EduReviewerCoursesReview of Udemy Courses: Prices, Quality, Reviews

Review of Udemy Courses: Prices, Quality, Reviews

By Alina Burakova, Updated June 13, 2024


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Lowest price$12
Charged per course
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Free courses;
  • Affordable;
  • 30-day money-back policy for purchased courses;
  • Lifetime access;
  • Udemy Certificate of completion;
  • Variety of courses;
  • Built-in payment processing.
  • Non-accredited certificates;
  • Quality control issues;
  • Unresponsive instructors;
  • Non-uniform price structure.


  • Ease of access.
  • Course review before publishing.
  • Ability to choose a course and learn at your pace. Since tutors are responsible for creating their courses, quality control is fairly difficult.
  • Udemy offers a certificate of complication on paid courses. Udemy certificates are not accredited and recognized for official use.
  • There are more than 196k programs. Opportunity to learn from industry professionals.

Value for Money

  • Different prices and also Udemy offers a lot of free classes on various topics.
  • Lifetime access. Udemy grants lifetime access to everyone that has purchased their lectures.
  • Money-back guarantee. You can ask for your money back before 30 days if you are not satisfied with the course.
  • Constant discount and sales offers. The price of paid programs on Udemy range from $10-$200. Instructors decide their price, so there can be variations between similar classes.

Student Feedback

  • There are no Udemy complaints on customer support, but there are reports of instructors that rarely respond to their students outside class hours.
  • Reviews and star ratings on the instructors' profiles are real and should always be considered.
  • Almost one billion people have demonstrated their trust, and there are hundreds of thousands of good reviews to prove it.
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Polite Customer Support
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Top-profile professors
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Partnership with top organizations and institutions
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Udemy Review

Udemy is one of the most prominent virtual learning spaces. The platform was launched in 2010, and since then, more than 712 million enrollments have been recorded from 196k programs and 68k instructors via its website and mobile apps. Udemy-intro The lectures are in 75 languages and offer tailored solutions for businesses and enterprises. Individuals looking to develop a particular skill or write a professional examination can use Udemy. Not only this, but the solution is available for businesses to train their staff on specific professional skills without spending too much. Also, instructors confident in their skills and ability to impart knowledge can do so and earn money in return. Some of good courses and the most popular courses and lectures categories on Udemy are:

CCNA courses
English courses
Full-Stack development
iOS development
Java courses
PMP courses

Our Udemy review will look beyond the hype and evaluate every bit of the website to discover the good and the bad. To stay objective, we will use various criteria to assess Udemy’s service and quality. This includes website usability, value for money, privacy, money-back guarantees, prices, features, and qualities that make them stand out. LSAT-Prep-Course Check it out if you are interested in a Udemy alternative.

  1. Udemy vs Skillshare
  2. Udemy vs
  3. Udemy vs Edureka!
  4. Udemy vs Educative

Who Is Udemy for?

Udemy provides an online platform for learning diverse business, technology, personal development, and creative arts courses. It is open to anyone interested in learning and improving their personal and professional development skills or knowledge, regardless of their background or experience.

For students who prefer learning at their own pace and convenience, Udemy offers self-paced online courses 24/7, allowing them to learn independently.

Professionals can benefit from Udemy by taking courses in their field to stay updated on the latest trends and techniques. Entrepreneurs can learn valuable skills in entrepreneurship, business planning, and marketing to help launch and grow their businesses.

College education

Udemy also caters to hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to explore new interests or acquire new skills. Learners can pursue their passions and hobbies with courses available in various topics, such as photography, music, and art.

Udemy provides a global learning platform accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The courseware is available in multiple languages, making it easier for learners worldwide to access education and improve their knowledge and professional skills.

Udemy Courses 

Thanks to its extensive list of programs, which includes over 196k courseware on its database, it’s impossible to list all the available options.

However, the range of topics cut across marketing, design, photography, software, programming, career development, music, personal and professional development, etc.


Each curriculum taught on Udemy is handled by industry professionals, some of whom can provide certification for the individual courses.

Not only this, but some programs offer lifetime packages. You can always go back after a break and complete the program.

