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Magoosh vs PrepScholar GRE

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Going through GRE (Graduate Record Examination) without any assistance can be a daunting task. However, I found that it was not all sunshine and rainbows, as there were many resources out there claiming to be the key to success. The maze of GRE prep platforms themselves however presented me with a new set of challenges.

Magoosh and PrepScholar GRE have their own highlights but how exactly do they stack up against each other? Also on top of our separate detailed reviews on both the platforms, this article also expands on the platforms’ main features, pricing, user experience, and overall value.

PrepScholar vs Magoosh GRE: Overall Comparison

PrepScholar and Magoosh GRE are among the best GRE study programs currently available. Launched by Harvard alumni Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang in 2013, Prep Scholar had made its mark as a pioneer in the field of adaptive and personalized technology.

However, Magoosh is different from the others in that it is a startup company established in 2009 by a group of four people, namely Hansoo Lee, Bhavin Parikh, Pejman Pour-Moezzi, and Vikram Shenoy, which is known for its user-centric interface and interactive learning materials.

As per mine the major difference between Magoosh and PrepScholar in GRE is the personalization of materials and extra lessons. All the sites have the tools to use but they are built with different objectives for different studies.

Features Magoosh PrepScholar
Price range $149 – $219 $345
Practice Questions 1,600+ 2,000+
Practice Tests 3 2
Video Lessons Yes Yes
Score Improvement Guarantee +5 +7
Student Support Options Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes (7 days) Yes (5 Days)
Flashcards Included Yes No
20-Part GRE Vocabulary No Yes
Customized Study Plan and Personalized Lessons Yes Yes

Magoosh vs PrepScholar GRE: Key Features

In my opinion, Magoosh vs. PrepScholar GRE differences are seen in their special features with regard to GRE preparation.
Magoosh has a wide range of study resources including 8 full sections of the official GRE questions covering Math, Verbal, and AWA.

It has 1600 practice questions, 3 practice tests, and video lessons. The unique elements are a one-month access, a +5 total score guarantee, an expert consultation, a score predictor, and a flexible plan.

Contrary to this, PrepScholar GRE provides 2 complete practice tests, 2100+ adaptive questions, and 72 lessons. It has a +7 score guarantee, a diagnostic test, a 300 word vocab course, and a learning plan based on the initial diagnostic test.

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PrepScholar: How Is it Better Than Magoosh?

Prepscholar GRE Prep Course

In the case of PrepScholar vs Magoosh GRE PrepScholar, has the advantage over Magoosh because of the personalized nature and depth of its resources:

  1. Adaptive Learning: PrepScholar has more than 2100 adaptive questions, which make learning more interactive, adjusting to areas of strength and weakness.
  2. Comprehensive Lessons: The course has 72 lessons covered in detail, so you can have more topics to go through, which leads to more comprehensive preparation.
  3. Score Guarantee: Its +7 score improvement guarantee indicates that it is more effective than Magoosh’s +5.
  4. Vocabulary Building: The 300-question vocab course is the gateway to verbal section mastery.

PrepScholar’s curriculum is structured and adaptive, and its focus on vocabulary and practice tests provide a solid foundation. This is particularly helpful for those who aim at significant score increase.

Magoosh: How Is it Better Than PrepScholar?

Magoosh GRE Prep

For me, the biggest difference between PrepScholar and Magoosh GRE is that Magoosh has more advantages. First, its affordability is noteworthy, as its price is lower than PrepScholar. This broadens the audience base. Furthermore, Magoosh’s provision of flashcards and a free trial that are two days longer than PrepScholar gives students with diverse study tools and time to assess the platform.

Affordability and Accessibility

  • Low price range ($149 – $219).
  • 7-day free trial (with 20+ questions and lessons)

Enhanced Study Tools

  • Added flashcards for better memorization
  • 3 practice tests, with much more real-exam simulation.

I have discovered from my experience with both platforms that the flexible plan, score predictor, and expert consultation of Magoosh are tailored to different learning styles. Making it a reliable option for those who want a more focused GRE preparation experience. Also, I suggest you check out this list of the best books for GRE preparation.

Magoosh vs PrepScholar GRE: Pricing

Through my experience, I have come to realize that the pricing structures of PrepScholar and Magoosh GRE play a huge role for the students. Especially for those whose aim is to maximize their study time as well as budget. These platforms have exclusive packages that are suitable for different preparation styles. This makes comparing PrepScholar and Magoosh GRE a key element in the decision-making process.

Magoosh GRE Prep Prices

Magoosh GRE gives a variety of choices with the 1-month and 6-month premium plans priced at $149 and $179 for each respectively.

These packages are complete with over 1600 practice questions, video lessons and optional up to 3 practice tests. Moreover, the Premium + Admissions package at $219 provides applicants with widespread support for the application process. This pricing model aims at meeting both immediate and middle-term needs, which results in a significant discount for a long subscription.

On the other hand, PrepScholar GRE adopts a different approach with two primary offerings: the GRE Adaptive Online Prep and the Lifetime access course.

The latter, with the annual subscription of $398, is currently offered (discount) at a low price of $38 as at the time of this review. The Lifetime access, originally $848, can also be obtained at a current discount of $345. The plan is directed to budget conscious students as well as those who are willing to make a one-time purchase and use it for an extended period of preparation.

Here’s a quick comparison of PrepScholar and Magoosh GRE in the table below:

Platforms PrepScholar Magoosh GRE
Price Range $398 – $848,

$38 – $345 (with current discounts)

$149 – $219
Length of Access 1 year to Lifetime 1 to 6 months, 12 months for admissions support
Free Trial 5 days 7 days

I attempted both and then understood that although both platforms are seeking to offer value, the choice depends on the individual study deadline and the budget. Magoosh’s structured midterm solutions are different from PrepScholar’s more flexible and sometimes heavily discounted long-term ones.

