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By Brooke Hayes fb Oct 10, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

We at Edureviewer always work with websites of different services and even different countries. And we know exactly how to evaluate the quality of services that certain companies provide to you. So every time you see a popular site, you can be sure that we are involved in its popularity because our experts have evaluated its performance and proved it to customers.
We deal only with serious sites that claim to be the best. And when you use their services, you can be sure – you will get the best quality papers.
Why do customers trust us and companies listen to our advice? The secret is simple – we use our assessment system, which we have developed specifically for each type of online services: whether it is craft resume services or custom academic services.

There are different criteria by which we evaluate summary services. You can be 100% sure that these criteria were developed taking into account the real professionals of the labor market, who have worked for many years in the top companies of the world.
These criteria allow us to 99.9% know whether to trust a particular service on the Internet or in real life. So, what are the most basic evaluation criteria we use to help you better know a particular service?
1.Its legal and physical data, which must be registered and which can be referenced in case of problems.
2.Its representatives and advocates, who should always be ready to answer any questions not only from the law but also from the buyer.
3.Reviews on the Internet can be different, so we are used to checking the operation of the services. We order trial resumes and evaluate their quality to tell you about it.
4.Interviewing an employee is a difficult, sometimes almost impossible thing, but when we manage to do it-we are almost sure that the service is open to its clients
This is only a basic part of the evaluation criteria of services, which we use every time we encounter a new Internet service.

First, let’s look at what types of resumes exist.
– Chronological
This type of resume seems to be the most convenient. This resume is suitable for applying for any job and usually does not cause difficulties for anyone. Here we simply indicate our experience in reverse chronological order (as well as our education).
It is important to correctly describe your previous work experience to resume looked complete. You need to specify the name of the company, your responsibilities (as well as the position) and achievements (if any).
But what if you don’t have extensive work experience and a chronological resume looks empty with just one job?
– Functional
With this type of resume, you don’t have to worry about a little work experience, especially if you have some abilities that you think may be in demand by employers.
Here we focus on your personal qualities and skills, while experience can only be mentioned.
It is worth noting that not all employers are good to functional resume. They may be alarmed by your lack of experience. But this type of resume is well suited for areas of work where certain skills and professional skills are more important than having a lot of work experience. You should try to rely on this type of resume if you know exactly what you want and what you know.
– Hybrid
Hybrid resume combines the qualities of both previous papers – it describes your work experience, position, achievements and achievements, and your professional qualities, skills and abilities.
This is the most appropriate type of resume for many of us. It is very much appreciated by employers, as they see the full picture of what they have to work with, what to fear and what to prepare for.
– Targeted
This type of resume is used to apply for a specific position in a particular company. Overall, this type of resume is similar to a hybrid one, but here you should only list the qualities, skills, abilities, and work experience that will be relevant and useful to the position you are applying for.
When an employer reads a similar resume, he can understand what you can offer their company and how you can be useful for business.
Now when you know more about resume types, we can approach the choice of a service that will write you the perfect paper.

Of course the price! – will tell you “advisers” who do not worry about the equivalence of the invested money in the resume and its performance. Sure, the price matters, but if one service offers you a questionable resume quality for less than $40 than the other service-is it worth saving that money by sacrificing the potential quality of your resume? It is necessary to pay attention and compare services not only at the estimated price for services.
Staff and education are one of the most important components of any resume service. How to craft a resume? You need to take experience + knowledge of the labor market + personal qualities of a person-to mix it all in the right way and voila! You have become more interesting for 60% of potential employers.
Now we will review one very interesting resume service – Craftresumes.com. And you will know whether to use its services. Let’s get started!

Prices are the weak point of this service. Although on their home page prices are a bit wrong, if you will look deeper, you will find a detailed description of their discounts and bonuses. This may be better than taking the first available offer.
So, if you look at the home page of the site, you can see that they offer packages CV + motivation letter ($188), resume package, etc. and the prices are much more favorable than if you buy the same resume on this site separately. But if you’re looking for just a resume, it will cost $139 depending on different conditions.

Plus, they often have discounts – $10 for each order. So if you’re lucky, you can save well on the set.

Despite the relatively high prices (comparing with other top services of this market segment), this service offers good securities. We were able to assess the quality of the resume, which looked quite professional and high quality, corresponding to its price. This fairly small service offers resume writing from scratch or editing your resume, as well as coaching.
In General, the service looks full and may well match what you are looking for. You can check Careersbooster.com for some comparison and make the right decision.

