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How to Become a Professional Certified Resume Writer?

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Resumes are essential in job searching, and only a job seeker who has sent out hundreds of these documents will know how utterly complicated it is to write. There are basic rules of writing, and each of these is there to improve the chances of your application being approved.

Because this is a sensitive document, and people are desperate to get jobs, they turn to professional resume writers to help them write their documents.

Anyone who has written a resume at least once in their life can claim to be a resume writer but to set yourself apart and be a professional requires time and effort. Certifications aren’t necessary, but they help let people know how far you have gone in your commitment to the craft.

People want to know they can trust you to get the job done and if you’re looking for ways to become a professional writer or get better at writing resumes for yourself. Then this is the article for you. Let’s get started:

What Is a Resume Writer?

If you’re looking for how to become a professional resume writer, then there are so many things you just know. Let’s talk about the basics:

Resume writers prepare resumes or professional summaries of their clients who are searching for a job. They work differently from usual resume writers because their experience has taught them a lot of things.

They know that the resume just has about eleven seconds to impress the recruiter, and they channel all their knowledge and effort into making sure the resume creates a favorable impression in such a short time.

They know the proper readable format to present the applicants’ qualifications, educational background, and every other necessary information. Comprehension and readability is key, and they use only the best design that is definite to catch the recruiter’s attention.

If all the information is scrambled together in a big block of text, no one will read, let alone a recruiter. A professional resume writer knows how to gradually and subtly ease the employer into the text until they have gone through the whole application without even knowing they have.

Some resume writers specialize in writing applications for only specific clients in one type of industry to be the best.

For example, a professional resume writer might say their services are only for office assistants seeking a job. They have already mastered the right keywords, qualifications, and skill set to use that they only face that niche with hundred percent confidence in their capabilities.

Resume writers can decide to be hired by a company or work freelance depending on the flexibility and nature of the work they want.

What Does a Resume Writer Do?

Before you make that final decision on whether you want to become a certified resume writer, here are a few things they do:

Understand The Role

Before you become a resume writer, you should first understand the roles the job entails. Writing a resume can be difficult, but becoming a resume writer is more demanding. Don’t just go into the business because of the payout because this would eventually tell on your client’s result.

Go through the necessary training, if you can, then take certification tests. You can also test your skills by writing a free resume for family or friends, just to see how well you do.

Collect Enough Information

To do this, you have to develop or work on your interpersonal skills. You have to make the clients feel comfortable talking to you and divulging personal information. Remember to collect as much information as you can to help you write the application.

Some clients are more reserved and ask you to go on their social media profiles to get information. You should also be able to scramble information together to get the best.

Transform The Information

It is not enough to collect information from prospective clients; the question is: what do you do with this information? Think about it

You cannot become a professional resume writer by doing nothing. You have to be able to transform the client’s information into engaging texts in the resume. These texts should be completely interesting, sectionalized, and written according to the appropriate resume guidelines.

Develop Business Insights

This would help in penning down the most favorable skill set for a particular job position. All job applications are different in the skill set required, the qualifications required, the background required, and even the job experiences needed.

As a professional, you should know the market needs and how to equip your clients’ resumes with the necessary skill sets and experience to apply for the job.

How Much Do Professional Resume Writers Make?


Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash

The earnings of a professional writer depend on a lot of complexities:

As a freelance writer, the earnings vary based on the:

  • Nature of the resume
  • The amount of research that is needed in order to gain adequate knowledge in writing such a resume
  • Your experience
  • Certifications

For a new writer to the market, the earning might cost about $60 – $120 for a basic resume. Some professionals who have a string of testimonials or even years of experience charge up to $300 per resume.

A writer who works for a company might earn a monthly salary, together with a commission from every written article. Sometimes the nature of the client and article might also vary the prices.

The truth is, someone who writes for college students should earn less than someone who writes for executives.

How to Become a Certified Resume Writer

Get a Degree

To become a certified engineering CV writer, the first step is to get a bachelor’s degree. This degree can be in any related courses like English, Journalism, Communications. These courses and other related ones are ideal, but anyone can become a professional resume writer with the best internship and experience. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree and are literate, this career is open for you.


Contrary to what everyone else thinks, writing a resume is hard. If you are looking to make this a career, you have to seek internship opportunities with people ahead of you in the industry. They know the rules, the guidelines, and everything necessary to succeed. You can do this during your college experience if you’re looking to start early.

Most writers are freelancers, so you can seek opportunities in a company’s HR department to enable you to see firsthand just what they look for in a resume.

Attend Workshops

Companies and education institutions usually host workshops to teach people how to write resumes professionally. As someone looking for how to become a certified professional resume writer, these workshops can orient you a great deal. It would cover so many topics like referencing, how to include skill sets, and proper system formatting.

“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field,” encouraged Denis Waitley, a business expert. Strive to learn more, and knowledge would increase.

Get Certified

This process shows prospective clients just how committed you are to your business. Not all professionals are certified, and having this would set you apart from everyone else. The National Resumes Writers’ Association (NRWA) offers certifications to tested and competent resume writers.

Find Clients

Finding clients to patronize you is easy. Open professional social media accounts, and sell yourself to the world. People need jobs, and to get jobs; they need great resumes. Still skeptical about how easy it is to find clients? Well, read below!

How And Where To Find Jobs/Clients?

Finding clients is the easiest part. As a start, you might want to write free resumes for your family and even friends. After this, tell them to leave stellar reviews on your business handles on social media. Stellar reviews are a great way of pulling crowds because everyone wants the best services.

You can also set up a website and update your portfolio, so prospective clients can visit and see the kind of work you have done in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Are The Main Skills For A Resume Writer?

A: It is important to have typing skills, proofreading skills, research skills, computer skills, and expert communication skills.

Q: Should A Resume Writer Have A Resume?

A: Not necessarily. A resume writer needs physical evidence of their works to show clients, and a resume cannot capture the whole essence. A website or portfolio is more suitable to have.

Q: How Do I Become A Resume Writer?

A: You can become one by getting a degree and accruing the necessary experience needed to be certified.


Before you go into this business as a professional, it is important to ask yourself if it is really what you want, then strive to achieve the best qualifications. The market is saturated with writers who aren’t as qualified as they are letting on, so it is great to be a good difference.

Like Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”



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