All the courses on the online learning platform have standard features you will love. For example, they are broad and structured into categories that will facilitate easy learning.

You will also have unlimited access to video, audio, and text lectures. Apart from this, most classes have subtitles if the tutor allows them.

During the online class itself, you will answer many questions and quizzes to ensure you are at the same pace as the instructor.

This is even more true if you are trying on a class to prepare you for professional certification. Some programs have tests and quizzes at the end of each chapter, ranging from a few hundred to thousands.

After going through some of the most popular curriculums, here are a few things that stood out:

  • Quality course checks

During our exclusive research, we discovered that the platform has high taste as regards its choice of tutors.

There are necessary standards that a tutor must meet to be verified and allowed to publish on the platform.

Udemy - support team

For example, a course must have only 5 lectures and at least 30 minutes before it can be accepted here. Not only this but the lectures are subjected to a quality review process to ensure only the best.

Since Udemy is primarily a video-based website, tutors must first submit a test video of every lecture for recording quality evaluation.

You must improve your recording before publishing it on the website if it needs to be revised.

  • Good sound and video quality

It is easy to hear and understand the tutors. Moreover, the video quality is excellent enough for students to see everything on their screens.

  • Good pacing


Udemy course users can take any lecture at their pace, as tutors don’t impose an unreasonable deadline within which you must complete a particular course.

The only deadline applies to the money-back guarantee used to determine whether you will like the class and pay for it.

Each course is divided into sections, covered within a reasonable amount of time. Students can also view their curriculum in advance to know what they will learn from their tutors and leave reviews on Udemy.

  • Expectations and clarifications

All tutors must state the requirements for their classes in advance before students register. Not only this, but they must communicate who can take the program.

Udemy - Frank Kane

For example, some programs are only for beginners. By clearly communicating all expectations, students can get value for their money. This will contribute positively to the Udemy course review students leave behind.

  • Language

All lectures are available in English.

However, some include up to 8 more languages so students worldwide can feel comfortable learning their respective languages.

Course Content

  • The expertise of instructors: Udemy courses are taught by a diverse range of instructors, from industry experts to passionate hobbyists. The expertise of instructors can vary greatly, which may impact the course’s overall quality.
  • Course curriculum: Course curriculums on Udemy can be well-structured and comprehensive, but this can vary depending on the instructor’s expertise and approach.
  • Course materials (videos, quizzes, projects): Programs usually include a mix of video lectures, quizzes, and projects. The quality of these materials can vary, with some courses offering professionally-produced videos and relevant, engaging quizzes and projects.

Pricing of the Udemy's Courses

How much does Udemy cost?

Typically, Udemy charges users between $10 to $200 for access to its premium services, based on observations from different Udemy training reviews. So, the figure varies depending on the features you would like to enjoy while using the platform. However, you might be able to leverage discounts, coupons, and other offers that can reduce the price by half. Udemy prices are clearly stated on the website, and tutors can provide specific deals or discount codes for their programs.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

The money-back-guarantee is one of the most significant advantages of using Udemy. It is one of the platform’s ways of ensuring students get value for all the classes they take on Udemy. Each Udemy course page sale has a 30-day money-back guarantee, with a few exceptions. Some of them include the following:

  • You must only consume a portion of the individual course or download it after requesting a refund.
  • You must only request one refund for the same class.
  • You must not request excessive refunds on other lectures.
  • You must have an account that has not been reported, disabled, or banned from violating terms or trust and safety guidelines.

If you pay for a video that is not what you thought it would be, you can request a refund before going any further. In cases where the transaction is not eligible for a cash refund, Udemy will process the refund with the Udemy Cards. The following types of purchases are eligible for credit refunds:

  • Cash or bank transfers;
  • iOS (Apple) payments;
  • Udemy credits;
  • Alfamart and Indomaret;
  • Boleto Bancario and pix.

How to request a refund

The entire process of requesting a refund is also fast and easy. All you need to do is navigate to your purchase history, locate the lecture you wish to refund, click “Request Refund,” and select the refund method you want. Then, explain why you want a full or partial refund and submit the form. We decided to include this in our Udemy academy reviews if needed. Udemy Business Plan

  • Team plan: Available to 5-20 users and costs $390 per user yearly.
  • Enterprise plan: available to 21 or more users. Contact sales for customized pricing.
  • Leadership development programs: contact sales.

