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Ten Best Java Courses On Udemy This Year

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Are you keen on programming? Or a newcomer in the field? Perhaps you want to polish your abilities with online classes and support. Well, you’re at the right spot to sign up for some of the most popular web development courses on Udemy.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Java developer, we got your back. Undoubtedly, many have attempted to become expert Java developers, so they have turned to Udemy for assistance. That’s why, today, I am sharing the best Java courses on Udemy for developers. You can also check the detailed review on Udemy on our blog.

I have meticulously selected ten of the most practical Java courses you can find this year. Beginners need initial guidance, so I include several options to get familiar with the language. As for experienced developers, I list full-fledged courses to meet their growth needs.

The suggested courses vary by length, objectives, and covered topics. However, they are all low-cost and easily accessible for anyone who wants to start or advance their programming career.

This article covers vital skills, including core Java, Clean Code, Spring Framework, Concurrency, Refactoring, and Multithreading. So, let’s explore one of the top programming languages for building multi-platform apps.

1. Complete Programming Java Masterclass [Java 11/17]

Created by Tim Buchalka, we can refer to this program as the best java course on Udemy. Besides being thorough and easy to grasp, the tutorials can take you from a beginner stage with zero knowledge to an advanced level. Over 655,000 students have subscribed for the course, while 157,250 have rated the overall experience with 4.6.

Listeners will become proficient in Java 8 and 11 and acquire essential knowledge in Android development and Spring Framework transitioning. The step-by-step lessons should equip you with all the necessary skills in 80 hours and 23 minutes divided into 25 sections.


You will learn about expressions, code blocks, statements, methods, classes, interfaces, inheritance, and constructors. This masterclass got its last update in 2022 and is available in seven different subtitles. The current price is only $13.99 at 84% off, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Digital learning has revolutionized education. Discover the best online learning platform to suit your learning style and career goals.

If you’re a self-motivated individual who aspires to master the language, say no more. The course authors claim you’ll be able to produce intuitive and creative Java software with high quality once you complete the program. You can get your first software development job and create apps quickly.

What you get:

  • on-demand video (80 hours),
  • one downloadable article,
  • 52 coding exercises,
  • three articles,
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

You can check and sign up for this course here.

2. The Complete Java Development Bootcamp

Attending this course will help learners study and master Java 11 to become professional programmers. The Bootcamp is Udemy’s best Java course that integrates everything you need to know about the language. So far, over 20,600 people have subscribed, and nearly 1k have rated the tutorials with 4.7.

The materials contain two modules. First, you will learn about variables, functions, loops, conditionals, and arrays. The second segment covers objects, debugging, exception handling, inheritance, polymorphism, unit testing, and concurrency. The total length of the course is 27 hours and 4 minutes, divided into 25 sections.


Last modified in 2022, the lectures are in the English language. Unfortunately, no subtitles are available in other languages. If you register today, you can take the course at 84% off and pay $13.99 instead.

Aspiring Java developers shouldn’t hesitate to watch the lessons to build solid foundations in automation, web, and Android development. Plus, they can get hands-on experience with over 100 coding challenges.

What you get:

  • on-demand video (27 hours),
  • four downloadable resources,
  • 70 articles,
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

You may sign up for this course right here.

3. Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization

Multithreading, Concurrency, and Parallel Programming are highly-sought modules for Java developers. Though the topics are challenging, the course creator Michael Pogrebinsky teaches you to fish instead of memorizing by heart. Moreover, 36,800 students have graded the course with 4.6.

The program is brief but efficient and will take 4 hours and 16 minutes to complete. Besides other things, the ten sections cover thread creation and coordination, advanced locking, inter-thread communication, and lock-free algorithms.

The last content update was in January, and you can follow lessons in English only. No subtitles are available in other languages. As for cost, everyone who registers right away will pay a discounted price of $13.99 for full-time access to all materials.

Our analysis shows that these tutorials are perfect for those with prior experience in programming and JDK 8 installed. The emphasis is on high performance, and by the end of the lessons, you’ll write accurate and responsive multithreaded apps. You will also become an expert in concurrency and performance optimization.


What you get:

  • on-demand video (4 hours),
  • 17 downloadable resources,
  • five coding exercises,
  • eight articles,
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

To check this course click this link.

4. Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced

This course is a product of Codeln Academy and helps students acquire core Java skills from scratch. It is a perfect program for beginners with no prior knowledge. With nearly 500.000 subscribers and a 4.3 reviews score, lectures are well worth it.

You will have to attend 38 lectures or spend 5 hours and 15 minutes to complete the level. It covers variables, loops, strings, if and switch statements, comments, and arrays. Later on, you will deal with constructors, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, interfaces, and classes. Before you begin, you must install some free tools.

