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Admissionado Review 2021

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By Alina Burakova fb Jan 05, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

If you seek college entrance success or are planning to obtain a Masters’s or MBA, you may benefit from the services being offered at Admissionado. We have done a complete analysis of what this company offers and provide you with all details right here. During our complete Admissionado review, we took a look at important aspects that you will want to consider if you are a student that wants a high success rate of college admission.

We took the time to go over the pricing options and what services you will get when you hire professional consultants from this company during our assessment of this site. As we reviewed the site, we looked at feedback from prior users to determine the satisfaction rate. You will find you will get high-quality services from experts in the education field, and most of the professionals here have earned degrees from some prestigious institutions in the US.

With our review, you will discover all services offered as well as any guarantees that are offered by the site. We have considered comments left by users and have compared what is offered to other consulting companies. Check out what you can benefit from when you use professional services and increase your admission chances!

As a college or high school student, you may be planning to further your education, which is where this company will come into play.

What is Admissionado?

It is a professional consulting company that provides the tools and resources to help you achieve high success rates when applying to colleges and universities.


The main focus of this company is helping students complete applications and write compelling admission essays that will help increase the chances of acceptance. While the company cannot guarantee acceptance by all, it has an amazing success rate and has been rated as one of the best consulting services available.

Offering constant communication with your mentor and great customer service, you will find this service to be beneficial and well worth the cost. The company is reliable and respected and, over the years, has gained the trust of thousands of students who have successfully been accepted to their college of choice or who have gained entrance to a Master’s program.

In 2007, Admissionado was founded, and it was a small company created by Jon Frank and Raj Patil. As classmates at Brown University, the duo reconnected after many years. They recognized the need for an admission consulting program that would offer students a better chance at success as they start their journey to higher education.

Today, Admissionado has more than 100 staff members that are dedicated to offering students top consulting and counseling services. You can find many positive Admissionado reviews that provide feedback from former clients that have been extremely happy with the services offered by this professional company that is dedicated to your personal success.

No matter what educational level you are currently at or what level you are aspiring to achieve, the services at Admissionado can help. This company offers MBA and Master’s admissions consulting as well as mentorship and consulting for college-level students.

For College admissions, the services at Admissionado can be quite beneficial. Actually, in Admissionado reviews, we noticed that someone calls them one of the best college consultants online. We agree with such statements, and we also featured them in our own list of top consultants.

Anyways, by offering the most talented consultants in the industry, you will be able to hire an expert that will help you achieve success and gain acceptance to your schools of choice. With college packages offered, you will receive professional support and help throughout every stage of the application process. This includes:

  • Application Diagnostics;
  • Essay Support;
  • HQ Support;
  • Professional Feedback.

There are two options for college students. One is for Seniors and Juniors who need help with college selections and applications. The other is for students in grades 9-11 who need one-on-one college counseling. There is another great option for college admission; check the PrepScholar college admissions review, and find out that they also provide admissions consulting services, which we can surely recommend too.

The MBA and Masters services are tailored for those who are already enrolled in college and are looking to further their education. MBA admissions consultants at Admissionado will improve your chances of acceptance, and based on past reviews, and there is a 98% success rate.

Like college services, there are two options for MBA/Master’s services. These include Junior Deluxe and Deluxe. Both of these will provide you with an expert that can guide you through your application process to ensure you have the best chances of being accepted into a Masters’s or MBA program. If you don’t know what is the best online GMAT prep course, then we got you covered; check our list and find the top one.

A concern students have is the cost of services. We have done a complete assessment of Admissionado price packages and provide you with all the details right here. You can choose packages based on whether you are entering college or are looking to obtain a Masters’s or MBA.

  • College Counseling

There are two packages for students in grades 9-11.

One is a College counseling package which will start at $1,620. This provides you with college counseling in hourly blocks. You can choose to add additional hours for an increased cost, or there is an annual membership option that starts at $4,320 for one year.

The other package is Junior Deluxe, offered to those who are Juniors or Seniors. Here, you get assistance with school selection, applications, essays, and more, and the prices start at $2,295.

  • Masters/MBA

Two packages are offered that cost $2,185 or $4,595 for one school. As we found in the Stacy Blackman Consulting review, which is also an excellent MBA Admission consultancy, they have higher prices than Admissionado in some cases. Is Stacy Blackman Consulting worth it? Check the reviews from her customers.

The Junior Deluxe is the lower-priced option which is excellent for those that do not need help with resumes or interview prep.

A Deluxe package offers comprehensive services and covers applications, resumes, interview prep, essay assistance, and more if you need complete consulting services. We also have MBA admission consultants reviews that you should check to find the best company for MBA admissions.

While the cost of packages can be steep, all services offered at Admissionado are professional. You will always get help from qualified mentors who have obtained graduate degrees from some of the best colleges in the country. The quality of services is amazing, and past customers have provided feedback on the great counseling and guidance offered.

Admissionado success rate is high as the consulting staff is highly qualified and has earned degrees from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and many other universities. They have gone through the application and admissions process and know exactly what it takes to get into the best schools and programs.

Based on the many positive reviews and ratings left by former customers, you can expect top-notch customer service at all times from Admissionado. The team of professional support agents has personal connections with every client and makes sure to provide the support that is fast, friendly, and very efficient. Clients will have email access to the support team and their mentor at all times, and there is also a phone number for assistance when needed.

Admissionado does not offer a mobile app, though you can access your mentor and all provided resources and tools using the web-based platform that can be accessed on any mobile device.

The website itself is designed for fast and simple navigation. You will not find any ads or clutter. All tabs are clearly marked so you can get the exact information you need. The clean design and user-friendly interface make for great usability.

  • Services are provided only by experts and professionals.
  • All the staff members are very informative.
  • Free consultations are offered.
  • Essay analysis services included.
  • Additional resources are offered, including School Guides and Books.
  • 98% acceptance rate after using services offered.
  • Full packages can be expensive.
  • As for graduate programs, only MBA assistance is offered.
  • No discounts are offered.
  • Fee for every school being applied to.
  • No guarantee policy in place.
  • No live chat is offered for support services.
My verdict
Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
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If you are getting ready to send out your college applications and want to make sure everything is on track, services at Admissionado are among the best available. We highly recommend the services for any student looking to select the right school, get professional guidance for application completion, and even essay services to ensure your admission essay is on point. Admissionado is a top-rated prep and consulting copay that always provides professional services to ensure high success rates for college applicants.

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