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Code Wizards HQ Review

By Enthony Ferdinand, Updated April 18, 2024


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About CodewizardsHQ
Lowest price$149
Charged monthly
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Experienced, live instructors.
  • Structured, progressive curriculum.
  • Engaging class material and project-based learning.
  • Beyond the classroom features.
  • High school internship opportunity.
  • Not the cheapest option.


  • Engaging and interactive curriculum.
  • Instructors that are vetted and experienced.
  • Kids learn relevant coding languages.

Value for Money

  • Beyond the classroom features included.
  • Homework help available outside of class.
  • Supportive coding community.

Student Feedback

  • The instructors are nice.
  • In-person guidance and after class homework support.
  • Great learning platform.
  • The customer support staff is excellent and very prompt at responding.
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CodeWizardsHQ Overview

We provide a thorough and honest review of the CodeWizardsHQ program using company research, firsthand experience, and student and parent feedback. In this review, I will cover the main program features in detail and also highlight the summer programs. If you’re thinking about coding for your child, this is a quality program to consider.

CodeWizardsHQ is an online coding school that offers live, small-group coding classes for kids ages 8-18. They specialize in teaching kids to code using project-based learning and a gamified platform.

Core Tracks

This is a structured coding program that keeps kids learning and engaged.

There are have three core tracks based on your child’s age:

  • Elementary School Core Track (Ages 8-10)
  • Middle School Core Track (Ages 11-13)
  • High School Core Track (Ages 14-18).

CodeWizardsHQ Review Age Courses

The curriculum in each track is progressive, so students build on what they learn as they complete each class. They’ll start as beginners in the first course and work their way up through Wizard Levels. Each Wizard Level is made up of 3 courses plus 1 capstone course that utilizes all of the skills learned throughout the Wizard Level.

Each class is 12 weeks. Kids attend a 1-hour session each week and have 1-2 hours of homework outside of class.

The core tracks teach programming languages including Scratch, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

At the end of the high school track, they are eligible to participate in a high school coding internship.

High School Coding Internship

This is the only internship offered among their competitors. The goal is for students to have the skills to work as a group and launch a live full-stack application available to the public.

The internship is led by a CodeWizardsHQ instructor. Kids get hands-on learning experience they’ll also receive proof of their hard work: internship letter of completion, official class transcript, and recommendation letter.

The internship does have the same cost as a course and follows a similar 12-week schedule.

Specialty Tracks

CodeWizardsHQ Courses Review

The specialty tracks go in-depth into learning just one language.

Python Language Track (Ages 14-18)

Teens can learn Python coding and advance beyond the basic programming concepts. This track teaches the language syntax and how to utilize Python as a general-purpose programming tool to build apps, websites, and games.

AP Computer Science Prep Track (Ages 14-18)

This course prepares teens for the AP Computer Science class in high school. They should take this the summer before they will take APCS A. In the prep track, they study object-oriented programming with Java.

Summer Program

During the summer, the core track is offered as 3-week classes. There are also 1-week camps for Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite and 2-day AI camps.

1-week Summer Camps (Ages 8-18)

In the 1-week camps, they use Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite as educational tools. Students learn about coding concepts and build games and features within their games.

2-day AI Camps (Ages 8-18)

Students are introduced to AI and machine learning in a fun and interactive way. They’ll learn how to build their first AI models using Google’s Teachable Machine.

Code Wizards HQ: Features

CodeWizardsHQ is one of the best coding schools for kids and teens. They offer live, online coding classes that give kids the skills and confidence to code.

Classes are led by a live instructor in a small group of 4-6 students. Learning is project-based with kids building a game or project in every class. Interaction and personalization are built into each lesson. During class, they study new concepts and practice them through hands-on projects. There is also homework and quizzes to test their knowledge.

This program really guides kids in and out of class to make sure they are successful. All classes are recorded, there is live homework help every day, the platform is kid-friendly, and kids can earn rewards as they reach milestones and complete tasks.

Parents also have access to their child’s class content and receive progress reports after every session to keep them in the loop.

  1. Curriculum: The curriculum is fun, engaging, and delivers meaningful learning. The lessons are taught step by step so kids can understand difficult concepts and build on them. By solving problems using code, students practice skills like computational thinking, logical reasoning, and communication.
  2. Instruction: This company hires the top 2% of instructors who are the most knowledgeable and patient. They’re specially trained to create a fun and interactive learning environment. They also strive to deliver the knowledge effectively in a way that engages and motivates their students.
  3. Support: Parents can get help from student specialists by phone and email. Students can attend homework help, search the forum, and reach out to support when they’re stuck.
  4. Platform: The coding platform mirrors professional tools, but makes it easy for kids to learn and create. It also adds a layer of gamification to encourage students to continue building their skills. Kids advance through each level, like a game, and earn bonuses along the way.

Beyond the Classroom Features

All of the below are included as part of the program:

CodeWizardsHQ Benefits

Kids, ages 8-18, who want to learn coding in a structured curriculum with a specific path. Kids can start as complete beginners or take a placement test if they have previous experience.

