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How to Get Into Video Game Music Composition

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Music composers have been creating amazing sounds and scores for hundreds of years. We are all familiar with popular names. As a video game composer, you will be responsible for creating sounds and melodies that are used throughout a game.

It is important to be able to match the sounds of the game with all visuals on the screen. Many argue that a video game composer plays one of the more crucial roles in design.

If you are looking at how to get into video game music composition, read on. We provide the details needed for success and inform you on how to become a video game music composer with no experience!

Can Video Game Music Composer Get a Job Without a Degree?

If you want to know how to become a video game music composer without degree, there are many options. Not every person will have to attend college or enroll in degree programs to enter this industry. Having the determination to succeed and a love for music will be good first steps. Obviously, you will need to know how to read and write music.

Many people believe a degree is required for any professional position. If you research how to become a film director without degree, you will find many successful directors who have never attended college a single day! The same is true with composition. Formal education is not required.

Qualifications Needed

Many companies that are hiring for this position will not have specific qualifications listed. However, a music-related degree will be preferred. When considering how to get into making music for video games, you may want to enroll in college degree programs. Those that focus on theory, digital technology, and production will be beneficial.

Having an ear for music will also be a great qualification. It can be helpful if an instrument is played or if you have a perfect pitch. Being skilled in playing an instrument can be appealing to hiring managers.

You should also take time and become familiar with the latest software being used within the industry. Employers will want those that have experience with different options like Ableton Live or Avid Pro Tools, two popular options used in music production.

When you’re figuring out how to become a video game music composer, you might be curious about what jobs you can get with a Series 7. Exploring these career opportunities could open up unexpected doors.


How to Start a Career as a Video Game Music Composer

Starting a career can be a difficult task. You may ask how to become a video game music composer with no degree. Here, you can learn the different things that can help you get your foot in the door.

By following these steps, one can gain experience that can be used in lieu of video game composer education requirements.

Step 1 – Take Online Courses

You do not need a game composer degree to achieve success. For those that do not wish to pursue any formal degree, there are online courses available. These can help anyone gain experience and skills for composing. If you want to enhance your chances of getting your perfect job and need to learn specific skills, be sure you check out these trusted courses:

  • Game Music Composition on Udemy – Here, you can learn skills for composing for any type of video game. It offers tools for beginners to experienced users. Featuring 20 hours of video, you will get a complete understanding of music theory, production, and general knowledge.
  • Orchestral Music Composition & Music Theory for Video Games on Udemy – This online class teaches composition and music theory. Students will learn how orchestras work and will learn compositional guidelines for writing chords, melodies, harmonies, and rhythms.
  • Making Game Music for Beginners on Udemy – Discover LMMS and use this for the creation of exciting music for video games. The class allows students to create music that will be used in games, about music theory and how to make music.

Step 2 – Learn Digital Tools

The industry relies heavily on technology and software. Most compositions will be created using digital tools, so it is essential you have knowledge of various software platforms and the latest technology.

Luckily, most software is lightweight. This means it can be run on most laptops without any issues.

Step 3 – Gain Experience


The more experience you have, the better your chances in the industry. It is quite possible to find out how to become a video game music composer without experience, but employers will want knowledge and skills.

Composing music often starts as a hobby, so most will gain self-taught skills and experience. Making use of freelance sites and gigs can also be beneficial, and these can be included on a resume.

Step 4 – Showcase Your Work

As a composer, you will have to find time to compose every day. You will be creating many pieces of music, rhythm patterns, melodies, and more.

By having these saved in your portfolio, you can present them to hiring managers. Before you even get a job, it is important you have an arsenal of music already available for possible clients.

Step 5 – Prep Your Resume

Having a resume is the key to getting your dream job. Whether you are looking at how to become a freelance photo editor or how to become a game animator, a resume will be required.

You can compare resume writing services that will prepare your document. They will use proper formatting and will highlight the skills needed to get your desired position.

Basic Requirements to Become a Video Game Music Composer

There are not many requirements in place for someone who wishes to compose a video game. Basically, one must have knowledge of music theory, be comfortable working with digital software and technology and have a passion for composing, design, and gaming.

It is also important to understand when does a video game composer work? You must be able to work in quiet conditions where you can concentrate on the tasks at hand. This may include late-night or overnight hours.


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