Review: Not As Good as We Thought Review: Not As Good as We Thought

By Alina Burakova, Updated March 4, 2024


Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here.

About CollegeAdvisor
Lowest price$999
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Pros & Cons My Verdict
Not Recommended
  • Development of customized programs based on personal characteristics.
  • An unlimited number of webinars and workshops for all packages.
  • Courses are dedicated to international students as well.
  • A free self-guided ACT/SAT course.
  • All the sessions are 1 on 1.
  • If you get late for the session (10 minutes max) you will be charged 20 dollars and the charge becomes subject to the discretion of the company.
  • The products are non-refundable after the order is made.
  • Customer support is not available at most parts of the day.
  • Do not expect to find valuable pieces of advice.
  • A large number of inexperienced tutors are in one place.
  • Terms and services may change in any period without announcement.
  • Courses may be expensive for international students.


  • Personalized approach.
  • Inexpperienced college admission consultants.
  • After putting into consideration all the factors, it is hard to realize if the CollegeAdvisor is a legit and good-quality consulting and prep company.
  • Because of that we cannot fully recommend it and suggest young people and their parents from the USA and other parts of the world check other options.

Value for Money

  • Free self-guided ACT/SAT course.
  • A low chance of getting admitted.

Student Feedback

  • Impolite and inefficient support is guaranteed.
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The development of knowledge is one of the main goals that young people have. Thanks to theoretical and practical knowledge and experience they gain on that path, they can achieve their career ambitions.

But, choosing the right school is not an easy task. Because of that, the assistance of the best college admissions consultants like CollegeAdvisor can be pretty beneficial for your future success. You can easily find more admissions consulting reviews on our website.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to attend some of the top 50 colleges in the world or you simply want to find the best school for your needs – the assistance you get from a college advisor will be valuable. That is the reason why we decided to make an in-depth analysis of everything they have to offer!

The CollegeAdvisor com review will help you find out more about who CollegeAdvisor is, which services you can use, how much you will have to pay for each service, and other relevant features. We have put into consideration the guarantees you get, the quality of the mentors that work for the consulting company as well as reviews of their previous customers. That way, we collected all the evidence in one place that will help you decide whether this consulting agency meets your expectations.

Let’s go!

Overview of


Students are usually unsure in which direction their career should go. Parents, on the other hand, would want to allow their kids to follow their dreams and ensure their kids are making good decisions as well. That is the reason why reading the overview of this company will probably bring peace of mind.

What Is CollegeAdvisor?

CollegeAdvisor or CA is a consulting company that connects a group of experts that can help you achieve your college ambitions. Moreover, by subscribing to the services they offer, you will get the assistance of more than 150 college advisers and former admission officers. Most of them come from elite universities, which only confirms they have the necessary experience and reputation to offer services of this type.

If you’re looking into college advisor options, it’s also worth considering BeMo Academic Consulting. By reading the BeMo Academic Consulting reviews on my site, you can gain a more comprehensive view of the available services.

How Does CollegeAdvisor Work?

The system of functioning for all the students is the same or almost identical. Every person that attends the program will get the opportunity to collaborate with different admission experts. These experts will help them develop a personalized application strategy. There is not the same strategy for everyone as different methods and tactics are suitable for each individual.

Thanks to the program you will go through, the application strategy will be personalized based on the individual strengths that you possess.

It may sound a bit strange, but the training sessions you plan to subscribe to are not only for you. Adolescents can invite their parents as well and ask all the questions they have about the admission process. Don’t hesitate to ask everything as the wrong question does not exist. You can find out more about everything.

The last stage relates to feedback all the students get from the professionals. For instance, you will manage to get valuable comments on your essay, the opportunity to enjoy different extracurricular activities, and others.

We hope that things are clear now!

Does CollegeAdvisor Guarantee Success?

The best way to answer this question is to look at the numbers. According to statistics, every young adult that collaborated with college advisors at CollegeAdvisor has not managed to admit into every top-100 school in the United States of America. That already is not some form of guarantee that most students and their parents are happy to see.

There are some other facts that you also need to be aware of. Believe it or not, they claim that 91% of students that attend the program end up accepted to at least 3 out of their top 8 choices. But there is no real proof of that, which made us think that this is a made-up number.

So, will you manage to attend the college you want? No one can guarantee that! But, when you look closer, every young adult will raise the chances of reaching his educational goals and ambitions.

Is CollegeAdvisor Legit? Is It a Scam?

Without any doubt, “is legit?” is one of the most common questions that young people have. If you are too suspicious, then our answer is “there is no reason to have that sort of attitude”. There is no evidence that a college advisor is a scam. On the other hand, there are a lot of proves that this course is unreliable and not legit.

Let’s once again get back to numbers. It may seem unbelievable, but nearly 180 thousand students have already signed up for this consulting company. Despite that, social proof is something worth your attention as the college advisor ratings are currently low.

Besides, the last thing you can do is to read the College Advisor reviews and testimonials of the previous clients. You will manage to see a bunch of negative comments that strongly recommend avoiding this agency. You will no longer ask, “is CollegeAdvisor com legit” as things will probably be more obvious after doing this. You can also find real comments from users right below this text.

Short Story of CollegeAdvisor

We understand that many potential clients would want to know a bit more about the background of a consulting agency like this. Because of that, we would like to introduce you to a short history that CollegeAdvisor has.

For starters, CollegeAdvisor com is a relatively young company that supports students to reach their college goals. Their dedication to students inspired them to develop personalized college admissions advising. The company’s target audience is not just residents of the United States of America. International students from more than 60 countries will also have the opportunity to work with them, which is not recommended.

We once again need to repeat that some service participants have NOT managed to reach different colleges and universities thanks to the assistance they got! That only confirms that CollegeAdvisor has not managed to achieve even small results for two and a half years.

