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How to List Substitute Teaching on a Resume

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It can be challenging to craft a resume as a substitute teacher. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to put substitute teaching on a resume to effectively highlight your skills and experiences. This article is designed to guide you through how to describe substitute teaching on a resume, ensuring your capabilities are clearly and professionally presented. In addition to substitute teaching, we provide insights on including other roles, like how to put TA on a resume.

Our aim is to offer comprehensive advice for presenting a diverse range of job experiences. The focus here is to give you the tools to create a resume that stands out to employers. By the end of this article, you will clearly understand how to showcase your substitute teaching journey compellingly. Read on to gain essential tips and techniques for effectively listing your substitute teaching and other diverse job experiences on your resume.

Key Takeaways of This Resume Writing Guide

When you craft a resume as a substitute teacher, it’s essential to present your experience in a way that resonates with potential employers. A well-structured resume highlights your professional journey and skills, making a solid first impression. What should a substitute teacher put on a resume? Here are some key takeaways to consider:

  1. Strategically Position Your Experience. Ensure your substitute teaching role is prominently listed, especially if it is your most recent position or highly relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  2. Detail Your Teaching Responsibilities. Clearly articulate your responsibilities and achievements. Mention specific classroom management strategies, lesson planning, and adaptability to different school environments. This showcases your versatility and capability as an educator.
  3. Quantify Your Impact. Whenever possible, include quantifiable achievements, such as the number of students you’ve managed, improvements in classroom engagement, or successful projects you’ve led.
  4. Highlight Relevant Skills. Emphasize skills critical for a substitute teacher, like effective communication, curriculum development, and the ability to quickly adapt to new classroom settings.
  5. Tailor Your Resume to Each Application. Customize your resume for different job applications, highlighting the most relevant aspects of your substitute teaching experience to align with the specific requirements of each role.
  6. Use Clear, Concise Language. Write in a straightforward manner for easy understanding. Avoid jargon and keep your sentences short and to the point.
  7. Seek Further Guidance. These resources provide targeted advice for effectively transitioning your professional image on paper.

When you incorporate these elements, you detail how to list substitute teaching on your resume. It can significantly enhance your job application, positioning you as a well-rounded and capable candidate.

Sample Substitute Teaching Resume

List Substitute Teaching on Resume

To craft a resume as a substitute teacher, it’s essential to include specific sections that highlight your experience, skills, and achievements. Here’s a comprehensive example incorporating all the key elements:

[Your Name]

Contact Information:

Phone: [Your Phone Number]

Email: [Your Email Address]

LinkedIn: [Your LinkedIn Profile]


Dedicated and adaptable substitute teacher with 3 years of experience in managing classrooms and implementing engaging lesson plans across various grade levels. Seeking to bring my strong communication skills and commitment to student development to [School or District Name] as a full-time teacher.

Experience Section:

Substitute Teacher

Jefferson Elementary School, Houston, TX

August 2020 – Present

– Effectively managed classrooms of up to 30 students from Kindergarten to Grade 5, ensuring a consistent and conducive learning environment.

– Developed and executed lesson plans in core subjects such as mathematics, science, and English, tailored to diverse student needs.

– Collaborated with permanent teaching staff to maintain curriculum continuity and assess student progress.

– Fostered a positive and inclusive classroom atmosphere, promoting student engagement and participation.

– Implemented classroom management techniques to maintain discipline and focus, while being responsive to individual student needs.

Skills Section:

– Classroom Management

– Lesson Plan Development

– Student Engagement

– Adaptability to Various Educational Settings

– Strong Communication with Staff and Parents

Education Section:

Bachelor of Arts in Education

University of Texas, Austin, TX

Graduated May 2018


– Certified Substitute Teacher, State of Texas

– First Aid and CPR Certified

This sample resume demonstrates what to put on a resume for substitute teaching, clearly outlining relevant experiences, skills, and educational background. Additionally, for those seeking further assistance, our resources on resume writing companies offer professional services and tips for creating impactful resumes tailored to specific career goals. With this structured approach, your resume will effectively capture your substitute teaching experience, making you a compelling candidate for potential employers.