Pricing Comparison With Other Online Learning Platforms

Compared to Coursera and LinkedIn Learning, Udemy programs are generally more affordable, even considering competitors’ subscription-based pricing models. Udemy-big-sale

What payment options are available?

Udemy supports various payment methods, depending on your location and account country. They include:

  • Udemy Mobile app (iOS and Android App), is available for purchase through the platform’s payment method and app store.
  • Boleto Bancario and Pix are available to students in Brazil.
  • Buy now, pay later is available for students in the United States.
  • Cash payment and bank transfers are available to several Latin American nations and some countries in Asia and Europe.
  • International Debit and Credit Cards: they include Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB.
  • PayPal: this payment method is available in most countries.
  • Udemy Credits: Students with Udemy Credits in their accounts can use them to pay for their next course.

Quality of the Courses Provided on Udemy

Our review of Udemy courses has revealed that this is one of the biggest, online courses and lecture marketplaces on the internet. Considering the massive number of classes (196K), users have so many courses and options when finding a niche.

Udemy - reasons to start

Who will help you on the platform?

Udemy will not demand any upfront payment for anyone publishing their own training courses on the website.

However, they make money by collecting a percentage of sales. This means that almost anyone can be a tutor on Udemy.

To sort for only the best and ensure positive Udemy course reviews, the platform conducts quality tests on lecture videos and materials to ensure that only the best offer their services.

Some assessments will evaluate the quality of videos and recordings, course modules, and compliance with other rules and regulations.

Udemy Instructors

Udemy Instructors have experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, including business, technology, personal development, and creative arts.

They are passionate about their subjects and committed to providing high-quality education to their students.

Udemy - instructor

Sharing their extensive knowledge and experience with their students, Udemy Instructors create engaging and informative course content using multimedia tools such as video lectures, quizzes, and assignments.

These tools enhance students’ learning experience, making it interactive and practical.

Udemy Instructors play an integral role in the platform’s mission to democratize education by helping learners worldwide acquire new skills and knowledge.

Through the online learning platform’s messaging system and discussion forums, instructors interact with their students, providing personalized support and guidance throughout the course.

Instructors have access to resources such as the instructor dashboard and the platform’s community of instructors, which support them in creating effective course content and providing valuable learning experiences.

Are the tutors qualified?


All the tutors on Udemy are qualified, with certifications to prove it. But we know that you can only judge people by their past performance.

Udemy also knows this and has put measures in place to ensure the continued relevance of their tutors and positive reviews of Udemy.

When you search for a class you like, Udemy displays the number of students enrolled for the class and a star rating based on the number of students that have rated the course.

You can check the Udemy reviews to ensure transparency and to see what past students think of the same course.

Udemy - reviews

Udemy has a profile page for each tutor. Therefore, you can click on a tutor, read their profile, and determine if they are qualified enough to teach you.

An example: “The 365 careers” team on Udemy is a best-selling provider of finance, data science, and business classes on Udemy. The company has registered 1,854,535 students and 541,754 Udemy classes reviews. They have also created 80 courses, and are still one of the best instructor partners.


A profile like this will help students know who the tutor is and what they stand to gain.

Any guarantees?

  • Certifications: Udemy certifications are not legally valid. However, it will make you stand out if you add it to your resume. All course instructors issue certifications at the end of their program.
  • Access on mobile and TV: You can access Udemy on mobile and Tv from any part of the World.
  • Full lifetime access: once you purchase a course on Udemy, you will continue to enjoy lifetime access, provided Udemy continues to have the license to the lecture and your account is in good standing. The same applies to subscription content.
  • Money-back guarantee: You can cancel your order and ask for a full or partial refund if you are not satisfied with the lecture content, provided you meet the criteria. Check the section about pricing to know about the money-back guarantee.

How is it different from other platforms?

Udemy offers the most significant number of courses, a third of which are free.

The classes also cover various topics and are available as needed. This means that students can commit to the topics they want and complete them quickly.

