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How to Become an ACT Tutor in 5 Easy Steps

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ACT tutoring is a means for you to teach prep school and middle school grade levels outside of school hours. All you need to become an ACT tutor is a college degree. As an ACT instructor, you may or may not need to be a certified teacher.

However, it is relatively different when you’re not certified. Why is this so? Read on! Teachers who teach ACT courses at school during school hours require a license. You must first determine which subject to tutor in, followed by the age group and grade level you wish to teach. Want to improve your ACT scores? Look no further than ACT review, the trusted online platform that has helped thousands of students achieve their target scores.

Satisfied yet? I didn’t expect you to be. Next, investigate the grade level’s curriculum and concepts.

Finally, as you gain experience with your students, master your teaching methods, aids, and materials. Yes, that’s it! That is the path to becoming an Act tutor. Also, most tutors assist students with homework or exam preparation, though some may develop their curriculum to teach a student.

In either case, you’ll be a part of helping someone grow, learn, and become the person they were meant to be. You will also put your talents and knowledge to use.

Can an Act Tutor Get a Job Without a Degree?

Do you know getting a job as an ACT tutor is easy? I bet you don’t. Turns out you may or may not need a degree to get a job as an ACT instructor; however, if you intend to coach in some Special courses, you may need a degree to be able to do so. You may need at least a college degree to tutor prep school and middle school grade level.

Looking for reliable and effective test prep services? Discover the power of Testive with our personalized coaching and innovative learning platform. Check out Testive reviews to see how our program has helped countless students achieve their academic goals and perform their best on standardized tests. However, if you are already a teacher, you can be an ACT coach with your teaching skills and add to your income. Most employers expect their educators to have qualifications such as a college degree and previous experience in education. Experience and teaching skills come from working in a tutoring centre during college days based on either paid or volunteer basis.

Also, an ACT tutor’s duties involve assisting students with their exam preparation. In this line of work, you instruct students on test preparation, administer mock exams, and impart test-taking techniques. The role of an ACT tutor depends on where you are working.

In my experience, those in tutoring centres only focus on their students’ needs, while the ACT tutors in middle or high schools may focus on their general test prep or middle school plan.

Qualifications Needed to Become an ACT Tutor

In case you might be asking yourself, becoming an ACT tutor requires you to have teaching skills and knowledge of the ACT exam. You must have the capacity to speak plainly so pupils can comprehend, and you must be meticulous in your teaching style so that students absorb all of the knowledge required for the American College Testing.

Strong test-taking abilities are also required for you as well so that you may share your knowledge with your students. Becoming an ACT educator with no degree requires you to have these qualifications.

If you’re considering becoming an ACT tutor, it’s worth knowing how much does TopResume cost. Professional assistance in crafting your resume can spotlight your tutoring skills and increase your chances of getting hired.

How to Start a Career as an ACT Tutor

Become ACT tutor

You will be thrilled about how much American college testing tutors make in the tutoring business and how every teacher sets their hourly price and availability. All tutors have the flexibility and independence to set their fees to be compensated fairly.

The average annual salary for an ACT tutor in the United States as of August 8, 2022, is $56,044. That comes to about $26.94 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This is equal to $4,670 every month or $1,077 per week.

According to recent job ads on ZipRecruiter, there is a high demand for ACT tutors in Chicago, Illinois, and the neighborhood. In your location, the average ACT tutor pay is $57,625, which is $1,581 (3%) more than the $56,044 national average. Ranked first in the country out of 50 states for ACT tutor compensation

Most American College Testing tutors make between $33,000 (25th percentile) and $68,500 (75th percentile) annually, with the top 90th percentile earners in the United States making $115,000. The wide range of typical income for ACT educators—up to $35,500—indicates that there may be numerous prospects for growth and higher pay based on experience level, region, and ability level.

As millions of current jobs are advertised locally around America, ZipRecruiter regularly checks its database to get the most precise annual salary range for ACT tutor employment.

On ZipRecruiter right now, you can find your next lucrative position as an ACT instructor.

