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Are Udemy Certifications Valid?

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Many people have started using online learning sites that provide courses, subjects, and certificates for various subjects in recent years to broaden their learning and skills. This trend witnessed a boost as a result of Covid.

Instead of staying ideal, many people picked up courses online to earn certificates or add to their knowledge. Virtual courses cost a lot of time and money, so most individuals wonder if that certification you get upon completing an online class on platforms like Udemy is worth adding to your resume or even taking the risk in the first place.

Yes, you read that right, but it gets even better. How? Preparing a resume is essential, and you should know what and what not to enclose in your resume to increase your chances of getting a job.

Most people prefer to include edX courses on resume or Coursera on resume because their certificates are acceptable. But, Udemy has its own very good benefits as well.

A question most individuals ask is how long are Udemy courses valid? And is a Udemy Certification valid? Udemy vs Skillshare: Which one should you choose for online courses?

Once you have enrolled in a Udemy course, whether for free or on sale, you will still be able to access the content even when you’re through. This means that joining a  Udemy course gives you access forever.

Is Udemy Accredited?

You’re not alone, and I can count on several articles and research I made before finding the ideal fit. Before answering this question, it is essential to know what a Udemy certification is. A Udemy certification is a document you are given after completing a course syllabus in Udemy.

The main difference between a Udemy course and other online learning courses is that the latter uses courses and the scope of higher institutions, including exams and degrees. Udemy, on the other hand, uses courses created by tutors. The teachers or tutors create materials and sell them through the Udemy platform.

When you get this certificate, it means that you’ve completed your course, and you can share this certificate with loved ones. You can also include it in your resume.

Now, the next serious question people ask is if Udemy is accredited. The answer to that question is no. This is because Udemy isn’t an accredited institution, so the certificates issued by Udemy aren’t legally valid.

But, even though it isn’t accredited, it makes your resume unique and different from others when you include that experience.

Is the Udemy Certificate Valid for a Job?

Employers don’t consider a Udemy certification valid enough to be included in the education category of your resume, except if it is accredited, which Udemy isn’t.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include your Udemy certification in your resume. You can instead change that certification into a list of valuable skills that add value to the job you’re applying for.

Even though your degree is essential in a resume, including skills learned through Udemy gives you an edge over other applicants. Highlight those skills in your resume and where you got them.

Show that you have put into practice whatever skill you learned in theory, and make sure those skills will add value to that company or organization. Use bullet points examples to list projects you’ve completed because of the skills you got from taking a Udemy course.

The Benefits of a Udemy Certificate

People always ask these questions, are Udemy certificates valid? Is a Udemy certificate useful? Or is certification from Udemy valid?

Even though they are not valid, they have benefits. The significant benefits of a Udemy certificate are explained briefly below.

Boost Skills

Skills are one of the most vital assets needed for daily living, and taking a Udemy course helps boost and grow your skills. The tutors, teachers, or coaches will help you understand a course from the beginning to the end.

That is, from the beginner to the expert level. With your sharpened skills, you become an expert, bringing you closer to your dream job.

Shows your Passion for Learning

Including a Udemy certificate on your resume shows the recruiter that you are hardworking, motivated, and passionate about learning and attaining expertise in any field of your choice.

Thus, this increases the possibility of your hiring. Because of this, you’re advised to put your Udemy courses on your resume.

Gain More Knowledge

With Udemy, you can learn something new from their wide range of courses. If you want to learn programming or a new language, you can learn it from a beginner to an expert on Udemy.

Udemy courses help to gain knowledge in your field of study. As mentioned above, they provide promising and latest courses in over 204,000 fields. This means that almost everything is found there—courses like business, design, photography, IT and software, etc.


With all the high-quality courses you’ve taken, you will understand your job better and improve your performance. You can improve your skills to prove that you deserve a promotion. This is for those who are working already.

Higher-Level Education

Even while working, you can still take courses with Udemy. You can learn anywhere and anytime with Udemy, as the courses are self-paced.

What is the Value of Udemy Courses?

As mentioned above, when individuals ask how valid a Udemy certificate is, the answer is still the same. Because Udemy is not accredited, its certificate has no qualifying value.

But, you can turn all your course experience into valuable skills and include them in your resume. Once you’ve decided to enroll yourself in Udemy, there are a few important things to note before doing so.

  • Review the course details: Before buying, check the Udemy courses review to ensure the course description is on par with your expectations.
  • Trial Class: Each class has a preview; thus, watch the preview to check the course style and material.
  • Reviews: You should check the reviews of other students who have completed the same course.

Advantages of Learning with Udemy

Below are the benefits of taking online courses with Udemy.

  • Lifetime Access

This is one of the most incredible things about learning with Udemy. It is designed for self-paced learning. This means that it allows you to learn at your own pace. You can also access your account anywhere and anytime.

Even when you’re done with the courses, you can still revisit and retake those courses to refresh your memory. All this depends on if your account is in order.

  • System reviews

This review system can help you determine if the course you want to take is the best for you or not. Coaches or tutors also get reports from students on how to improve their course content.

  • Easy payment method

With Udemy, you can pay with almost any method. This depends on the location the account was opened with. Udemy also accepts different currencies for selected countries. Tutors can also set course fees. You can pay with any of the credit or debit cards mentioned. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

For locations that have issues paying with the cards mentioned above, PayPal is also acceptable. After that, use the Google play and apple payment systems to process your payment.

How Does Udemy Work?

Working on Udemy is easy. Just get the site and search for the course you need.

After buying a course, you’re automatically able to access the eLearning platform. There you can be taught, and this is usually through videos. Once you buy a course, you can get to it anytime you want to refresh your memory.

Can Udemy Courses Help You Get a Job?

The simple answer to this is Yes! But that depends on how you use it. A Udemy course alone can’t get a job in most companies or organizations. But, the skills from those Udemy courses can increase the value of your resume.

Nowadays, most recruiters emphasize what you can do more than certificates or degrees; this means that knowledge from that Udemy course will help you get an edge.

You must first figure out what course or career path you want to take, then take classes in that regard, and add those certificates or skills to your resume. If you are unsure how to include that in your resume, you can hire the best resume writers to do that for you.

Or, you can research how best to put Udemy courses on your resume. Make sure you use bullet points examples to list projects you’ve completed because of the skills you got from taking a Udemy course.

A great option for students with no experience is to look for companies or organizations that hire entry-level employees with no degree. Research the skills you need to get the job and then take classes on Udemy to get those skills.


Is Udemy Certificate Valid in the USA?

No. Because it is not accredited, the certificates are also not accredited. This means that all qualifications received from Udemy are not recognized formally or legally. So, a Udemy certificate is not valid in the USA or any other part of the world.

But, as stressed above, you can still add your Udemy certification as a skill to your resume. A separate article explains how to include your Udemy certification in your resume.

Is Udemy Course Completion Certificate Valid?

No. This is because, unlike other online learning courses that higher institutions use, including exams and degrees, Udemy uses courses made up of tutors or coaches, which means it’s not accredited.

Thus, a course completion certificate is not valid.

How Much Value Do Udemy Courses Add to a Resume?

Even though the Udemy certificate is not valid, it is essential to include it in your resume. You have to change that certification into a list of valuable skills that add value to the job you’re applying for.

Thus, the answer to this question is that Udemy courses add much value to a resume. You have to make sure that the courses you take will add value to the company you’re applying to.


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