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Top Resume Review 2021

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By Alina Burakova fb Jun 29, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

At present, it is quite hard to find a decent job without a good resume and cover letter. That is where online resume writing services come in. One of the reasons behind this is that the competition in the labour market is really high. No matter how good your qualifications are, if your resume does not look good, you are unlikely to get even an invitation to the interview.

So, if you’ve sent your resume to many companies and still don’t get a reply, the problem might be in your CV.

At this point, you might ask, “What should I do then? I have a Master’s degree and 5 years of experience. Why don’t they call me?” And the answer would be, “Find someone to help you if you don’t have a clue how you can improve your resume on your own.”

Today, when there are much diverse information, websites, and services, it is quite hard to find something trustworthy. Many agencies try to fraud people, thus making ‘easy money.’

So to find a legit resume writing company might be somewhat challenging for an untrained eye. As a blog writer and out of curiosity, I once decided to find one, and that’s why we are ow sharing this information with you.

To be honest, scam websites are so well-designed that you might fail to determine whether you should trust them or not. We have ordered dozens of resumes at different sites and what we got in return was either nothing (they just took our money and stopped responding to our messages and calls) or total garbage that we wouldn’t dare to show anyone., on the other hand, does have that fancy-looking UI, and the quality of the services they offer is just on another level. This is one of many reviews you might find on the web. So, what is Top Resume? Let’s find out in this TopResume review!

At first glance, it may seem that it is not worth paying over a hundred dollars for only a couple of pages of written text, and you may start wondering is a TopResume scam? However, let us stop you right there. Every good thing has its price. It is normal to pay for quality and give your money to somebody you can trust. There are some Top Resume reviews that mention the prices.

For instance, every year, Apple gets criticized for overpriced gadgets, yet this is the first company to reach a 1 trillion USD market share. Its phones are top-notch despite all that negative feedback they receive.

The situation is somewhat similar to buying a cover letter from a reliable service provider like TopResume. There, you can find three packages with different pricing options that are bound to meet your needs.

Wonder how much does Top Resume cost? Yes, it is not one of the cheap resume writing services, but it is still good. Prices for resume packages at TopResume vary.

  1. For the Professional Growth package (only resume writing), you’ll have to pay $179.
  2. The Career Evolution package (resume, cover letter, and interview guarantee) costs $219.
  3. The Executive Priority (executive resume, cover letter, interview guarantee, and LinkedIn makeover) will cost you $349.

Of course, 179 USD for a resume may be too expensive for some. Yet, you decide whether this factor is detrimental, but you should not forget about the Top Resume discount program. Loyal customers can be offered a special TopResume discount, which can also be activated using the TopResume promo code.

Yet, when doing this Top Resume review, we found that there are many customers that first contact this company through its free resume review tool. And here is one review from Camren shared on our website about how good the initial review is.

However, the only thing that might be inconvenient is that they only accept credit or debit cards and no PayPal. It may be somewhat disturbing, though you need a bank card to open a PayPal account, right? So, why would you not use it when ordering your resume?

Additionally, if you order a CV there, you will have that support that ensures the desired results.

Unfortunately, we could not find if they have nurse resume services available. But there is one case study shared on their website about how they helped a cashier transition to a practical nurse. So, probably they can help medical workers with their resumes too.

As stated on the official website, the quality of the delivered work is outstanding. Once you choose a suitable writer, you will always be in touch with them.

After you discuss everything with them, they will provide you with the first draft for your approval.

Then, depending on the type of work you order, you will have to wait up to one week for the job to be finished. Some reviews of TopResume claim that why should you wait for so long if you pay so much?

Well, the waiting time might be of great importance if you were ordering an essay for your university, for example. When it comes to cover letters and resumes, there are no real deadlines as such. So, what you need to do at this point is to be patient and understandable because there are hundreds or even thousands of clients who are ordering their papers at the same time.

Finally, if the writer fails to fulfil your requirements from the first try, you are eligible for two free revisions. If you are not sure whether your resume is written well, you can always try utilizing their resume checking tool for free! The results will help you decide whether you need professional assistance or not, keeping in mind that prices are pretty high there.

On other occasions, a writer may misunderstand you, and it is outstanding since we’re all human beings. While using this particular service, you are eligible for only two free revisions, which might seem like a problem. However, given the quality of services and professionalism their writers possess, you are unlikely to need even one revision.

As mentioned earlier, you will collaborate with them closely to finish the order as per your requirements.

The amount of positive reviews online are making us work harder. Of course, some did not like the services. The company is constantly looking for ways of improving its performance and tries to do its best to leave everyone satisfied.