Step 1

Start a career as an ACT tutor today by studying and familiarising yourself with the ACT at Udemy. You must take the test if you haven’t already. You must score in the 90th percentile or above to be qualified to teach the ACT.

However, you can start online today by taking courses at Udemy, of which I recommend you take a course in “Become an Online Tutor – Find Online Tutoring Jobs” or “CELTA Preparation: Prepare with an Official CELTA Tutor” and learn how to be an ACT tutor in just a short time.

Step 2

To become an ACT tutor, you must graduate from college with either a BA or a BS. However, it may not be necessary. At least having one of the listed degrees is highly preferred. You must know that having the right degree can or will constitute you having a high or a good ACT tutor Salary.

Step 3

Get experience in tutoring and teaching as it is a preferred quality. However, people often ask, can you be an ACT tutor without a degree? Well, good experience, skill, and methods are vital if you have a passion for teaching.

A degree may be needed if you must take on teaching in some Special subjects you wish to teach. A good place to start getting experience is online. There are available courses to gain experience at Udemy that are mentioned above.

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Step 4

After getting experience, here is how to become an American College Testing teacher; visit the website to become an ACT tutor. Note that Candidates must first submit an application subject to ACT review.

 A good resume should be:

  • Well-written and strategically arranged

Your document must be organized to immediately capture the reader’s attention and use proper grammar and spelling. The different sections of your resume must also be distinguished clearly from one another. Employers and recruiters quickly scan resumes, so it’s critical to carefully arrange the material so that it will catch their attention and compel them to read further.

  • Geared toward each position

The different sections of your resume must also be distinguished clearly from one another. Include any relevant industry-related abilities you may have; ideally, place them near your professional profile at the beginning of your page so the reader may easily find them.

  • What do you personally bring to an organization?

When creating your resume, you should clearly know the skills you want to highlight to potential employers. After reviewing your resume, the employer should have a good idea of what you will personally bring to their organization. Consider the skills you believe you are particularly strong at and emphasize them throughout your resume.

  • Include relevant work experience

It is not enough to simply have the necessary degree to find work. Employers want to see meaningful, practical experience on resumes. Include internships, apprenticeship programmes, personal and freelance experience, related projects, and organizations in which you are involved that are relevant to the job you are looking for. This will demonstrate to the reader that you are enthusiastic about your chosen field and are actively involved in it.

  • Dedicated to achieving success

Resumes are frequently “task-oriented” rather than “results-oriented.” There are frequent lists under each experience that general detail responsibilities that any person in that position would normally accomplish. Using terms like “responsible for” or “aided” does not convey to the reader that you can produce results. Instead, demonstrate outcomes and accomplishments to show the reader that you are a high achiever rather than an employee who accomplishes the bare minimum on the job.

Step 5 (Get Your Resume Ready)

As resume writing experts say: “Your resume should be ready and handy for whenever your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted, and your resume will be needed to enrol you to be an ACT tutor. A good resume is highly regarded or considered.”

Also, teaching experience should be a part of a good resume for consideration.

Basic Requirements to Become an ACT Tutor

act tutor requerements

To become an ACT tutor, both teaching abilities and admission test exam expertise are required of an ACT tutor or instructor.

To guarantee that students retain all the information required for the ACT, you must be able to speak clearly in a way that students can comprehend, and you must be methodical in your teaching style. Strong test-taking abilities may also be necessary for you to share your knowledge with your students.

Finally, ACT instructors must be able to evaluate each student individually and provide instruction and practice that is specific to their needs. Becoming a teacher is simple if you love American College Testing and have a passion for teaching others. To begin teaching kindergarten and middle school, you must have a high school diploma.

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Depending on the course level you intend to teach, you might require a degree in a specialized field to teach higher-level American College Testing courses. Selecting the disciplines you want to tutor will be your first step.

Next, decide which grade levels and age groups you wish to teach. Find out the curriculum and important ideas for certain grade levels. Finally, as you gain more experience dealing with kids, develop your teaching strategies, resources, and materials.


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