PrepScholar vs Magoosh GRE: User Experience

The comparison of Magoosh and PrepScholar GRE demonstrates clearly different sides of user-friendly design. PrepScholar’s dashboard is the leading feature that shines through with its clarity and effectively shows assignments and progress. Nonetheless, I must point out the fact that some of the lessons that I encountered with PrepScholar were very boring for me at times, thus making it hard for me to stay engaged.

In spite of that, I have to admit that the quality and realism of practice problems was perfect, even compared to the actual test. From a user perspective, it is not only without its flaws but also a product that a learner can enjoy for its comprehensive, personalized nature.

Magoosh, in contrast, provides you with an interactive platform with educational videos and text lessons. The results of my experiments show that both platforms apply adaptive learning, which is based on individual needs.

Learning becomes more complex as the learning conditions gradually approach the actual test conditions. It is not so simple to say that what works for one person may not work for another, that’s why it is essential to select a platform based on your learning style.

PrepScholar User Experience

Prepscholar GRE Course Progress

Magoosh or PrepScholar GRE are products in the market that share some common similarities and differences. For the most part, I found myself in the PrepScholar GRE platform without difficulty. The dashboard, one of the major tools for monitoring the progress, was an excellent way to present the tasks at hand as well as the upcoming tasks clearly, making my study planning much easier.

Prepscholar GRE Prep Questions

Through the process of interacting with both the video and text lessons, I observed that they were designed to be participatory, posing subsequent challenges as I made progress. This type of strategy is a perfect match for my idea of adaptive learning where content complexity is adjustable according to user proficiency.

Prepscholar GRE Video Lesson
I found out through the diagnostic exam that I got from the beginning that this assessment is effective in identifying my strong and weak points. With this in mind, I would implement the customized study plan generated by the software because it would help me to focus on areas that needed improvement, which was the most effective strategy.

Magoosh GRE User Experience

Magoosh GRE Questions

As far as I am concerned, the use of the Magoosh GRE platform is as smooth as a breeze, allowing me to get started with studying without the hassle of any complications. My experiments revealed the dynamic nature of the platform that introduces more difficult topics with the growth of your learning. This variation offers a continuous challenge and thrill.

Magoosh GRE Video Lesson

The video/text combination for lesson coverage is a unique element, as it provides for people with different ways of learning. I tried the video lessons and noticed how they somehow incorporated test-taking techniques, and the quality of the video did not meet the expectation. However, the precision in explanation of the intricate content did not deteriorate.

Magoosh GRE Text Lesson

The text explanations for the practice problems turned out to be a real treasure. They gave the details and analysis of the right answers, which helped me to understand the material better. The Magoosh GRE practice problems emulate reality close enough to the actual GRE test, which is a sign that Magoosh really cares about the test preparation accuracy.

Moreover, the access to email support from tutors delivers a measure of personalized help, making the learning process more effective.

In general, the use of Magoosh GRE in my learning process was very significant, and the learning material was rich and the design was user-friendly.

Magoosh and PrepScholar GRE: Verdict

From my standpoint, while choosing Magoosh and PrepScholar GRE, each one of them has its own unique features that are specifically designed for different types of preparations and learning styles. In my research, I have found that Magoosh delivers affordability and flexibility through a wide range of resources, such as flashcards and a generous free trial, and becomes an attractive choice for many students.

Its fast adaptive curve and hands-on approach make it a fitting choice for those who want to learn at their own pace and pay a reasonable fee.

However, in comparison, PrepScholar stands out with its detailed lessons and adaptive questions, which help a student who is looking to receive a substantial improvement in his/her scores. The result of vocabulary building and the 7 score guarantee + guarantee the platform’s belief in the efficiency of its curriculum.

I took a shot at them and I concluded that each of them has their strong sides. Magoosh is a cheaper and more accessible option, but PrepScholar gives a more individualized and in-depth study experience. First of all, the decision between Magoosh and PrepScholar GRE should be based on individual learning style, budget and personal goals for the preparation.

Each platform has the viability to elevate the GRE preparation and therefore making the choice a matter of matching the features with the personal study methods.


What is the difference between Magoosh and PrepScholar GRE?

Magoosh stresses on affordability and flexibility, having a wider range of prices, adding more practice tests, and providing free flashcards. PrepScholar focuses on customized learning, with more practice questions, better score guarantee and in-depth vocabulary lessons.

Is Prepscholar GRE better than Magoosh GRE?

PrepScholar could be the perfect fit for students who want personalized instruction with its adaptive questions and in-depth lessons. Nevertheless, Magoosh’s cost-effectiveness and variety of resources also attract a wide range of students, thus positioning it as a strong competitor.

Is Prepscholar similar to real GRE?

PrepScholar focuses on the GRE’s complexity by providing adaptive questions and in-depth lessons that replicate the experience of taking the test and help students become familiar with the exam’s format and the types of questions that will be asked.

Do Magoosh and PrepScholar offer score boosting guarantees?

Yes, both platforms offer score improvement guarantees: Magoosh assures a +5 total score increase, while PrepScholar places a more ambitious +7 score improvement guarantee, which is a result of their confidence in their study materials.

Do PrepScholar or Magoosh offer access to GRE tutors?

The opportunity to contact GRE tutors varies; Magoosh offers email support from tutors for personalized assistance while PrepScholar’s tailored study plans seem to imply a structured approach without specifying the access to tutors in the research I conducted.

By Enthony Ferdinand
Updated on June 11, 2024
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