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Is It Hard to Become a Corporate Lawyer?

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Ever had one of those “suits” walk past you in a bustling downtown area, Starbucks in one hand, phone in the other, and thought, “Man, that corporate lawyer life looks snazzy!”? But just how difficult is it to step into those polished shoes? Buckle up, my curious friend, because you’re about to find out the nitty-gritty of what it really takes to become a corporate lawyer.

Let’s dive into this rabbit hole, shall we?

Quick Snapshot of Becoming a Corporate Lawyer

Key Point Actionable Info
Is it hard to become a corporate lawyer? Yes, it requires dedication, education, and persistence. But the rewards, both personal and financial, can be substantial.
Why become a corporate lawyer? Passion for business, solving complex problems, and potentially lucrative earnings.
How long does it take? Typically 7 years (4 years undergraduate + 3 years law school) plus bar exam prep and the exam itself.
What do you need? JD degree, pass the bar exam, continuous learning. Consider law schools in Canada and affordable LSAT prep courses.
Steps to become a corporate lawyer? 1. Obtain an undergrad degree 2. Ace the LSAT 3. Graduate from law school 4. Pass the bar exam.
Must-read books “The Tools of Argument” and “Business Law and the Regulation of Business” among others.
LSAT vs Bar Exam LSAT is an entrance test for law schools, focusing on reading and logical skills. Bar exam is to practice law, covering legal topics.

Why Become a Corporate Lawyer?

Ah, the million-dollar question! No, literally, some of these corporate lawyers make BANK. But money ain’t the only reason. Let’s unpack this.

The Allure of the Law

Law has its own kind of allure, right? A combo of power, prestige, and the ability to make a tangible difference. Corporate law isn’t just about mergers and contracts; it’s about shaping the business world and ensuring fair play in the big corporate game.

The Starting Point

Before you even get to the corporate part, you must get into law school. That means nailing the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). And if you’re going to nail it, why not get some help? There are a bunch of amazing LSAT tutors out there. Finding the best LSAT tutors can give you that competitive edge, ensuring you hit the ground running.

College Consultants: Choosing Wisely

Alright, so you’ve got your LSAT scores. Now, where to study? There are so many law schools, and they all promise you the moon. That’s where college consultants come into play. Check out the ratings of college consultants to see who can guide you best. They’ll help you pick a school that aligns with your corporate law ambitions.

The Thrill of the Corporate Jungle

Corporate law is like the safari of the legal world. It’s wild, unpredictable, and you’ve gotta be sharp to survive. There’s the thrill of clinching deals, the adrenaline rush of court battles, and the satisfaction of guiding businesses through legal mazes.

Aditi Nabar why become corporate lawyer

How Long Does It Take to Become a Corporate Lawyer?

Time to get real, folks. You might be picturing yourself in that swanky office with the skyline view sooner than you should. The journey to becoming a corporate lawyer isn’t a sprint; it’s more of a marathon. With a few hurdles. And maybe a hill or two.

The Pre-Law School Hustle

Before even thinking of law school, there’s the undergrad. Most folks take about four years to get their bachelor’s. Doesn’t have to be in law, but something related could give you a wee advantage.

LSAT Prep Websites: Making the Test a Breeze

Do you remember that LSAT thing we talked about earlier? Yup, you can’t escape it. Before applying to law school, you’ll need to take this bad boy. It’s not your average test – it’s like the SAT’s evil twin. So, you better come prepared. Find the best prep websites to get the necessary resources and practice to ace it.

The Law School Grind

Once in, law school itself is a three-year gig. But don’t think of it as just school. Think of it as boot camp for your brain. Cases, readings, mock trials – it’s intense!

Taking the Bar: The Final Boss

Graduated? Awesome! Now, there’s just one teeny, tiny thing left: the bar exam. It’s like the final boss in a video game. Conquer this, and you’ll officially be a lawyer.

The Corporate Climb

Becoming a corporate lawyer might take a bit more time. Some start in general practice, then specialize in corporate law. Others might land a corporate job right away but expect a few more years to master the craft truly.

What Do You Need to Become a Corporate Lawyer?

All right, we’ve chatted about the time it takes. Now, let’s dig into the stuff you’ll need – and I ain’t just talking about a good-looking suit and shiny shoes. There’s a checklist of essentials to tick off. Let’s break it down.

Rock-Solid Education

First thing first: education. We already touched on the undergrad and law school part, but let’s put some emphasis here. Not all law schools are made equal. Your school’s reputation can make a difference when hunting for those prime corporate lawyer gigs.

Law Schools in Canada: An Investment

Considering heading up north for your legal education? Canadian law schools are top-notch. But you might be wondering, how much do law schools in Canada cost? Well, they’re generally cheaper than their U.S. counterparts, but still an investment. So, research, budget, and ensure you’re getting bang for your buck.

LSAT Prep Courses: Prep Without the Price Tag

Before law school, remember, there’s the LSAT beast to tackle. Some prep courses can make your wallet cry, but don’t fret! There are affordable LSAT prep courses out there that won’t break the bank and will still get you prepped and ready to roll.

Skills and Traits: Beyond the Books

Education’s a biggie, but so is who you are as a person. Corporate lawyers need sharp analytical skills, top-tier communication chops, and a knack for problem-solving. You have to be persuasive but not pushy. Resilient but not reckless.

Networking: It’s Who You Know

The legal world, especially the corporate part, thrives on connections. Go to seminars, join law associations, intern, and rub elbows with those already in the field. Who you know can sometimes be as important as what you know.