Udemy - come teach with us

Plus, the lectures are reasonably priced, and some discounts reduce the price you need to pay.

Comparison with Other Online Learning Platforms

  • Coursera: Coursera offers a more structured learning experience, with courses often being part of larger degree programs or specializations. While Coursera courses are more expensive, they often come with higher quality control and accreditation.
  • LinkedIn Learning: One of the best Udemy alternatives focusing on career advancement and professional development, LinkedIn Learning offers a subscription-based model, providing access to a vast library of courses. The platform has a more consistent quality level than Udemy, but the course offerings may be less diverse.
  • Skillshare: Skillshare is another subscription-based platform primarily focused on creative and artistic fields. While the platform has various coursewares, the overall quality can be variable, similar to Udemy.
  • EdX: As a non-profit organization, EdX offers courses from top universities and institutions. The platform provides high-quality content and accreditation, but the programs may be more expensive and less flexible than Udemy.

Is Udemy Worth It? Is Udemy Legit?

Everything we have covered in our Udemy academy review shows that Udemy is a legitimate learning environment and worth it. Review ratings on individual courses, different offerings, experienced teachers, and helpful lecture materials exist. Udemy-courses

Are there free courses?

Of course, thousands of courses are available for free on the platform. Although they might not offer as much value as the paid alternatives.

Lifetime access: Is Udemy worth the price?

Udemy offers classes worth the money for students, professionals, and tutors. Even the free courses on Udemy are informative and well-organized, and the paid ones are inexpensive. You can time your course purchase to coincide with one of Udemy’s frequent sales drops to join. You can’t go wrong with your purchase at a discounted price, especially for a personal subscription plan. Udemy-popular Udemy’s money-back guarantee allows you to enjoy a risk-free lecture for a month. In other words, you can try out a class for a month and decide not to continue with the tutor for any reason – a feature not many platforms offer. As expected, there are terms and conditions attached to the guarantees.

What do you get for the money paid?

A typical Udemy paid course ranges from 2 to 35 hours of video content. Before enrolling, you can check each program’s length to know what to expect. Although each tutor determines the course details and extra benefits they will include in the program, there are general benefits that all students enjoy. Udemy-featured-courses They include:

  • Tests, exams, and quizzes;
  • A community of hundreds of students;
  • Each video is marked with a blue check mark when you complete it;
  • You can view your overall percentage completion;
  • You can input notes while watching a course video;
  • Text, video, and audio lectures;
  • Downloadable certificate of completion;
  • You can read and post questions.

How valuable are their courses?

Udemy programs are best for the development of creative skills and knowledge. For example, you can take a class to improve your skills, prepare for an exam, develop skills, or scale your expertise in a particular field. That said, employees don’t consider Udemy certifications when hiring. Although it shows you can learn, it does not communicate real-life applications. But you must understand that educational credentials are different from skills. To gain credentials, you must pick up skills. Udemy-business So, while the programs may carry little weight, the dedication to taking responsibility for your learning will ultimately increase your skills. Udemy is an excellent platform for boosting your skills without paying so much. Even if you must include it in your resume, make sure to include other educational experiences first.

Is it helpful for your career?

Yes, Udemy certificates are helpful for your career in the area of skill development. Udemy is not accredited, so employers don’t care about the certificate. Udemy-your-future However, it proves the following:

  • It proves that you can set a goal and achieve it.
  • It proves you have passion and interest in a field of study and have probably completed practice tests.
  • It shows you are self-driven and self-motivated to acquire a new skill and obtain a professional certificate.

So, for example, a tech company in Silicon Valley won’t hire you because you completed an IT course on Udemy. However, they will hire you because of your proficiency in various programming languages.

Examples of the Most Popular Udemy Courses

  • Web Development Bootcamp: This comprehensive course covers everything from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to backend technologies like Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. Students learn to build web applications from scratch.
  • Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp: This course introduces students to Python programming, data manipulation, data visualization, and machine learning techniques, preparing them for careers in data science and analytics.
  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course: Covering great courses and topics such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and Google Ads, this course equips students with the skills needed to succeed in the digital marketing landscape.


