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How to Get Into Video Game Animation

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Video game animators are responsible for the creation of characters and settings seen in a game. These professionals work with designers and programmers to address all needs of a game so they can create the desired look. If you want to get into the video game animation field, we have all the details right here.

You will learn how to get a job without a degree, what qualifications are needed, and how you can begin an enjoyable and successful career. If you want to know how to become a video game animator, read on. You will be taking the first steps to start your new and exciting line of work!

Can Video Game Animator Get a Job Without a Degree?

If you are wondering how to become a video game animator with no degree, you will be happy to learn it is possible. Animators are not required to obtain a college degree, but it is advised if you want the top video game animator salary. Being a good animator will require an education, but a bachelor’s degree is not required.

If you already have some experience in the field and have a background in animation, you can pursue a career. If you want to know how to become a video game animator without degree, you can focus on self-teaching techniques. By accessing free online videos and classes, one can learn animation skills.

Most studios will require an animator to at least have a portfolio if they do not have any degree. This will prove your competence in various areas like drawing, character design, storyboard design, and sketching.

As a budding video game animator, it’s crucial to know how to write a CV for a professional engineer. This knowledge can help you to effectively highlight your technical and artistic skills.

Qualifications Needed to Become a Video Game Animator

If you are moving forward and want details on how to be a video game animator, you should become familiar with the qualificators that employers will be seeking. No formal degree is required, but it can be a great help when looking for jobs. The main qualifications will be your creative skills.

Some other qualifications that will help you succeed include:

  • Bachelors or Associates degree
  • Detailed portfolio
  • Internships with reputable companies
  • Ability to work independently
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to locate root causes of issues

Depending on the level of the position you are seeking, other qualifications may be required. It will be important that you have experience using animation software such as Houdini, Blender, and Autodesk 3DS Max. These provide technical skills that are used for creating realistic animations.

If you’re aspiring to become a Video Game Animator, knowing how to craft the best job descriptions for your resume can significantly enhance your prospects in this competitive field.

How to Start a Career as a Video Game Animator


Starting a career can be a challenging task, especially for those that have not obtained any degree. If you want to break into the field of video animation and want to land a great job, we provide some useful steps that should be followed. It can take time to master skills, build a portfolio, and find the right job. With these steps, you can start your journey toward an animation career.

This is a fun and fulfilling career that allows artists to turn their ideas into things that others will be able to enjoy. There are many fields that can be entered, including television, gaming, education, film, advertising, and more. Want to know what it takes to become an animator? Check out these steps and details!

Step 1 – Take Online Courses

Online courses can show you how to become a video game animator without experience. These courses are designed to provide skillsets that are needed in the industry and will allow you to get the background needed for landing video game animator jobs.

On websites like Udemy and edX, there are some great online courses that can be accessed. Recommended options include:

  • Blender Character Creator on Udemy – Learn how to model characters, use sculpting tools, and animate characters. Benefit from 13 different sections with 120 lectures that cover shading mirror modifying, loop cuts, and more.
  • Introduction to Game Development from edX – A 12-week course covering the development of 2D and 3D games. This is a free course with the option of upgrading.
  • Dynamic 2D Video Game Character Animation with Free Tools from Udemy – Learn to design your own 2D characters and create simple animations using Inkscape. Consists of 5 sections with 23 lectures.
  • Maya for Beginners on Udemy – Get all fundamentals on 3D animations and learn how to use Maya tools. Learn industry standards such as walks, runs, and idles. Provides 13.5 hours of video and 8 resources for download.

With courses like these, you will see how to become a video game animator with no experience. You will still be learning important skills but will not be obtaining any specific degree.

Step 2 – Build a Portfolio

A portfolio will be a powerful tool for anyone looking for jobs in animation. If you are considering the options on how to become a video game artist, you need to show your abilities. Video game animator skills will vary, and each company will have different requirements.

Building strong portfolios is the best way to showcase experience and skills. This can also be a beneficial tool for those wanting to know how to become a filmmaker without school. Your portfolio highlights proficiency and artistic skill.

Step 3 – Get More Experience

You may find you have to accept an entry-level position before you are able to move up in the industry. If you cannot find a job that will hire without any degree, there are many freelance opportunities. Want to know how to be a freelance photo editor?

There are many online resources that will provide links to freelance sites and databases where you can get started. These can be used for gaining experience and enhancing the portfolio. Volunteering is a great option for getting experience, and you can do this with small companies, non-profit organizations, and even schools.

Step 4 – Maintain Proficiency

In this industry, technology is always being used. There are rapid changes being made, and it is important that you remain up to date on the latest technology being used. Artists must be aware of all changes in the industry. Taking continuing ed classes can be beneficial.

Step 5 – Prepare Your Resume

There will be tons of competition when entering the field, which is why you will need a stellar resume.

If you want a document that will stand out and attract attention, you can hire the best resume writers online. They will create your resume that will highlight all of your skills, focus on your education, link your portfolio, and more.

Basic Requirements to Become a Video Game Animator


While there are no video game animator education requirements, getting your degree will surely be beneficial. However, if you choose to forego formal education and rely on experience and self-taught skills, it is still possible to get a great job.

Want to know how to become a video game animator and what requirements are needed? We have those details right here. These are some key requirements that employers will look for when reviewing your resume:

  • Solid grasp of body movement principles on 2D and 3D animations
  • Strong communication skills
  • Comprehensive portfolio
  • Enhanced skills in background design, scenery, or characters
  • Proficiency with computer programs
  • Ability to work from storyboards
  • Cinematic eye
  • Knowledge of lighting and special effects

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