Their support agents promise to respond within 24 hours if you email them, but that happens much faster (we tried that 4 times). However, reaching them via phone is impossible if you try to do that after business hours, which may cause some frustration. In the worst-case scenario, it may take up to 24 hours for them to answer your email, but that is rarely the case.

There is no money-back guarantee. On the other hand, the company claims that the services they provide are outstanding. Once you make a payment, it cannot be undone. They insist upon that you will be satisfied with the resume or cover letter they provide, so you wouldn’t want to get a refund whatsoever.

So, does Top Resume work? Yes, the agents we contacted in person were real professionals. They know exactly how to be friendly, understandable, and helpful. A great pleasure to experience such sort of assistance.

One more service that has such great customer service support is Is CraftResumes a good service? You can find more details in our review. Here we can say that both services are professional and well-designed.

The colour palette of the website makes you feel serious about what they are doing at first glance. It is pleasant to look at. All those fancy-looking animations contribute to the unforgettable user experience. The interface is clear and understandable. Everything you would like to learn about the company is at your hand’s reach. If some questions arise, you can always utilize the pop-up help window to navigate through the website.

Once you see the website, your eye is most likely to love it. Moreover, the resource structure is quite easy to use, so we don’t think anyone will have a tough time navigating web pages.

When you compare TopResume vs. Zipjob resume services, it is tough to pick one. In our detailed reviews, we found that Zipjob is slightly better than TopResume. You might ask how. Well, Zipjob has lower prices on their resume packages while providing quality at the same rate. So, value for money is better at Zipjob.

  • High quality. With a team of more than 1200 professional writers, you are sure to receive outstanding services.
  • Outstanding reputation. The number of positive comments is dramatic.
  • Free resume checker. Quite an unusual tool.
  • Convenient payment plans. provides its users with three different packages that include various services, and their price varies as a result.
  • Outstanding user experience. The main page and secondary ones are really well-designed and pleasant to look at.
  • Quick support team. At, clients come first. That is why the response time of their support team is pretty quick.
  • No need to pay all at once. There is a yearly subscription through Affirm that allows you to split the payment into 12 parts.
  • Quite expensive. One of the things that may discourage you from acquiring a CV from is pricing.
  • Only two free revisions. Sometimes, it may get hard to express everything you want from your resume from the first attempt.
  • Up to one week of waiting for the order. When you order something, you might want to get it as soon as possible.
  • Not 24/7 live support. TopResume support team works only during business hours, and it might get inconvenient if you live in another time zone.
  • No PayPal support. This one is kind of hard to understand since, in modern days, everyone supports PayPal, not, though.
  • No money-back guarantee. Some reviews on Top Resume state that this one is a major disadvantage.
My verdict
Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Top Resume

Considering all the abovesaid, we recommend using since its advantages outweigh the drawbacks, and we explained why in this TopResume review. Of course, there are reviews on the web that have those headings like “Top Resume scam,” though we would not pay much attention to them.

You may still wonder, is Top Resume legit? We believe that a person that reviews Top Resume or any similar agency should be well aware of what they are saying. Thus, several TopResume resume expert reviews confirmed that the quality of the provided services is outstanding.

As a professional who has just graduated or has never been satisfied with your job, you should entirely reconsider the way your CV is composed. If you find it hard to do it on your own, then addressing the professionals is inevitable. We hope that we have managed to answer your questions in this review of Top Resume. So, why should you make a wild guess trying to pick somebody when there are reviews?

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I can confidently say that it was the type of resume, cover letter and CV that this service provided me with that really helped me in securing a job soon after. I recommend this service whole-heartedly. Thank you.


TopResume delivered what I wanted! My resume was re-worked to provide me with the extra leverage for today’s job market search. All work was completed in a prompt professional manner. The changes in my resume improved the presentation and content. Nicely done!


They did a good job on the verbiage, although I still feel that the resume “”dates”” me and my abilities to qualify for a position. I have not had the response to my resume that was part of the initial reason for me signing up with That’s the only issue.

D. Miller

I am very happy with my result. My resume and my cover letter have a professional look. What is more, my writer has been very helpful and she ended up conveying my experience and education perfectly.


I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help rewriting both mine and my husband’s CVs. I have to admit to more than a bit of scepticism at the startof the process but it was well worth the money.


I could definitely recommend you this service! Good job,! Go ahead!


Responsive customer service – any concerns were answered promptly. Top Resume took my old resume and tailored it to reflect the higher paying job I am seeking. They listened to my concerns and questions and really understood what I was looking for. Great service, and very affordable. Thank you!