Thinking of subscribing to Coursera Plus? Check out our in-depth Coursera Plus review to determine if it’s worth the investment.

All tutorials are in English only with auto subtitles. The last version is from 2022, and the discounted price of the program is $14.99. What students find exceptional about it are the easy-to-follow instructions and practical examples. Explanations are clear, on point, and straightforward.


However, some students have complained about the low volume of the videos.

What you get:

  • on-demand video (5.5 hours),
  • 54 downloadable resources,
  • coding notebooks,
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

Try this course on Udemy.

5. Modern Java — Learn Java 8 Features By Coding It

Pragmatic Code Schools has created this course to assist anyone interested in learning functional programming in Java. It is perfect for mastering Java 8 and getting some hands-on experience. Both people new to the program and those who want to polish their skills are welcome.

You will learn parallel programming with the streams and build complex streams pipelines. More so, you will understand the concepts of lambdas, new date/time libraries, and optional via code.


It will be ideal if students have prior knowledge about Java IDE, such as Intellij IDEA and Eclipse. Also, they must have Java 8 or greater version installed. The content has 104 lectures, which last 11 hours and 13 minutes. Once completed, expect to be able to write readable and concise codes.

This course costs $15.99 at an 83% discount if you enroll now. You will follow the tutorials in English with subtitles available in six other languages. The only downside from students’ perspective is the lack of coding exercises.

What you get:

  • on-demand video (11 hours),
  • 82 downloadable resources,
  • three articles,
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

Try this course out.

6. Java In-Depth: Become A Complete Java Engineer!

If you want to grow your programming potential and gain an in-depth understanding of Java, look no further. The instructor Dheeru Mundluru integrates design principles to teach you advanced features and master object-oriented concepts. You will also get to develop a Java EE-based web application.

There are 370 lectures spread over 67 hours and a half. You can be a complete rookie, but you need passion, patience, and perseverance to endure. More precisely, you’ll need 100% concentration to learn complex ideas developed for over five years. Thanks to the practical guidelines and comprehensive content, students from 150 countries have rated this course 4.5.

Tutorials undergo frequent updates, and the last one was in January. The teaching is in English, and you can choose from seven different subtitles. Today, you can get all the knowledge you need to become an Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer for $14.99.


What you get:

  • on-demand video (67 hours),
  • 290 downloadable resources,
  • 15 coding exercises,
  • 33 articles,
  • assignments,
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

Sign up for Java In-Depth.

7. Full Stack Java Developer — Java + JSP + Restful WS + Spring

This course is another best-selling product created by Chaand Sheikh for keen developers. It targets both novices and people with prior knowledge. Moreover, the Udemy Java course review score stands at 4.4 out of 4,270 ratings.

Once you select this module, you’ll need nearly 65 hours to complete it. There are 619 lectures, all dedicated to different topics. First, you’ll start with simple concepts, tools, and functions. Then, you will gradually move to more complex ideas. Get ready to build web applications; learn Java server pages, Generics, JSP, and Servlets.


The last update occurred about six months ago, and both video and subtitle languages are in English exclusively. If you register now, you can get the entire package for $12.99. The outcome is more than rewarding for the most persistent ones who get to the end of the classes.

I highly recommend these lessons to those passionate about programming. Students have praised the modules for being highly systematic, in-depth, and easy to understand.

What you get:

  • on-demand video (64.5 hours),
  • 70 downloadable resources,
  • 15 coding exercises,
  • 88 articles,
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

Try this course today.

8. Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 OCP Course — Part 1

This module is yet another gem of Tim Buchalka created for advanced learners. In short, you must have completed some of his lower-level courses to understand the concepts explained here. Once you finish the program, you’ll be confident enough to pass Oracle Java SE 11 1Z0-819 certification exam.

Last updated in 2021, this exam-oriented package has educated nearly 17,000 students. The cost is a bit higher than the average ($25.99 at a discount), but you can offset it by the benefits gained. First, your career options will enhance since Oracle certification is highly appreciated in the industry. Second, employers value and are more likely to hire certified Java developers.


The features covered in the course usually come up as questions on the Oracle exam. However, if you want to be 100% sure about passing it, it’s advisable to register and follow Part 2, as well.

Learners’ feedback on the tuition has been increasingly positive. They claim all the materials are engaging and practical. Yet, a few users have inquired the lecturer to include more quizzes and explain more slowly.

What you get:

  • on-demand video (12.5 hours),
  • 433 downloadable resources,
  • two articles,
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

Become Java SE 11 Developer today!

