EduReviewerEducative vs Udemy: Which One Should You Pick?

Educative vs Udemy: Which One Should You Pick?

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Udemy vs Educative: Overview

Education is a process that never ends. From the moment you are born, education will keep going on till the day you die. From childhood to adulthood, we go through something known as academic education. But what happens after that? review

It’s during this time, that we learn new skills and knowledge on our own. But with so many online resources out there, which one do you trust? What are some of the good options that you have at your disposal?

There are plenty of good options as well as bad ones. Among the many that exist, today we are here to talk about two platforms in particular and find out which one is the best. Today we’ll be discussing Educative vs Udemy.


Both of them have some really good redeeming points which fare well for them. But for a head-to-head comparison, we were impressed with the features of Udemy because of the learning method and the variety that you get. Let’s show you what we mean in more detail.

To navigate the vast digital education landscape, a list of the best online learning platforms can be instrumental in highlighting each platform’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique features.

Overall Comparison Table

Categories Udemy Educative
Learning Method Video + Texts Texts Only
Variety of Courses Available on Multiple Topics Variety Only on Programming
Flashcards Yes Yes
Free Trial No Free Trial but Free Courses Available Available
Pricing Varies from Course to Course Package System
Certification Comes Included with Paid Courses. Requires Extra Payment for Free Ones Included with All Courses

Key Features of Platforms for Learners/Students

As a student, you want a platform that teaches you what you want to learn in the most effective manner. So, Udemy Vs. Educative? How do you figure out the answer?

For web development courses, a comparison like Angela Yu vs Colt Steele can offer a closer look into their teaching styles, course content, and the unique value they bring to students.

We did an in-depth analysis of all the features and when we tried our hand Educative courses on Udemy came out on top. Why is that?

While Educative is good in its own rights, it’s focused mostly on Comp. Sci. students and software engineers. But the good thing about Udemy is like we said before, the variety of the courses that Udemy provides. Here we list some of the features of both in short.

  • Video Tutorials

At Udemy, no matter which course you take, you will always find a video associated with it. There are multiple courses on Udemy with new ones being added regularly. Be it cooking, coding, making a DIY project, everything will have a video with it. On Educative, everything is text-based.


  • Variety of Courses

As we’ve stated earlier, there is no limit on the variety of courses on Udemy. That’s why there’s no end to the courses that Udemy provides. As for Educative, there’s a variety of courses there too. But most of it’s based on coding and if you’re interested in python the DevOps will surely impress you.

  • Cost

For learners, education should not be walled off with a barrier like high pricing. This is why Educative and Udemy are really affordable. The higher the quality of the course, however, the bigger the price tag. But you can get discounts quite frequently, so you should grab those when you can.

Now that you have an idea of the things that you can expect let’s look at the individual features of Udemy and Educative in detail.


Price starts from $12
Promo code N/A
  • Courses on Different Topics
  • Detailed Video Presentations
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • Affordable Prices
When we talk about Udemy, there are a lot of points to cover. We’ll try to cover as much as we can so that you can have the freedom to make the decision whether or not to go with Udemy.

  • Courses on Different Topics

The sheer number of options available on Udemy is just mind-staggering. There isn’t a single topic that goes uncovered on Udemy. You can either filter your searches by picking a category from the marketplace. Or you can search directly to find what you’re looking for.

  • Detailed Video Presentations

For every type of course, you will find detailed video lectures. Some of them will comprise of texts and videos combined. And in some cases, the entire course will be comprised of videos. Simply follow along with these videos and learn with practical experience as you go along. There are instructors who make these video lectures, so you get your money’s worth.

  • Quizzes and Tests

To judge whether a student is actually learning something fruitful from the courses or nor, instructors offer quiz questions within the comprehensive courses. These questions are checked by the system and the students can get the results immediately after attending any quiz. This lets them know of their shortcomings and doesn’t waste any time in the learning process.

  • Affordable Prices

You will find multiple options when the courses compared in price. They are also rated so you can gauge the quality of the course and judge whether the pricing is accurate or not. Among the compared courses, if you find one that’s compelling but costs a bit too much, just wait for the discounts. You can save a lot of money that way while ensuring the quality of knowledge you’ll be getting.


Price starts from $16
Promo code N/A
  • Get Interview Ready
  • Text-Based Courses
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Online Terminal for Codes
  • Good Pricing
At Educative, programming and software engineering students can experience many courses. You can find some for beginners as well as advanced learners. But is Educative better than Udemy? Let’s see how it stacks up against it.

