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Family Business on Resume: Ways to Put It

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With the saturation of skilled people in the professional world these days, it is not easy to find a job. Companies receive countless applications for a single job post and it takes effort to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do so is by showcasing your prior experience. Whether you have worked for a company in the same field or have some other professional experience, adding it to your resume can often be the difference between your application gaining attention or getting lost in the sea of others. Visit this page to know more about resume creation.

One of the most confusing things that applicants struggle with is whether to put a family business on resume or not. If you have worked with a relative or have worked on your own business venture, should you put family businesses on resume?

What is a Family Business?

In very simple terms, a family business can be any business run by your family members or close relatives. Working at family businesses can be anything like working with your dad at a workshop or helping out a relative at their corporate office. Before we talk about how to put family business on resume, let’s take a look at the different types of situations in which people usually work in such roles:

  • You may work with a relative to get guidance and receive training in one or more skills, hence becoming somewhat of an intern. This helps develop skills and also exposes you to how professional work is carried out.
  • You may find yourself working in such a role when you are a student or even a recent graduate to get some income. Such work can be very helpful as it gives you both money and knowledge while you look for another full-time job.
  • Marital partners often join forces and begin a venture together which turns into a professional establishment.

Running a family business comes with its unique challenges and rewards. If you’re interested in how others have fared with similar endeavors, our liveplan reviews offer insightful perspectives, aiding your journey.

Should Working for Family Business be on Your Resume?

Can you put family business on your resume? Of course, you can. It is work experience after all, and that matters to employers. There are some things to keep in mind though. Just like with other work experiences, you should only add it if it makes sense and if it absolutely needs to be there. If you have multiple job experiences already and this experience isn’t very recent, then you may not need to include it. It’s always best to include 3 or 4 recent and relevant positions on your CV, and that standard practice should apply here too.

You should make a family business resume inclusion if:

  • The post you are applying to is somehow related to your experience.
  • Your experience is recent.
  • You have proof of employment so that it doesn’t look like you’re adding false information.
  • You have worked in the role for a long time and have demonstrable learning experiences to show for it.

You shouldn’t make a family business resume inclusion if:

  • The post you are applying for is not connected to your experience.
  • Your experience is outdated and/or irrelevant.
  • You don’t have proof of employment.
  • You have worked there for a month or so and not learned or achieved anything particular.

These points are important to keep in mind for those asking how to list family business on resume who are applying for a job that requires experience. For fresh graduates though, any experience on their CV can be beneficial, even if it is not exactly related to the new job as it shows the employers that you have a good work ethic. Follow this link to get more info about putting of entrepreneurial experience on resume.

How to Put Family Business on Resume


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Many people get worried when they think of how to list family businesses on resume. In fact, it is not something very complicated. Simply put, such job roles should be added to a CV just as you would add other job experience on there. The following things should be mentioned:

  • The Name of the Company.
  • The Job Title that you had.
  • The Duration you worked there for.
  • The Responsibilities you had.
  • Any Major Achievements or projects you worked on, if applicable.

As you can see from this list, there is no indication of this job being at a family company. But while that is true, it is not wise to actively try to hide this fact from an employer because if they find out some other way, it would seem fishy on your part. The best way to tackle such a situation is to mention the fact if the job experience comes up in your interview.

For example, if your employer asks you about how you started working at that job, you should say something like, “My aunt runs the establishment and that is how I found the opening but I took up the sales position there to develop my skills and work with a diverse team to help grow the business.” In short, don’t try to hide the facts but do make an effort to bring the conversation back to your skills and motivations.

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t worry about adding family businesses on resume if they are relevant and recent.
  • Don’t think too much about how to add family business to resume – just treat it like any other job experience.
  • Focus on your responsibilities at the job rather than on the fact that you were working for a relative.
  • Be honest about the experience and don’t try to hide any facts from your employer.
  • Any experience that showcases your skills or your motivation to learn and work is great for your CV, so include it whenever applicable.

How Not to Add Family Business on Resume

Here’s how you shouldn’t add a family business on resume:

Sales Associate

XYZ Apparels

01/2020 – Present

  • The store owned by my aunt
  • Helped my aunt with greeting customers
  • Introduced my aunt to an automated cataloging system

Here’s how you should add a family business on resume:

Sales Associate

XYZ Apparels

01/2020 – Present

  • Worked as a sales associate and helped greet customers.
  • Converted one-time customers into returning ones by offering my insight and suggestions for their purchases.
  • Introduced an automated cataloging system at the store to increase day-to-day efficiency.


How do I put a family business on my resume when the business includes my last name?

Do it like you would add any other job experience. You are not trying to actively hide the fact that you worked for a relative. If the business happens to have the same last name as yours, there is nothing you can do other than being honest. As always, highlight your experiences and skills and talk about them rather than focusing on the ownership of a company.

Will listing a family business help me getting the job I want?

It would help you get the job of your dreams if the experience you have is relevant and showcases your skills. Treat a family business resume as inclusion just like any other post. If your experiences and your achievements at that job are good, then your employer will take them into account.

Does it need to be on your resume?

It only needs to be there if it has some relevance or connection to the new job that you are applying for. If it does not showcase any talents or skills, then you may not need to include it.

How do I write a resume FOR a family business?

Your resume should always be created professionally and formally. Whether it is for a family-owned company or another one, you should follow some resume writing tips to ensure that you present yourself in the best possible manner.


If you’ve been wondering how to put family businesses on resume, now you know. All you have to do is treat it like any other job without worrying too much about the family name. You don’t have to explicitly mention on your CV about the family connection so chances are your employer won’t even notice anything other than your experience. If it does come up in your interview, be honest about it but talk more about your work and skills. Simply add your experience and let your talents shine through.

If you still have some question about writing your work experience in resume, check my blog to know more.



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