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MBA Programs That Accept GRE

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The journey to an MBA has taken a welcoming turn, with numerous MBA programs that accept the GRE general test. My experiments have shown that this shift not only broadens the horizon for applicants but also aligns with the diverse backgrounds MBA programs now seek. Through my research, I discovered a wealth of MBA programs that accept the GRE, offering a beacon of hope for those, like me, preferring this test over the GMAT.

My experience also led me to valuable resources for test preparation, including insights on the best GRE tutors and best GRE prep apps, which I’m eager to share. This article is my way of guiding you through the maze of MBA admissions, armed with your GRE scores. I invite you to join me as I share the fruits of my research, aiming to light your path to the right MBA program.

MBA programs accepting the GRE


Why the GRE for MBA Is Important

In my journey to demystify the admissions process for MBA programs, I’ve realized the critical role the GRE plays in diversifying the candidate pool. An MBA that accepts GRE scores opens its doors to a wider array of talents and perspectives, breaking the traditional barriers imposed by the sole reliance on the GMAT. My experiments have shown that this inclusive approach not only enriches the learning environment but also allows candidates with strong verbal and analytical skills to shine.

Furthermore, in my quest for optimal preparation, I encountered numerous resources, but articles on the best GRE practice tests stood out.

These practice tests, meticulously reviewed in our articles, serve as a cornerstone for preparing candidates to meet the rigorous standards of MBA programs. The significance of the GRE for MBA admissions cannot be overstated—it’s a gateway to opportunities in prestigious programs, ensuring that every candidate’s potential can be fully realized.

Is a GRE Score Required for an MBA in the US?

Throughout my deep research of the prerequisites for MBA admissions in the US, one question frequently emerged: Are GRE scores for MBA admission a universal requirement? The answer, I found, varies by program, but an increasing number of institutions now welcome GRE scores as part of their application package. This shift reflects a broader understanding of the GRE’s ability to assess the diverse skills and knowledge bases potential MBA candidates bring to the table. In my pursuit of excellence and preparedness,

I also sought out the best resources to bolster my application, leading me to the comprehensive Kaplan GRE review. The insights gleaned from this review not only enhanced my test preparation strategy but also underscored the importance of the GRE in the MBA admissions landscape.

While not every MBA program mandates a GRE score, those who do accept it recognize the value it adds in identifying well-rounded candidates capable of thriving in a competitive business environment.

MBA programms that accept GRE


Good GRE Score for MBA?

In my quest to understand what constitutes a good GRE score required for MBA admission, I’ve realized the answer is nuanced and varies by program. However, a closer look at the GRE cut-off scores for various prestigious B-schools provides a clearer picture.

Alongside this exploration, I delved into comparing test prep resources, notably in our articles on Prepscholar vs Magoosh GRE, which offered invaluable insights into optimizing my study strategy.

Here’s a summary of the average GRE scores across top business schools, shedding light on what you might aim for to position yourself competitively:

Stanford GSB USA

  • Average Quant Score: 162-166
  • Average Verbal Score: 163-167
  • Analytical Writing Score: 4.5 – 5.0

Harvard Business School USA

  • Average Quant Score: 163-167
  • Average Verbal Score: 165-169
  • Analytical Writing Score: 4.5 – 5.0

INSEAD (France/Singapore)

  • Average Quant Score: 157-161
  • Average Verbal Score: 160-164
  • Analytical Writing Score: 4.0-4.5

London Business School UK

  • Average Quant Score: 160-164
  • Average Verbal Score: 160-164
  • Analytical Writing Score: 4.0 – 4.5

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad/Mohali (India)

  • Average Quant Score: 160-164
  • Average Verbal Score: 157-161
  • Analytical Writing Score: 4.0 – 4.5

This breakdown not only helped me set tangible goals but also underscored the importance of choosing the right prep tools, as detailed in our comparative analysis of Prepscholar and Magoosh GRE. Understanding these benchmarks is crucial for anyone aiming to understand the MBA admissions landscape successfully.

Top MBA Colleges Accepting GRE in the USA

The quest for the ideal MBA program led me to find out which top colleges in the USA welcome the GRE for MBA admissions. This search was not just about listing schools but understanding how each embraces scores within their selection process. It has become a passport for aspiring MBA students, offering a path into prestigious programs that recognize the value and diversity test-takers bring.

Below, I’ve compiled a table that reflects my findings, presenting top MBA colleges in the USA that accept GRE scores, aiming to guide fellow applicants towards making informed choices about where to apply.

B-School Location Notable for
Stanford Graduate School of Business Stanford, CA Innovation & Entrepreneurial Leadership
Harvard Business School Boston, MA General Management & Leadership
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) Philadelphia, PA Finance & Global Influence
MIT Sloan School of Management Cambridge, MA Data Analytics & Technological Integration
University of Chicago (Booth) Chicago, IL Analytical Finance & Flexible Curriculum

This table is a starting point, offering a snapshot of the diversity and excellence within MBA programs accepting the GRE. As I checked my options, I also turned to resources that could bolster my application. These top institutions not only look for high scores but also value the unique backgrounds and perspectives each student brings, making it an important step towards achieving your MBA aspirations.


Reflecting on my journey through the landscape of GRE-accepting MBA colleges, I’ve grown to see the expansive opportunities it unlocks for MBA candidates. This investigation, from pinpointing the significance of strong GRE scores to identifying leading MBA programs that value the exam, has shed light on a crucial aspect of business education’s evolution in the USA. An increasing number of colleges now open their doors to diverse talents by recognizing the varied strengths GRE test-takers bring.

To my fellow MBA aspirants, this information stands as a beacon. Recognize that these institutions look beyond your scores, valuing the unique perspectives and skills you offer. Your application represents a blend of experiences, aspirations, and academic achievements, with it acting as a key component.

As you proceed, I encourage you to engage directly with program specifics, contacting admissions counselors, and connecting with alumni to enrich your understanding.

Approaching the MBA application with your GRE scores is not merely about fulfilling a criterion; it’s an opportunity to highlight your varied abilities in a manner that resonates with admissions panels. Armed with precise preparation and a thorough understanding of what GRE-accepting MBA colleges seek, you’re well-prepared to embark on a transformative professional journey. The path has been charted, the opportunities laid out; the next step is yours to take.


Can GRE be accepted for MBA?

Yes, many MBA programs across the United States and globally now accept scores as part of their admissions process, offering flexibility for applicants from diverse academic backgrounds.

Do business schools prefer GRE or GMAT?

While some business schools have a traditional preference for GMAT scores, a growing number equally accept scores, valuing the diverse applicant pool it attracts. The preference largely depends on the specific program’s approach to admissions.

Is 324 a good GRE score for MBA?

Yes, a 324 is a competitive score for MBA admissions, placing you above the average for many top business schools and making you a strong candidate for most programs.

Is 317 a good GRE score?

A 317 is a solid score, competitive for many MBA programs, though it might be below the median for the most elite schools. It’s still a strong score that can be complemented by other application strengths.


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