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By Enthony Ferdinand, Updated June 12, 2024


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About LearnSQL
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Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Interactive, hands-on learning.
  • Structured learning paths.
  • Certifications for professional growth.
  • Courses available in multiple languages.
  • Specialized SQL curriculum.
  • Free plan available.
  • No video tutorials.
  • Focus exclusively on SQL.


  • After a thorough review, there is no doubt that is a great option for learning SQL.
  • The platform covers a variety of SQL dialects and offers an interactive, hands-on environment where you can apply SQL concepts directly through an integrated editor.

Value for Money

  • This platform helps you learn more efficiently.
  • The structured learning paths are carefully designed for different career goals and skill levels, from basics to advanced database management and analysis.
  • This makes it ideal if you want to master SQL deeply while earning recognized certifications to enhance your professional credentials.


  • Overall, is a solid choice for both beginners and experienced professionals.
  • Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to refine your SQL skills, can help you develop and adapt across different projects and organizations.
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More Online Courses is a premier online learning platform dedicated exclusively to teaching SQL, the essential language for database management and manipulation. It emphasizes hands-on practice and real-world scenarios, presenting a rich curriculum that spans various SQL dialects such as Standard SQL, T-SQL for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

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Brief History of

Founded in 2014 by database experts with over 20 years of experience Jarosław Bład and Łukasz Kubicki, quickly rose to the forefront of providing interactive and comprehensive SQL training.

Currently, the company is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, but operates globally and offers a diverse selection of SQL courses, available in six languages, with the most courses in English.

Course Structure and Content focuses specifically on teaching SQL and is renowned for its well-organized course content. The curriculum is segmented into distinct paths, available in 4 different SQL dialects (Standard, T-SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL). This structure enables learners to select the learning path that best suits their career needs and skill level. The platform includes courses from beginner-level to courses for experienced professionals.


Courses range from fundamental SQL syntax and data operations to more complex subjects like subqueries, window functions, and principles of database design. Each course includes interactive exercises and practical examples, which deepen the learning experience by applying theory to real-life database management scenarios.

Interactive Learning Environment

After reviewing, I can confidently say that what sets the company apart is its interactive learning environment. After the registration, you get access to the dashboard where you can track your learning progress. No installation of any additional software is needed, the given database and code editor are integrated within the course dashboard.

In each exercise, I had to type an SQL query that would later be executed in an integrated SQL editor. This instant application of learned concepts, combined with real-time feedback, greatly enhances the learning curve and understanding of SQL.

learnsql learning environment

During the review, whenever I made a mistake, the platform provided clear and concise explanations, guiding me toward the correct solution. This immediate feedback loop significantly accelerated my learning process and reinforced my understanding of SQL concepts.

Skills and Career Paths offers several structured learning paths and career tracks to guide learners through the essential skills and concepts required for specific SQL-related roles and professions. These learning paths are carefully curated by curriculum experts to ensure a logical and comprehensive learning experience. Here are the most popular ones:

SQL from A to Z Track

The “SQL from A to Z” track is designed for individuals who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of SQL from the ground up. This track covers everything from basic SQL syntax and data manipulation to advanced topics like subqueries, window functions, and database design principles. It is an ideal starting point for those new to SQL or seeking a refresher on the fundamentals.


SQL for Data Analysis Track

The “SQL for Data Analysis” track is tailored for learners interested in leveraging SQL for data analysis and business intelligence tasks. This track focuses on SQL’s analytical capabilities, including aggregate functions, joins, and advanced querying techniques. In this learning path, you will gain practical skills in extracting insights from data, creating reports, and performing complex data transformations using SQL.

SQL Reporting Track

The “SQL Reporting” track is specifically designed for professionals who need to generate reports and visualizations from databases. This track covers topics such as SQL reporting tools, report design principles, and advanced SQL techniques for creating complex reports. Here, you will develop the skills necessary to create dynamic and informative reports that can be easily shared and understood by stakeholders.

SQL Practice Track

The “SQL Practice” track is a unique offering from that provides learners with a collection of real-world SQL challenges and coding exercises.


