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Princeton Review PSAT Prep Review

By Enthony Ferdinand, Updated February 27, 2024


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Lowest price$799
Charged per course
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Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • High-quality, personalized instruction
  • Flexible learning options to suit different needs
  • Higher price point compared to some alternatives
  • Some users desire even more practice questions


  • Princeton Review's PSAT preparation offers a well-rounded and effective learning experience.
  • The platform's comprehensive course materials, including a vast library of practice questions and adaptive learning technologies, contribute to a thorough understanding of the PSAT.
  • The expertise of professional teachers and personalized instruction stand out, ensuring students receive valuable insights and strategies to excel in the exam.
  • The platform's commitment to high-quality teaching and a variety of tools reflects in the positive outcomes it delivers.

Value for Money

  • Princeton Review's pricing structure provides flexibility with options catering to different learning styles and goals.
  • While the higher-end packages come with a substantial price tag, they offer personalized coaching and intensive instruction, justifying the cost for students aiming for top-tier scores.
  • The entry-level option, Digital SAT Self-Paced Course, offers affordability without compromising on quality.
  • Princeton Review PSAT stands out for its quality and comprehensive features, making it a worthwhile investment for students.

Student Feedback

  • Users appreciate the depth of knowledge and expertise exhibited by Princeton Review PSAT instructors.
  • Positive testimonials highlight the platform's effectiveness in helping students achieve their goals.
  • Constructive criticism regarding customer service response times and technical issues underscores areas for improvement.
  • Overall, student feedback indicates satisfaction with the Princeton Review PSAT's course content and instructional quality.
  • The platform fosters a supportive learning community, as evidenced by positive reviews and testimonials across various platforms.
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Princeton Review PSAT main

My hands-on approach to review of Princeton Review PSAT revealed its secrets. My criterion for inspection? I focused on finding the best PSAT courses, noteworthy features, pricing points, benefits and drawbacks, user interface simplicity, and mobile app functioning. With an eye for detail and a hunger for authenticity, I explored user experiences on YouTube and Reddit.

In my experience, working through Princeton Review’s PSAT prep was helpful. The system’s easy design helps students, and its materials are carefully designed to improve student outcomes. The website’s blend of detailed course material and user-friendly access showed its dedication to teaching and engaging people.

My experiments with the platform highlighted strengths and improvement opportunities. First, the many practice problems and customized comments enhance preparation confidence. I soon recognized that money may be a barrier for some, stressing the need for more affordable, high-quality solutions.

My platform experience emphasizes the need for thorough evaluation. I’ve seen the platform’s influence on learning efficiency and results, informed by user interactions and feedback, not simply hype.

The Princeton Review PSAT Prep Features

Princeton Review PSAT results

When I looked into the Princeton Review PSAT prep course, I found a site that is a light for students who want to do well on the PSAT. Its best features, like personalized coaching, a huge library of practice questions, and adaptive learning technologies, make it worthwhile for all kinds of learners, from those who want to learn independently to those who need organized help. The structure of the course, which combines online tools with expert guidance, makes sure that every student finds the best way to prepare.

My experience with this tool has shown it to be insightful and flexible. Because the courses change as scores improve, they are convenient for those who not only want to learn everything there is to know about the PSAT and take practice PSAT tests.

Quality of Princeton Review's Prep Material

schedules Princeton Review PSAT

Going straight to the heart of Princeton Review’s SAT and PSAT prep materials, I found a wealth of tools to give students power. The platform is built around its professional teachers and a wide range of materials beyond test prep. I’ve seen that outcomes are strongly affected by the quality of teaching and the number of available tools. Learn more in our review of the best books for PSAT test prep.

Who is in charge? A group of experts, teachers, and professional tutors whose job is to make the SAT and PSAT less scary. There aren’t just any teachers here; these experts know how to break down complex ideas into doable chunks. The strategic material they gave me and the conversations I had with them made a clear picture of a team that cares deeply about the success of their students.