These guys worked when others only planned to be engaged in this business. As far as we were able to find out, they have been on the market over the years and know how to work efficiently. We want to hope that’s true.
It’s hard to look for any secrets because they are usually hidden. However, judging by the quality of the resume we received, we can say that there are professionals in the team who are ready to accept new challenges.

Payment, as promised by the service, does not include hidden fees and the price is clean from the beginning of the order until the order is paid. We have checked this and confirm what has been said.
The service accepts all convenient payment methods, so you are free to choose the one you like best. We used PayPal for the security of transactions.
On the order processing page, we contacted support to discuss payment methods and document delivery timelines, just to check the support team’s work (we’ll cover that below).
On the order page, everything is quite convenient and nothing distracts you from the order process.

When we write craft resumes reviews, we always rely on the criteria described at the beginning of our article. But the quality is exactly those 50% of the service evaluation. Even if the service is expensive, but it provides the highest quality paper, we are ready to give it a good assessment (of course, assessment specifically for the quality of performance).
We compared the quality of craft resumes obtained from a craftresumes.com and another resume service that offered writing the same paper for $59. It is easy to say why we prefer a little more expensive resume service:

– on a cheaper platform, we worked online with the performer for only about 5 minutes, describing our wishes.
– on craftresumes.com, the author stayed in touch with us for about an hour and after that, we had a connection on Viber and Skype to coordinate the necessary moments. And this is only a small part of what we liked in craftresumes.com (including the speed of execution and taking into account all the wishes for corrections, which we indicated later).

As a result, having the same tasks for the authors, we were MUCH happier with the resume that we received from the craftresumes.com. It may have cost $20 more, but thinking about someone’s future, it’s a small price.

Let’s be honest – most online services have terrible online support. Craftresumes.com also has some disadvantages. But the speed of response, and taking into account our rather stupid question, the completeness of the assistance surprised us.
We can’t guarantee 100% that online support for this service will be just as good in all situations, but based on our experience – it was not bad.

The convenience of a website is one of the most important components when it comes to an online service.
Craftresumes.com has some flaws in the interface that can make it difficult to work with web pages and interfere with the order. But while we were writing this review, some of them were fixed. So, perhaps the rest will also be resolved in the near future (let’s hope so).
Overall, the website looks good. We didn’t see any too bright, irritating elements. Well-organized information blocks and prices on the first page – that’s super. Often we are faced with websites where you need to go through the entire order procedure to see the approximate price for the work. But here we immediately see how much you need to pay for a specific paper/work.
Simple registration, as one of the important moments of work with the site, pleased our team.

  • Prices (this is also a con, but more on this below). The cost of a resume is low relative to the high quality of execution.
  • Fast online support operation
  • User-friendly website interface
  • A lot of professionals in the team. It's nice to know that your resume is in the hands of craftsmen
  • Many years on the resume writing market
  • Fast execution of tasks, we got our resume in less than a few hours.
  • Prices (as mentioned above, it is also a con). Despite the high quality of work, prices may seem a little too high to some customers. But the presence of discounts and bonuses sometimes justifies such a pricing policy.
  • Problems with online chat. Sometimes it just doesn't appear after a mouse click. It may be an Internet browser issue, but it's worth noting that
  • This is not the best resume service, because small flaws in the interface of the site sometimes interfere with it.
  • A relatively small number of tasks that the service can handle.
  • A small number of packages that customers may like
  • Inability to contact the service on weekends (or the possibility is often difficult). For an online service, it's a bit weird
My verdict
Recommended this serviceBrooke Hayes
Visit Craftresumes

The main problem of such online services - prices, because everyone wants to get more for their work. But Craftresumes.com at least do not save on paper quality and monitors the education/experience of their employees.
If we want to give an assessment Craftresumes.com then we would give them 9 out of 10. We removed 1 point because of small bugs on the site and controversial prices.
This site can be useful for you if you are looking for a high-quality resume and know that everything good has its price.

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Within 5 days of using the full CV and recruitment service I had recruiters calling me arranging interviews. It was hassle free and a massive weight off my mind. I am very grateful for all of your help, CraftResume.

The first 15 minutes of my interview with the leading company in my field were taken up by my interviewers raving about my resume and getting Craft Resumes information so they could take advantage of their services when they needed them! Oh—and I got the job!

I want to say that I am very impressed with the resume that Craft resumes service produced for me; it is impressive! Wow

It is so refreshing to find a business like yours that actually offers the same level of service after you took my money as you did before.The first draft of my CV was good but I did want to make a few minor changes, one of your team actually phoned me the same day and had it sorted out by the following day. A good honest and professional service. It was a pleasure to work with you!