Should Substitute Teaching Be Included on Your Resume?

Substitute teaching experience for a resume

If you decide whether to include substitute teaching on your resume can be a pivotal choice in your job search. The answer is a resounding yes. A substitute teacher’s role encompasses a broad range of valuable skills and experiences highly relevant to educational and many other professional settings. When pondering what a substitute teacher should put on a resume, consider the diverse abilities you’ve honed: adaptability to different classroom environments, skills in managing and engaging diverse student groups, and the ability to quickly grasp and deliver varied curricula.

Substitute teaching experience showcases your versatility, problem-solving skills, and readiness to handle unexpected situations — qualities that are attractive in any profession. In addition to this, our article on legal resume writing services provides tailored advice for those in specialized fields, ensuring your resume meets industry standards while highlighting your unique qualifications.

Therefore, confidently list your substitute teaching experience, emphasizing the skills that align with the job you are applying for. This approach not only strengthens your resume but also underlines your commitment to professional growth and adaptability, making you a strong candidate in a competitive job market.

How to Add Substitute Teaching to Your Resume

Effectively incorporating substitute teaching experience into your resume can significantly enhance your job application. Here’s a comprehensive guide with 10 steps and examples to help you showcase your skills and experiences:

  1. Select the Right Resume Format. Choose a chronological, functional, or combination resume format. A chronological format is recommended for those with extensive substitute teaching experience.
  2. Write a Compelling Professional Summary. Start with a summary that highlights your teaching experience and skills.

Example: “Dedicated substitute teacher with extensive experience in classroom management and curriculum adaptation, seeking to leverage my skills in a challenging teaching environment.”

Detail Your Work Experience: List your substitute teaching roles, starting with the most recent. Include the school’s name, location, and the dates of your employment.


Substitute Teacher

Springfield Middle School, Springfield, IL

September 2019 – Present

Highlight Key Responsibilities. Describe your duties for each role using bullet points.


  • Facilitated learning in classrooms of up to 25 students, providing instruction in absence of the regular teacher.
  • Adapted teaching methods to suit different learning styles and educational needs.

Showcase Achievements and Impact. Quantify your achievements to make them more impactful.

Example: Increased student participation in classroom activities by 20% through interactive teaching methods.

  1. List Relevant Skills. Create a section for skills pertinent to substitute teaching, such as classroom management, lesson planning, and adaptability.
  2. Include Educational Background and Certifications. Add any relevant educational qualifications and certifications.



Bachelor of Education, University of Illinois, 2018


Certified in Special Education, State of Illinois

  1. Tailor Your Resume for Each Job. Customize your resume for different applications, highlighting relevant substitute teaching experiences.
  2. Mention Extracurricular Involvement. If you’ve participated in or led extracurricular activities, include this information.

Example: Organized and led a weekly after-school science club, fostering students’ interest in STEM subjects.

Provide References if Applicable. Include references from schools where you’ve worked, especially if they can vouch for your teaching abilities and work ethic.



Available upon request

When you follow these steps and use the examples as a guide, you can create a resume that effectively highlights your substitute teaching experience. This approach will not only showcase your teaching skills but also demonstrate your adaptability and dedication to education, making you a standout candidate for potential employers.


How do you describe a teaching assistant on a resume?

Describe your role as a teaching assistant by focusing on your responsibilities and achievements. Mention specific tasks like assisting with lesson planning, supporting student learning, and classroom management. Highlight any particular projects or initiatives you contributed to, emphasizing your collaborative and supportive skills.

Does being a substitute teacher look good on a resume?

Yes, being a substitute teacher looks good on a resume. It demonstrates adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to manage diverse classroom settings. Highlighting this experience shows potential employers your capability to handle challenging situations and your commitment to education, making you an attractive candidate for various roles.


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