Any guarantees?

They are included in the deal. Princeton Review keeps its promise to help students get better grades and offers extra help to those who might need more time to reach their original goals. This promise says a lot and sets it apart from many rivals.
Does it compare to big names like Kaplan and PrepScholar? A close look at the competition makes it clear that Princeton Review doesn’t just fight; it often beats them. Let us break it down:

Feature Princeton Review Kaplan PrepScholar
Price $$$ $$$ $$
Quality of Material High Medium Medium
Personalized Instruction Yes Limited Limited
Guarantees Strong Moderate Conditional
Expertise of Tutors High Variable Good

Even though all three platforms help with prep, my experiments have shown that Princeton Review’s mix of high-quality material, individualized lessons, and professional coaching is the best. The personalized method and strong guarantees give them extra trust and support you don’t get from Kaplan or PrepScholar as much.

The way the website and its products are made directly affects students, making it a good place to learn and grow. Certain websites can feel distant or too general. Still, Princeton Review’s services are suited to meet students where they are, providing precise and personalized guidance as they go through the study process.

Ultimately, my in-depth look into Princeton Review’s SAT and PSAT prep materials showed me a tool that does what it says it will do. It’s a strong option for students who want to improve their grades because of the quality of its teachers, the structure of its classes, and the strength of its guarantees.

Prices for Princeton Review PSAT Courses

Princeton Review PSAT learn classes

Navigating through the Princeton Review’s SAT prep offerings, my exploration led me to uncover the ins and outs of their pricing structure. With four distinct course options, they’ve designed a spectrum of choices to suit different learning styles and goals. First off, the Digital SAT Self-Paced Course stands as the entry-level option. Priced around $300, it’s the go-to for students seeking flexibility without the need for live instruction. My tests showed that while it’s basic, it covers all necessary grounds with video lessons, practice drills, and tests. For those juggling a tight schedule or budget, this course proves that quality prep doesn’t have to break the bank.

Moving up, the Digital SAT Essentials Course caught my eye. This is Princeton Review’s bread and butter, combining the self-paced content with 18 hours of live teaching and hardcopy resources. Running close to $950, it’s pegged as their most popular pick.

Then, there are the specialized tiers: Digital SAT 1400+ and Digital SAT 1500+ Tutoring. These are the heavy hitters, designed for those targeting the upper echelons of SAT scores. The 1400+ option delivers 36 hours of live instruction tailored for students aiming beyond the average. With a prerequisite score of 1200 to start, the course’s $2,200 price tag reflects its intensive nature and score guarantee. On the other hand, the 1500+ tutoring package, at a steep $7,500, offers personalized one-on-one coaching, promising unparalleled focus on your specific needs for those eyeing top-tier universities or substantial scholarships.

My experience through the Princeton Review’s SAT prep landscape illuminated the careful thought they’ve put into their pricing and course structure. Each tier offers something unique, ensuring students can find a fit that aligns with their aspirations and financial boundaries. While the cost can climb for the more personalized, high-end options, the value becomes evident when considering the targeted outcomes they promise.

Student Feedback & Reputation

Princeton Review PSAT prep tutoring

As I look through every Princeton Review PSAT prep course review, I can see how people have shared many experiences. No matter how positive or negative the feedback is, it gives us a different view of how the service has affected kids and their parents. Let’s get to the heart of these words by putting them next to my thoughts.

First, the fact that a parent praised trainer Anne Cullens shows how good the teachers are at Princeton Review. Their praise of Anne’s thorough, results-driven approach shows how well the students are cared for individually and backs up what I’ve been saying: great teachers are the foundation of Princeton Review. Such experiences show how valuable the investment was and agree with my point about getting help from a professional when studying for tests.

Princeton Review PSAT prep review

On the other hand, another user’s note about how fast-paced the course is, even though it’s full of simplified information and lots of practice materials, is in line with the high standards set by the platform. In my experience, this level of focus can push dedicated students forward but also be too much for others. It shows how reliable Princeton Review is to thorough planning, which aligns with what I found about their many valuable resources.

