EduReviewerAngela Yu vs Colt Steele: Which is Better for You?

Angela Yu vs Colt Steele: Which is Better for You?

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Overall Comparison Table: Angela Yu and Colt Steele

In the world of web development, new concepts and platforms are always being introduced. To keep up with those platforms, certain individuals have started interactive courses on various learning platforms. One of them is Udemy.

Currently, when you look up all the programming courses available on Udemy, you will stumble upon two significant instructors who can help you with the successful completion and certification of their courses.

Instructor Angela Yu Colt Steele
Interactive Course Plan Same Same
Lessons on Metaverse, NFT, and blockchain Yes No
Lessons on SQL, MongoDB, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Yes Yes
jQuery Yes No
Quizzes and Exercises Yes Yes
Mock Exams Yes Yes
Projects Yes Yes
eBook Yes No
Video Lectures Yes Yes
Subscription Yes Yes
Certification Yes Yes

In this review, we have detailed reviews of the two most popular full-stack courses delivered by Colt Steele and Angela Yu. Before you read the full review, here is a short overview of the Udemy courses.

Short Verdict: Colt Steele vs Angela Yu Programming Courses

While the comparison between Angela Yu and Colt Steele focuses on their individual courses, you might also be interested in my side-by-side evaluation of Andrew Ramdayal vs Joseph Phillips to broaden your perspective on available educational resources.

Key Features of Instructors for Students

This is the section where we have listed the major features of both the programming courses on Udemy. Both the instructors are qualified software developers with many years of experience in the field. They are also well known in the programming marketplace.

Having said that, below are the features compared between Colt Steele and Dr. Angela Yu.

Colt Steele

  • Offered Languages

Considering the fact that the Colt Steele course is imparted in 14 languages, the price structure makes sense. The available languages are English, Turkish, Japanese, French, Dutch, Arabic, Thai, Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Italian.

As a result, you don’t have to be from a native English-speaking country. You can be from anywhere in the world and become part of the master course!

  • Course Content

There are 61 sections in the Colt course content with 615 lectures that need to be completed in 63 hours and 47 minutes. Starting with a Course Orientation, there are approximately 8 to 17 lectures for each topic.

HTML has 3 topics, such as Semantics, Forms/Tables, and Essentials. Besides, there are several sections dedicated to CSS. For example, the basics, selectors, responsive CSS and flexbox, box model, and frameworks.

Furthermore, 7 sections are reserved for JavaScript and 14 sections are dedicated to YelpCamp. Other important aspects of web development that you will learn from Colt Steele’s course are NodeJS, MongoDB, XSS, SQL, geocoding, maps, templating, DOM manipulation, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, ExpressJS, and more.


[Colt Steele Course Plan]

  • Projects

When it comes to hands-on projects that programming beginners must complete, Colt Steele offers them about 17 of them! Some of them are Museum of Candy Website, Responsive Pricing Panel, YelpCamp Landing Page, AJAX TV Show Search App, YelpCamp Authentication, Responsive Image Blog, YelpCamp Campgrounds, YelpCamp Image Upload, and Ping Pong Scorekeeper.

  • Requirements to Enrol

The requirements to enrol in Colt’s program are very easy. You don’t even need to have a background in programming. But if you do, it will be easier for you to understand some of the concepts.


[Colt Steele Video Lectures]

Angela Yu

  • Offered Languages

Angela Yu is also offered in 14 languages so her course can be learned by students belonging to different parts of the world. The available languages are English, Turkish, Japanese, French, Dutch, Arabic, Thai, Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Italian.

  • Course Content

Angela Yu’s web development course has 490 lectures and 41 sections. So, the total number of hours you have to devote to this course is more than 65 hours 39 minutes. She started with Front-End Development which has 11 lectures.

On the Angela Yu’s web dev course, there are 39 lectures on JavaScript, 32 lectures on CSS, and 19 lectures on HTML. Unlike Colt Steele, Angela included a Web3 decentralized app building in her programming course. Also, there are 4 boss-level challenges that Colt couldn’t come up with.

Angela decided to include Web3, crypto token, NFTs, blockchain, and decentralized finance in her course, which makes her outline more improved and modernized compared to Colt.


[Angela Yu Course Plan]

  • Projects

In the web development Bootcamp by Dr. Angela Yu, you will be required to complete a bunch of hands-on projects. Some of them are Dicee App, MongoDB Todo List App, Stylised Personal Website, Drumkit App, Keeper App, Emojipedia App, React Reminders App, TinDog Website, and NFT Marketplace Decentralized App (DApp). Among the best React courses on Udemy, this course is also considered one of the best Udemy courses for computer science overall.