This track is ideal if you want to reinforce their SQL skills through hands-on practice and problem-solving. It covers a wide range of scenarios and database structures, ensuring that learners gain practical experience in applying their SQL knowledge to diverse situations.

Each track is designed to be immersive, incorporating coding exercises and projects that ensure learners not only grasp theoretical concepts but also acquire hands-on skills crucial for professional success.

Certificates and SQL Skills Assessment

Upon successful completion of each course, offers certificates. These certificates can be showcased on professional profiles, such as LinkedIn, and may potentially enhance career prospects in the field of data management and analysis.


You can also get the Certificate of Competency in SQL. To earn this credential, learners must pass a comprehensive exam assessing their proficiency across 6 major SQL concepts.


The exam tests practical skills through coding challenges and real-world scenarios, ensuring that certificate holders possess a deep understanding of SQL and its applications. It serves as a powerful tool for demonstrating expertise to potential employers or clients, validating an individual’s ability to write efficient SQL queries, design database structures, and leverage advanced SQL features.

Pricing and Value for Money offers three main pricing options to satisfy different learning needs and budgets:

Free Plan

The Free Plan allows you to access a limited portion of each course, enabling you to try out the learning process in order to decide whether is the right choice for you. I recommend using this option and exploring the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

Individual Course Purchase

If you’re interested in learning a specific SQL dialect or topic, you can choose any of 60+ individual courses available. Each one of them currently costs 39$. This option is best if you need to fill up a specific gap in your SQL skillset. For example, you might already know SQL on a relatively high level, but you need to learn to use SQL Joins in MySQL. allows you to do just that.

All Forever Package

The All Forever Package is the most comprehensive option, offering lifetime access to’s entire course library (with over 60 courses at the time of writing the review), including all future courses. This plan is perfect for individuals who want to dive deep into SQL and database management, as well as those who seek a long-term learning solution without recurring subscription fees.


SQL Training for Education

If you’re a student looking to learn SQL, whether for an academic project or to enhance your future career prospects, is an excellent resource to consider. The platform has been supporting students for years and understands the unique needs and challenges faced by learners in an academic setting.

For students exclusively, offers SQL Basics course for free. If you are a student,  use your school email address while creating a free account. You shall gain full access to 129 basic SQL exercises.

This course is designed to help you learn how to work with essential SQL concepts such as JOIN clauses, GROUP BY statements, and aggregation functions, enabling you to create insightful reports. Additionally, you’ll be introduced to the world of subqueries, laying a solid foundation for more advanced SQL topics.

Free SQL Learning Resources

Apart from SQL courses, has an extensive library of free learning resources to complement the learning experience, including a comprehensive blog, SQL Cookbooks, and a collection of SQL cheat sheets.


SQL Blog

The blog includes hundreds of SQL Tutorials on virtually any SQL-related topic and is a valuable resource for learners seeking insights, tips, and best practices related to database management. The blog is regularly updated with articles written by SQL experts, covering a wide range of topics such as SQL optimization techniques, database design principles, real-world case studies, and career advancement materials.

Additionally, the blog features interviews with industry professionals, providing learners with unique perspectives and insights from those working in the field.

The only area for improvement I’ve found is the lack of a search menu on the blog, which makes it harder to find the right article in such a massive library of knowledge. I hope they will add it shortly, as they did with the SQL Cookbook.

SQL Cookbook

One of the outstanding materials I encountered during my review of is the SQL Cookbook. It’s a unique resource offered by, serving as a comprehensive reference for SQL recipes and solutions. The cookbook is designed to help learners tackle SQL challenges in the 6 most popular SQL dialects, providing them with a collection of pre-written SQL queries and explanations.


The SQL Cookbook covers a wide range of topics, including data manipulation, querying, and reporting. Each of 200+ cookbook tutorials includes a real-life example with sample data, followed by a step-by-step explanation, making it easy for learners to understand and apply the solutions to their own projects.

Unlike the blog, the SQL Cookbook has an easy-to-use search menu. Learners can quickly find relevant tutorials by keyword, SQL dialect, or topic, making the cookbook an invaluable standalone resource.

