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CompTIA Certification on Resume: How to Put It [+Examples]
Today, every aspect of our society has gotten more competitive. Due to the exponential increase in population and depletion of resources, everyone has to compete for whatever is available. And this is becoming increasingly evident in the way we apply for jobs and present ourselves to employers. When trying to gain a new job, especially...
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High School Achievements For Resume
A resume can be likened to a living document designed to change as you grow and develop your skills. If you’ve gained numerous noteworthy achievements during high school, you may be tempted to add them to your resume. Concerning the achievements to put on a resume high school, it’s essential to consider numerous factors –...
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How Many References to List on Resume
During the hiring process, prospective employees often have to pass through multiple stages of interviews and background checks to determine if they’re a perfect fit for a role. One of the common ways employers do this is by asking you to submit a list of references. These are professionals that you have connected with or...
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When Should You Take High School Off Your Resume?
Did you know that employers review one CV in 6 seconds on average? Just 6 seconds is enough to assess whether someone’s work biography is interesting and worth considering. This tells us only one thing: you must have a good CV if you want someone to invite you for a job interview. Contact information, education,...
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How to Describe Coaching on a Resume
As you prepare for a new job and start a career search, it is important to know what should be included on a resume and where to place it. As one that has experience as a life coach, there are various skills that will be appealing to an employer. If you want to learn how...
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How to Put Passed FE Exam on Resume
Passing the FE exam is not an easy task, isn’t it? All engineering students are proud of that achievement, and they would certainly want to put their FE exam on resume. Unfortunately, doing that is not easy at all. It can be challenging to find the right place in the document where this piece of...
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Coursera Certificate on Resume: How to List
Coursera is a leading online education platform that offers free online courses collaborating with world universities. These courses last for several weeks or months. They are broad in scope, so anyone can find an area of interest – from the humanities, sociology, economics, and computer science to improving their skills in teamwork or group communication....
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Adding Scholarship on Resume: How To Put It
As a student, you will need to create a resume that stands out from others to land your first job. Writing a resume is not an easy thing to do. If you have received scholarships and want to know if you should list scholarships on resume, we have the answer right here. Learn how to...
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Do You Put High School on Resume?
When it comes to preparing resumes for job applications, everyone wants to prepare the perfect one. There are so many rules, and most times, it gets pretty difficult to know which ones to follow. What should or shouldn’t be included in your resume? Should you put your high school on your resume? Should you put...
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How to Put Six Sigma On a Resume
An employer always looks out for how beneficial an employee can be to their organization. This is why, when writing a resume, you want to add every certification that can prove all the skills you possess that will positively benefit the company if you are employed. Understanding six sigma is knowing how beneficial it would...
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