Which Services Does CollegeAdvisor Offer?

We have finally come to the part that most adolescents and their parents are interested in. As mentioned, all the students will get the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one video chat. They will get the chance to connect with the entire Admissions Experts network that will answer all the questions they have.

However, the list of services doesn’t end there. Young people and their parents will also have the opportunity to attend monthly workshops and webinars. Neither of the webinar series hosted by the agency will be the same. Each one analyzes a different topic type associated with the admissions cycle. The presenters of these webinars are experts in other subjects, and they are usually students, former officers, individuals that graduated recently, etc. You may manage to find experts from different educational fields and hear their pieces of advice as well.

So, why are these webinars and workshops important? They are suitable for students who want to find out more about merit-based scholarships, letters of recommendation, virtual volunteering, and other stuff.

Another thing worth mentioning is the guides you will get. Moreover, CollegeAdvisor will offer you an in-depth financial aid guide and a supplemental essay guide. Additionally, you will get access to a bunch of college essay samples.

Another option to consider in your search for college advisory services is Union Hall. My Union Hall Advising reviews could provide a better understanding of their approach, helping you decide which service may best suit your needs.

Pricing at CollegeAdvisor

As you can guess, there are different packages that you can subscribe to. In general, the offer of each one is similar. You will get 1-1 video advising, admissions consulting based on your personal characteristics, access to mentioned workshops and webinars, and essay editing service. The names of the packages are:

  • Premium;
  • Elite;
  • Platinum;
  • Ivy Plus.

The cheapest package is one thousand dollars, where you will get 1 admissions coach, 10 hours of 1-1 advising, and access to webinars and workshops (unlimited). In the end, you will get an essay editing service for up to 2o scholarship/college applications.

To learn more, check the separate guide on College Advisor costs on our blog.

On the other hand, the most expensive package is $9,000. In our humble opinion, this seems too expensive, the services you will get are not that outstanding compared to alternatives like Admissionado and A-List Education. You will get 40+ hours of 1 on 1 video chat advising with a former admissions officer. Despite unlimited access to webinars and workshops, you will get supplemental essay editing for more than 12 scholarship/college applications.

But, There Is Something for Free As Well!

Not all parents can afford to pay for either of the mentioned packages. Experts at CollegeAdvisor offer a free self-guided ACT/SAT course. That way, parents can ensure their child gets at least some guidelines that could help him choose the right college!

Quality of CollegeAdvisor

When you look closer, most of the things we talked about so far only confirm that CollegeAdvisor features low quality. Facts like fake rating, percentage of clients that were accepted to a least 3 out of their top 8 choices, and nearly 180 thousand clients confirm that CollegeAdvisor com is not legit.


However, there is a reason why all these results have been achieved in only two and half years. This too young and inexperienced team that works for the agency comprises former admissions officers like Pam Walton, Lauren Lynch, and others.

Despite that, the team comprises people who only recently graduated and have too little experience in specific topics. Thanks to the path they already passed and the experience they gained, young adults will not get the chance to hear unique pieces of advice.

Customer Service

According to the reviews of the previous clients, customer support is not top-notch. As mentioned, many international students do not know a lot about the educational system in America. Unfortunately, the agency’s customer support will not explain all the details to everyone. That is the first moment you will manage to check out the low quality of customer support.

Speaking of mentors, they are not even willing to be there for the students almost 24 hours a day. Whenever you have particular questions, do not expect them to answer fast. Despite Zoom and other communication platforms, you will manage to communicate with the mentors via email.

Despite inaccessibility, it is worth mentioning that all mentors are, at the same time, some sort of life coach. The students will get a source of motivation that will make their working environment more pleasant. So, it would be more like a motivation program, not a professional advisory.

In the end, there is no reason to hesitate whenever you have specific questions. The mentors who work for College Advisor are not there to answer all the questions their clients and their parents have.

Website Usability

In the end, we have to admit that CollegeAdvisor com offers an adequately designed web app. The site itself is pretty easy to use and helpful for all individuals. You will manage to track the applications in one place, check out all the essay requirements or follow your progress. Thanks to advanced technology, personal development is becoming easier.

  • Development of customized programs based on personal characteristics.
  • An unlimited number of webinars and workshops for all packages.
  • Courses are dedicated to international students as well.
  • A free self-guided ACT/SAT course.
  • All the sessions are 1 on 1.
  • If you get late for the session (10 minutes max) you will be charged 20 dollars and the charge becomes subject to the discretion of the company.
  • The products are non-refundable after the order is made.
  • Customer support is not available at most parts of the day.
  • Do not expect to find valuable pieces of advice.
  • A large number of inexperienced tutors are in one place.
  • Terms and services may change in any period without announcement.
  • Courses may be expensive for international students.

CollegeAdvisor Alternatives

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CollegeAdvisor Reviews 4

  1. John Atkins says:

    I had a gray experience and was accepted into my dream school! UC Berkeley! My advisor helped craft my UC personal insight questions, and honestly I don’t know how I would have made it into UCB without them!

  2. Jennifer says:

    BEWARE! We signed up with because our daughter wanted to apply to Spring Semesters, and her high school college advisor was not available. THREE months later, there are no final deliverables, and our daughter is scrambling to complete her applications. It took us escalating to get an additional advisor added to the team. Along the way, we’ve received conflicting information within the same company. When we asked for a week-by-week action plan to meet deadlines, the plan was not attainable and ended before the first college app was due. All these folks have managed to do is add incredible stress to an already stressful situation.

  3. Andrew says:

    Please be careful with them!!! Don’t give any credit or debit cards, service is not responding for messages.

  4. Jake says:

    Bad platform. Poor service and support.

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