EduReviewerEdureka! vs Coursera: What are the Differences?

Edureka! vs Coursera: What are the Differences?

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Overall Comparison of the Platforms

Features Edureka Coursera
Course Selection Limited course catalog  reviews Wide range of courses and specializations
Course Updates May lag in updates and relevance Regularly updated content and industry relevance
Cost Relatively higher pricing Both free and paid courses available
Community Engagement Limited emphasis on community interaction Active community forums and collaboration options
Industry Partnerships


Collaborations with industry professionals Partnerships with top universities and companies
Learning Format


Primarily online, with some live sessions Online learning with pre-recorded lectures
Accreditation Edureka certs may have limited recognition Accredited and recognized certs available
Instructor Interaction Instructor-led sessions with varying availability Limited tutor interaction in most courses
Flexibility Fixed schedules and durations Self-paced learning options available

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” — B.B. King

There are marked differences even though both platforms seem alike. Ultimately, the more suitable option for you would be decided by your needs, flexibility preferences and budget.

If you fancy a structured learning environment, Edureka would be your best bet. Should self-paced learning options be more your thing, however, Coursera might just be a more suitable option.

Here’s the thing, the world of online learning is a battlefield, and two prominent contenders have emerged: Coursera and Edureka. Choosing the right platform can make all the difference in your educational journey. Aspiring learners are often torn between these two giants, with each offering a unique set of advantages.

Coursera, with its vast catalog of over 4,000 courses, certs, and degree programs, brings together content from top universities worldwide. On the other hand, Edureka focuses on technology-related courses, honing in on areas like programming, data science, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

Coursera courses

As you delve deeper into their offerings, you’ll discover that Coursera offers a diverse range of disciplines for your development, while Edureka specializes in technology-related fields. Well, you’d know this already if you’ve checked out our comprehensive individual reviews on both Coursera and Edureka.

A concise contrast of both learning MOOCs reveals that:

  • Coursera offers a vast catalog of over 4,000 courses, and degree programs, while Edureka has a more limited selection with around 200 courses.
  • Coursera collaborates with over 200 top universities worldwide, including Stanford and Yale, whereas Edureka lacks similar university partnerships.
  • Coursera has over 100 million registered learners, indicating a larger community compared to Edureka’s learner count.

Coursera's programs

By the end of this Edureka vs Coursera comparison, you’ll have all the insights needed to make an informed decision, as well as answer all questions you might’ve.

So, put on your learning caps, buckle up, and embark on this journey of knowledge and growth. The future of education awaits, and the choice to take part is yours.

Features for Students

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” — Brian Herbert

Let’s explore the world of MOOCs as we delve into the key features of Coursera and Edureka. These features act as the secret ingredients that improve your learning journey, making it engaging and effective. Discover a wealth of top-quality study materials, as well as interactive learning options.

Coursera vs Edureka

Whether you seek special courses from renowned universities or specialized tech programs, these platforms, either Edureka! or Coursera, have it all. It’s about time to unleash your potential and unlock new opportunities with their learning conditions. Let’s dive in.

Coursera: How is it Better than Edureka?

Price starts from $49
Promo Code N/A
  • Vast course catalog comprising over 4,000 courses, certifications and degree programs
  • Coursera's massive learner base, consisting of over 100 million registered learners worldwide
Coursera has some strong arguments justifying its superiority over Edureka. Chief among these is the remarkably near global recognition of its certificates. This is only to be expected, considering that the they partner with top-of-the-line universities and corporate brands.

Here are some other convincing reasons certifying it as more suitable compared with Edureka for your development:

Vast Course Catalog:

Coursera offers a treasure trove of knowledge with its vast course catalog comprising over 4,000 courses, certifications, and degree programs. Whether you're passionate about arts, business, computer science, or any other subject, Coursera has something to offer. With just a few clicks, learners can access a diverse array of disciplines from top universities worldwide for their development.

It's like having a virtual library at your fingertips, ready to enrich your mind and expand your horizons. From introductory courses to advanced specializations, Coursera's extensive catalog ensures there's always something new to discover and learn.

University Partnerships:

Coursera's university partnerships elevate the learning experience to new heights. Collaborating with over 200 renowned universities, including prestigious institutions like Stanford, Yale, and the University of Michigan, Coursera offers learners access to world-class educational content.

By leveraging the expertise of these institutions, Coursera provides a seal of credibility to its courses. Imagine having the opportunity to learn from esteemed professors and industry experts from top universities, all from the comfort of your own home.

Learner Base:

Coursera's massive learner base, consisting of over 100 million registered learners worldwide, is a testament to its popularity and well-rounded development. Joining Coursera means becoming part of a vibrant learning community where you can engage with fellow learners, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects for your combined all-rounder development. With such a vast network of learners, the opportunities for networking, learning from others, and expanding your horizons are boundless.

