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By Alina Burakova, Updated January 7, 2024


Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here.

About Edubirdie
Lowest price$18
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My Verdict Pros & Cons


  • The topic of the essay was covered well and in detail.
  • is undoubtedly the best writing service out there. It is reliable because you can always expect plagiarism-free, high-quality content.


  • Whether you talk about communication, low cost, or money-back guarantee, you will hardly find a writing service better than EduBirdie.
  • The topic of the essay was covered well and in detail.


  • There is an opportunity to choose the level of the writer and the price.
  • Plagiarism-free content.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • High-quality writing.
  • Pre-written content.
  • Low cost given great quality.
  • You must do proper research on the subject and give many guidelines and requirements.
  • Customer support is not as effective as it could be.
  • The quality of the papers is impressive, but again, it depends upon many factors.
  • If the deadline is too close, the quality will be compromised.
  • A money-back guarantee only works in certain circumstances.

Students face a lot of issues now as technological advancements are ruling the world. Earlier, students used to submit hand-written papers and content to their universities for review, but now everything is online.

You can even go through your university submission on the internet.

This has made things challenging for students, as they can only copy something from somewhere, as sophisticated software now captures every sentence and phrase that might be copied from anywhere on the internet.

We don’t say copying is the proper practice, but that is how many students used to manage their courses and submissions. Now, passing Copy-Scape is another challenge that they have to face!

To reduce the pressure on students and ease their burden, many websites and online portals have started their services to submit essays according to their requirements and wishes.

Students must clearly define their requirements, after which a professional will be assigned to complete their academic content.

There are hundreds and thousands of portals online, and for a student, it becomes impossible to know which one they should use and which one they should ignore.

Out of so many choices, it also becomes tough to understand which is genuine and which is fake. Many online portals only focus on looting money from students, while many others only hurry to get more work done, and the quality of submission is pathetic!

However, many portals are also doing an excellent job for the students and creating a harmonious community online through their services. One of those websites is Is it one of the best paper writing services? I think we should find that out.


In this prices review, we focus on Edubirdie, its price, and quality, where we will discuss various pros and cons of this website and how they are making students’ lives easier or more challenging through their online services.

Many Edubirdie reviews online talk about the website in a different context.

While some praise it highly and others say they are fake with inadequate services. To come up with a genuine, accurate, and best review, we decided to try their services and then judge them based on the facts and figures rather than throwing accusations blindly at them for no reason!

Through this review of EduBirdie, we have also tried to answer many of the questions that will help readers analyze and judge the services of this website before proceeding with paying them.

The fundamental  question is – What is Edubirdie? It is a website that provides academic content to students online.

All you need to do is submit your requirements and wishes to them, and they will take care of the rest.

Or check this quick overview video to learn everything you need fast:

Is Edubirdie Legit?

The most frequently asked question is whether EduBirdie is legit. We also found a thread on a popular online community called Reddit that states, – is edubirdie legit?

Yes! They are legit, work, and submit the work on time. There are not so many real EduBirdie complaints.

When we asked them for an essay on social issues prevailing in the Asian continent to understand the country’s culture, they took two days to present us with a highly well-structured paper, high quality, with zero plagiarism, and very beautifully represented.

Many reviews are stating that EduBirdie legit works amazingly well!


Is EduBirdie Legal?

The second most frequently asked question we received was – is EduBirdie legal?

The issue of legality comes to the surface, especially in countries like the USA, where the government has banned many websites and forums that loot money from students and are fraudulent.

The number of such websites is unbelievably high because the easiest thing is to dupe someone in dire need of something.

Students are a community who are most easily duped because they spend little time on due diligence on the websites and services provided by various websites.

They hurry to spend their money and believe that hurrying up will help them receive their work quickly and submit it on time.


While if you want things to work for you – first do proper research about online forums, communities, other websites, other reviews, and services, something like a review of, which provide similar academic content writing services, may it be essay writing, dissertation paper writing, thesis writing, lab report writing or any other writing service.

It would be best if you did in-depth and deep research before concluding on a website or a portal. You should work with them and pay them for their services after you have good results on your hands.

Beware of fraudulent services online that do nothing but dupe money from young people!

Some people also fondly call EduBirdie Essay Birdie because they focus on writing essays for graduation, post-graduation, and doctorate students.

Their main aim is to provide essay writing services to students online.


So, is EduBirdie reliable? This Edu Birdie review will help you to be more aware of the practices and things followed by online portals that specialize or claim to be specialized in academic content writing services. Overview

The following common question that we receive is – Does EduBirdie work? Or does EduBirdie work?

