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By Brooke Hayes fb Jul 06, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Back in the days of no internet and computers, students mostly used to submit handwritten content for their submissions. It was easy to review, check, and mark. But, with the internet, a lot of things changed. For many initial years, students had to give handwritten stuff to their mentors and guides. Handwritten papers were tougher to check, read, and review. Then teachers started demanding soft copies of the writing assignments. That is where things became easier for students. Students found a lot of content online, relating to the subject of their essays, and would copy them blatantly and submit the paper.

Many students even got great grades for doing so, but soon enough copy-checking software was invented. There was a lot of software on the market that would check every single phrase and sentence of an essay, and tell you whether it was copied or not. Universities would take strict actions on the students that copied their papers, and many of them were black-listed, while others were not allowed to appear for exams. Many students who were found plagiarizing content more than a couple of times were permanently suspended from college and lost their careers in the race.

That is when students realized that copying stuff from the internet is not going to work in the long term, and they must focus on writing their papers themselves or hiring someone to do the job for them. Many seniors outsourced this work to their juniors and first-year students, but soon that was also not possible, as the courses and subjects in college are becoming more and more complex and complicated with every passing year. Juniors also had a lot of pressure from their own course, and a lot of work to complete on their end. Hence, now the students had no option but to resort to the best online writing services that helped them complete their assignments and submit them on time.

One such website is Edusson. is an online portal that helps the students to outsource their academic content writing assignments, and the professional writers on their network will write those assignments in exchange for a small fee. The fees usually are not high, considering the amount of work they are doing.

Essay writing is not easy, considering that you have to put insufficient amount of research in every essay before you type it, and even after you finish typing it, you must proofread it before submitting for any mistakes or errors. The entire process consumes hours and days, and for some students, it also takes weeks, depending upon the length of the essay required.

Edusson provides various services to the students, and the content that the students can order on their website ranges from simple essays, articles, assignments, admission essays, dissertations, case studies, capstone projects, coursework, lab reports, speeches, thesis, research paper, term paper, statistic paper, and many more. You can choose any service you need and specify your particular requirements like the format in which you want the paper to be written and the word count of the entire paper. After specifying these requirements, you should pay for the service and wait for the final delivery of a well sought-out, proofread, and thoroughly researched essay. At the end you can compare edusson with some another service like, for instance.

Many Edusson reviews on the internet talk about it being a good source of ordering academic content online, while many others also defame it and say that they do not deliver on time or that they do not deliver good content. To bust those myths, we decided to test it on our own and so, we ordered some papers from them.

Here are the main features from the experience that we had with them:

We got our paper delivered to us within 48 hours, as described by them.

The content was not too great, but it was decent enough to get us good grades had we submitted it toa school or university!

Since the time given by us to themwasn’t enough (48 hours), maybe that is why the content could not be absolutely great, but for sure with more time they could provide better results.

We could choose the writer whom we wanted to work with us. That was the best part of this website now because many websites do not allow the customers to choose a writer. They randomly assign the task to any writer and, also the content that is delivered is not so good, because the writer might not be an expert in that domain. This feature helps the customer to select the writer based upon his experience and expertise in that domain.

Another amazing experience that we had was the research. The essay contained an annotated bibliography at the end, which was a clear proof that the writer actually spent time on researching the subject of the essay and finally writing it.

This Edusson review does not only focus on telling its positive sides and plus points, but we will also uncover the cons of this website. This review of Edusson essay will help make the customers self-aware and independent enough to take the right decision on their own.

Here are some pros and cons of, that a customer must always consider before handing out your assignments and important academic content writing projects to them.

  • The Freedom of interacting with writers– Not all websites allow their customers to select and choose the writer of their choice. Most of the times, the assignment is randomly given to any writer who is free on the network and might not even have proper knowledge of that subject. But here, at Edusson, that is not the case, and you can choose the writer you want to work with.
  • Quality content– If there is something that Edusson is known for, that is the quality of their content. Quality ‘may be’ compromised if the given time isn’t enough, but if you give them time to research and come up with something groundbreaking, they will surely never disappoint you!
  • Professional Writers on their network– Just before the parallax of their website ends, there is a small column for the writers to apply. That column invites applications from all across the world, and anyone from any field can apply for the position of a writer on their network. But the screening process ensures that the person is well-versed and knowledgeable in English language and has the proper understanding of speech and writing.
  • Respecting the deadlines– They respect deadlines and always submit the work before time. However, it is always advised that you provide decent time to the writers to come up with properly researched articles for you. If you want to score good grades in your submissions, you must understand that creating something good takes time, and if you give proper time to the writer, it is you who will be benefited and not them.
  • Wide variety available– They have a wide variety of content that you can choose from, ranging from articles to essays to thesis and dissertation. From such a variety, you can choose anything that you want them to work on.
  • Cost of the essays– The most concerning issue for a student is the cost of something, as most of the students are studying on student loans, and are also working part-time jobs to sustain themselves. Especially the international students, who do not have any means of sustaining themselves.
  • Advance Payment– While there are some platforms that do not ask for payment beforehand, at Edusson you must submit an advance payment before your work is given to you. This is majorly done so that the students do not ‘refuse’ the payment after they have received the work, and so that the writers on the platform do not work for no money at all.
  • No provision forthe refund – Where many online platforms and websites now offer the refund and the money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the work, there is no such provision here, at edduson. But this policy does not hold much importance if the content that they provide is decent enough to get you good grades.
  • Average customer support– The customer support at Edusson needs a lot of improvement.
  • Limited Content– While many other sites also offer lab-reports and other academic stuff, Edusson focuses majorly on essays alone.
  • Price– For some students, the price is too high and overcharged, while for many it is okay.
  • Online Presence – There are many reviews of Edusson online, but they need to be more structured and refined to clearly define the services and features of this platform. This proves that Edusson needs to work on their online presence a lot, and should also think about social media branding, where they will find a lot of students to attract.
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Edusson is a high-professional service, I could say this with no doubts! Great writers, awesome service. Fantastic job!

I’m very lucky that I contacted this writing service and they almost saved my life. Essay they wrote for me brought me “A” mark and I passed everything in time. Thank you very much!