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How to Put Remote Work on Resume: Complete Guide from Experts

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Before the outbreak of COVID-19, remote jobs had experienced a 44% rise in five years. Today, most companies in the US prefer having their employees work from home.

So, are you ready to learn how to list work from home on your resume?

Whether you’ve held a telecommuting role in the past or you’re switching due to the effects of the pandemic, your resume should show that you’ve handled this kind of job.

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Potential employers will be more interested in hiring you if you have remote work experience. Also, you can boost your chances of getting the job even further by mentioning tech and soft skills related to remote roles.

This guide from Alina Burakova, one of the experts who made the top resume writing services list, will give you all the information you need to add remote work to your resume.

The Importance of Adding Remote Work Experience to Your Resume

There are three significant benefits of including your experience from remote jobs or freelancing in your resume. They are:

Higher Chances of Getting Hired

An employer will be more interested in hiring an applicant with experience in remote work. This is because such an applicant already knows what it takes to work from home.

So, they will be ready to work right away and, in doing so, save the company valuable time and resources.

On the other hand, an inexperienced person will have to be taught the protocols and practices of remote work.

Communicating a Set of Skills

Having remote work experience will tell your employer that you can manage your time well and meet deadlines. It will also show that you already have some valuable skills.

Examples of such skills include the ability to communicate seamlessly, utilize remote tools and software, and other skills that can make it easier to work remotely.

Better Than NO Experience

When applying for a remote position, you shouldn’t hesitate to include the freelance projects you have executed. No experience is insignificant, and it’s much better than having a blank resume. Additionally, the company name that you mention may get your potential employer more interested in your resume.

How Do I Write a Resume for a Remote Job?

How Do I Write a Resume for a Remote Job?

We will be providing you with various strategies to put remote work on your resume. However, you should only select some of them to prevent your resume from getting cluttered. The right plan for you will depend on your target industry and experience.

Add Remote Work to Your Summary of Qualifications

This strategy is more suitable for applicants with years of experience in remote work. So, you should overlook it if you are still new to working remotely.

The easiest way to get it done is to write something like “Technical support representative with 4+ years of remote experience“. This way, you can quickly tell your potential employer how long you’ve been working remotely and what role you’ve held.

Alternatively, you may use remote work as a context for emphasizing your skills. You may write something like “Experienced in executing digital marketing projects and increasing ROI while working remotely”.

The best thing about this method is that it allows you to show your experience instantly. Hence, your potential employer won’t have to read the whole of your resume to know your level of expertise.

Incorporate It in the Job Title

Another great way to put remote work in a resume is to add the type of employment to the job title. For instance, you may write something like “Web Designer (Remote)” as the job title.

The benefit of using this method is that you tell the recruiter that you didn’t hold a full-time office position without taking their attention from the job title.

If you have completed several freelance projects or held roles with the same title and identical requirements, you can find a way to categorize them under one heading. You may write a job title like “Marketing copywriter – Freelance”. You may then list the companies you worked for and your roles.

You may have also worked remotely but in different positions. You may add a “Remote experience” section to your resume in such a case. You will then be able to list the remote jobs that you have handled.

This way, you can show the hiring manager your impressive experience. Also, there will be no for them to go through each job posting to verify it was remote.

Add It to the Job Description

This strategy isn’t prevalent because it doesn’t communicate that you worked remotely instantly to the recruiter. However, if you worked from home in the past but not on all days, the ideal way to mention it will be to include it in the job description.

You mention your roles and achievements as you would usually and explain that some of your work was done remotely. For example, you may write something like “Wrote content for newsletters and corporate blogs while working remotely”.

It is even better if you have been able to accomplish many things while working from home. Such accomplishments will become much more valuable. Something like “While working from home, I developed a tracking tool that improved project delivery significantly” will be fantastic if you are into project management.

Add It to a Location

If you don’t want your work to be affected by the fact you will be working from home or freelancing, you should mention it in the location. In the section where you are meant to write the company’s location, write “Remote”.

But if you don’t wish to alter the company’s location, you should mention that you will be working from home in the first bullet point. This strategy will show the recruiter that your location shouldn’t be an issue since you are very comfortable with working remotely.

Mentions Skills that Are Related to Remote Work

To increase your chance of landing a remote job, you shouldn’t just learn how to list remote work on your resume. You also need to mention the skills and competencies that you have been able to garner.

Recruiters in need of remote employees will be particularly interested in proficient applicants with tools such as Zoom, Google Suite, MS Office, Dropbox, etc. These tools make it much easier for employees to work from home, so knowing how to use them will give you an edge.

You also need to mention as many soft skills as possible. Good examples of soft skills that will give you an edge include digital communication, time management, etc.

Additionally, it would be best to let the hiring manager know that you have a good internet connection, standard equipment, and a well-set home office. This will show you that you will be a reliable remote employee.

Give Your Resume an Excellent Update

Using remote work for a resume is essential. However, you also need to ensure that your document is perfect. The steps mentioned below will help you give your resume an awesome makeover:

  • Add Links: 

Remote contractors and employees need to show their work samples. Whether you’re a copywriter or graphics, you need an online portfolio that includes your best works. You can then add a link to your portfolio in your resume.

  • Delete What’s Irrelevant:

To create a top-quality resume, you must keep it focused and fluff-free. You should delete any career details that are of no real value. This includes information such as jobs that date back up to 15 years, outdated skills, irrelevant roles, etc. By removing extraneous information, you will be making your resume much more concise.

  • Be Professional:

When writing about how you can work from home in your resume, you need to show your experience and proficiency in your niche as best you can.

However, you also need to ensure that a reader outside your place will find it readable. You should stick to plain professional language and intense action verbs to create a balance. The things that you should avoid include abbreviations and slang.

Get Assistance in Writing Your Resume

You need to understand your chances of landing a remote job will significantly depend on how well you write about how you can work from home on your resume. So, it may be a good idea to let an expert handle the task for you.

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1. Why do people list remote work experience?

People list remote work experience because it increases their chances of getting employed in remote jobs.

2. Should I put remote work experience on my resume?

Yes, it will give you an edge with a remote-friendly employer.

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