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College Advisor Prices for Students: Detailed Analysis

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If you’re getting ready for exams and looking to get into college, you’re probably thinking about the costs involved. With a track record of helping over 5,000 students get into top-ranked colleges, College Advisor offers affordable counseling. With an average customer rating of 9/10, they boast a 4.6/5.0 Trustpilot rating, demonstrating their effectiveness.

Their partnership with U.S. News & World Report means you can access viable school data on demand. This includes tuition, acceptance rates, top programs, enrollment, and more details. Strong networks of over 300 Admissions Experts guarantee valuable guidance.

Cost of College Advisor

Well, their pricing falls within the $1,000 – $9,000 range. Though not particularly disclosed on their pricing page, we’ve got adequate reasons to suspect the College Advisor cost of the two intermediate plans (ELITE & PLATINUM) are within the $3,500 – $5,500 range and the $5,500 – $7,000 range, respectively.

How much does College Advisor cost? Here’s a more concise breakdown of their plans;

  1. $1,000 (PREMIUM): 10 hours of one-on-one coaching. Essay editing for 2 applications. Personal Statement and Personal Expert.
  2. $3,500 – $5,500 (ELITE): 20+ hours of one-on-one coaching (based on grade level). Essay editing for 6 applications. Personal statement and Personal Expert with 2+ years of experience.
  3. $5,500 – $7,000 (PLATINUM): 30+ hours of one-on-one coaching (based on grade level). Essay editing for 9 applications and personal statements. Personal Expert with 2+ years of experience. Former Admissions Officer.
  4. $9,000 (IVY PLUS): 40+ hours of one-on-one coaching (based on grade level). Essay editing for 12 applications and personal statements. Personal Expert with 2+ years of experience. Former Admissions Officer.

How Does Their Pricing Work?

Despite our best attempts at nailing the exact prices for all their plans, we couldn’t. As it is, interested parties would have to schedule a conversation with administrators via a Zoom meeting link to get how much the services are. That way, you’ll get their pricing tailored to your needs.

Still confused about how much College Advisor is? Here’s a general breakdown of their plans:

$1,000 Not Specified Not Specified $9,000
10 hours of one-on-one coaching. 20+ hours of one-on-one coaching (based on grade level). 30+ hours of one-on-one coaching (based on grade level). 40+ hours of one-on-one coaching (based on grade level).
Essay editing for 2 applications and personal statement. Essay editing for 6 applications and personal statement. Essay editing for 9 applications and personal statement. Essay editing for 12 applications and personal statement.
Personal Expert Personal  Expert with 2+ years of experience. Personal  Expert with 2+ years of experience. Personal  Expert with 2+ years of experience.

Concerned about college consulting costs? They offer a range of advising packages, all priced lower than competitors. This foresight comes in handy in making private advising affordable for all and sundry. Whether you’re preparing essays, building a college list, or seeking financial aid, their experts can help.

Moreover, they believe in giving back. Their Scholars Program provides free counseling to high-achieving students with financial need. The aim is to ensure everyone has a shot at their dreams. So, our College Advisor review is worth checking out if you’re looking for a research-backed piece on them.

5 Must-Know Facts Before Using College Advisor

Before starting your journey, understand five essential aspects of the College Advisor. They have an impressive track record, helping over 5,000 students achieve their dreams. They also have a network of 300+ Admissions Experts.

Additionally, their Scholars Program provides comprehensive advice to high-achieving students with financial need.

  • Proven Track Record: They’ve helped over 5,000 students achieve their dreams, including admissions to top-ranked colleges. This track record suggests their services have been effective for many students.
  • Trusted Partner: They partner with the U.S. News & World Report, a reputable source of comprehensive school data. This partnership means students have access to reliable information about colleges. Other included info are tuition, acceptance rates, top programs, and more.
  • Expert Advisors: They boast a network of over 300 Experts and former Admissions Officers. These experts are from prestigious universities like Stanford, Georgetown, and USC. This wealth of experience ensures students receive expert guidance throughout the application process.
  • Affordability: They offer various advising packages at lower prices than many competitors. This makes their service more affordable for a wider range of students and families.
  • Scholars Program: They support civic engagement. Their Scholars Program ensures that everyone has access to high-quality counseling. They offer free, thorough advice to high-achieving kids with a documented need for assistance.

Is College Advisor Free of Cost?

No, their service is not entirely free of cost, but College Advisor prices have been designed to fit different budgets and needs.

Here’s a breakdown of how much College Advisor cost:

  1. Scholars Program: The Scholars Program offers free counseling to low-income and first-generation students as a pro bono. Remember that there are only a few spaces available. Acceptance results are typically announced in late July.
  2. Paid Services: Depending on the pricing plan you select, they provide a variety of consulting packages. Though these come with varying costs, personalized guidance, plus access to knowledgeable consultants, are frequently included in these packages.
  3. Web Portal: They offer a free web platform run on U.S. News data that offers insightful analyses of colleges and their statistics.
  4. Webinars and Resources: They also offer free webinars and resources on their website. These cover various topics related to the application process.

While the Scholars Program is free for eligible students, other services come with associated costs. It’s important to review their pricing options to determine which one aligns with your needs and budget.

collegeadvisor prices

Alternatives of College Advisor

In your quest to find the right advisor for your journey, you’re likely comparing options. BeMo, Admissionado, and College Advisor are three services that offer guidance through the admissions process.

Let’s break down their differences and similarities so you can make the right pick. Below is a straightforward comparison of these services. We’ve considered pricing, specialization, scholarship assistance, and more.

Consultant BeMo Admissionado College Advisor
Pricing Structure $2,297 – $10,297 $1,650 – $9,880 $1,000 – $9,000
Specialization Graduate & Med School Admissions Consultants MBA & Graduate Admissions University & College Admissions Consultants
Scholarship Assistance Limited Limited Yes
Free Consultations Yes Yes Yes
Learn More Check BeMo Consulting Check Admissionado Check College Advisor

Now that you have a clear comparison of BeMo, Admissionado, and College Advisor. You’re better equipped to decide based on your unique requirements and budget. With our detailed Admissionado & BeMo reviews, take some time to explore each service further.

You may also check out our Admit Advantage review or even the ratings of college admission consultants in the U.S. to find even better alternatives to College Advisor.

Consider what matters most to you in your graduate school admissions journey, whether it’s medical school, MBA programs, law school admissions consultants, or undergraduate admissions. There’s an advisor out there to help you reach your academic goals.

Our reviews on their services, including even niched-down ones such as Prep Scholar cost, Princeton Review cost, and LSAT Max cost, will ease your research.


Do You Need an Advisor for College?

Yes, having an advisor may be beneficial. They provide direction and assistance all along the application process, from picking the best institutions to honing your application essays.

Although it’s important to consider the prices, certain programs, like, offer budget-friendly solutions. Having a counselor can greatly increase your chances of success during the application process.

What Is a College Advisor?

An advisor acts as a navigator while you make your way through the application process. They are professionals who can help you select the best institutions, write strong application essays, and prepare for interviews.

Consider them as knowledgeable trainers who improve your chances of being accepted to your ideal institution. They provide individualized help and advice, but it typically costs money.

Is College Advisor Worth It?

If you want personalized advice, their service may be worthwhile. Your chances of getting into the institution of your choice can be improved by their counselors.

They often have knowledge of prominent universities. However, everything has a price, so consider your needs and budget before making a choice.

Also, consider their free materials, which can be beneficial on their own.


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