9. Learn Advanced Java

The course targets intermediate learners and strives to teach them advanced programming. So far, almost 2,000 learners have taken it and rated lectures with 4.4. Be aware that English is the only language you can watch videos in and download documents.


The prerequisite for this class is to be fluent in general Java skills. Prepare to sit through 19 hours and 10 minutes of lectures to polish your Java capacities. Once you finish the course, you will use Spring MVC to create web services and connect them with desktop clients.

John Purcell will introduce you to core Java design patterns, version control, and JDBC. You will also learn about Swing and multi-tier architecture. On the minus side, learners have posted comments about the fast pace of explaining Java features.

What you get:

  • on-demand video (19 hours),
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

Start learning.

10. Java from Zero to First Job — Practical Guide, 800+ examples

I have saved perhaps the best Udemy java course for the end. Incredibly enough, almost 250,000 learners have enjoyed this practical course. The average rating of the material covered, along with its frequent updates, is 4.3. Note that the learning language is English, and there is an auto-generated subtitle available.

This program requires dedication and time to grasp vital concepts. It starts from scratch and transitions to an advanced level. You will have to attend 224 lectures with a total length of 51 hours and 39 minutes.

After you finish the lessons, you will write readable and scalable clean codes. You will also debug tools, use collections, and do functional programming in Java. Last, learners will get acquainted with Eclipse IDE, Git, Set Interface, and Lambda functions.


If you register right away, you can get superior skills for $12.99. Otherwise, the price is $84.99, so the savings are significant.

What you get:

  • on-demand video (51.5 hours),
  • 39 coding exercises,
  • two practice tests,
  • eight articles,
  • assignments,
  • lifetime access on mobile and TV,
  • Certificate of completion.

Get your first Java gig or job by completing this course.

Comparison Table

Here’s an overview of the most significant features of Java courses compared. Our assessment is current, so it’s up to you to choose the best Java Udemy course.

Course Level Rating Certificate Price
The Complete Java Masterclass Beginner to advanced 4.6 Yes $13.99 at 84% off
The Complete Java Development Bootcamp Beginner to advanced 4.7 Yes $13.99 at 84% off
Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization Intermediate to advanced 4.6 Yes $13.99 at 84% off
Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced Beginner to advanced 4.3 Yes $14.99 at 84% off
Modern Java — Learn Java 8 Features By Coding It Intermediate to advanced 4.5 Yes $15.99 at 83% off
Java In-Depth: Become A Complete Java Engineer Beginner to advanced 4.5 Yes $14.99 at 83% off
Full Stack Java Developer — Java + JSP + Restful WS + Spring Beginner to advanced 4.4 Yes $12.99 at 85% off
Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 OCP Course — Part 1 Advanced 4.5 Yes $25.99 at 83% off
Learn Advanced Java Beginner to intermediate 4.4 Yes $19.99
Java from Zero to First Job — Practical Guide, 800+ examples Beginner to advanced 4.3 Yes $12.99 at 85% off

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Why Go To Udemy When It Comes To Java Courses?

Udemy is an effective platform for everyone who wants to gain critical knowledge about top Java frameworks. It abounds courses with high-quality material adapted to all skill levels. Besides practical exercises and tests, the lectures will enhance your theoretical side, too. Almost all content-creators are seasoned programmers with exceptional insight into the field.

Since videos are core components of Udemy lectures, these will undoubtedly get you to learn the language in detail. Moreover, the lessons are subject to frequent changes, so you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest developments. Still, practical hands-on experience can be missing on some occasions.

Another upside of Udemy online courses is the lifetime access to resources, videos, and exercises. You also get a certificate for each completed program, and it can make a crucial difference when landing your first job.

Finally, your success on Udemy will depend on your motivation and commitment. Above all, you can learn at the preferred pace and with a flexible schedule. Programming requires diligence and an urge to learn. You can’t expect to excel as a developer if you don’t dedicate at least four hours a day. Consider this a threshold to progress and be competitive in the market. Your desire to grow will define the kind of Java programmer you become one day.


Are Udemy Courses For Java Good?

Udemy offers some of the best Java courses available online. Any of the tutorials outlined here will help you build on your prior programming skills. You can also start from scratch and manage to get a job very soon after completing a full-scale course. Even better, discounted prices start at $12.99, so this money will be your best investment so far.

Which Udemy Course Is Best For Java Beginners?

Most of the programs I included above target beginners. Hence, whatever course you decide to follow, your success as a programmer is guaranteed. If you want to start small, consider Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced. Conversely, the Java In-Depth: Become A Complete Java Engineer course offers lengthy instructions and requires extra time and effort.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on July 25, 2023
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