  • Get Interview Ready

When we talk about Vs Udemy, the key point that stands out is the abundance of courses that exist to land you the dream software engineer job. And that’s not the only job that you can get help with. Browse through the marketplace to find courses on topics for your job interview no matter what position it may be. At Educative, you’ll never be disappointed.

  • Text-Based Courses

The team at Educative believes that texts are faster than video presentations. You can focus on the programming questions on hand without getting sidetracked by anything else. Learning the theory behind programming is just as important as being able to solve a question. And the text-based approach is the perfect way to learn that.

  • Qualified Instructors

Not anyone can just join Educative for teaching eager learners. The company has a strict hiring policy and will only take qualified instructors with actual experience in teaching. Students can get their work verified by their instructor to solidify what they’ve learned.

  • Online Terminal for Codes

You can run your code right in your browser with the online compiler that they provide. It’s designed to support multiple languages. So, no matter what you’re learning, you can always try out the solution to questions without switching to any other code compiler.

  • Good Pricing

Making a career while having to pay ludicrous amounts for unlimited courses is a bit of a stretch for many. Keeping all these things in mind, Educative offers the best pricing on all of their programming-based courses.

Pricing Comparison

We’ve been saying that both the platforms offer some affordable prices on the courses. But how much is it exactly? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this section.


The great thing about prices at Udemy is that there is no fixed pricing. So, you only get an experience of what you pay for. There are differences on the options available on the Course tab of Udemy’s website. Visit that to get started.

udemy java from zero practical guide

Normally the price will range anywhere from $10-$200. This will of course depend on the course and the quality of it. Better quality means a higher price. It also depends on who the instructor is and the topics that they cover.

To learn Java, consider exploring the best core Java course in Udemy, focusing on instructor quality, course content, and student feedback.

You can check out the topics that will be covered and choose the right course for your needs. Once you’ve found everything that you were looking for, you can go ahead and make the purchase. They won’t expire, so once you buy them, it’s yours to keep forever.

If you feel like a course is priced too high, wait for the $9.99 day. Selected courses on this day are all priced at $9.99! Even the $200 ones as well. And besides, you get regular discounts quite often so, it’s quite affordable if you are patient.


The pricing on Educative is mostly dependent on getting a subscription. You need to get a premium to get access to all the courses. You don’t need to be picky here, as once you get any of the subscription, all of the content will be open for you.

what is educative

There are 3 packages that you can choose from. The standard package costs $139. That’s $16.66 per month and gives you access to unlimited courses as well as early access to new ones as soon as they are available.

If you don’t want to choose the standard package, you have the option of getting the monthly package. This will cost you $59 each month. While you will get unlimited access, early access to new courses is not offered in this package.

But the best one is the premium package. It stands at $209 for 1 year which comes to $24.99 monthly. But it gives you all the features of the standard package, plus you get to complete projects. You also get the ability to personalize your learning plans which is a wonderful feature. It’s also the best value for money.

If you’re interested in practical, hands-on IT training, a KodeKloud review can offer insights into its course quality, instructor expertise, and overall learning experience.

One thing to keep in mind, with all the packages you will get a certificate for completing any course. You can use this certificate on your resume for any jobs you might be applying for in the future.

Quality of Courses and Value for Money

Now let’s talk about how you actually learn the stuff on these platforms. There are definitely noticeable differences in the learning approach Educative and Udemy. Here we look to explore that in greater detail.


Udemy combines videos and texts to create an interactive learning experience for beginners. This applies to all of the courses at Udemy. It’s great to see the things that a student will be learning practically.

The video lectures are all different from one another. This is mostly dependent on the instructor for the course. They get a lot of freedom as to how they want to structure a course. This allows beginners to find courses that are in tune with their learning approach and makes it interactive.

udemy overview

All the courses will have an introductory video and associated texts to give the beginners a brief idea of the topics that will be covered over the duration of the course. This is also available in preview form which can be used to understand the topic that will be taught before purchase.

When a student starts any course, after regular intervals there will be a series of questions to test their progress. This helps the instructor understand the capabilities of the learners. The learners can also see just how well they are understanding the topic.

Sometimes there will be questions that require a specific submission. The submission can be a document or it can even be a video. The nature of these questions is once again, left in the hands of the instructor.