Edureka: How is it Better than Coursera?

Price starts from $100
Promo code N/A
  • Expert teachers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • In-depth courses
  • Great UI
  • Lifetime courses
Edureka is super popular among learners for its no-nonsense, structured approach to online tutoring. To a large extent, Edureka pioneered Instructor-led Live Classes, which are now practically a staple of the MOOC community.

Edureka's approach to teaching would be suited to you if you aren't the self-motivated type. We've outlined all you need below to pretty much answer: Is Edureka better than Coursera?

Experienced Instructor-led Live Classes

Edureka's Instructor-led Live Classes offer a powerful learning experience that sets them apart. With experienced instructors at the helm, these classes provide real-time interaction and engagement for your development.

Just like Kaplan in the test prep arena, Edureka's tutors bring years of expertise to the table. They have honed their teaching methods to deliver top-notch education. Students ultimately receive a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter for their questions.

Industry Experts as Instructors

Edureka's experts are industry professionals with extensive experience, bringing practical knowledge gained through years of hands-on work and development. They are subject-matter experts specializing in specific domains. Their real-world insights, incorporating case studies and practical examples, help learners understand the application of concepts. Staying current with industry trends and ensuring learners receive the most relevant knowledge for their development.

Hands-on Projects and Assignments

Edureka believes in practical learning, where hands-on projects play a huge role in well-rounded learner development. These projects cut across all offered courses. Learners retain the chance to apply all they've learned to practical situations, especially when they resolve all pending questions they've got. The aim is to challenge different individuals with varying skill levels by mimicking real-world scenarios.

Tutors provide guidance and support while their assessments are factored into your overall grade. Teamwork is equally encouraged to foster collaboration and maximize productivity. This approach to online technology education is so effective that in a Coursera vs Edureka AngularJS standoff, our bets would all be on Edureka.

Edureka and Coursera: Courses Pricing Comparison

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has been removed.” – Benjamin Franklin

In this section, we delve into the pricing structures offered by these two major MOOCs. By exploring their respective pricing plans, we aim to provide you with valuable insights to answer your questions and make informed decisions.


You shouldn’t have to break the bank to upskill. Fortunately, Coursera administrators get this. In their magnanimity, they’ve broken down product pricing into a series of plans and categories. Depending on your preferences, you may even get free access alongside huge discounts on some courses.

For a more comprehensive overview of the pricing, refer to the Coursera website:

  • Individual Courses: $49 – $79 billed monthly with a free trial. Supports a 14-day refund policy for 2,700+ courses.
  • Guide Projects: $9.99+ billed monthly, no free trial. Supports a 14-day refund policy for 700+ courses.
  • Specializations: Starts at $39 per month with a free trial and applicable discounts. Supports a 14-day refund policy, or you cancel your subscription for 2,100+ courses.
  • Professional Certificates: Starts at $39 per month with a free trial. Cancel your subscription anytime for 100+ courses.
  • Master track Certificates: Billed at $2,000. Whether or not you get a refund is determined by the partnered university. Offers 25+ courses with no free trial.
  • Degrees: Billed at $8,000. Whether or not you get a refund is determined by the partnered university. Offers 100+ courses with no free trial.
  • Coursera Plus: Billed at $399 annually. Supports a 14-day refund policy, or you cancel your subscription. Offers 25+ courses with a free trial.


Edureka offers three basic pricing categories. Refer to their website to get a more comprehensive breakdown of their plans:

  • Self-paced Learning: Pricing varies with a course, typically ranging from $900 – $4,000. You’d have to check out Edureka’s official website to confirm the price for the course you’re interested in.
  • Live Instructor-Led Classes: Billed based on course and duration
  • Mater’s Programs: Pricing varies with the course. Courses available in data science, cybersecurity, DevOps, programming, Cloud Computing etc.

Quality of Courses and Teachers: Value for Money

When comparing Edureka and Coursera, one crucial aspect to consider is the quality of courses and value for money.

Do you seek interactive lessons that keep you engaged or a more traditional classroom-like experience for your development and questions? Understanding the teaching methods employed by each is vital in determining which aligns better with your learning style.

Additionally, it’s essential to evaluate the value you will receive for your investment. In this article, we will explore and compare the different approaches of Coursera and Edureka, assessing their quality and value offerings.


When it comes to the quality of courses and value for money, Coursera emerges as a top choice. With Coursera, learners can expect a wealth of high-quality courses that are taught by industry experts. They offer a diverse range of subjects, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Coursera - steps toward your career

The courses on Coursera provide interactive and engaging learning experiences. Features incorporated include multimedia elements and practical software exercises.