Cheatsheets recognizes the importance of having quick reference materials at hand, which is why it offers a comprehensive collection of SQL cheatsheets. These SQL cheat sheets are designed to provide learners with a concise and easily accessible guide to SQL syntax, functions, and commands.

The cheatsheets are organized by level, topic, and SQL dialect, ensuring that learners can find the information they need specific to their needs. Additionally, the cheatsheets are available in various formats, including printable PDFs, mobile-friendly editions, and interactive web-based versions, allowing learners to choose the format that best suits their learning style.


Whether you’re practicing SQL coding, preparing for an interview, or simply need a quick reference, the cheatsheets come as an invaluable free resource that can help you save time and increase your productivity.

By offering these supplementary resources, demonstrates its commitment to providing a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience for its users. The blog, SQL Cookbook, and cheat sheets complement the interactive courses, ensuring that learners have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources to support their SQL education and professional development.

Free Trial on

At, you can test the first section of each course through a commitment-free trial period before deciding to upgrade to a paid plan. This allows you to see exactly how the platform works or gain additional confidence while choosing a specific course from many available.

When creating a free account, you will not be asked to provide any billing information. All you need is your name and email address to get started. This allows you to experience’s interactive learning environment and course content without any financial obligation.


The free trial is not time-limited but progress-limited, allowing you to evaluate whether aligns with your learning goals and preferences at your own pace. If you decide not to continue using the service after the trial, you can keep your account without any charges.

However, if you find the resources at valuable and wish to continue your SQL education, you can either purchase individual courses or gain access to all courses at once, depending on your preferred pricing plan. Only after you choose to make a purchase, will you be prompted to provide the billing information.

Who Is For?

The platform is designed for a diverse audience, aiming to learn SQL from scratch or upskill in database management, data analytics, and related topics. In short, has something for everyone.



If you’re just starting with programming or database management, is a great place to begin. The courses are designed with beginners in mind, introducing SQL basics step by step. You’ll learn the fundamentals in a fun, interactive way, ensuring you build a solid foundation before progressing to more advanced topics.

Professionals in Data-Related Fields

For those already working in data-related fields, such as data analysis, business intelligence, data engineering, or database administration, provides a valuable resource for enhancing your SQL skills. The platform has an abundance of advanced SQL exercises, as well as, best practices to tackle them, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise to face complex data challenges in real life.

Professionals Seeking SQL Certification is particularly beneficial for professionals seeking to validate their SQL proficiency. The platform offers a Certificate of Competency in SQL, which serves as a confirmation of proficiency in 6 key SQL areas. This certification is well-recognized in the industry and can significantly enhance your professional credibility and job prospects.


SQL Courses for Students

If you’re a student pursuing a degree in computer science, data science, or a related field, can be an excellent supplementary resource. The platform’s interactive learning environment and hands-on exercises provide a practical way to reinforce your SQL knowledge and gain real-world experience.

Students studying computer science, IT, or data science can find valuable supplementary resources on The practical, hands-on approach and interactive learning environment is a great way to reinforce what you learn in class, preparing you for academic projects and opening up future career opportunities.

What Jobs Is SQL Needed For?

SQL is the standard language for database management and for a good reason. It plays a vital role when it comes to data operations, in not one, but many industries and job roles. Mastering SQL allows you to query and retrieve data, analyze it, uncover insights, make informed decisions, and solve complex business problems.

With SQL skills, you’re well-prepared to navigate the digital world, unlocking numerous career opportunities and enhancing your professional growth. Here are a few major ones:

  1. Data Analysts: Use SQL to extract and analyze data, supporting data-driven decision-making.
  2. Business Intelligence Professionals: Convert data into actionable insights and comprehensive reports using SQL.
  3. Software Developers: Manage data and enhance application functionality with SQL integration.
  4. Database Administrators: Depend on SQL for efficient database management, optimization, and security.
  5. Financial Analysts: Analyze financial data and predict future trends with SQL.
  6. Marketing Managers: Understand customer behavior and evaluate campaign performance using SQL.
  7. Operations Managers: Streamline processes and improve efficiency through SQL.
  8. Healthcare Data Managers: Use SQL to manage patient data and ensure compliance.

