EduReviewerAndrew Ramdayal vs Joseph Phillips: Which is Best?

Andrew Ramdayal vs Joseph Phillips: Which is Best?

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Overall Comparison Table

  Andrew Ramdayal Joseph Phillips
Pricing From $34 per course From $83 per course
Pros Downloadable materials Downloadable materials
  Quality videos Offline learning resources
  Mobile app available Mobile learning available
  Updated PMP exam questions Self-learning aid
Cons No mixed questions Boring video
  Boring video content Lack of contact and direct support
  Lack of direct interaction Only two practice tests

“All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.” – John F. Kennedy


If you are seeking to start a project manager career, or want to gain more knowledge from more qualified professionals, Andrew Ramdayal and Joseph Phillips’ interactive online courses are the best for you. These courses will prepare you for your Project Management Professional certificate examination.

For whatever cost you will buy this course, you should know it is worth every penny. However, I think Joseph Phillip’s Udemy can do better with the practice tests. Two practice tests are quite low for a challenging course as Project Management Profesional.

Andrew and Joseph are not just other instructors of PMP at Udemy, they provide some of the best PMP courses on Udemy. Their reputations say a lot about them from the other platforms available in the marketplace. Andrew, the founder of TIA Education Group, is also an author of the best-selling book on PMP references.

Joseph Phillips is well known for being a coach, a consultant, and an author. Most popular about what he does is his unbeatable Exams prep guide, plus other courses he has designed, including; CAPM, PMI-ACP, and the most popular, MS project.

It is good to know that Phillips’s name is bound to pop up when you search for the best instructors. Andrew Ramdayal provides over 60 certifications for beginners and professionals, which is somewhat impressive. Andrew hosts his courses on Udemy platforms with several discounts that come up daily.

Joseph Phillips vs Andrew Ramdayal’s review is a necessary one. It will help both beginners and professionals to understand the PMP to the fullest. To get a better choice, below is a brief comparison.

  • Andrew Ramdayal gives 38 hours of access to all classes, but Joseph Phillips offers only 29.5 hours.
  • Andrew Ramdayal has more exam practice than Phillips.
  • Andrew Ramdayal has more test practice than Joseph Phillips
  • The downloadable app for Andrew is easier to navigate and entails more necessary tools, while Phillips has a rather old platform.
  • Joseph Phillips has two practice tests for users, while Andrew Phillips has several.
  • Joseph Phillips has seven articles, but Andrew Ramdayal has only 1 article.

In the discussion between Andrew Ramdayal and Joseph Phillips, the advantages of e-learning come to the fore.

Key Features of Instructors for Learners/Students

“Inclusive, good-quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies.” – Desmond Tutu


Before you have decided to choose either the Andrew Ramdayal or Joseph Phillips courses on Udemy out of the many others in the marketplace, you might want to check the several unique features they both have like unlimited courses, etc.

The most important aspect of each course is getting certification after your beginners’ and professional lessons.

The good news is that both platforms will give you a recognized certificate once you have completed the course. For further knowledge of their unique features, don’t stop reading just yet. Check BrainSensei reviews and get additional info of the benefits you can claim.

Andrew Ramdayal

  • Well-Constructed Courses: 

I can’t overemphasize how great of an inspiration Andrew Ramdayal’s PM Professional courses has been and how it is one of the best you can take.

This is nothing but because his programs are very well constructed. His PMBOK guide processes are so broad that it accommodates more features than you can think of.

  • Longer Contact Hours:

While I can praise Andrew Ramdayal and Joseph Phillips for long contact hours, the foremost feature of Joseph phillips’ is the longer contact hours. A thirty-five contact hours certificate is a reasonable one.

Contrary to other learning platforms, Andrew’s contact hours are not time-wasting. They offer the best to prepare you for your PM Professional exam.


  • Up-to-date Curriculum:

If you seek the most updated curriculum, Andrew Ramdayal’s PMP never misses any updates with the courses. The ability to adjust their courses and accommodate new ideas makes Andrew remain the best PM Professional.

Most importantly, it has a complete 7th edition of the PMBOK guide scope. Not only that, the practice lessons are top-notch.

  • Expert Instructors:

The hours users are meant to spend on this course is a whopping 38 hours.

However, it will be quite disappointing to think that Andrew Ramdayal does the classes alone. His team of experts is certified professionals with several deserved awards.

  • Vast Practice Questions:

The practice exam questions are also vast. Over 400 practice exam questions give users a broader knowledge of how to answer questions. I can’t but also mention that there are slides and PDFs to properly understand all processes and formulas.

