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Average Cost of Resume Writing Services

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Resume writing services can be useful when you are searching for that perfect job and need to highlight your skills. It is not an easy task to draft the perfect resume, which is why many turn to online services for assistance.

If you are seeking help and need to get a top-quality document, you will want to learn about the average cost of resume writing services.

Here, we provide the details on how much resume services cost and what will be included in that price.

Comparison of Average Resume Writing Prices

How much does resume writing cost on average? Check out the table below, offering an average of prices from more than 45 sites.

Level Lowest Cost Average Cost High Cost
Entry $99 $220 $595
Mid-Level $229 $422 $800
Executive $429 $1252 $2597

We have done many reviews of trusted websites that provide services, and after comparing them, we came up with this table showing the range of prices. The average cost of resume writing is between $220 and $1252, based on the level required. Many people just entering the workforce will want the lowest possible price, but this does not always indicate value.

There are over 2,800 pro resume writers in just the US, so you will be able to find a wide range of options and resume writing services cost that will fit your budget.

Here is the comparison of the top 3 resume writing services prices right now:

Company Price range
Zipjob $139-$299
TopResume $149-$349
CraftResumes $99-$299

Websites that advertise the offering of CVs for under $100 are usually computerized platforms that use templates. You will not get a unique or personalized paper. When looking at the price for resume writing services, you want to find that sweet spot.

The average price points will offer real writers that you can communicate with and the company will often offer a satisfaction guarantee.

As you can see, the executive professional resume cost is much higher because it involves more time and will require an experienced writer to complete the document. Entry-level options are best suited for those with 0-2 years experience and mid-level is a great choice for those with 2-5 years experience.

Still wondering how much for a professional resume? The costs will vary per site, but on average, you can expect to pay the amount we have indicated. Check our list of the best resume writing services available online.

Getting the Best Value on Resume Writing

Creating a perfect resume is not an easy task and is something that most people will dread. It will take time and patience to make sure that all relevant details are included and that the document is properly formatted. This is not something that can be rushed.

Your CV will be your selling point when applying for jobs. As an employee on the job hunt, you may want to know the cost of professional resume services.

We have taken time to review many of the leading services and have looked at the resume writing services prices. With these reviews, you are able to see what is being offered, whether writers are certified, and even view some samples before you make any financial commitment by placing an order.

Cost of an Executive Resume

Each online service will have different prices depending on what is needed. Executive resume writers cost more than standard writers. Before you jump right in and hire someone, make sure you are getting the best value and are working with a reliable company.

So, how much do professional resume writers charge? This will all depend on their experience and abilities.

When possible, you will want to make sure you are working with a certified writer. Those that hold certifications and accreditations will charge more for services, so the average cost for resume writing will be a bit higher.

Smaller companies that only hire certified writers will have a higher overall cost. While it may be more expensive, you can be sure you are dealing with pros that have the experience needed to draft the perfect paper.

With an executive-level CV, it can take 8 or more hours for the complete process to be completed. These services include phone consultations that often last for an hour or more and this is conducted before the writing process begins.

Professional resume writers cost more when offering executive-level documents. These require an in-depth knowledge of the job you are applying for as well as a complete understanding of your skills and experience, increasing the overall professional resume services cost.

If you are applying for a corporate, C-level position or any job where you will earn more than $100,000 per year, an executive resume will be required.

How much does it cost to have a resume written at this level? The cost of resume writing services at this level usually starts at $400 and can increase to as much as $2000.

Additional Services and Fees

After looking at how much to write a resume, the cost could be increased if you choose to add on services. There are different features that can be included. These will vary per site and it can boost the overall price of your order. These additional services can be useful and will enhance your chances of getting noticed.

Here are some popular services you can add when placing an order.

  • Cover letter – A personalized cover letter will grab the attention of hiring managers and highlight your experience and career goals. It is suggested to always include a cover letter when applying for any position. How much do resume writers charge for a cover letter? It will average around $125.
  • LinkedIn Profile – This is an important thing to have as it will allow employers to communicate directly with you and see your list of experiences and past positions. A LinkedIn profile is a powerful tool and you can hire a pro to create a personal profile for around $175. If you already have a profile and just need it updated, your current resume information will be used at an average cost of $75.
  • Thank You Letters – After you have had an interview, it is wise to follow it up with a thank you letter. This will set you apart from other applicants. How much does a professional resume cost with a thank you letter? It will be the base cost of the resume plus an average of $100.


When comparing different online services, it can be beneficial to find one that features a package deal. This will allow you to get a standard resume at the desired level and will also include some of the mentioned additional services.

For example, an entry-level resume package may contain your basic resume with a LinkedIn profile for a cost of $300. Many packages will have a slight discount, so it can be beneficial to use these options instead of purchasing individual services.

You may also find websites that offer a standard package or a Total Package. An example of a standard package will include a document in Word and a cover letter.

If you upgrade to the higher package option, a thank you letter and a reference page may be added as well as documents in a PDF. These have an average value of $150, but overall costs do not increase that much.

How much do resumes cost as a package? The standard option may run $250 while the Total package is just $275, so you get a great value with the added services.



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