  • The Ultimate Drawing Course: Aimed at beginners, this course teaches the fundamentals of drawing, including techniques for creating realistic art and developing one’s unique drawing style.
  • The Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course: This course offers an in-depth look at financial analysis, investment strategies, and valuation methods, preparing students for careers in finance or personal investment management.

Udemy Reviews, Student Feedback, and Reputation 

Udemy has dedicated customer support students, and instructors can turn to in distress. New users can use the frequently asked question section to find answers to their questions and even search for topics to help.

User reviews of Udemy courses offer insight into the quality and structure of the courses. Positive reviews typically highlight the instructors’ expertise, the courses’ affordability, and the quality of content provided.

On the other hand, negative reviews may point to issues with course content, instructor engagement, or technical problems.

Udemy - our core values

Generally, highly-rated courses have professional video and audio, high quality courses, knowledgeable instructors, and well-structured content. Lower-rated courses often need help with audio or visual production, high quality courses, or lack of instructor involvement.

The online help platform has physical offices in Turkey, Ireland, California, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

Here are a few reviews of Udemy courses by students taking online courses:

Anton De Swardt – TrustPilot

From a course consumption perspective, I have found it to be great. The lecture quality varies as you’d expect right online learning platform. The pricing is very competitive, which is no doubt what draws most learners like me to this platform. A great resource for me and is used successfully by many of my colleagues in my company as well.

Shephard – TrustPilot

I have used Udemy for a couple of years, mostly to learn and improve computer programming.

I’m delighted by the possibility to see all the details, including preview videos and reviews of the program before purchasing them. This is fundamental to make sure you choose the right course since not all of them are of good quality and up to date.

Unfortunately, the certificate you get after completing a course is not recognized. It is just a personal achievement but what matters is your actual knowledge.

Another big advantage is the fact that you can buy just a single course with no need to pay for an annual or monthly subscription.

Overall, I would recommend affordable courses from Udemy. I just advise you to check the curriculum well before buying them.

Udemy - business articles

Greta Skikalite – TrustPilot

I had two accounts with different courses, a free course and a paid course, on them. Customer support promptly solved my issue by merging accounts. Had no issues afterward.

1s44c – Reddit 

Udemy’s courses here is totally legit. However, there is a lot of content on there of variable quality. The best-rated courses are usually excellent and worth many times the price Udemy charges.

Emagmind – Reddit

I used Udemy to study and pass 3 IT certifications which helped me score a job offer. If you’re looking to gain a particular skill, checking out that community and seeing their Udemy recommendations will help alongside the reviews on the site.

Samantha W. – Sitejabber 

Their discounts are awesome! Choose your category, look for the sources with the highest rating and duration, and you’ll definitely find something interesting and created by professionals in the niche. Last time I bought 3 courses each at 10 bucks. That was the new year’s sale, but they have sales pretty often.

Johnny F – Sitejabber 

There is a whole bunch of tutorials on Udemy to choose from. Most are paid, and some are free but not always of good quality. It’s possible to find coupons to get free or ridiculously discounted courses so you can always get what you want for a really small price.

Solving issues during a class is pretty easy because other students can leave comments on every video and ask questions and solve problems together, and if it’s really serious the instructor will help out too.

Udemy - where possibilities begin

Chad Hilton – Playstore 

Overall Udemy is great, and no complaints about the content and features, but it can be a bit laggy buffering, and loading. Feels clunky and unstable at times. Aspects of the glitchy video player that could be more intuitively designed.

The title of the current section and video should be front and center as you are watching. It’s frustrating having to scroll down through the entire list of sections for that particular course to find the title of the current video playing. Needs a better user interface.

Chad Hilton – Playstore

I love this app for watching and keeping track of my lectures but the reason I won’t give the app 5 stars is that for whatever reason the course’s individual lessons get disorganized. I’d understand if it was a one-off issue, but it’s come up multiple times across multiple lectures.

Ex. Individual Lessons are numbered My current course shows them in this order Section 1 1, 2, 3, 6, 4, 7, 5, 8 The sad part is even though they’re separated by lessons numbers 6, 7, and 8 are part of Section 2 originally.

Barthamos Delissen – TrustPilot

Super quality, no malfunctions in the tool, and no issues with payment. Did everything I needed. I tried the competitors as well, and this is by far the best.