Above all, if you want to choose the right beginners or professional course as, you should keep reading this review.

Joseph Phillips

  • Adequate Lesson Durations:

Joseph Phillips offers not just another regular PM Professional course. It is a course that guarantees up to 35 contract hours and a PDU certificate.

This program is designed to accommodate up to 29.5 hours of demand video. Not to mention the additional 7 articles, which are quite exclusive to Joseph Phillips alone.

  • Resourceful Materials: 

There is nothing better than having materials you can always go back to read or watch. Joseph Phillips encourages personal studies, and that’s why they have up to 20 downloadable resources. These resources include videos and PDFs.

The compared courses of Joseph Phillips or Andrew Ramdayal cannot be balanced without stating that Phillips has two practice tests.

You don’t have to worry about the video quality for downloadable videos. phillips has top video quality that even allows mobile downloads.

Also, these videos and materials, in general, are adaptable to either Android or iOS users.


  • Lifetime Access:

Another wonderful feature of Joseph Phillips is full lifetime access for all subscribers. Even when your hours are complete, you can still return to the available resources.

  • Test Questions:

While your hours of the course are still running, you will get access to assignments and exercises. The comprehensiveness of Joseph Phillips is more than enough to prepare you for a PM Professional exam; trust me; you won’t regret it.

Pricing Comparison

“Pay any price to stay in the presence of extraordinary people.” – Mike Murdock

Everything good comes with a price. Better things come with a higher price. I am, however, glad that Joseph Phillips and Andrew Ramdayal have comprehensive courses to offer students at a very affordable price.

Below is the breakdown of the subscriptions you need to pay before attempting to take the PM Profesional course in these two Udemy courses even as beginners.

Andrew Ramdayal

Is Joseph Phillips better than Andrew Ramdayal? This is one of the most common questions in the mind of potential users. This is a necessary question.

However, before you can conclude, you need to have the courses compared, consider the price, and know if you can afford them. Andrew Ramdayal users need to pay per course. Also, there is no free trial before payment.


To purchase the Project Management Professional course in Andrew Ramdayal’s Udemy, you must register for $34. The good news is that at the time of writing this article, the course offers a 62% discount.

On your payment, there is a 30 days space for a refund. If unsatisfied with the beginners or professional course, you can seek a refund within 30 days of payment.

However, once the timeline has elapsed, your payment can no longer be refunded.

Joseph Phillips

When it comes to pricing between these two courses, there are huge differences between Joseph Phillips and Andrew Ramdayal.

Joseph Phillips PM Professional course is for $99.99. I understand that it is quite a high price. I am sure that Phillips understands that too, which is why they offer different discount intervals.


These discounts cover huge expenses. The discount feature in this course changes almost daily. You will have to regularly check the course and see which one suits your pocket.

Quality of Courses and Value for Money

“A quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children with the protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labor exploitation, and disease, and give them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to reach their full potential.” –  Audrey Hepburn

Everyone understands how important quality is, from the clothes to the shoes I have on, accessories, and so on. I know how quickly fake materials tend to get destroyed.

Interestingly, the same notion goes for any type of study. The higher the quality, the higher the value of money.

For further clarity and to know which course pays more attention to value and quality, I have them broken down in the next two headings.

Andrew Ramdayal

Simple Enrolment Process

The good thing about Ramdayal’s standard quality is that it starts from the enrollment process. It is quite simple, and if you can operate the computer in its most basic form, you can enroll yourself through the Udemy Website or app.

Follow through the application format and get started on your favorite course. The application process is not the only thing made easier on Andrew Ramdayal’s course. The learning management System is also easy to use. The LMS helps you monitor your learning progress.


Mobile Compatible

Andrew Ramdayal on Udemy knows that many situations may take you away from your personal computers. Especially if you are in an environment where your PC is out of reach. No need to worry!

Learning continues with Andrew Ramdayal’s app. This app operates well on both Android and iOS. This means there is no restriction to your learning.

Video Lessons

Videos for your studies are of standard quality, and your instructors are peculiar about language use. He makes use of simple English and translates terminologies that are quite ambiguous to the students.

Not only can you easily understand your instructor, but his voice is also loud and clear no matter the environment you are in.


Up-to-date Materials

The course in Andrew Ramdayal’s course strictly adheres to the Project Management Professional exam content. Most importantly, Andre Ramdayal imputed regular updates.

Here, you will find the Project Management Professional exam question to prepare you for the next one. The resources are downloadable. There are 29 downloadable materials for studying.


