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How to Become an MCAT Tutor

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The Medical College Admission Test can be a bit challenging if you are facing it alone. The standardized, multiple-choice test is required to ascertain your problem-solving skills, critical thinking ability, and general knowledge in natural science, social science, and prerequisites to medicine.

Due to the nature of the test, there has been an increase in the number of MCAT tutors. An MCAT tutor is saddled with the responsibility of helping students to prepare for this exam, which is a primary aspect of medical school applications. An MCAT tutor’s role might be flexible depending on the company or position you hold.

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You can choose to be a freelance tutor, which will allow you to work with clients one-on-one. Here your role might depend on your arrangement with your client. They may want specific drilling in certain areas of weakness or a crash course that includes all and sundry. You can do this online or in person.

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However, as an MCAT tutor, all that matters IS that you should be ready and equipped with device methods to help students score as high as possible.

Now the question is, how do I become an MCAT tutor? We’ll walk you through that in a bit.

Can MCAT Tutor Get a Job Without a Degree?

Even though a degree is very important, it is not necessary. Suppose you are wondering how to become an MCAT tutor with no degree.

In that case, you must have a good mastery of the MCAT sections and have experience as a teacher or tutor, and you can be considered for the position of an MCAT tutor. That means if you are wondering how to become an MCAT tutor without experience, you must know that it is also impossible because most organizations consider experience mostly over a degree.

So, the simplest way to become an MCAT without a degree is by gaining experience and good knowledge of MCAT-related subject matter.

There are four different sections of the test which include:

  • Physical and chemical foundations of Biological systems
  • Biochemical and Biological Foundations of living systems
  • Psychological, biological, and social Foundations of Behaviour
  • Reasoning skills and critical analysis

These show that if you do not have a degree, you should be adequately informed on these four sections, which might give you an edge.

So, answering the question, can you be an MCAT tutor without a degree? Well, yes, if you have other worthwhile skills related to the MCAT.

Qualifications Needed to Become an MCAT Tutor

Your qualifications further validate what you say of yourself to your employer. This means that it is through your qualifications that your employer or client will know for sure if you are qualified to be an MCAT tutor.

For most MCAT tutors, it is necessary to have some qualifications; else, no one will hire you. The MCAT is a very sensitive and demanding exam; thus, your qualifications are very important. Now let us look at some skills and qualifications required of an MCAT tutor:

Verse Knowledge in Subjects Tested on the MCAT

To prep students for the MCAT, you necessarily should be knowledgeable in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and English. This suggests that to be qualified for the job, you definitely should exude mastery of these subjects. This means that you cannot be a tutor if you do not have mastery of any of these subjects; some companies will require you to be adequate in all the subjects.

You can also choose to learn other tests such as the ACT; we have an article on how to become an ACT tutor. This will help you get added skills as a tutor in general.

Educational Certificate

This varies from company to company. Some have high standards and require tutors to have a Ph.D., whereas some require a bachelor’s degree. Your degree or Ph.D. should also be from a scientific field. If you have other certifications in related fields, it is also a bonus for you.

The fact that some companies require you to have a Ph.D. does not put an age range to being an MCAT tutor. You can be young and still become an MCAT tutor. Our article on how to become a tutor as a teenager will present you with the necessary information on becoming an MCAT tutor at a young age.

A Good MCAT Score

The idea is that to help someone pass the MCAT, you must have been able to pass it as well. Simply put, you must have an idea of what they are facing to equip them with strategies to pass the test amply. Most employers are after tutors that have successfully passed the MCAT.

Some companies might be standardized enough to set a required passing score even. Insinuating, they might be looking for people that have passed with a score of 515 or higher.

Critical Thinking Skills

The MCAT critical analysis and reasoning skills are the only sections that most students cannot prepare for by themselves. It is technical and requires strategy and tactics. A tutor is expected to be a critical thinker and a ready problem solver to bag a tutoring job. These critical thinking skills are also important in other tests, such as the SATs. You can learn how to become an SAT tutor by reading an article we have on the subject matter.

Some companies will provide MCAT teacher training that will equip you with MCAT CARS strategies and also offer you an MCAT certification afterward. This shows how important you have good critical reasoning and analysis skills.

Superb Communication Skills

Communication is key in any pedagogical setting. To convey an idea properly, one must have sound communication skills. You are expected to be able to communicate with people of different age groups, socio-ethnic backgrounds, and so on. There are no two ways about this. If you plan on tutoring remotely, this is especially necessary.

If you are tutoring online, you will have students from around the world, and it is part of your duty to communicate with them. You must ensure that each session is engaging and fun.

In that manner, having impeccable verbal and written communication skills is a necessity no company can excuse. Communication skills include you being personable tolerant, and culturally aware.

Mentoring or Tutoring Experience

This is not necessary, but the experience is always a bonus for you. Even though most companies do make it a requirement, some do not mind. Having experience will help you land tutoring gigs with more ease.

Some companies will offer you training on the job, but most expect you are already equipped and trained. You can also take courses on Udemy to solidify your stands further. This course will adequately educate you and give you the necessary strategies and skills to add to your experience.

How to Start a Career as an MCAT tutor

Starting a career as an MCAT tutor might be slightly demanding, but this article has the primary purpose of presenting you with the most straightforward way to become an MCAT tutor. If you possess the qualifications we’ve outlined above, we will present you with a step-by-step process on how to be an MCAT tutor.

1. Start With Taking an Online Course

The internet has made everything available with the click of a button. This means you can find anything you want on the internet. With this, it will be easy to gain the required skills from reliable and reputable courses.

There are courses available on Udemy like this one or this one that are just perfect and complete. This course will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge that every MCAT tutor needs.

You can also download books from open sources and watch videos on various platforms. You can meet consultants that could prescribe specific materials to help you improve. You can also learn how to become a college consultant from one of our articles.

2. Ensure That You Have a Good MCAT Score

Many companies will only employ you if you have a good MCAT score. In that manner, you should ensure that you have a solid score of 515+ on the MCAT. If you have not taken the exams, you will have to take them and ace them. This will give you an upper hand.

3. Make a Research on the Best Companies

Researching for the best companies will give you an idea of what the industry is all about. You should investigate the MCAT tutor salary, which is checking how much MCAT tutors make.

You should also check for the working terms and conditions. Compare the working terms and conditions across various platforms and also across different courses like dyslexia tutoring and so on. If you want to know how to become a dyslexia tutor, we have an elaborate piece on that.

4. Create a Profile and Put Yourself Out There

Creating a profile is quite necessary. It helps potential clients and companies find you easily. Your profile should be easy, warm, and welcoming. Include a nice photo and make a bio that is short and captivating. Make sure your profile is alluring enough to draw the client’s or company’s attention. Do not over-patronize yourself; make sure the profile is simple and honest.

5. Get Your Résumé Ready

If you have done all the above, you should prepare your résumé. If you are too busy to make a captivating resume, you can hire some top affordable resume writers;

Make sure your resume presents you in the best and most honest light possible. Enumerate your qualifications and skills. Ensure to capture your strengths and proficiencies as well. Do not make your resume too long and boring. Most employers are busy, so keep it short and attractive.

Basic Requirements to Become an MCAT Tutor

The requirements for an MCAT tutor might vary from company to company, client to client, but we have researched and have found the following to be the basic requirements to become an MCAT tutor:

  • A degree in a scientific field;
  • Mastery of biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English;
  • Sharp and excellent communication skills;
  • 1+ years of experience;
  • Critical thinking skills.

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