Tom C – Trustpilot

I have a lot of different courses on Udemy. Most are really good. Some are lacking for some reason or another. But, overall, I found a great deal of great content. Most of the programs range around 15 dollars when they are on sale (which is most of the time).

If the price is $200 just wait a week or so, and it will go on sale. It’s better than paying $60 on amazon for a way outdated book. Most people update their own courses more regularly. Plus, they have access to all the content on their site.

Helen M – Sitejabber 

I have become a habitual user of Udemy for all my basic educational and informational needs. Other than perhaps Kindle books, I tend towards Udemy’s instructors for a recent drawing course, finance course, etc. Some information given here tends to be too generic to be dependable and useful.

But overall, I like Udemy’s course offerings and the panel of instructors. The only concern I have with this site is the low prices they charge which may or may not be the as scrupulous treatment of instructors as one can give a person who is educating others.

The customer service here has improved significantly in terms of delay in response times to a support ticket and resolution of student issues in the last 2 years (since 2018), though I haven’t utilized Udemy as an instructor so I cannot comment on the level of customer support shown for them.

Darren Jones – TrustPilot

I have found the Udemy program really helpful for some of my Azure training and certifications.

Also, I like the fact that I bought a course and did not complete most of it for over a year, due to inertia on my part; and when I restarted, I found the content had been updated, excellent!

The prices are good, I’ve never needed/wanted to claim a refund, so I can’t comment on that side as I see some other reviews have highlighted it.

How to Open an Udemy Account?

  • Visit Udemy’s website: Go to
  • Sign up: Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the page.
  • Provide further information: Fill in your full name, enter your and email address, then create a password.
  • Confirm your email: Check your inbox for a confirmation email, and click on the link provided to verify your account.
  • Start exploring: Browse the course offerings and find the perfect course to begin your learning journey.

Upsides and Shortcomings of Udemy

The platform has a wide range of online courses. Thanks to the extensive course library that allows learners to find classes that cater to their interests and needs.

There are also affordable pricing systems and frequent discounts and promotions to incentivize users.

Group Classes

Another impressive feature here is the lifetime access to course materials.

So, once students enroll in a course, they have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing them to learn at their own pace and revisit content as needed.

However, the inconsistent courseware quality dents the delicate image. Since the quality of Udemy courses can vary greatly, it may impact the overall learning experience.

Users will also gain limited accreditation or certifications, unlike competitors with formal accreditation or certifications recognized by your employer or an accredited institution.

  • Free courses;
  • Affordable;
  • 30-day money-back policy for purchased courses;
  • Lifetime access;
  • Udemy Certificate of completion;
  • Variety of courses;
  • Built-in payment processing.
  • Non-accredited certificates;
  • Quality control issues;
  • Unresponsive instructors;
  • Non-uniform price structure.

Final Thoughts

In this Udemy online courses review, we shared some bright lights on this popular learning platform.

Here, we’ve covered some crucial information about Udemy that can help a potential user decide to join and learn.

Even though anyone would be skeptical about a $10 program, Udemy has proven to be quite worthy of its reputation.

Almost one billion people have demonstrated their trust, and hundreds of thousands of good reviews prove it.

So, Udemy is the right platform to learn a variety of courses and broaden your mind.

However, check reviews for Udemy courses on individual programs before choosing them.

Also, you can share your skills as an Udemy instructor and publish your own course.

In-Person Classes

Recap of Key Findings

Udemy offers a vast library of courses at affordable prices, making it an attractive option for learners looking to expand their skills and knowledge.

However, the platform’s course quality checklist can be variable and may not always provide formal accreditation or completion certificate.

Recommendations for Prospective Students

Before enrolling in a course on Udemy, prospective students should thoroughly research the course, including the instructor’s background and user reviews, to ensure they are making an informed decision.

Future Prospects for Udemy and Online Learning

As the demand for flexible and accessible virtual learning platform options continues to grow, most courses like Udemy are poised to play a vital role in the future of education.

By continually improving course quality, expanding course offerings, and addressing the concerns of users, Udemy has the potential to strengthen its position as a leader in the virtual learning space.

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