This course also guarantees a refund if you don’t find the course useful. You wouldn’t need to refund anyway, that’s for sure. Finally, the review of this course from past learners is above the usual.

Joseph Phillips

Resourceful Materials

Joseph Phillips authors the best-selling PM Professional exam guide. His years of experience as a tutor give him his deserved credit. The certificates from his course are well recognized in any institution.

The value of your money is worth the quality of knowledge you get from Joseph Phillips PMP. The course has an unlimited lifetime access subscription plan. Plus, while the course might be more costly than others, you can see discounts on the platforms regularly.

Easy Registration

Joseph Phillips Udemy is just like any other platform you get to experience online. As long as you know the basic operations of technology and can read and write, you can easily register into Joseph Phillips Udemy PMP.


Easy Learning Format

This course uses the Learning Management System, which helps you manage your learning progress and lets you know how far you have studied.

The videos and other resources in this system are downloadable and can be accessed by PC and mobile users. The mobile learning format makes it easier for users to study anywhere they find themselves for the perfect experience.

Quality Learning Processes

The operator of this course didn’t only create another learning platform; they created a successful system that contains quality videos that aid self-learning and, of course, a clear audio quality. In this course, all exam topics are duly covered, and it remains relevant for a lifetime access feature of the course.

However, several upgrades are done to meet up with other standards. Not only are the videos downloadable, but the PDFs and other materials are also available for offline access.



As much as I assure you of the best study quality on Joseph Phillips, if you don’t eventually find the studies pleasing or didnt have a satisfactory user’s experience, you can request a full refund.

To further clarify your doubt, you can check the rating of the course on Udemy. I must tell you that you will be impressed with the services they provide.

Main Disadvantages of the Courses

“I have had all of the disadvantages required for success.” – Larry Ellison

Whatever has an advantage must surely have a disadvantage. The same can be said as regards your experience on Andrew Ramdayal’s Udemy and Joseph Phillip’s Udemy.

This section of the review will expose the disadvantages of both of these courses. This allows you to equally weigh your options and opt for which you think is best.

Andrew Ramdayal

  1. This course doesn’t support trainers’ to learners’ interaction. This means that learners cannot ask questions directed by the trainer. Whatever question you have may only be sent through an email which may take longer to get a reply.
  2. Videos, where the trainers sit to talk, can be somewhat boring. You might even sleep off countless times while watching. This is another downside of Andrew Ramdayal’s Udemy. The long talks are very not interactive.
  3. Questions on Andrew Ramdayal are not mixed. This means that you will have to buy several sets of questions in a single form.

Joseph Phillips

  1. The first downside of taking the Project Management Professional here is the lack of interactive mediums like contact mail or live support. However, there is available support that only goes through Udemy alone. This makes it longer for the trainer to attend to the learners’ grievances; if they ever get a reply.
  2. Trust me; no one wants to pay for a course that makes them doze off. The lectures are often boring and long. It makes it tiring to watch and even easier to lose concentration.
  3. I think Joseph Phillips can do better when it comes to their practice tests. Two tests are quite low compared to other counterparts. However, for further practice, you are required to buy an online simulator.

These loopholes from Joseph Phillips can be filled up to provide a better user’s experience via an upgrade in their learning/ teaching system.


Once completed, Ramdayal offers you a 35 contact hour certificate. On the other hand, Joseph Phillips has authored the best-selling project Management Professional Prep guide, which has assisted users in passing their Project Management Professional exams.

It also offers a 29.5 contract hours certificate when completed. A certificate of completion is given to learners after the program is done. Joseph Phillips has both downloadable material and a mobile-optimized operation which means students can carry their course wherever they go.

Udemy is doing much more to ensure its courses are available for all and sundry. They have regular discounts on their sites, and students with low financial aid can afford these courses. It’s time you take your chances. Apply for these courses and start your seamless journey in project management.


Is Andrew Ramdayal’s course worth it?

Yes, Andrew Ramdayal is worth every bit of your penny. They provide both online and offline materials with good video and audio quality for a successful learning experience online.

Is Joseph Phillips’s course good?

Yes, Joseph Phillips’s course is one of the best courses around if you want to train to become a project manager. One reason why Joseph Phillips courses are good is because it not only gives you money-worth resources but also helps you study on your own.

Which Udemy PMP course is best?

As reviewed, both courses have their downsides and their good side. However, one’s preference differs from another. You might want to give what you have read a thought and decide which is best for you.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on June 13, 2024
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