After observing the hands-on projects that are offered by both web development geniuses, we think that Angela Yu’s projects are more practical, on-demand, and useful for beginners seeking employment in web development jobs.

  • Requirements to Enrol

To enroll in Angela’s program, you just need a stable internet connection. You don’t even need any previous experience or education in programming. She is more than happy to walk you through the whole process step-by-step.


[Angela Yu Video Lectures]

The debate between Angela Yu and Colt Steele also raises the importance of the platform where the course is offered. For more insights, have a look at my article about the best virtual training platforms which can be key in your pursuit of learning.

Pricing Comparison

Both Colt Steele and Angela Yu offer their complete web development courses for a price of $64.99. But is it even worth what you pay for? Let’s check that out in this section.

Colt Steele


Colt Steele is providing resources that are worth 63 hours and 47 minutes of your time, whereas Angela Yu is giving more time, up to 65 hours on the same platform, Udemy. In that sense, Angela is providing more value for money.

However, when you look at the number of lectures that they are both delivering, Colt has over 615 lectures and Angela has just 490. Can we make a decision based on that? We need more evidence!

Another point that you need to see is the curriculum each has chosen for the course. Colt’s curriculum is different from Angela’s. Colt doesn’t include Web3, NFT, minting, crypto, and tokens in his lesson plan but Angela has because these are modern programming terminologies that we must be familiar with.

Angela Yu


Since Angela tops Colt in providing lessons for up to 65 hours, her course has more value for money than Colt’s. Despite this fact, her course plan only includes 490 lectures whereas Colt’s lesson plan has 615 lectures. As a result, Angela is cramming 65 hours of study time into 490 lectures!

Regardless of the number of lectures, Angela has considered the modern needs of programmers and made sure that they are not in the dark about metaverse, NFTs, tokens, cryptocurrency, Web3, and blockchain.

When we consider the value that she is providing in the course that costs the same for both individuals, we think that Angela’s course is worth the money you spend!

Nevertheless, there is an element of preference here. So, before you pick any of these comprehensive courses, go through the description and a course outline of each, and choose the right one for you!

Quality of Courses

We can easily determine the quantity of the course materials provided for the courses, but it will be hard to assess the quality.

In terms of hours, Angela Yu wins. But in terms of the lectures delivered, Colt Steele takes the lead. Then, there is the issue of topic variance. Some of the topics that Angela Yu covers are not covered by Colt Steele, such as NFT, minting, tokens, and blockchain.

These are extremely essential elements in the programming environment. But only Angela is imparting the lessons. However, Colt is also teaching his students essential topics that Angela has ignored. For instance, Angela skipped Flexbox, Bootstrap, AJAX, Unix commands, XSS, and geocoding.

In this regard, we find both the courses to be of high quality. So, you can choose the course that is more suitable for the topics you want to learn.

Angela Yu and Colt Steele are just two of the educators you can encounter in e-learning. You might want to dive deeper into the platform where they teach, and my Coursera review can help you understand more about one of these platforms.

Main Advantages of the Courses

Colt Steele

  • The Most Popular Udemy Course

Programming students are very familiar with the name Colt Steele as they have taken lessons with his online course presented on Udemy. Learners can learn all they need about web development at a throwaway price like $9.9 on Udemy.

  • The Reputation of the Instructor

Without a doubt, Colt Steele is one of the most popular instructors on Udemy, which is why we are reviewing his courses today! Beginners in programming often praise his talent for simplifying complicated topics.

This person has had over 1 million students on Udemy and other courses on different platforms over the years. He is an expert in Python, MySQL databases, JavaScript, and many other topics.

  • Lessons are Easy to Understand

Students praise Colt’s ability to explain difficult terms in an easy manner, especially HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Google fonts, Bootstrap, Font, and how the internet works. It doesn’t matter what your background is, you won’t experience an ‘imposter’ problem while following his syllabus.

  • Demonstrates Real-Life Tips and Tricks

Not only is Cole Steele good at explaining the topics, but he also makes sure that the students get a good grasp of web development. For that reason, he uses several real-life tips and tricks in his study program.

  • Resourceful Curriculum

The course is beautifully designed for aspiring programmers who need an expert online instructor to guide them through the entire process. Colt Steele provides 17 hands-on projects, 158 articles, and 63.5 hours of video tutorials.

Therefore, no matter what type of learner you are, visual, auditory, or linguistic, you will benefit from the lessons he offers!

  • Course Structure and Quality

This man focuses on both the front-end and back-end in the web development course. He will go through JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and jQuery until they make sense to each and every one of you! Most students enrolled in the Udemy program have no prior experience in web development.

