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High School Achievements For Resume

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A resume can be likened to a living document designed to change as you grow and develop your skills. If you’ve gained numerous noteworthy achievements during high school, you may be tempted to add them to your resume.

Concerning the achievements to put on a resume high school, it’s essential to consider numerous factors – such as the stage of the person’s career and how long ago you graduated.

A resume can be likened to a living document designed to change as you grow and develop your skills. If you’ve gained numerous noteworthy achievements during high school, you may be tempted to add them to your resume.

Regarding the achievements to put on a resume for high school graduate, it’s essential to consider numerous factors – such as the stage of the person’s career and how long ago you graduated. Read this article for additional info on this topic!

For many people, high school is characterized by numerous teenage encounters and a chance for self-discovery. However, a few remarkable achievements also occur during this period. Often, many job applicants cannot decide whether they should add achievements in high school on resume. If you’re one of these applicants, we’ve got you covered.

In this piece, you’ll learn whether to add, how and what achievements to put in resume. If you’re also looking for how to add scholarship to resume, we have an article that talks about that topic. Let’s begin!

Can I Put High School Achievements On College Resume?

Without any doubt, a resume is an official document that describes your education and indicates the skills you are capable of. Now, ask yourself – should I include high school achievements on my resume? Well, the answer varies on a few important factors.

To start with, adding your high school achievements on college resume depends on how recently you graduated. If you’ve only graduated from high school recently, it makes sense to add all your accomplishments during that period to your resume. It will give you enough essential details to fill up the educational experience subheading of your resume.

However, if you finished high school a long time ago (let’s say 25 years ago), information about your high school achievements will no longer have a high level of relevance. Therefore, you may not add it to your resume.

Furthermore, the job role you are applying for will affect whether you add high school achievements to your resume or not. For instance, if you are applying for an intern or trainee role, it may be essential that you state your high school achievements.

However, when applying for a senior executive position, you may need to keep these achievements in the background.

You must learn when to add high school achievements to your resume and when not to do so. While they can be a sign of youthful excellence when added appropriately, your prospective employer could also consider them unnecessary if they don’t fit the scenario.

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How to Include Achievements on High School Resume

The following steps will teach you how to include achievements on your resume;

Create a Separate Subheading For Education

Your potential employers will look for details about your education. Therefore, make sure you have it written out in your resume. Often, the education section appears at the end of your resume after you are done talking about your relevant experience. But if you are using a unique template, you may add it anywhere.

The goal is to make sure that you use the section to catch the attention of your hiring manager. Remember that only information about your education should be included in this section.

Add Your High School Experience

If you’ve attended college or had any tertiary institution experience, mention that first. Then, information about your education can come after. Once you have successfully gotten your college degree, including information about your classes, projects, internships, or any organizations you may have worked for.

If you left your high school to pursue specialty education, you might include the name of both institutions.

For instance, if you were captain of the swimming team, elected into any position, and have only graduated from college a few years ago, it may be good to add such experience to your resume.

Add the Name and Location of Your School

When mentioning your experience or achievements, it’s customary for you to add the institution’s name. Hiring managers will sue the information about your institution to verify the information you are sending and carry out a background check.

Make sure you explain the type of institution you went to, including a short description of the type of atmosphere that you got from it. For instance, some high schools specialize in art and music.

Include Your Graduation Date

As good resume writing companies, you must include the date of your graduation. This would make it easier for employers to verify the information in your CV. It also lets them have a rough idea how this period of your life experience went.

You may ask yourself – should I put high school on resume? We’ve got you covered. We have created an article to answer all your questions on this topic.


So, what achievements to put on resume? Here’s a list of achievements that can be added to your resume;


Content strategist | Twenty4 hours | June 2019 – Present

  • Create content outline
  • Create content calendar
  • Create unique and optimized content
  • Analyze current content strategies


Mid County High School | Boston, Chicago | Graduation Date: July 2016

CGPA 3.6

Notable achievements: Made it to the honor roll every year, student body president

Relevant topics: Spanish, Economics, Sociology.


And that’s all on adding high school achievements to your resume. High school is an intriguing part of anyone’s life and may be filled with some achievements. Often, the problem is accurately indicating relevant high school experience on your resume.

You may even ask yourself – can I put high school achievements on my college resume? To find out when and how to place high school stuff on your resume, read the contents of this article above.

While they are good, high school achievements can’t stay on your CV forever. They have to be taken out after some time. If you’re wondering when should you take high school off your resume, we have an article with all the information you may need.


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