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Largest eLearning Companies in the World

It's crucial to gather comprehensive information about the quality of online course services. You can refer to this detailed guide and reviews to make an informed decision that meets your requirements and expectations. The perfect course can make a significant impact on your learning experience.

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Enrolling in an edX course offered by Microsoft resulted in a high level of satisfaction. The course's self-paced structure was appreciated, and the content's exceptional quality was admired.

Hadi Farah
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I joined Coursera two years ago and have since discovered dozens of excellent computer programming courses. "More coding, less talking" Even the official AWS training was really invaluable.

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I've completed the Kodekloud Kubernetes fundamentals course and am currently working on the CKA course. Kodekloud classes include a genuine lab environment where you can gain hands-on experience. That is priceless.

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How We Test Online Courses

To ensure the selection of top-notch online courses, we follow a four-step process. As advocates of high quality eLearning platforms, rest assured that you need not be concerned with their ordering.


The first step is to make an e-learning platforms list. Choose reliable online learning platforms and buy a course.


We analyze course content quality, instructor qualifications and experience, platform flexibility, and convenience.


We provide online courses review services by evaluating their course content, platform functionality, and customer support.


We analyze a number of different aspects, and then present a detailed advice on how to arrive at an intelligent choice.

How Our MOOC Ratings Are Formed

Our ratings are formed from three main criteria: Quality, Value for Money, and Feedback from previous students.


Assessing the quality of online course services is vital because it ensures that you invest in a service that meets your educational and career objectives. It also confirms that the course can enhance your knowledge and skills. This opens up new job opportunities for you. With so many online course options available, evaluating the quality of the service provider and course content can help you make an informed decision. Thus, e-learning reviews can maximize the impact of your learning.

Value for Money

The value for money of online courses depends on various factors. These include the quality and relevance of course content and instructors' qualifications and experience. We recommend you thoroughly research the online course service provider and course content. Before investing in the course, ensure that it aligns with your educational goals and provides value for your money.


Customer feedback for online course services can provide insights into the quality of the course content, instructor expertise, platform usability, and customer support. By analyzing online courses reviews of customers, you learn about previous learners' satisfaction levels. This information can help users select an online course service that aligns with their goals.

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You can find the perfect online course platforms for remote learning that fits your goals.

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We have compiled lists of the highest-rated online courses tailored to various professions for your convenience.

Our Methodology

When perusing e-learning platforms, selecting the appropriate online classes is a crucial choice. Here are a few suggestions to assist you in finding the most suitable online course for your requirements:


Identify Your Learning Goals

First, determine what you want to achieve through the online course. You should know whether you want to gain a new skill, acquire knowledge, or get a certification. This will help you choose the path that aligns with your learning goals and interests.


Research and Compare

Take the time to explore different service providers. You can assess their course offerings, pricing, and other features like instructor qualifications and duration. By comparing these factors, you can identify the service provider that best fits your budget, learning style, and preferences.


Feedback from Students

Look for customer reviews and feedback to gain insight into the quality of the course content, instructor expertise, and customer support. This information can help you decide about the online course service provider.


Evaluate the Quality of the Course

Assess the course content to ensure it is relevant to your learning goals and objectives. Check for course materials such as videos, interactive activities, and assessments to determine if the course meets your expectations.


Asses the Instructors

Verify the credentials and experience of the instructors to ensure they have command over the subject matter. You can do so by reviewing their profile or researching their background.


Evaluate the Platform's Usability

Assess the platform's user interface, course delivery format, and scheduling flexibility to see that it suits you. Look for options like self-paced learning, live sessions, and mobile accessibility. Make sure that they fit your schedule and learning style.


If you're looking for online courses, these tips can help you find the best course to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

In this block, you can access the responses to the top ten commonly asked questions we receive both directly from you and through online inquiries of eLearning providers.

Are MOOC certificates worth anything?
Employers may value MOOC certificates as evidence of motivation and learning, but traditional degrees and industry-specific certifications may hold greater weight. The value of MOOC certificates ultimately depends on the individual's goals.
Are MOOCs recognized?
Many institutions and organizations recognize them, including universities, government agencies, and companies. However, the level of recognition may vary depending on the course provider.
What are the pros and cons of MOOCs?
Pros: MOOCs offer accessible and affordable education, flexibility to study on one's schedule, and diverse courses for exploring different subjects.
Cons: MOOCs may lack interaction with instructors or peers, and the limited credentialing may hold a different value than traditional degrees or certifications. Completing MOOCs requires self-discipline and motivation.
Are MOOCs good?
Whether MOOCs are good or not depends on individual perspectives and goals. MOOCs offer many benefits, such as access to education, affordability, flexibility, and diverse course offerings.
Do MOOCs look good on resumes?
Including MOOCs on a resume can be beneficial in certain contexts. MOOCs demonstrate an individual's initiative to pursue learning and improve their skills, which can be viewed positively by potential employers.
Can MOOCs help you get a job?
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) can help individuals get a job. Completion of MOOCs can demonstrate an individual's initiative, motivation, and willingness to learn new skills to potential employers.
Do employers take online certificates seriously?
The seriousness with which employers take online certificates depends on various factors. These include the reputation of the institution offering the certificate, the industry, MOOC reviews, and the specific certificate's relevance to the job.
Which is the best online learning platform?
Based on our evaluation, the list of online learning platforms includes Coursera, edX, CreativeLive, Linux Foundation, and Skillshare, depending on the course you aim to take.
What is the most used app for online classes?
Popular apps for online classes include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Canvas, but usage may vary depending on institution or preference.
What is the biggest online education platform in the world?
The biggest online education platform in the world is Coursera, which offers over 4,000 courses and has partnerships with more than 200 universities and organizations.

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