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By Alina Burakova fb Mar 03, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

The number of companies that offer resume writing services grows each day. A lot more people are now interested in hiring such experts to write their resume to boost the chances of getting a job interview.

With an increase in demand for such services, one particular site recently caught our attention, When you first visit the website, it looks like any other site that offers the same services. The design is simple, easy to use, looks professional, and well-made.

But is the website just a façade, or does it really offer great services? Is it one of the best resume writing services on the web? How can you know if their work is really worth it?

We have decided to compile all the Zipjob reviews from multiple websites, where people get to express their real, unfiltered opinions. Our goal is to give you an honest Zipjob review and whether or not it is worth it.

Table of Contents

  • Overview: What Is Zipjob?
  • How Did We Rate Zipjob?
  • Types of Services Zipjob Provides
  • Package Pricing Rates and Discounts
  • ZipJob Payment Plans
  • ZipJob Quality Service: What to Expect?
  • Customer Service
  • Website Usability
  • Zipjob vs. TopResume
  • ResumeWritingGroup vs. Zipjob Review
  • Is Zipjob a Scam?
  • Does Zipjob Offer Any Unique Features?
  • So, Is Worth It?
  • Important Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Writing Service
  • Conclusion

Zipjob is an online resume writing service that guarantees top-quality work. They are confident in their writing skills and promise to get you 2 or 3 times more interviews than you would normally get if you send a typical resume.

How Did We Rate Zipjob?

Many services offer skilled writers to write application documents, CVs, and similar types of work. But, very few live up to expectations. The best way to judge an online service, like this one, is to take a look at testimonials and unbiased Zipjob reviews from various websites.

We have selected the most important elements of this website to make a solid review of Zipjob services. This will make it much easier for you to decide whether this writing service has everything you need. When we rate a writing service, we consider these things first:

  • Customer reviews
  • The quality of service they offer
  • How much they charge for their service
  • Types of services they provide
  • Customer service availability
  • Website design

When a customer pays for services, especially costly services, they expect excellent-quality work. The most important factor when rating any business or service is their customer reviews. On their official website, often a few selected reviews manage to make a list. However, there are plenty of other websites where you can get an unbiased opinion of the work an online business provides.

We’ve gathered plenty of Zipjob reviews from customers who have purchased all the different packages. We read their statements on how they feel about the finished product. We judge the quality of service a business delivers and compare it to the prices they charge. We judge their methodology of composing documents and evaluate their finished products. We analyze all the pros and cons of their service.

We also took a look at their customer service and how available they are. Can you contact them when you want, do they respond quickly, do they know their work, etc. Lastly, we analyzed their website design, its intuitiveness, accessibility, and general outlook.

Zipjob provides three main services:

  1. Launch resume package (offers private communication with your writer, resume writing, as many revisions as necessary, keyword optimization)
  2. Fast-track resume package (offers resume writing, interview guaranteed 60-day revision, launch package features, writing a cover letter)
  3. Premium resume package (offers quick 3-day delivery, all the above features, update on LinkedIn, further resume updates, working with the best-qualified writers)

They can format anything from keywords to the writing style to complete an ATS-optimized piece. They can edit and rework your current resume to give it a unique touch so that you will get a better chance at landing a job.

When you decide to hire Zipjob, they will assign a writer for you. You can use the ZipJob dashboard to stay in contact with your writer while they work on your resume. The writer offers completely optimized resumes and unique work.

General resume writing services cost $100 and above. Anything lower than that is considered a cheap service that should be avoided.

Zipjob resume cost depends on the package you select. The first package starts at $119. This package includes keyword optimization, unlimited revisions, and direct communications with the assigned writer. The work will be completed in 4 to 6 days.

The second package is $179, which includes all of that and a cover letter and LinkedIn summary. Finally, the Premium one is the most expensive coming at $299, offering quick delivery of 3 days, the chance to work with their most experienced writers, top-quality work.

Zipjob is not cheap, but it is relatively affordable. In general, people are satisfied with the current price, some saying the service doesn’t need a discount since it’s moderately priced. You also get a Zipjob free resume review if you notice any spelling mistakes that need to be edited or you’re not satisfied with the final version.