Instead of taking a few classes on one particular language or subject. The goal of the CWHQ program is not to teach kids just one language, but to help them understand both the front and back end of coding including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

CodeWizardsHQ: Pricing

The pricing is comparable to other programs for the number of sessions:

  • CodeWizardsHQ classes 12-week courses are $447. This is paid in 3 installments of $149.
  • 1-week summer camps are $399. 2-day summer camps are $199

CodeWizardsHQ Review: Quality

CodeWizardsHQ was created by Jey Iyempandi, former Dell marketing director, in 2015 as the first live, online coding classes for kids. By using a student-first approach to teach real programming languages and developing a curriculum and platform specifically for online learning, he created the most fun and effective coding program for kids.

They have hired a team of experienced developers who are also passionate teachers that work with students at all levels. Instructors are trained to provide a fun and engaging experience for students.

They also provide support during class, homework help, and office hours. They’re each carefully checked and vetted for your child’s safety, our teachers go through a variety of background checks, including FBI fingerprinting.

Any guarantees?

All classes have a 100% money-back guarantee. You can try CodeWizardsHQ for 4 sessions. If your child is not happy for any reason, cancel before the fifth session starts for a full refund. The guarantee does not apply to camps.

1-week and 2-day summer camps and winter camps have a cancellation refund guarantee. You may request a full refund at least 7 days before the first scheduled day of camp.

How is it different from other courses?

CodeWizardsHQ is one of the first live, online coding classes so they have perfected the curriculum and platform for effective online learning.

Structured, progressive curriculum

A lot of companies offer individual classes without a clear path. This curriculum is tailored to kids who want to learn both front and back end coding.

Pro-level coding tools

Kid-friendly tools that mirror professional development tools and are just as powerful. This helps kids transition to real-world programming more easily.

The only high school coding internship

No other coding program offers a high school coding internship where kids launch a real-world application. This is a great college application and resume booster for high school students.

How is it better than other platforms?

Make a comparison table regarding prices, value (what you get), and quality.
CodeWizardsHQ has the most experience with online coding education. They also have the best features beyond the classroom to make sure kids are successful:

  • Daily. Live Homework Help
  • 1×1 Office Hours (Advanced Courses)
  • Downloadable Slides for Every Class
  • Video Recordings of Every Class
  • Weekly Progress Report & Alerts
  • Individual Course Certification
  • 24/7 Access to Proprietary Coding Platform
  • Supportive Online Student Community
  • Path to Real-World Internship
CodeWizardsHQ Coding With Kids Juni Learning Idtech
Ages 8-18 5-18 8-18 7-19
Type Group classes Group classes 1:1 Group classes
Cost $149 / mo $125 / mo $275 / mo $999+ / course

CodeWizardsHQ Review: Value for Money

If you want your child to learn coding in a meaningful way, CodeWizardsHQ is a worthwhile investment.

Compared to its competitors, the price is comparable and they provide a lot of value both in and outside of the classroom. Their teachers and curriculum receive a lot of praise from parents and students. 

While they don’t offer a free trial, the money-back guarantee allows you to take 4 full sessions before deciding if coding is right for your child. This gives you an opportunity to get to know the instructor, experience the gamified platform, and dive into coding.

The Most Popular Courses on Code Wizards HQ

Animation and Games with Scratch (Ages 8-10)

This class utilizes the popular Scratch platform for young kids to learn coding using drag and drop. This course allows young kids to focus on coding concepts without worrying about syntax. It’s also a lot of fun and there’s plenty of room for kids to be creative and personalize their projects.

CodeWizardsHQ Review

CodeWizardsHQ Review

Intro to Programming with Python (Ages 11-13)

Python is a popular programming language and an easy place for middle schoolers to start coding. CodeWizardsHQ has its own custom Python libraries to make programming easier and enjoyable for kids.

CodeWizardsHQ My Son Review

CodeWizardsHQ Excellent Review

Intro to Python (Ages 14-18)

High school Python starts with foundational programming concepts such as functions, conditional statements, variables, data types, looping, and data structures. This course also uses CodeWizardsHQ’s custom code library and focuses on getting students to translate ideas into code.

CodeWizards HQ Priya Review

CodeWizardsHQ Gabi

CodeWizards Angela Review

CodeWizardsHQ: Student Feedback & Reputation

Generally, there are a lot of 5-star reviews on the customer service staff. Their reputation is positive for being prompt and helpful.

CodeWizards Katie Review

CodeWizards Nadine Review

They are also the top-rated camp in Trustpilot’s summer camp list:

  • Experienced, live instructors.
  • Structured, progressive curriculum.
  • Engaging class material and project-based learning.
  • Beyond the classroom features.
  • High school internship opportunity.
  • Not the cheapest option.


How much does CodeWizardsHQ cost?

  • 12-week courses are $447 (3 payments of $149).
  • 1-week summer camps are $399.
  • 2-day summer camps are $199.

Is CodeWizardsHQ good?

Overall, CodeWizardsHQ is a good investment for kids who want to learn how to code. While it isn’t the cheapest program, it does offer the most value among its competitors.

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