Well, yes, it does. We submitted a request, and we got a response fairly quickly, which means that they work and take their work seriously.

That is why they also focus a lot on the deadlines and final submission dates, through which they decide and prioritize the customers that they need to serve first.

Edubirdie com review on only aims to familiarize and educate people about the operations and working style of

Then we are asked – Is EduBirdie good? Yes, they are good in more than one way. The content we received through their platform was high in quality and plagiarism-free, which proves they are good enough!

The best part about them is that they allow you to interact with a writer.


Need help deciding which service to pick? Read the PapersOwl review and compare it with Edubirdie. Both of these companies are professional writing services that are worth a try.

This feature must be included in many other websites and portals where you do not know who is working on your piece and how it might turn out.

While here on EduBirdie, you can interact with the writer of your choice and talk with them, explain your requirements clearly, and have a direct communication channel.

This feature is fantastic so that you do not get confused when you receive the final piece, and there is less chance of error and mistake here.

You can clearly and precisely explain your requirements to the writer through this feature without any problem.

Also, the live-chat service on the platform is fantastic, as it helps you connect quickly with a writer.

You are also free to choose a writer, and you do not have to worry about the quality because most writers are native English speakers and professionals from their respective domains.


Many writers work only part-time on EduBirdie as they have other full-time jobs like being an English professor at a deemed and reputed university! Who will want their essay to be crafted by someone other than an English professor?


The writing presented in their academic papers is high quality and superior in formatting and representation. They write subjective and thoroughly researched content without fail.

Also, the quality of writing largely depends upon the student’s requirements, so you must be clear and concise in representing your requirements.

Many websites that help with math homework do not offer any refund or money-back guarantee, but they do. This feature allows students and professionals get a refund if they are unsatisfied with the content they received.

Edubirdie Pricing

Another common question is – How much does EduBirdie cost?

EduBirdie’s price is low compared to many other homework-help sites and platforms.

If you want to know how much EduBirdie costs and the prices of an essay or academic content, you can check that on their website.

We cannot mention one price or rate here, as the price varies with the number of words, the type of content, and the format in which you want it to be written.

Now, a doctorate level of lab-report of fifty pages will have a different price than a master-level dissertation thesis of two hundred pages. It all depends on your requirements, but there are no surprises for the students on the website.

They work transparently and clearly and have provided a price calculator on their website to calculate the price of the content you wish to order.

Many Edu Birdie reviews have talked highly about their low prices, which means they do not overcharge the students.

They are precise with their prices and transparent with their operations, making them one of the most sophisticated platforms online to order your academic content.

We saw not just one EduBirdie prices review where customers as that the advance payment is another con, but it is justified because, in many cases, students order and receive papers but do not pay.

I just wanted to let you know that you need to pay well before receiving the content you asked for from EduBirdie.


So is the CA.EduBirdie’s cost that low?

According to various EduBirdie CA reviews, the cost of papers and content on EduBirdie is lower than many of its counterparts.

Many websites overcharge students for their content, and others need to respect the fact that students might not be able to afford such high-priced articles, but even then, they do not lower the prices.

EduBirdie Order Process

My Order details

  • Essay on “Trends defining the future of social media for business in 2022.”
  • Deadline – set 5 days, finished in 2 days.
  • Price – $33 for 550 words.
  • No discounts were given.


This is how you get your order, so there is no way to check for plagiarism yourself. It may seem logical to avoid copying a document without paying for it, but funds are still charged automatically by the deadline.

Based on the situation above, I asked for a plagiarism report, which I still need to be provided. My chat with the support is on the screenshots below.







After completing the order, I filed a refund because a plagiarism report was not provided. As a result, on the second attempt, they sent the document’s text to me by e-mail. I’ve included for you the screenshot of that email below.


And here is a chat with support with my second attempt to get that plagiarism report. Below are all the screenshots from this chat with customer support.




My thoughts and experiences on this order at EduBirdie:

  • The order is processed very quickly.
  • The topic of the essay was covered well and in detail.
  • There is an opportunity to choose the level of the writer and the price.
  • Communication with the support is convenient through the chat window, with instant and polite responses to all requests and questions. They put the customers. First, that’s for sure.
  • Payment: Your funds will be frozen, and after the order is completed, you make a payment, or your funds can be processed automatically when the deadline comes.
  • Very user-friendly interface; everything is easy-to-use and loads fast.
  • By the way, you can earn $25 if you bring your friends to EduBirdie.