Once a student completes all the modules and is successful in completing the final tasks, they will be awarded a certification stating their completion. For free courses, you will need to pay to get the certificate. But with the paid ones, the certification comes included.


On Educative, the name of the game is texts. There are no video lectures or anything of the sort. But lessons are not any less interactive here. In fact, it blends a mix of theory and practicality that makes the lessons engaging.

Since you will be required to get a subscription, you will get access to unlimited courses. The team believes that all knowledge should be open or everyone to explore. This is why with one of their plans, you will never face a paywall locking a course behind a price.

Every student will start off with basic courses and slowly work their way up by solving the questions. But if you think you have graduated from the beginner’s level, and want to try out an advanced one, that’s also up to you.

Since Educative focuses more on programming, you will be tasked with solving questions. To keep each and every course interactive and interruption-free, you won’t even need to set up an environment. One of the key problems that beginners face is setting up a coding environment.

educative main page

At Educative all that’s done for you via a sleek online compiler that supports multiple languages. So, developers don’t need to worry about using any new software for the development of programs.

For example, let’s say someone is enrolled in a mobile application development course. You’d normally need to set up a new development environment to run and test your codes. But the online version works just as well, making sure the programmers don’t need to waste time on setting up any of those.

And just like with Udemy, you will be given certification after the successful completion of a course. Make sure to answer all the questions on the last test to get a good score.

Main Disadvantages of the Platforms

All this time you’ve been hearing only about the good sides of these platforms. But now, let’s see the sides where they’re lacking to give you the full picture.


Our choice between Educative or Udemy is obviously Udemy. This is why it’s imperative that you know about its shortcomings to be better prepared. Let’s see what they are.

  • Certificates for Free Course

Sometimes there are certain good courses that are given out for free. These will see a lot of students joining them. They work hard in completing it in hopes of learning a new skill and getting a certificate for it. But it all goes up in smoke when you learn that you need to pay separately to get a certificate for the free courses.

  • Choosing the Right Course

Different topics are covered with courses at Udemy. While having lots of options is good, it can also get confusing when you have to decide which course to get. There are plenty of instructors that might not be a good fit for you. But these courses are not filtered out, so some beginners end up taking them and regret them later on.


Programming and the development of software are what Educative is known for. But what are the bad sides that get swept under the rug? That’s what we’re looking to unearth here.

  • No Diversity of Topics

While there are many courses on programming and application development, that’s all there is. Udemy offers courses on almost anything you can imagine. But Educative is only focused on programming, development and nothing else.

  • Lack of Video Content

While many people like the text-based approach, it’s not for everyone. Most people these days are dependent on video content and prefer learning new programming languages that way. Besides the text instruction can be confusing for beginners as they are new to software development. An instructional video in this case could have helped sort these issues out.

  • Features Locked Behind Plans

Having unlimited access to all courses is good. But the fact that you need to get the premium package to take part in projects drives you away from practical development. It would be better if there were simpler projects included in the other plans to give a student the feeling of accomplishment.


Between the two platforms, we have decided to recommend Udemy. It offers different topics that you can try out and learn for free. There’s really no restriction on the things that you can learn here. It includes courses for aspiring coders as well as career professionals.

Even if it’s a hobby or something you’d like to learn in your free time, Udemy’s got you covered. The freedom of being able to learn anything is what makes Udemy so great. It’s recommended by thousands of people online for that very sole reason.

But is Educative inferior in any way? Of course not. This is a platform that’s dedicated only to courses for programmers and developers. The instructors are dedicated to teaching the students the theory behind programming languages and software development.

For those looking to sharpen their skills, or even for those looking to get into the tech side of things, is a great option. Even individuals already engaged in a profession can pick up a course to further enhance their knowledge.

If you’re someone who’s looking for courses on Computer Science-related subjects, then Educative is a great option. But you can get the same and much more variety at Udemy, which is why we’re recommending it.


Which is better Educative or Udemy?

Depending on your needs, both platforms are really good and reasonably priced. However, if your learning needs are broad, then Udemy is the obvious answer. And for software-related courses, Educative offers far more. It all depends on you.

Which is cheaper Udemy or Educative?

Udemy charges for each individual course that you enrol in. So, how much it costs is going to be up to the learner. At Educative, however, you need to subscribe to one of their plans which gives you access to unlimited courses. Among Udemy or Educative, you can save more on the former.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on October 26, 2023
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