Learners also benefit from the flexibility of self-paced learning and the option to earn valuable software certifications. In terms of value, Coursera stands out by offering affordable pricing options and financial aid opportunities.

With Coursera, you can access world-class education at a fraction of the cost, making it a clear winner in terms of quality and value for money.


Edureka stands out as a compelling choice for those seeking high-quality technology courses and excellent value for money in the realm of online education. With a focus on industry relevance and practical programming knowledge, Edureka offers a diverse range of courses taught by seasoned professionals.

Their meticulously designed curriculum ensures a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, empowering learners with the skills needed to succeed in their respective fields.

Edureka info

Edureka’s courses feature interactive learning resources, real-world programming projects, and hands-on exercises that foster practical application. These features as well span several specific categories.

By opting for Edureka, learners gain access to a vibrant learning community, personalized guidance, and continuous support based on specified conditions.

With competitive pricing and flexible learning options, Edureka provides an exceptional blend of quality education and affordability. Embark on your learning journey with Edureka today, unlock your true potential and answer all your pending questions.

Main Cons of the Platforms Compared

Now, let’s explore the main disadvantages of Coursera compared to Edureka. While Coursera offers a vast array of courses, it’s important to examine its limitations.

By understanding these drawbacks, you can make an informed choice that aligns better with your learning objectives and answers your questions. Consider the following points to ensure you select the platform that meets your needs best.


  1. Limited Instructor Interaction: Coursera courses often lack direct interaction with instructors, which can hinder personalized guidance and clarification of doubts.
  2. Limited Hands-on Practice: Some Coursera courses may not provide sufficient opportunities for hands-on experience, particularly in technical or skill-based programming subjects.
  3. Expensive Certification: While many Coursera courses offer free access to course materials, obtaining a verified certificate and it usually comes with a fee. This is often an expensive drawback for those seeking affordable learning options.
  4. Reliance on Self-Motivation: Coursera’s self-paced learning format requires strong self-discipline and motivation to complete courses, making it challenging for some individuals who thrive in a structured classroom environment.
  5. Limited Course Availability: Not all courses are available year-round, and enrollment periods may be restricted. This often limits flexibility for learners who prefer to start courses at their convenience.


  1. Limited Course Selection: Edureka’s course catalog may be more limited compared to other e-learning platforms. This often restricts options for learners seeking specific topics or niche subjects.
  2. Higher Cost: Edureka’s programming courses generally come with a higher price tag compared to other online learning platforms. Renders it less accessible for individuals on a tight budget.
  3. Time Constraints: Edureka courses often have fixed schedules and live instructor-led sessions. This may not be convenient for learners with busy schedules or those in different time zones.
  4. Instructor Availability: While Edureka courses provide instructor-led sessions, the availability and responsiveness of tutors may vary. This often results in delayed or limited interaction with course instructors. Take an instance of the Coursera vs Edureka Spark Course, for example; it’s unlikely learners would have on-demand access to their programming tutors whenever they want. All the same, Edureka quite tops Coursera in this aspect.


In comparing Coursera and Edureka, Coursera clearly emerges as the superior choice. Coursera offers a wider range of courses and specializations, recognized alongside lifetime partnerships with top universities and companies. The platform promotes a flexible learning experience with self-paced options and active community engagement.

Moreover, Coursera’s regularly updated content ensures relevance to industry trends. These factors, combined with its reputation for quality and diverse learning opportunities, make Coursera the preferred platform for those seeking a comprehensive learning experience.

Take the first step towards enhancing your skills and knowledge by enrolling in a Coursera course today!


Which is better: Coursera or Edureka?

Coursera is often the preferred choice between both options due to its extensive range of courses. Additionally, Coursera offers flexible self-paced learning options. Its reputation for high-quality content and industry relevance sets it apart.

Is it worth joining Edureka?

Joining Edureka is worth considering for its industry-aligned courses, as well as a hands-on learning experience. Edureka offers professional technology certs and a supportive community. However, it’s important to carefully evaluate your specific learning needs and compare them with the available course offerings and value for money before making a decision.

Is Edureka better than Udemy?

Yes, Edureka is better than Udemy, thanks to its live instructor-led classes and personalized learning experience. Edureka provides hands-on programming projects as well as expert guidance. Udemy notoriously falls short of these deliverables.

Are Coursera certificates worth it?

Yes, Coursera certificates are worth it. They provide tangible lifetime proof of your skills and knowledge in various fields, including programming. Coursera partners with top universities and industry experts, offering high-quality courses and recognized certs. These technology certificates can enhance your resume and open doors to new career opportunities.

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