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Can You Put Udemy On Resume?

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As someone looking to boost your skills, one of the most cost-effective ways to accomplish this is by getting Udemy certifications. Udemy is an online learning platform designed specifically for those who want to master various skills on their own. There are more than 250,000 courses on Udemy covering virtually any subject.

That is also confirmed by various resume writing experts. We have asked many of them and shared this experience on our blog. Also, we compiled a rating of the top resume writing companies, so check it out if you think you need help with your professional documents.

Should I Put Udemy Courses On Resume?

To put it simply, Udemy certifications don’t hold much weight with recruiters and potential employers. Even though you can find top-quality courses on the platform, Udemy is not a formally accredited academic institution. This means it is not on the same level as the educational qualifications and certificates you have from your University. Or college.

But that’s not to say you should not include these certifications at all. In fact, putting your Udemy courses on your resume is recommended. For one, it shows that you are dedicated to improving your professional skills. Recruiters and potential employers look out for continual learners, and pursuing additional opportunities like this shows that you’re just that.

So while putting your Udemy Courses on your resume does not necessarily show proficiency, it is still a positive addition to your resume, especially if you do it right. Adding Udemy courses to your resume will help you stand out from other applicants, which is exactly what you need. Are you confused about which online learning platform to use? We are here to help! Check out our comparison of Skillshare vs Udemy.

How to List Udemy Courses on Resume

So how exactly do you add Udemy Courses to your resume correctly? As earlier mentioned, an Udemy certification is not on the same level as your degree or any other educational achievement. This means you can’t just add it to the education section of your resume the same way you add your Bachelor’s, Master’s degree, or Ph.D. However, there are some neat ways to add Udemy courses to this section or any other section in your resume. vs Udemy are both online courses platforms, but what’s the difference? We’ll tell you everything you need to know in this article.

Adding Udemy Courses to Resume Education Section

Even though the normal convention is to list your most recent educational certifications first, Udemy courses should not go above your University certifications or any additional degrees you have. Instead, it should go below.

To include Udemy certificates in this section of your CV, add the Udemy Name, the name of the course, and the length of the course. You can also add a short description, especially if the name of the course is not clear.

A normal convention is to use bold or italics to highlight your education section. Make sure you maintain consistent formatting with your Udemy courses as well. This will make the section easier to read

For instance, for your University Education, you’ll probably write it like this:


Durham University (January 2015) – (May 2020)

BSc. Computer Science

For your Udemy certification, you could write it like this:

Udemy Online School (3-month course)

Machine learning and data science course

Notice the consistency in the formatting for the University degree and the Udemy course. Also, bear in mind that since the duration of the course isn’t very long, you don’t have to list the start and end dates. Instead, list it as a timespan as indicated above.

You may have other certificates that you’re interested in listing aside from your Udemy certificate. If you’re wondering if you can add any of these unofficial certifications to your CV, you can read our article about adding a Coursera certificate on resume.

How to Put Udemy Courses on Resume Skills Section

Most people prefer to list the Udemy Java courses they took as part of their skills instead of the education section of the CV. This makes sense since the skills section is another part of the resume that employers tend to look out for.

To list your Udemy certification in the skills section, you should highlight the skills that you have acquired from the course and not the course itself. This means summarizing the course into a single bullet point along with the other skills in the section.


  • Web design
  • Programming Languages (C++, Python)
  • Machine Learning
  • Website Security
  • Firewall Installation/Maintenance

Of course, Udemy is not listed directly on this list. That’s because you don’t necessarily have to list where you got the skills you have in the skills section. All the employer needs to know is that you have the skills, and they can ask you further about it during your interview.

Putting Udemy courses on resume as a list like this is necessary for the sake of brevity, especially when you have a lot of skills to list.

However, if you have fewer skills to list in this section of your website, you can take a different approach by adding a short one-line description to explain each skill better. Take a look at the example below


Machine Learning

Took a 3-month machine learning & Data Science course on Udemy

Website Security

Developed and implemented firewall technologies for Company A.

When formatted correctly, this format showcases your skills as well as the fact that you invested 3 months in learning it on Udemy.

While these two formats are the most common ways to add your Udemy Certification to your resume, there are other ways you can do so. Some of the alternatives include:

Add a New Custom Section to Your CV

Online courses are a relatively new form of qualification. Currently, there are no specific conventions on how they should be listed on your resume. This means you can be creative and simply add a new section to your resume to showcase your Udemy certifications. Just make sure you keep it brief and organized. Some creative ideas you can follow include:

Add a Skills and Career Section. If you have skills that are relevant to the job but outside of your conventional university certificate, you can talk about them and how you earned them in the skills and career section on your website.

Add a Personal Advancement Section: High achieving candidates tend to stand out to employers. Your Udemy course is one of those little wins that you can add to this new section of your resume that shows you have been making progress in your career. This works even better for you if you are a fresh graduate with limited job experience

Professional Training Section: this is one of the easiest ways to showcase your Udemy certification and pretty much every other professional certificate you have earned in the course of your career.

Any of these ideas should work great as long as you keep it concise and you don’t overdo it. Just the name of the course and a single-line sentence summarizing what it’s about is sufficient. If you’re wondering if there are other new sections you can add to your resume, we have an article about how to add a degree in progress on resume that you might be interested in reading.

Package it With Your Work Experience

What makes this approach even better is that it goes beyond showing that you have earned an Udemy certificate. Packing your certification into your work experience provides a way to showcase the various ways you have put the skills you earned through the course to good use in the course of your career.

So while listing your work experience in a particular role, you can mention a unique project you undertook and how the skills you learned were applied to that project. This can include freelance projects, volunteer activities, and actual jobs.


Is Udemy good for resumes?

Yes. Adding Udemy Certification to your resume is not a bad idea. Although recruiters might not see it as a valid course or consider it on the same level as your other Academic certificates, your resume may still benefit from adding the certifications you got from other sources.

You just have to find a way to effectively communicate the skill or collection of skills you got from the course into something that the recruiter can see as valuable to the role you’re being hired to. Just make sure you only add certifications that complement the position you’re applying to and not just any position. This means you don’t need to include your certificate of a photography course you took if you’re applying for a cyber security job.

Can I put Udemy Courses on my resume?

So can you put udemy courses on your resume? That’s a choice that is left to you. There are numerous top-quality courses on Udemy on various subjects. The skills you can learn from taking these courses are valuable, and they may be very helpful in your next position. Recruiters know this, and they may consider you an ideal candidate for the position because of this.

Also, the fact that you’re taking online courses shows your dedication to personal growth and willingness to learn. This will carry some weight with recruiters in some way and may improve your chances of being picked over other candidates.

Can you get a job with a Udemy certificate?

Having an Udemy certificate is not enough to get a job. But if you add it correctly to your resume, it can increase your chances of getting hired by a potential employer. It shows that you have the skills in question and you were diligent enough to invest time in mastering that skill. For more about this, you can read our article that answers the question above, can you get a job with udemy certificate.


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