Edubirdie Plagiarism

The content is plagiarism-free, as they realize the responsibility a student is putting on them by outsourcing such essential tasks.

Many universities take copying and plagiarism pretty seriously, and they do not allow the student to continue if found copying from anywhere on the internet.

That is why EduBirdie focuses on creating its content from scratch and primarily creating plagiarism-free content.

You can buy pre-written content from their website if you are in a hurry. Suppose your deadline is due tomorrow, and you still need to get something at hand.

Ordering an essay online will take at least 24 to 48 hours for the author to craft something decent.


If you have little time, you can buy pre-written essays and academic content from EduBirdie.

They have many original papers, essays, reports, and theses already written in their vast libraries, that they sell to students for a small price.

That’s why you must not hurry or rush with your submissions at the last moment but start assigning your tasks to the writers well in advance to avoid such consequences.

Customer Support

Unlike many platforms where you do not know which writer is assigned to do your task and whether or not they are experts in that domain.

At EduBirdie, you can choose your writer and unicate with them through the website and live-chat that is available and open 24/7. This facility makes them one of the best out there!

The customer support over live chat is primarily automated stuff, and over the phone, they respond as quickly as they should.

They solve the problem at the end, but the response time must be lower than it currently is.

EduBirdie Website Usability

The website of EduBirdie is top-notch. Works perfectly without any errors. It has changed since its establishment in 2015 a lot. But the central theme with the bird remains the same.

Overall the website is user-friendly and should be followed as an example to other websites, even from different niches.

  • Plagiarism-free content.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • High-quality writing.
  • Pre-written content.
  • Low cost given great quality.
  • You must do proper research on the subject and give many guidelines and requirements.
  • Customer support is not as effective as it could be.
  • The quality of the papers is impressive, but again, it depends upon many factors.
  • If the deadline is too close, the quality will be compromised.
  • A money-back guarantee only works in certain circumstances.

Edubirdie Alternatives

$15 Lowest price 3 hours Minimum deadline Read Review
$9.95 Lowest price 3 hours Minimum deadline Read Review
$16 Lowest price 3 hours Minimum deadline Read Review

Edubirdie Reviews 11

  1. Donald says:

    I used to read smaller articles, which is a clear motive, and that is what happening with this one about this service, you should’ve written a better review. Anyways, I had ordered an essay from one of the best essay writing services and it was Edubirdie. This essay was great, I’m sure that only a professional writer could have written such. Ended up getting a good result, so I’m happy with its services. This comment might look like an ad, but I don’t care actually.

  2. Trent says:

    Honestly, I’m lazy person. I used to postpone all my duties and sometimes I can’t handle all this staff that accumulated. When this moment comes I don’t worry to much because I know that I can count on EduBirdie, which haven’t failed me yet, and, hopefully, they won’t.

  3. Graig says:

    Perfect service with really high-quality professionals! Thank you a lot for my excellent thesis paper! I love it!

  4. Shon says:

    I can definitely recommend this writing service, cause I’m truly happy that I got my ”A” grade with their writer’s help. Thanks

  5. liona says:

    Professional writing speed and quality. I’m satisfied with my essay paper which I ordered on Edubirdie. Good job, great service

  6. Callen says:

    As I was advised this site. I immediately reacted skeptically to him. But since time was running out, I even took advantage of it. And in the end was not disappointed. I got excellent for the job. Received a perfectly-written essay from Edubirdie. Impressed by their work, fast and reliable. Highly recommend. Now I will always use their services and recommend others.

  7. Adam says:

    My impressions are just positive, nothing to complain about ))

  8. Mia says:

    I have no complaints to EduBirdie and their staff.
    The essay was well written, professor had no questions to me.
    So how that can’t be amazing!!!
    All my comments and suggestions were taken to consideration in no time and essay was ready like in 2 days.
    No doubt I’ll order again.

  9. Shona says:

    I’m fully satisfied with the essay you’ve written for me, dear Edubirdie team! I have got an excellent mark and I’m now convinced in the truth of your promises. Thank you so many times!!

  10. Diane says:

    I like a few things, easy order form and writers rating system. Also, I have been able to made changes to my requirement in between and asked for few corrections. Very responsible writer. Highly appreciated.

  11. Harper says:

    Thank you for writing my work in time and with a high quality. I’ve got what I’ve expected. I should notice, that your attention to grammar and style of an essay deserves a praise! They’ve written for me and my papers got A+!

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