Even though many people are interested in loyalty programs, coupon codes, or discounts, such features haven’t been implemented yet. There are no discounts available unless they have been announced on their official website.

The site offers a split payment plan for every package. If they can’t bill you from your credit card, they will use personal information to contact you. They don’t provide any partial or full refunds.

Zipjob has a decent amount of reviews. Most of their clients are extremely satisfied with their work claiming to have obtained top-quality resumes that landed them a job. They rate their services 10/10 for their quality and quick delivery. Many have shared positive Zipjob resume reviews. The majority of their customers seem to be satisfied with the writers that have worked on their resumes. They say the writers did an excellent job of following all the requirements. They praise their catchy design, attention to detail, and structure.

One of the major setbacks is their customer service. Unfortunately, they can only be reached from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, since these are their working hours. So, communicating with them via the phone if you are not from that time zone can be challenging.

If you’ve tried reaching out to them, you will have to wait. People have mentioned that on several occasions, the customer service team has been long to reply. Most of the Zipjob reviews were positive about customer support though. There are not many Zipjob complaints online, though.

Their website quality is excellent. Their site is intuitive, easy to use, and quick to get used to. The process of purchasing any package you like is straightforward and efficient. All the prices and offers are stated clearly, and you can choose your preferred package when you are ready.

  • Affordable prices
  • Offer ATS screening
  • 60-day interview guarantee
  • User-friendly and modern website design
  • The payment system is easy to work with
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Sometimes unresponsive customer service
  • No discounts or coupons available
  • Possible delays (we found that in some Zipjob complaints)
  • Few times when the service was not of top-notch quality
  • Possible to encounter non-responsive writers

Zipjob doesn’t offer too many special features, but they do have some that can be useful. While they don’t guarantee you will get a job, they do offer better chances at landing an interview.

They claim to use ATS screening to make sure it passes the selection process, and you get that interview. If you don’t get it, and you have a way to prove it, they can make a revision. But, you will most likely have to rely on the 60-days review revision to get the finished product. This option is part of the Fast-track and Premium resume packages.

Aside from the revision, there is no other special feature this online service will provide. Some users believe this is enough, considering it’s a writing service, while others believe they should offer a lot more for their prices.

But, what about its competitors is it better or worse than them?

Zipjob vs. TopResume

When you want to compare Zipjob resume vs. Topresume writing services, Zipjob is the clear winner, in this case. They offer ATS checks while TopResume doesn’t. Also, Zipjob resume service is rated slightly better and cheaper than TopResume’s. But at TopResume the quality is much better.

ResumeWritingGroup vs. Zipjob Review

When comparing ResumeWritingGroup and Zipjob, there is one thing that first comes to mind, and that is the website. Zipjob has a better website than its competitor. It’s designed to be easy, usable, and simple. So, in this case, Zipjob would be a winner.

Is Zipjob a Scam?

Zipjob scam reports have not been recorded yet. This site is legit; however, from the poor Zipjob resume service reviews, we have seen that many people are disappointed with their work and strongly criticize their effectiveness and quality. As a result, some might question, is Zipjob scam common? But, there are satisfied customers that claim it isn’t.

Overall, Zipjob has good reviews. Their quality is one of the best and there are plenty of people who are satisfied with their work. But, when it comes to an online service such as this one, customer service should be available as much as possible. With the limited amount of support, it’s difficult to contact any of their representatives. This hinders its possibilities and makes them seem a little unprofessional.

When judging the quality, prices, and website usability all in one, the Zipjob ratings would be a 9/10. It has to make some updates before it can be a 10/10, but it’s one of the best online services you can come across.

Since you are planning to pay for service, you need to make sure they can deliver what you need. Be concise and let them know everything that you want to see in your finished resume. But, before you choose this service, here are a couple of crucial things you should consider.

