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Adding Scholarship on Resume: How to Put It

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As a student, you will need to create a resume that stands out from others to land your first job. Writing a resume is not an easy thing to do.

If you have received scholarships and want to know if you should list scholarships on your resume, we have the answer right here. Learn how to add these and where to list them. We explain how to describe scholarship on your resume and improve your chances of being hired.

The question that many students have is how to add scholarships to their resumes. You can add these to a list under an appropriate section to grab the attention of a hiring manager.

Since most graduates have limited work experience, adding these awards can be beneficial. They can show a potential employer that you are dependable you are and will show that you have excelled academically.

Should I Include Scholarships on Resume?

Should you put scholarships on your resume? As a new grad, you will most likely have limited work experience, but you may have many achievements that can show that you would be a good choice for a job position. In this case, listing any honors or awards that have been received can help you stand out and attract attention.

Do you put scholarships on your resume? Especially if they relate to the job you are trying to land.

Winning academic awards and scholarships is something that can be placed on a CV until you obtain enough job experience to replace that section. It will allow you to explain your educational background to hiring managers and will demonstrate how you would be a good fit for a job.

It is also recommended to include personal references. This will allow employers to get more information about your academic achievements. How many references should be on a resume? There should be at least three.

As a new grad, you may want to ask professors for references or even address the scholarship committee and see if they will write a letter on your behalf. At, we have an article that addresses references and provides some tips on adding them.

How Do I Add Scholarships?

When creating a new CV for a job right out of college, you will want to know where to place your accomplishments, awards, and various achievements.

Add a section titled Awards and Achievements right after your education section. Can you put scholarships on your resume? It is one of the best things to do if there is limited work experience.

This can show employers that you have completed an application process, interview, and have been awarded the scholarship.

At the same time, employers will learn about the soft skills possessed. These can be beneficial to a position and include creativity, communication, and time management. When adding this information to any CV it should be done in bullet points, including:

  • Name of award;
  • The organization that presented the award;
  • Amount received;
  • Reasons for receiving.

Keep in mind that any volunteer position can be included in work experience. If you want to know how to put student teaching on a resume, we have an article on that tells where to list this experience.


If you are still wondering if should you include scholarships on your resume, our experts show you how to effectively list these so that your CV will stand out from others. Your academic achievements can indicate that you are a dedicated person who strives to achieve goals. They can also show that you have learned certain skills that will be appealing to employers.

When adding your achievements, it should go right under your education section. Make sure to list only your highest level of education.

Should high school be on a resume? If you have graduated college, do not include high school experience. The only time this should be added is if high school was the highest level completed. We have articles that address when and how to list high school on your CVs.

Does homeschooling hurt your resume? If you have been homeschooled for any reason, you can rest assured that this will not hurt your chances of getting a job. Employers look at those that have been homeschooled as having better skill sets. Check out our article on skills learned from homeschooling at

Many students that received their education at home have gone on to receive prestigious academic awards, so this is surely something that will not impact your CV negatively.

Now that you know what educational experience to list on your CVs, you want to focus on adding awards and achievements. Here is an example of how to add your scholarships to a CV so that your achievements do not go unnoticed.


  • 2019 | Academic Scholarship | Westfield College – $20,000 annual award for academic excellence
  • 2020 Regional Sports Scholarship – $500 for leadership and athleticism
  • 2020 Mells Sustainability Scholarship | Michigan State College – $10,000 for ambitious environmental writing


Are you asking, “Should I put scholarships on my resume?” If you are still unsure, check out these FAQs. As a college graduate, you can use your achievements in place of work experience and have a better chance of being hired.

Do recruiters care about scholarships?

Yes. Recruiters will take notice of any awards or achievements that have been received. Many hiring managers want to see achievements instead of a long list of responsibilities. Academic awards show that certain skills have been obtained that can be useful in a position.

Is it good to list scholarships on a resume?

The fact that you have been awarded a scholarship can show an employer that you have skills and knowledge that others may not possess. The more strengths that are demonstrated, the better chances there are of getting a job.

Even with little work experience, having won academic awards is something that many employers consider when hiring for entry-level positions. If you do not have time to do all this, you can check these resume services and hire a resume helper.


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