Yet, when they finish the course with Cole Steele, they come out feeling confident and optimistic about their career. That says a lot about the content quality and teaching style of the programming guru!

Angela Yu

  • Also One of the Most Popular Udemy Course

Just like Colt Steele, Dr. Angela Yu’s ‘The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp’ is also one of the best courses offered on Udemy. She has had over 7000 students so far, whereas Colt Steele has had millions. Yet, her competence and popularity can’t be discounted!

  • Up-to-Date Content

Colt Steele and Angela Yu are both legends in web development, but sometimes, one of them falls short in some areas. For instance, compared to Colt Steele, Angela Yu re-checks her lesson plan and updates video tutorials, worksheets, and lectures to accommodate the needs of modern aspiring programmers.

  • To the Point

Dr. Angela Yu’s course on Udemy has been praised for being to the point without unnecessary fluffs and waste of time. Since this lady has been involved in developing several websites, games, and apps since the age of 12, she has plenty of practical experience to teach her students what she knows!

  • Expertise of the Instructor

Angela Yu is definitely an instructor who is not teaching you book-based knowledge. She has had a passion for web development since she was a child. Plus, she also offers other courses on and outside Udemy, such as:

  • iOS Web Development Bootcamp
  • The Complete Crowdfunding Course for Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  • The Complete Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp
  • The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart
  • The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp

Judging by her Udemy profile, she has had over 7000 programming students so far, and her courses are available in 14 languages!

  • Course Structure and Quality

The course offered by Dr. Angela Yu is comprehensive, direct, and easy to understand. There are 16 hands-on projects for the students, 8 coding exercises, and 134 articles that need to be completed to finish the online course.

Main Disadvantages of the Courses

Colt Steele

  • False Advertisement

Unlike what Colt Steele claims at the beginning of this web development course that this is the only course you will need, the reality is far from this claim. You will need more than a Colt Steele web development course to understand and become a professional at it.

  • Cramming isn’t Healthy or Effective

Bootcamps can be heavily overrated in the education culture, and so is Colt Steele’s web development bootcamp course. The certificate is only based on the fact that you have followed the syllabus of the bootcamp regardless of whether you learned anything of importance or not.

Moreover, most bootcamps cram together all the lessons to be finished in a short period of time. We don’t think that is an ideal way to learn about a particular topic.

  • Course Content is Not Up-to-Date

Let’s get real. Colt Steele does update his videos and worksheets from time to time, but they are not as up-to-date as the outlines offered by Angela Yu. The lady actually takes time and trends into consideration and modifies her course content to fit current demands.

Angela Yu

  • Needs Improvement

Even though we have lots of good things to say about Dr. Angela Yu, she needs to improve some of the topics that she teaches. For example, she can improve the lesson plans and project tasks for MailChimp, mongoDB, Bootstrap, Asynchronous programming, and JavaScript.

  • Difficult to Understand

It has been said that some of the lessons supplied by Angela Yu are difficult for beginners to comprehend. Since Angela Yu is a smart individual, it may be tough for an average student to pick up on her wisdom and ideas. With that being said, she can make some of the lessons easier, such as Web3 and Mongoose modules.

  • Not an All-Round Course

Some Udemy instructors often make false promises about their courses that that one course is all you need. However, that is not the complete truth, especially in web development. You may feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing the course.

Nevertheless, in most cases, you need to enrol in multiple courses to really get the hang of a complex subject like web development.


We are quite impressed with the analysis conducted on both the course instructors and software developers.  The good thing is that both Colt and Angela have a unique and comprehensive lesson plan.

With that in mind, if you want to learn cryptocurrency, NFT, and blockchain, choose Angela. On the other hand, if you want to learn about AJAX, Flexbox, Bootstrap, Unix commands, XSS, and geocoding, then Colt is your man!


Is Colt Steele course worth it?

The courses offered by Colt Steele are comprehensive, clear, up-to-date, and engaging for beginners in programming and web development. You don’t even have to spend too much on the course, even though what you get in return from the course is worth millions!

Which Udemy development course is the best?

Udemy has several course platforms, but for programming, there is no beating Colt Steele and Angela Yu. They are both successful software developers and teachers in the programming marketplace.

Is Angela Yu better than Colt Steele?

Angela Yu is better than Colt Steele in terms of the metaverse and blockchain topics she is teaching. Colt’s course doesn’t include any of these. Angela can teach you how to mint tokens and have fun with cryptocurrency! But if you look for the Linux courses, then Colt Steele has a great course for that.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on January 9, 2024
Verified by Alina Burakova
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