Zhu Princeton Review PSAT review

Not all criticism is good, though. One parent’s anger at customer service that doesn’t respond shows a very different picture and points out places where Princeton Review seems to fail. This is a familiar feeling in the test prep business, where helpful customer service can make or break an experience for a user. The site gave me the same problems, suggesting that Princeton Review needs to improve its communication methods.

Princeton Review prep PSAT bad review

On a more positive note, comments about the SAT 1400+ class and how careful tutor Jhalak S. was shown what Princeton Review wants to create: a personalized, strategy-based learning atmosphere. This fits with what I know about their method: giving kids the information and strategies they need to take the SAT confidently.

Princeton Review PSAT prep Alex review

But the fact that homework is repeatedly mentioned and extra work is added adds to a common complaint about strict academic programs. These methods are meant to help people remember what they’ve learned but can also lead to burnout. This shows how vital balance is in test prep techniques.

review on Princeton Review PSAT

Lastly, a thorough review of technology problems and lousy customer service shows users’ issues with how the site works. Concerns about online education sites can be seen in this story, which calls for better response and technical dependability. Similar problems arose when I talked to Princeton Review, which made me realize how important it is to streamline processes and provide solid technical help to improve the user experience.

After reading many reviews of Princeton Review PSAT courses, a complicated picture starts to form. It’s clear that the platform does an excellent job with expert teaching and a lot of materials, but customer service and technical help are two areas that could use some work. After thinking about these points, it’s clear that Princeton Review is an excellent place to start for test prep but that the quest for greatness is an ongoing process.

  • Comprehensive course materials
  • High-quality, personalized instruction
  • Flexible learning options to suit different needs
  • Higher price point compared to some alternatives
  • Some users desire even more practice questions

The Verdict: Is The Princeton Review PSAT Good?

Princeton Review PSAT Verdict

After looking into what the Princeton review PSAT course review have to offer, what people have said about them, and how well they do overall, I can say that I am cautiously optimistic. The Princeton Review PSAT is a great choice for students preparing for this critical test. Still, things could be better and grow. We can suggest this tool to people who want to prepare for tests fully.


As I looked through their tools and learned how they teach, I saw that they are of a high grade. The depth and breadth of the material, along with the expertise of the teachers, make for a solid basis for success. Just because something is good doesn’t mean it can’t get better. Adding customization choices for students who learn differently could help them stand out even more.

Value for Money

review on Princeton Review PSAT grades

The review of Princeton Review PSAT prep courses are a great deal when you compare the costs and benefits, considering how they might affect your grades. The price is high, especially for the more expensive deals, but the tools and teaching are good enough to make it worth it. Still, a more flexible pricing plan could make their top-notch study tools more available, allowing more students to benefit from them.

Student Feedback

Looking at the many user reviews, most are good, with praise for the tutors’ knowledge and the breadth of the course. Still, feedback also shows areas that could use some work, like how quickly customer service responds and how stable the technology platform is. Taking these criticisms to heart and making changes could make users happier and more loyal. Also, you can compare PSAT tutors in our new ranking.

In conclusion, the Princeton Review PSAT prep review shows it is a strong competitor in the test prep market. However, it could be more valuable and appealing if it paid more attention to user comments and kept improving how it served customers. It’s a good choice for PSAT candidates because it strikes a good mix between quality, value, and customer satisfaction, though perfection is still an attainable goal.


Helpful for getting ready for the PSAT?

Yes, it has a lot of tools and tailored lessons that work for different ways of learning.

What should I study for the PSAT?

Work on your math, reading, writing, and language understanding for a well-rounded training.

Which book is the best for studying for the PSAT?

People like the Princeton Review PSAT prep books because they have a lot of detailed information and tips on how to do well on the test.

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