  • Ask about the writer assigned to work on your resume. Get informed if they are qualified enough to get the type of work you need.
  • Be specific about the time frame. Since their customer support may not be available at the time you need to contact them, you will have to be specific about the deadline you expect to get the work done.
  • Pick the packages that match your budget. Even though the more expensive packages might seem daunting, it’s important that you don’t go over your budget. This type of writing service is not too expensive nor too cheap. So, you can pick the option that best suits your wallet.
  • Ask for a sample if you are not too confident in their work. If you believe this writing service may not be able to deliver, it might be a good idea to ask for confirmation or a sample that looks similar to the type of work you require. A sample can give you a general outlook of what to expect and if that writing service has the same writing style you are looking for.
  • Communicate openly with your writer. If you want top-quality work, you have to know what you want and how you want it done. If you talk with your writer openly before they start writing on your resume, you have a better chance of getting excellent quality work. But, you have to be direct and concise. Once a writer has guidelines, it’s much easier for them to stick to those guidelines for the entire resume.
My verdict
Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Zipjob

The Zipjob online service can come in handy if you need to boost your resume. And it seems that most of their customers are satisfied with their work. Most of them would love to use their services again. They praise their professionalism and excellent work. Overall, there are no major problems with this company. So, with amazing customer support and lots of good reviews, Zipjob ratings show this website offers the best resume writing service.

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Zipjob share great resource, If you want to get the free resume examples. 200+ Resume Examples for Every Job & Industry (2020).


I think that you can’t spare money for something that can play an important role in the future. And if you don’t know how to write a resume, then you should find a service that deals with this, such as ZipJob. The work that I ordered here was given to me at the agreed time and without any problems. And I am pleased with the result.



I never thought that a cover letter could look so highly qualified and beautiful. After all, this is also important! Everyone first assesses the appearance, even if it comes to documents. My resume was designed competently and accurately, everything as I wanted.



I rummaged through a bunch of sites in search of templates for creating the perfect resume. It seemed to me that it was easy to cope with it, but I was mistaken. And my friend advised me to contact ZipJob because she used their services too. So I contacted them and did not regret it. Prices are not expensive, but the quality is high. I am pleased with the results.


As a mother on maternity leave for more than 5 years, I no longer hoped to find a job. After all, what can I write in a resume? That I’ve been sitting at home for 5 years? But the professionals from the ZipJob service wrote about my skills and abilities in the best way possible. Now I have nothing to worry about. Thank you!

Jordan Henderson

If you want to find a job right after graduating from university, then you definitely need a killer-resume. And I recommend ZipJob for this. Writers here are professionals and will help you deal with everything you need.


I like that ZipJob is always in touch with its customers. They helped me choose the right package of services and I’m sure I paid for a quality job because I have an interview tomorrow. Thanks to the writers for their professionalism.

Jack J.

Obviously, not everyone knows how to write a cover letter. That is why I turned to ZipJob for help. And received the order as soon as possible and in the best way possible, for what I am very grateful.

Sydnee S.

Guys from ZipJob, please, do not sell services you cannot provide at least in good quality. I have paid for services a pretty big price and received an awful quality, not what I paid for.


I found their website easy to navigate. The support staff was also nice and my resume and cover letter were SPLENDID! Love these guys;)


If I had to classify how my resume looked after I ordered it from ZipJob, I would describe it as a “Frankenstein” resume. When I got the rewrite, there were still issues that were not resolved. I spent a good amount of time reworking it again, because of their either inability or unwillingness to do it professionally. 


I had issues with the cover letter written by ZipJob, I was very disappointed. It did not say anything relevant. In my opinion, they took no time to research the type of jobs I told them I was targeting in my job search, thus resulting in very low quality documents. 

Alonso L.

I signed up in April and have had absolutely 0 results. I am a highly accomplished professional in the financial services industry, yet the resume and cover letter they did for me has done less than nothing for me. Honestly, I did better with my own resume that they said was basically garbage.


My resume and cover letter was grammatically incorrect and the technical terms were misused. Do not waste your money on the cover letter service, it is generic for that they plug your information into. This cover letter form can easily be found by doing a simple google search.


I was pleased with my final copy although it didn’t blow me out of the water. I would not recommend the service to someone else simply because I felt like it was very expensive for what I received.