By becoming proficient in SQL, you open up a world where you can engage with diverse data sources. This ability ensures that your skills stay relevant and widely applicable, no matter where your career takes you.

How long does it take to learn SQL?

Even though there is no time limit and you can learn at your own pace, each course at has an estimated time specified in the course description. Based on that, completing, for example, the SQL Fundamentals Track will take you approximately 36 hours. For most of us, it is reasonable to learn the fundamentals in just a few weeks with dedicated practice.

Since the syntax of SQL is relatively straightforward, you certainly can grasp essential commands such as SELECT, FROM, and WHERE through the first week. Mastering more complex topics like joins, stored procedures, and query optimization takes longer.

Depending on the chosen learning track and your determination, Intermediate skills can be developed with about a month of daily practice, and achieving proficiency in advanced SQL typically requires 2-3 months or more, even for those with a programming background. Comparing To Other Platforms

While various resources are available for learning SQL fundamentals, distinguishes itself as a dedicated online platform specifically designed for teaching SQL and database management skills to learners globally, including employees of major companies.


Focusing on a learn-by-doing approach, the platform’s built-in SQL editor and real-time feedback system create an immersive learning experience, allowing learners to write and execute SQL queries directly within the browser.

This naturally comes at the cost of not, including video materials in the learning curriculum, for now. Each platform I’ve been reviewing ultimately focuses on one or the other teaching approach. Considering the overabundance of video tutorials on the market, I don’t think it’s much of a disadvantage. In the end, it’s the ability to write your own code that you are aiming for.

Take for example platforms like Udemy and Coursera. They offer some SQL courses, but they often lack the level of interactivity and hands-on practice provided by One customer managed to sum up the learning approach really nicely in his review of

sql-positive-feedback’s wide variety of specialized courses, interactive learning environment, and lifetime access model make it a superior choice for individuals and professionals, seeking a comprehensive and hands-on SQL long-term solution.

  • Interactive, hands-on learning.
  • Structured learning paths.
  • Certifications for professional growth.
  • Courses available in multiple languages.
  • Specialized SQL curriculum.
  • Free plan available.
  • No video tutorials.
  • Focus exclusively on SQL.


Is effective for learning SQL?’s interactive learning environment, with its built-in SQL editor and real-time feedback, provides an effective and practical way to learn SQL. The platform’s hands-on approach and comprehensive curriculum ensure that learners develop a solid understanding of SQL and its applications.

Is a certificate worth putting on a resume?

Absolutely. certificates, particularly the Certificate of Competency in SQL, are highly relevant and can significantly enhance your resume, showcasing your SQL skills and expertise to potential employers.

Does offer courses for businesses?

Yes, offers tailored B2B solutions for businesses interested in providing SQL training to their teams. It is possible to design courses that meet specific learning objectives for an organization.

Is effective for learning SQL?’s interactive learning environment, with its built-in SQL editor and real-time feedback, provides an effective and practical way to learn SQL. The platform’s hands-on approach and comprehensive curriculum ensure that learners develop a solid understanding of SQL and its applications.

Is a good place to start learning SQL? is an excellent platform for beginners to start their SQL journey. The structured curriculum, interactive exercises, and comprehensive coverage of SQL fundamentals provide a solid foundation for learners to build upon.

Does offer courses for free?

Yes. Each month, the platform features a “Monthly Free Course” which allows learners to access a complete SQL course at no cost. This initiative is a great opportunity for those new to SQL and to try out the platform without a financial commitment.

Is a scam?

No, is definitely not a scam. It’s actually one of the top platforms for learning and practicing SQL. The company has built a strong reputation for offering comprehensive and interactive training programs that are highly regarded in the industry.

Does offer discounts or coupons?

Yes, offers two active promo codes. You can use “lsql-5z24dg” to receive a 5% discount, and “welcomefive” to get $5 off your purchase. Although these discounts may appear modest, combining them with other offers can provide a more substantial savings overall.

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