Licensing: The Golden Ticket

Done with school? Nailed the bar exam? Nice! But before you can practice, you must be licensed in your jurisdiction. This might involve additional exams, background checks, or even character evaluations. Yup, they have to make sure you’re not just smart but also trustworthy.

Brian Heller best parts corporate lawyer

How to Become a Corporate Lawyer

By now, you’ve got a pretty snazzy idea of what it takes to become a corporate lawyer. But let’s lay it out step-by-step so that you can have a roadmap to that high-flying, deal-making, corporate legal eagle life.

Step 1: Choose the Right Undergrad Program

Before you even utter the word “law,” you must tackle undergrad. Opt for a program that hones your critical thinking and writing skills. Pre-law, political science, or even business degrees can give you a leg up.

Step 2: Kill It on the LSAT

You know the drill: the LSAT is your gatekeeper to law school. Study hard, get a great score, and boost your chances of getting into a top-tier school.

Once you’ve cracked the LSAT, ever thought about teaching others to do the same? There’s a pretty penny to make, and it’s rewarding. Learn how to become a LSAT tutor and share your knowledge while also beefing up your resume.

Also read: best resume writing services for attorneys

Step 3: Law School Grind

Choose a reputable law school and immerse yourself. Participate in internships, moot court competitions, and build a strong network.

Step 4: Bar Exam Battle

Post-law school, prep for and conquer the bar exam. Remember, it’s the key to your legal practice kingdom.

Step 5: Start as an Associate

Fresh out of school, you’ll likely start as an associate. It’s like being a corporate law padawan. Learn from senior lawyers, take on cases, and build your expertise.

Step 6: Specialize in Corporate Law

Once you’ve got some experience, dive deep into corporate law. This might involve additional courses or certifications. Get to know the ins and outs of mergers, acquisitions, and the exciting world of corporate finance.

And voila! That’s the path in a nutshell. It’s a journey with its share of bumps and detours, but it is worth it! If you’re gunning for the world of corporate law, go forth and conquer.

Books to Read to Become a Better Corporate Lawyer

You know the saying, “Leaders are readers?” Well, guess what? So are top-tier corporate lawyers. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to sharpen your legal claws, diving into a good book (or ten) can give you a competitive edge. Let’s dive into a mini-reading list that transforms you from a legal novice to a corporate law guru.

1. “The Anatomy of Corporate Law: A Comparative and Functional Approach” by Reinier Kraakman and Others

A classic! This book breaks down the essence of corporate law. It’s not just about knowing the laws but understanding their why’s and how’s. Perfect for a deep dive.

2. “Business Law and the Regulation of Business” by Richard A. Mann and Barry S. Roberts

All set to work with businesses? At its core, this book serves as an encyclopedia of sorts for both business and law enthusiasts. Mann and Roberts meticulously explore the intersections of business practices and the legal framework that surrounds them. It’s not just about knowing the laws; it’s about understanding how they apply in real-world business scenarios.

For anyone questioning the complexities and pondering over how hard is it to become a corporate lawyer, this book provides a comprehensive insight. It delves into contracts, sales, agency, business organizations, and commercial paper, to name a few. But more than that, it gives readers a holistic view of how law functions within the bustling world of commerce.

3. “The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law” by Mark Herrmann

For some comic relief (you’ll need it, trust me), this is a goldmine. Herrmann dishes out advice with wit, humor, and tons of real-life insight. A must-read for understanding the day-to-day grind of law.

While we’re on the topic of books and law, ever wondered about the military side of things? Military law is its own beast, quite distinct from corporate law. So, if you’re considering a slight pivot or just expanding your horizons, you might be curious: how hard is it to become a military lawyer? Well, that’s another journey packed with challenges and rewards. Worth a thought!

4. “The Tools of Argument: How the Best Lawyers Think, Argue, and Win” by Joel P. Trachtman

Trachtman gives away the secrets of the best in the biz. Dive in to know how to argue your point, persuade, and emerge victorious in those intense corporate battles.

What sets this book apart is its balance between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Trachtman peppers the book with scenarios, examples, and cases. So, you’re not just learning in abstract; you’re seeing how legal titans deploy these tools in action.

5. “Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges” by Antonin Scalia and Bryan A. Garner

Even if the corporate world doesn’t see you in court daily, when you’re there, you better be darn good. This book, by two legal bigwigs, is your masterclass.

There you have it! A mix of theory, practice, and a dash of humor. Remember, in the corporate law world, knowledge is power. And these books? They’re your power-ups.


Can a corporate lawyer become a judge?

Absolutely! Many judges start their careers as lawyers, including those in corporate law. With enough experience, continued legal education, and a solid reputation, a corporate lawyer can transition to a judicial role through appointment or election.

Should I become a corporate lawyer?

It depends on your interests. If you’re passionate about business, enjoy solving complex problems, and have strong analytical skills, corporate law might be a great fit. Remember, it’s challenging but can be incredibly rewarding.

What special certification do you need to become a corporate lawyer?

While a Juris Doctor (JD) degree and passing the bar exam are essentials, there’s no specific “corporate law” certification. However, specialized courses, seminars, or additional qualifications can enhance your expertise in corporate law.

What is the best salary for a corporate lawyer?

Salaries can vary widely based on experience, location, and the firm’s prestige. Entry-level corporate lawyers might start around $70,000 annually, but those in top firms or with years of experience can earn $200,000 or much more, especially with bonuses and profit-sharing.


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