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The Importance of Volunteering and Giving Time Back
Many people wonder about the act of volunteering, why do people volunteer, what are the benefits of volunteerism, do volunteers make a difference, and why is volunteering important. This article aims to help people better understand the impact of volunteering and the importance of giving back. Defining Volunteering The word volunteer originates from the Latin word...
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Tutor Clothing Guide: What (NOT) to Wear as a Tutor
Being a tutor is an amazing thing. There is no reason to explain why tutoring is important for college students. You can help them expand the knowledge they have and reach their career goals. However, most people like you have a common problem – they do not know how to dress as a tutor. Why...
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Pros and Cons of Holacracy: Main Advantages and Disadvantages
Businessman Brian Robertson has been advocating for holacracy for more than a decade. Holacracy is a modern corporate democracy in which traditional job classifications are replaced with self-organized teams, allowed to make their own choices. Employees who flourish in continuing organizational formations that allow more versatility and freedom choose holacracy, which provides a response to...
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What to Do When Your Boss is Incompetent?
There are always times when people complain about a boss, but it does not always mean that the individual is incompetent. Some people will simply complain during stressful situations or about some minor management flaws. This is completely normal. There is a more pressing issue when your boss is incompetent, which will not only affect...
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How to Tutor Writing and be a Good and Effective Tutor
Do you have a flair for writing and communication? If yes, have you considered monetizing your skill? Yes, you heard us right—you can turn your passion into a milestone for your professional development by offering tutoring services as a freelancer or with writing centers. If you’re wondering whether it is a viable career choice or...
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Tutoring Session: How to Structure & Conduct One
Being a tutor is a challenging thing! You will have to think of tutoring sessions that will be entertaining and valuable at the same time. However, as you see, students you will work with have different mentalities, tastes, and needs. Because of that, you have to be a flexible person ready to adapt to the...
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How to Become SAT Tutor: In-Depth Guide for Future SAT Tutors
Students who achieve competitive SAT scores will have a better chance of getting into their college of choice, as well as getting a scholarship. As a result, many students get tutoring before taking the exam. Students who are preparing for the SAT may face significant pressure when taking the test. But a good SAT tutor...
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How to Become a Professional Certified Resume Writer?
Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash Resumes are essential in job searching, and only a job seeker who has sent out hundreds of these documents will know how utterly complicated it is to write. There are basic rules of writing, and each of these is there to improve the chances of your application being approved....
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