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How to Become SAT Tutor: In-Depth Guide for Future SAT Tutors

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Students who achieve competitive SAT scores will have a better chance of getting into their college of choice, as well as getting a scholarship. As a result, many students get tutoring before taking the exam. Students who are preparing for the SAT may face significant pressure when taking the test. But a good SAT tutor can significantly reduce the pressure students face when trying to get into college. Test scores are important, but they aren’t enough to get you into your dream school. Learn more at PrepScholar SAT Prep review.

Some of you might be wondering how to become an SAT tutor. It’s likely that you’re reading this article because you’d like to tutor high school students and make some extra money at the same time.

“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher.” – Temple Grandin

We offer you tips on how to become SAT tutor and steps to help you get there faster.

How Do I Become an SAT Tutor?

Obtaining certification as an SAT tutor can sometimes feel overwhelming for some people.

All of you wondering how to become a SAT tutor could benefit from these tips:

  • Where to Start

Ideally, you should begin SAT prep at least three to five months before the exam. Another thing to keep in mind is to advertise several months before you want to begin your services. The first time students take the exam, the practice tests and review questions might be overwhelming to them. This is why some of them will need more time to learn all of it.

Taking on the SAT tutoring world, one must always strive for improvement and additional resources. Ever wondered how much does Memrise cost? The site is a perfect tool for expanding your language skills, a valuable addition to your teaching arsenal.

In addition, high school students often have many activities on their schedules. Using this as a guide, work with your student to make a study schedule that meets their needs.

  • Job Openings for SAT Tutors on Craigslist

In the world of local tutoring and online courses, many companies advertise on Craigslist as this is the primary source of gigs for students and freelancers. It is uncommon for SAT tutors to work full time at 40 hours per week since they are often limited by the times when students can meet. This is why some people prefer doing SAT tutoring as a full-time, rather than as a side job.

  • Consider Word-of-Mouth Marketing

You should take note of those you know who have high school students in the family and let them know about your services. Alternatively, make flyers to post at local community locations in which students, their parents, and teachers can see them. Exchange business cards with counselors at local high schools to establish yourself as a trusted resource for their students.

  • Market Yourself Online

A website will make it easier for people to locate you if you are working independently. To promote your SAT services more widely, you might want to create specific social media accounts for your business.

Creating a blog that showcases your test-prep expertise can boost your visibility while also establishing yourself as an expert dedicated to helping SAT students.

  • Determine Your SAT Teaching Fee

Make sure you research the price you should charge for your services before committing to it. You should decide if you want to work for a tutoring agency or if you want to be a freelance tutor. Most tutoring companies have a $180 hourly rate.

Still, freelance tutors can potentially make a living by charging what they feel comfortable charging. The price of an SAT tutor is generally correlated with how long the tutor has been working in the business. You can also use the good reviews you get from clients to encourage other potential clients to contact you.

Requirements to Be an SAT Tutor

Requirements to Be an SAT Tutor

The following points provide an overview of some of the most important traits that make a successful SAT teacher. Take a look at all the requirements you should familiarize yourself with if  you want to know how to become a certified SAT tutor:

  • A College Education Is a Must

It may be difficult to sell your skills as an SAT tutor if you haven’t gone through the college admissions process. A high test score will increase the student’s chances of getting accepted into their college of choice. Aside from being a great source of income, becoming an SAT tutor has plenty of benefits if you are a student or have a degree.

  • Familiarity with Standardized Testing

As a teacher, you will want to be knowledgeable about standardized testing in general and know how to enable students to prepare well for and perform well on test days. In other words, it’s important to know what questions are on each section, how you should answer them, how SAT scores work, what various universities look for, and ways to improve.

  • Score as High as Possible on Your SATs

Your college admissions experience may have already included an outstanding SAT score. The larger test-prep institutions will most likely require you to pass an on-demand practice test as part of the hiring process (with a high score), which should happen as part of your preparation.

There are a number of practice versions of the test online that you can use to improve your performance. You must be an expert in the field in which you teach.

And, there’s this:

Princeton Review and Kaplan, two of the biggest players in the industry, require similar qualifications for tutors. Make sure you verify their application requirements on your own.

For those who want to know how to become an SAT prep tutor, the Princeton Review expects the following:

  • To be an 18+ resident of the U.S. or Canada
  • Also, you will have to own a valid SSN or SIN
  • Moreover, you should own a valid work permit in the US or Canada
  • Regularly commit to at least five hours per week
  • To pass the qualifying exam and training
  • Communication skills (oral and written) that are strong
  • Finally, able to provide students with a dynamic and engaging learning environment

There are some similarities between Kaplan and other tutoring companies. Tutoring with Kaplan requires a minimum score, which is the requirement for becoming an SAT tutor.

According to their website, to become an SAT tutor, you need to score at or above the 90th percentile. Or they can do a retesting to evaluate your proficiency.

If you want to become an SAT tutor at Kaplan, you would need a 1340 composite on the SAT or an ACT score of 29. Minimum scores at similar franchise tutoring companies are probably in the same ballpark as Kaplan’s.

Consider Becoming a Certified SAT Tutor

As an SAT tutor, you can benefit from working with students who can help spread the word about your services once they see how much your assistance improved their scores.

Even though the SAT certification is not mandatory for SAT tutors, it may help to boost your resume and market yourself to potential clients – especially in the beginning.

Moreover, certification can teach you specific skills for coaching students to succeed on standardized tests.

Understand Your Market and Prepare Your Materials

In addition, you should be well-informed not just about the test itself, but also about when students are looking for help, and how much other tutors charge. Further, you should plan how you intend to pass on your knowledge of the material in the most efficient way.

Strategies to Motivate Your Students

It may be difficult for someone who struggles with exams to stay motivated and reassured. Tutoring involves breaking content down into small, manageable pieces that students can grasp little by little.

It is important to take your time with each of your students to work out what works best for them. Schedule individual sessions if necessary. Take the time to get to know your student, so that you can help them to score high on tests for college.


Being a successful SAT tutor depends on having unique and successful strategies. During score review, implement teaching strategies that focus on questions in which the student struggles the most.

Make sure the student participates in the review process, and teach them how to look at their tests objectively and prepare for the SAT.

Thus, even if they are unable to work with you one-on-one, they know how to examine the SAT questions at home and have more quality study time. Select the best teaching style for you and your students by understanding the different styles.

How to Become a Certified SAT Tutor?

How to Become a Certified SAT Tutor?

In order to get into a good college and eventually get that dream job, students need to score well on the SAT. Higher SAT scores also translate to additional scholarship money for the institution of choice. By tutoring the students, you can help them achieve their goals.

Now, on to learning how to become a certified SAT tutor!

How Much Do SAT Tutors Make?

You may not want to become an SAT tutor to make a living, but it can still make a great side business. Besides, you can develop your own SAT tutoring business while helping students meet their SAT scores goals.

According to the most recent salary data available, the national average tutor salary is between $50k and 55k per year. Since SAT tutors currently lack specific salary information, your actual earnings will depend on your skill level and whether you are working for a tutoring company or independently.

By the way…

It is common for franchises to pay varying amounts, ranging sometimes from twenty percent to thirty percent. The reality is that many companies that emphasize the fact that they only work with certified teachers actually don’t pay their tutors the highest hourly rates. In entry-level positions, earning $17 to $23 an hour isn’t much of a difference, but becomes significant quickly.

Overall, the reason to work in this industry is to help kids attain their educational goals – and of course, profit from your tutoring. It is somewhat crazy to think that a single test and a few points can separate someone from their dreams of higher education and possibly a decent salary someday. It can be gratifying to do something that can change someone’s life.


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