save this website from the vague payment details and return policy. As soon as you place an order, you can pay for it via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, making it a wide list to choose from.

There was nothing said about the return policy clearly, but we were told that our writer will always check up on the progress with us and do all the revision we ask for. Another guarantee said that they would write another CV if their customer doesn’t get a job in 60 days, which they proved to be true. We tried it out after 60 days and they were more than willing to give us another CV, so we were extremely pleased with it.

We didn’t trust TopCV too much, doubting the quality of the paper that will come out after some time and not believing all the professionalism of their writers, and at some point we were right. The writer we got was a little unprofessional, and we found a lot of grammatical mistakes in the paper, yet, he was kind enough to check it as many times as we asked.

In the end, we also realised that several details were wrong or missing from the resume and it wouldn’t be fair to submit to any workplace in that form. Once again, the second we contacted our prescript writer, he considered it and prepared an almost perfect CV for one person from our team, greatly surprising us after all the mistakes. All in all, the result made us happier than the process as we got everything reviewed and checked for the money we paid.

Even if using customer service wasn’t needed, it was important to check the responsiveness of it and how well they can help is in an important situation.

There are several ways you can contact the TopCV team: with the contact form on their website, via e-mail and contact number. They reply every day from 7:00 to 16:00 GMT. Their team is also available on such platforms as Instagram, Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter, so any other users can give it a try if these ways are more comfortable for anybody.

We tried to call and mail the customer service and both times they responded, yet, the phone call was more complicated due to the time we were waiting on line. The 60 days guarantee was quickly activated as soon as 60 days passed and the staff in the customer service helped us with the issue perfectly, with no harsh words or cursing, only calming us down when we started worrying about a future career.

All the topcv reviews need to include Website Usability in them as you can’t really work with the website when you can’t find something you need. We were pleased with the simple design when we first got onto the main page, and the gliding animation made it fun to read about the service itself.

If you want to know about all the important buttons – they are on the top, and it’s easy to find anything you need as this website has little to no features to browse. There are pages like CV Services, About, Testimonials and Career Advice on the top panel, and all the needed information about the products, company, and customers on the bottom of the page. Between those panels, you can see the pricing and FAQ that are most important for the new customer. We rate the usability of 5 out of 5.

When you think about a general review of anything – pros and cons are what makes it interesting, these are points you clearly outline at the end of any review article, and we sure wanted to give you those before we concluded, so read away. Don’t forget to compare services, have a look at for example, and see all the difference.

  • a very good accessible website that doesn’t make it hard to find any information you need on the pages;
  • writers tolerate all the changes you want to make to your resume and include all the details you give them;
  • a final product has almost no mistakes, and you find it to be perfect for the place you want to work in;
  • even if you don’t get the job, the 60 days guarantee works with no problems as the service allows you to get another resume for free;
  • the customer support team is responsive at times they stated, gently helping you;
  • there are several packages to choose from depending on your budget and goals.
  • you will wait on line for some amount of time before getting connected to the customer support team if you call them;
  • there were personal mistakes in the text after the CV was already done and needed another revision, even we gave the writer all the details they needed;
  • you can’t get some services apart from the packages for reasonable prices;
  • vague return policy that can scare the customers away;
  • not a lot of payment methods to choose from.

My Verdict

In conclusion, we can say that TopCV is a pretty good service you can get your resume done at or reviewed, and you can trust it. We got a good result even if it wasn't perfect all in all, but our expectations were greatly exceeded as we worked through with the ordered package. So, if you need your CV, Linked-In profile or recommendation letters made, you can easily try out the TopCV service for a compatible price.

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I am 101% satisfied with service. As always my preferred writer exceeds my expectations and I particularly want to thank him so much for getting my resume done perfectly at such a short notice.

Best service I’ve ever worked with!! Everything is amazing – from service with done work! Excellent mark for you!

I would like say a big thank you to the entire team in your company Top CV Resume for the good job. Your customer service team was very friendly and always ready and willing to help every time when I had questions about my order.